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A guy building relationships & making memories in the Green Dragon Classroom. FabLab & History guy at #JSARocks in Winter Haven. Ambassador for my kids.

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I think creating an honest classroom culture is as important as a positive culture. #AGENTIncognito @Maire_from_NJ I am who I am and if that is a brand than so be it ... and if you don’t like dragons then you might be boring @sirvingeskymos 4 is better than nothing ... a draw of a 7 would be nice
This little prize was in my box this more ... the little things matter. Thank you @SamanthaDean_70 #jsarocks @FLOTUS , Your Anti-Bully campaign would get more credibility if you would call out bullying when it happens.… @wheeler_laura @LibraryRHS Librarians are the biggest supporters of teachers ... and maybe even the most underused.… keep me going every day. It doesn't have to be physical help ... sometimes it is just the greeting at th… @jodierocco Thank you Jodie ... I like to think I have a positive effect on the kids ... BTW I'm still waiting for… @garystager I was thinking this could have been a trap game for the Ravens. I do not think the Jets are as bad as t… @EvanDonovan I understand the stress of battle and making quick decisions ... mistakes during the heat of battle. H… @JSAPrincipal The stool the keyboardist is sitting on was made in the #FabLab ... @ElizaWallace27 I'm really big into the whole "whatever door opens is the one I am supposed to walk through" type…
How long did my bitterness last ... damn ... It is there, but I don’t dwell on it. It was a growing point but I won… @AvaW19702167 @deem_ellen A minute to minute schedule means you are focused on content and not kids ... beginning t… @Skymazef3 I didn’t get any cards when I left ... then again this was me ... #whatisschool @deem_ellen @AvaW19702167 Also have nderstandingnif it is a content related issue or something else @AvaW19702167 Having deep content knowledge helps you be flexible. Knowing how to adjust your content delivery meth… canned was bad, but I think worst was not even getting called in for an interview at “D and F” rated school… @deem_ellen @ShiftParadigm Kids just want a change of pace ... as teachers we need to be ready to give that to them… @ShiftParadigm I think it is the reason why it is so hard for me to make lesson plans ... starts with an idea and a… @Skymazef3 I feel ya ... I was canned a few years back ... my Admin friend/colleague of 12 years didn’t even give m… @ShiftParadigm For many I think they believe that is where they are supposed to be ... let’s follow the pages in th… @deem_ellen @ShiftParadigm I’m a rebel chatter ... I don’t use A1 in my tweets. #whatisschool often we get stuck in a rigid planning rut that gets so deep we can no longer see out ... take a deep breath ..… are meant to be fluid. That is part of the adventure. #WhatIsSchool when Twitter chats remind me to us A1 ... A2 with my tweets #WhatIsSchool @DavidENorman I don’t have a strong attachment to my college ... then again I did six years in the Marine Corps bef… maintain focus and engagement by giving the kids something to be focused on and engaged with. This holds true r… @HeatherJoy001 we are so busy trying to prep them to be adults that we forget to allow them to have fun. @teachcaudill ... hmm ... it seems like my school may be lacking the festive attitude. #fledchat @nathan_stevens @TG_Neil @maestraw The drugs, bullying, health lessons took priority ... #fledchatThe future is filled with opportunity ... we have to prepare the kids to recognize opportunity and take advantage o… @TG_Neil @maestraw My 1st period kids are excited because they get to stay with me for two class periods while we c… @maestraw WE HAVE INTERNET SAFETY LESSONS on Monday ... I screamed it so to make it sound more exciting. #fledchat enjoying being able to share my past students with my current students. Almost as if I am sharing a possible wind… @TG_Neil the "getting serious" has as much to do with their teachers as it does with the kids. The teaching Bell t… memory of the school year ... being able to have MMA Fighter @BlackWidowBorga (a former student) come in… wife has Polar Express day ... pajamas are the dress for the day. Why do Elem kids have all the fun? #FLedChatWho wants to chat about their school? Hit up the ole #FLEdChat ... every one should have something to say about the… in the Green Dragon is good ... the Fabrication Lab is humming as we create Holiday items ... doing some work… #FLedChat ... Dennis teaching in the Green Dragon located inside Jewett School of the Arts ... we're a #STEAM school
