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Art Director by day, loud talker also by day. Currently job searching.

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@jmarieray I go through this battle at least twice a year
@ThisIsEllian @rathaelos Right?! @rathaelos YOOOOO I love this! @carlos_ccfh THIS IS SO GOOD
“Quick sketch, did this over a lunch break.” My personal art pet peeve is seeing professional artists lie about ti…
Retweeted by denrawr
Retweeted by denrawr
@lights Legit did this yesterday
@YukaOmatic I do the same thing but with my collector sets of games lol @aniistoll I love when companies give their employees resources to do so! @spiicymiiso lol. But it's not even a mullet! It just looks really bad around the ears and neck! @RickyWinsKO LMAO. pls. I just want the celestial weapons.. @RickyWinsKO I never beat that mini game @spiicymiiso Got my hair done today too. But uh. There were some edging issues and now it looks like a weird mullet @miimows Him readpick ur himbo
Retweeted by denrawrthere are two different artists
Retweeted by denrawr @AudioErf Yeah they’re not bad. Plus you can do that 1 time only purchase of 500 haha for like super cheap. And we’… @AudioErf AUDREY WHAT HAPPENED TO NOT SPENDING MONEY much was it? @AudioErf Oooooo I want! What tier is that??
I keep thinking about how adults who love children’s media are usually seeking comfort in a fantasy of ease of mora…
Retweeted by denrawr @andmish I can’t wait!!I can’t seem to find any, but does anyone know of an AR app that allows you to make the objects you place transpare… @rephildesign @ndchristie These! Are! Extremely! Good! @thatkimparker Congrats! @Yurt Can I play my PS1 copy? @artofsully I decided to stick with my dark souls skin from like 2012 lol @daphnedi_ Just tryin' to help you make that paper! 💪Your work is amazing as always!This is on the 'Top Skins' page on the Skindex for Minecraft. way too literal for me @daphnedi_ My only unsolicited advice would be to have the commission button stay in the navigation on all of your… @Trungles dood your art style is still CHOICE
@YukaOmatic omg i NEED20周年おめでとうございます!!ずっと大好きな作品です #FF9_20周年 #FF9_20th
Retweeted by denrawr @andmish I love your style SO much! @JoeCreates yes pls @KelloggsUS make this a cereal @daphnedi_ BEAUTIFUL site!🍑 🍑 my site is up and running (i have an actual domain now aaaa) it's also now available o…
Retweeted by denrawr @studioanisa Gotta get that on retainer @HyperMegaPixel Feature. 100% @Jax_Fighting Also, of course your ui is pink @Jax_Fighting lmao. Touche Android. @emiface what episode of beetle borgs is this @Jax_Fighting Proof @Jax_Fighting So iOS has this swipe type feature that allows you to type without lifting your finger. It’s pretty d…
@AudioErf LOL right? Gimme the ones that are worth hundreds! Not 66 lolomg NOT VOTE FOR KANYE AS A JOKE. DO NOT VOTE FOR KANYE AS A JOKE. DO NOT VOTE FOR KANYE AS A JOKE. DO NOT VOTE FOR…
Retweeted by denrawr @AudioErf Same!! The first season lasts until October so surely we can do it! ...r-right? @AudioErf Right?? I haven't played in a few days, but the designs are CHOICE @UnicornDevGames YES. MEDABOTS. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! No good name suggestions tho. BUT YASS @daphnedi_ Ah thank you! And they’re for some game ideas I’ve had cooking for a while! But sadly nothing more than ideas.💪🏼🛵❓💾😂😉 @Jax_Fighting It’s movie time
@daphnedi_ Old, but these are some of my favorite mockups @aniistoll Maybe some day! I’m not opposed to moving lol @aniistoll Haha. Thanks!! #alsogivemeajobillbeyourassistant @wtfmig I Stan. Take my money @aniistoll It’s been like 3 weeks and I’m already tired of job searching. lol. Cover letters are the bane of my existence lmao @wtfmig MIG. TACTICS @aniistoll Ooh my favorite one is #hiredenrawrbecausecovidtookmylastadjob @Jax_Fighting @ApariArt wtf is grilled spaghetti
@anewworldxtine lmao. You get an email in like 4 hours saying it's back on and the deadline is moved up @anewworldxtine lol. a year to rest your brain @Estirdalin @aknightadrift LOL. My secret is having a wife who also really wanted to get back into shape and then h… @Estirdalin even better. brain buff @Estirdalin hey, I started exercising again because of quarantine. slowly but surely getting back in shape @lvl27_Cubone heck yeah man! @lvl27_Cubone @chaseholton gracias! We primarily got it for Bethany's work, but since I don't have a tablet anymore… @lucyamorris Take care of yourself Lucy! @lvl27_Cubone @chaseholton we ended up going with the 2018. @lou_quorice why are you attacking me
@_IAmSaKo_ Thanks! Good to know! @_IAmSaKo_ I guess I worry about the lack of ram in other models. @rathaelos That seems to be the consensus! Thanks man! @chaseholton Yeah, I’ve been looking at both. We don’t have any tablet and are looking for one. @beardswin Thanks! Good to know!Does one really need the 2020 iPad Pro? Or does the 2018 model still hold up? needing something but don't wanna break the bank @lucyamorris It's true! You're a positive force in the gaming industry. Never change. @Rintitty Monster hunter? @lucyamorris At providing a positive experience for those around you. @lvl27_Cubone I imagine you say this to yourself every morning in the mirror
How to destroy a house, part 2
Retweeted by denrawrPlease enjoy @andrewsibner’s BEWILDERING RESPONSE to the “how do you draw a star” meme and this video evidence of m…
Retweeted by denrawr @chickysprout Now blow it up with a bomb @Rintitty Thank you for more frog @danipanteez Colors, lines, style, personality ITS ALL SO GOOD
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@lucyamorris send it to his wifeAnd there you have it. wood's calligraphy practice looks like frodo absolutely losing it over sam getting married.
Retweeted by denrawrbad news in 2020 be like:
Retweeted by denrawr @Yurt Golduck was awesome. The franchise just did him dirtyThe “you’ve seen the movie 42 times” meme is weak. @lvl27_Cubone tell them how many times you’ve seen the Pixar classic ‘UP’ - in theaters. @JoshCorpuz85 MY GUY @chickysprout YAE @UnicornDevGames You would be good at that!Azula: using her firebending to wreck shop Mai: throwing knives with pinpoint accuracy Ty Lee:
Retweeted by denrawr @rathaelos @PlayDuelyst @unseven So sick
@JoshCorpuz85 absolutely incredible @JoshCorpuz85 I'm ready to buy the dvd box set! This looks incredible!