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@wesley_worthley Haven't tried yet will in a bit @Gabriel20549528 Sad but probably true
@dirtydirtyseven @Jstein2469 @EA_KRAELO I'll pay 5 bucks for those bones jerseys @wesley_worthley 200iq! Didn't cross my mind but yesI keep telling myself I'm not going to stay up until 2am to watch the first episode of mandalorid s2. Who am I kidding? @jmorton78 That is terrifying @Royvin I am right there with you, man.Seven days from now what do you expect to be happening? @TheBigKlosowski They've been selling a ton of great merch to keep a little more money coming in while not having showsHi-Dive may not have shows anytime in the near future but they've easily pivoted to the best clothing company in Denver. @ryansatin An oversized inflatable pumpkin would be a nice touch. Hopefully I'm surprised when I watch my DVR later @inthewhale @OneFlewWestBand Let's be honest here...there was a way more obvious choice. @krause_tobias Congrats man! Love all the positive stuff happening in your life
@lzzcat That's way too easy. Theyll absolutely be sold out. I was hoping it was something for the 3 friends I have… is an Adidas member? I need a pair of these. a letter today the postmark date was 9 days ago... it only traveled about 600 miles. @AllbrightNFL @iHeartSteveB All these guys redirecting their misery of living in Cleveland at Ben today. If they pu… @jimbcbs4 I like that optimism @KDubs316 You're young, kev. Plus you gotta get away from cheryl sometimesI don't want everyone to go to bed angry but I encourage you to take a look at the fees section of your preferred d… sucks. Businesses are running out of options
Can’t help but think of the restaurant owners I’ve talked to in Denver throughout this pandemic. 25% occupancy is a crushing blow.
Retweeted by dan rutherfordThe Bears are interested in adding a RB. I'm sure Melvin Gordon will love Fernet. @Greeblehaus without the help of friends who have created voter guides (specifically around judges) I would have ha… photo @southstands303 @JohnReidy303 No joke. That's awesome. @lzzcat Ahhh cheese parties. I miss cheese parties @lzzcat Boooooo. Smart but booooo @southstands303 @JohnReidy303 Congrats! That's a good one
@TJdaSportsGuy Hahahaha I had that done so early. Any arcade solo is fumble city @TJdaSportsGuy Mills only a 96? Wyd?How it started. How it’s going!
Retweeted by dan rutherford#LetRussCook sunday night football with a buddy who is about the biggest old school punk rock fan as there is and he wa…
I'm embarrassed that at 10:30 this morning I thought the Broncos actually had a chance in this game @KelbermanNFL @mrsinister0 The answer is phillip lindsayLindsay making a statement @southstands303 I have at least 1 a week. It happens @southstands303 Wanna talk about shit... thanks todd Gurley. Could have went down and ran the clock todd gurley @xTBOxVilma Watched someone do this multiple times in a clubs game the other night.
Up at 4:53am. I'm assuming the ufc prelims start in about 10 minutes, yeah?This just completely wrecked me. Oof.
@Systemskates @Greeblehaus @CocoDavies You can ski down main st everywhere in colorado! Here is the key difference… @coreyhjones_ Ha. Was just telling a buddy I am still in pajamas. "I showered... I just put on new pajamas." @johnnyhatchback Dude! @Paranormal_Bass @FDSportsbook Congrats, man. Use the winnings to do something greatGonna watch the debate replay just for this. @ZANmadden @EAMaddenNFL @EASPORTS_MUT He did this is the game he lost multiple times. He knew what he was doing.2 passing td for Jones and Wentz by the skin of my teeth.
@annajeanette 🙁 @johnnyhatchback Covid or smoke inhalation? @annajeanette Oh no... what happened?! @scottmbarrett @TJMcBrideNBA Weird right?It's @dannynewman's birthday! @Systemskates @chanceftw It's basically a constant internal question of "is this covid or smoke inhalation?"No no no no no @chanceftw Smokey and dry. Just like I left itHappy to see Denver after a few days. No place like home.
@AllbrightNFL Come on, Ben @annajeanette Tell them your insurance is changing @blakeir My gf and I have been watching all afternoon. It's the anti-competition competition. So good. @JohnReidy303 Panama, John. PANAMA @dannynewman We could also dress up like mario kart characters and go to unser. Not as fun as go karting in downtown tokyo but a start @dannynewman
Quite a change bit still pretty awesome up in Denver (pre-Rockies) I became a fan of the Braves and Cubs... why? WGN and TBS. It's different now… @BradLovesRNG
Look at all those @Broncos @kvalenzuela17 Peanut M&M fun size are my go-to year roundDriving a PT Cruiser. venue in Denver closing. Sadly, more to come. the place to drink my first cup of coffee in the morning.
Joe Flacco is a better option than... @ChopSuey0088 1. Turn on dark mode. 2. Try reading a whole tweet Have a good night, man. Go broncos. @ChopSuey0088 Reading is hard. No excuses made. @ChopSuey0088 @mrlooksogood11 @markkiszla I'd continue this but you don't live in Denver so really have no valid input in the discussion. @ChopSuey0088 @mrlooksogood11 @markkiszla he was pulled over in 4 lane straight away on both sides of speer. I live… is worth every pennyBroncos red zone offense leaves a lot to be desired.Go broncos!!! (I know I'm a few minutes late)I'll match. @wesley_worthley I'm up in your neck of the woods. Well sorta. Few hours north up in the middle of nowhere.True story. Corgi/lab @wesley_worthley Wow. That's a really good one. Was that a radio fest lineup?Funniest thing that's happened on my trip so far... a couple tried to get in my car thinking I was their lyft. @southstands303 @guyincognito @JohnReidy303 Couldn't agree more
@gtmcknight That's very similar to my list. Japan is 1.Live, Bush and No Doubt @DaveInDTown Oooh I didn't even think about them being open. @jmdobkin @JustinWingerter part of any airport visit? Eating McDonald's breakfast is totally acceptable. @CornellGunter Ever? In the last 15+ years? Personal favorite. Ever? Are we only counting 3 person stables?… things to remind every Broncos fan in colorado. 1. Always appropriate to say "Go Broncos" 2.… no travel since covid started I expected to find treasures in my carry on. This looks pretty on brand.
@southstands303 @KraigKennicutt I've had a ps4 preordered since the day they dropped. Fingers crossed it delivers @KraigKennicutt You can get a 1ms 120+ mhz 4k monitor under 300 bucks. @KraigKennicutt Nah, man. Just buy a monitor. Game changer.