Our @EpilogLaser is back up and running. Love how easy it is to remove and replace parts. Making these snow globe o… @mathteacherjedi @MrTomRad @selmekki @nate_bowling Nobody would ever want to admit to it but actions speak louder than words.No volleyball ... that’s ok ... these kids are using a baggie with a sandwich inside. #jsarocks @Maire_from_NJ @ASMILEwithAnna You mean ... the girl gets the man she left behind ... just in time for Christmas. .… a company is relying on a single piece of paper to make a decision to meet face to face then that is a company I… my resume ... nah ... next shift i make the person will call me and make an offer. They can do the work ..… @BMSscienceteach according to the menu ... the kids were shocked it was chicken. @RyanGMcL @ashmyers724 @sgthomas1973 @RitaWirtz @ShiftParadigm @HarveyAlvy1 @DrLisaPelkey5 Not as long as they are… @ashmyers724 @sgthomas1973 @RitaWirtz @ShiftParadigm @HarveyAlvy1 @DrLisaPelkey5 Does it matter who gets the pay cu… @sgthomas1973 @ashmyers724 @RitaWirtz @ShiftParadigm @HarveyAlvy1 @DrLisaPelkey5 Yes, but they also have a differen… @MissCookEB @ashmyers724 @HarveyAlvy1 @MichaelJDunlea @DrLisaPelkey5 How does one define thrive? Sometimes kids can… @sgthomas1973 @ShiftParadigm @ashmyers724 @HarveyAlvy1 @DrLisaPelkey5 @RitaWirtz everything is dictated by district… @ashmyers724 @HarveyAlvy1 @MichaelJDunlea @DrLisaPelkey5 I had a class of three in a US History class ... class dis… @HarveyAlvy1 What if it is band? PE? Tech? Drama? ... i think flexibility is key. I know in the past i have teamed… @elise_kuypers @sgthomas1973 @ShiftParadigm @ashmyers724 @HarveyAlvy1 @DrLisaPelkey5 @RitaWirtz Ours was mandated a… @HeatherJoy001 I have also had 51 (31/20) APUSH kids in two classes ... with 4 other classes filled to the brim. I… @HeatherJoy001 I have a hard time turning down kids ... "I'll teach them all" but that just is not possible ... #edchat @sgthomas1973 @ShiftParadigm @ashmyers724 @HarveyAlvy1 @DrLisaPelkey5 @RitaWirtz decisions can't be made in the sta… will give a shout out to our AP @SamanthaDean_70 who does her best to not only balance numbers, but also student… Dad used to tell me about study hall classes he was in as a student ... one had 150 kids (one teacher) everybody… often we look at numbers and think one size fits all ... we have to look at the kids ... the teacher ... the cl… digging through the #EduSPAM looking for the #Edchat @EducatingDrew Every kid of color knows racism when they see it ... experience it. Many experience it everyday at s…
Shout out to @EpilogLaser ... your call wait time is crazy, but I have my new Y Motor on its way ... overnight so… @cathyrobey3 Plot twist ... it is chicken. (taco meat style) @BMSscienceteach Plot twist ... it is chicken. (taco meat style)Beans or beef? What day you ... comment with your response. Yes, this was school lunch today ... @alicekeeler We make stuff in the #FabLab using math ... I should not be the one telling the kids this is their Geo… @SteveScalise @realDonaldTrump Just saying ... Target ... maybe “flying fladoodle” is a bit vague... @EpilogLaser I love your equipment, but your call center leaves much to be desired ... been on hold almost 2 ho… bit foggy here this morning ... temps in the low 80’s today ... Beginning to feel a bit like Dlorida Christmas. @DoctorJonPaul Product placement ... some company is say ... “Hey, that’s our bag!” @Kristen_Jay_ @la_gabba Umm ... I think I want to take your class. @la_gabba @Kristen_Jay_ I will gladly grade her 60 Undergrad papers if she comes and subs for me ... wait ... what undergrad class?
We purchased a new tv ... space is limited so we went a few inches bigger ... because of the lack of frame around t… @Kristen_Jay_ Try teacher tired and give me a call ... @3_DLeadership Racism is not a specific political party problem ... it lives in both parties.Left school on Friday with a Y motor malfunction on the @EpilogLaser ... here is to hoping the Laser fixing elves v… @Katiemc827 My analytics kids are always a bit shocked when we pull numbers ... they're like we suck, then be like… @CoachKCullen YouTube also houses our school news show and events videos ... we may be the only school in the distr… @casehighprinc @joliboucher We use GoogleClassroom/Suite so much I don't even think of it as a special tool anymore… am a big YouTUbe fan ... lots of information there, but it is also a place to house student created media. Too ba… tool/website ... i don't have one ... my favorite tool is the pen/pencil. #bfc530Happy Monday #bfc530 ... another school week ready to kick off on the East coast of the USA. @pimathman @EduCelebrity not in too many ways ... it is a box. Everything that happens in there is mandated ... sur… think we spend a ton of time trying to impress the kids ... more time than what we really need to ... kids want a…
@pimathman @EduCelebrity School is a box ... @RelevantLilly @ylw_jkt @mrosvhs @SteeleThoughts Let's be honest ... PD is not going anywhere ... it is a fact of l… @Maverikedu12 so you are applying (using) what you have learned in DOK 1/2 ... i think we are on the same page ...… @DrBradJohnson Honesty ... @brianrozinsky I believe we are on the same page ... just applying the same knowledge differently in two similar, but different worlds. @JeremyDBond Did your daughter become a better student or a better conference leader through this process? How did… @brianrozinsky Agreed, but as a history teacher there are answers ... then there are varying perspectives about the… @brianrozinsky @CarlaMeyrink @Ms_A_Yeh Explaining how you got your answer is not the same thing as applying the knowledge. #hacklearning @brianrozinsky @CarlaMeyrink My kids can summarize very well ... ask them to apply that information into a differen… @SylviaEllison Kids need the 1 and 2 to be able to understand the 3 and 4. #hacklearningI don’t think you learn at DOK 3 or 4 ... you apply there. That is where is gets time consuming in a standard classroom. #hacklearning @ValeriaBrownEdu I would much eat lunch with a bunch of kids than hang with the teachers ...