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Deondre Smiles @DeondreSmiles Occupied Miami & Shawnee lands

Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe | Ph.D candidate in Geography and Sesquicentennial Scholar @OhioState | IPSG-AAG Vice Chair | He/him/wiin | My opinions are my own.

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@darla_der Worth checking out, considering you introduced me to the pomodoro method. @ziibiing I think daily and weekly would work the best, and focusing on tasks. I generally know my schedule really…’ve tried off and on to use planners, with varying success. I’ve been managing my schedule well, but lately it’s b… @Arrianna_Planey Thanks!!I need recommendations for a really good day planner. Those of you who use them, lemme know what you use!!
$400 a month, 2011, St. Cloud, Minnesota.
Three days left of the semester and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be done with the term in my entire aca… Friday in Ohio until the new year, and it’s a busy day! Had a meeting with a student and went to my last stati…
And if you can name a change that hasn't come from sustained anti-authoritative action I bet money that it either s…
Retweeted by Deondre Smiles @bineshiiyens @dannahwaukazo Do it!!! I wish I had known about language tables or even Ojibwemowin coursework when… I end up relocating back to Minnesota for a job or for a postdoc, I’m finding an Ojibwemowin language table and…
My advisor and I both arrived at 7:50 this morning. At least I know I’m not the only one in the department doing th… @NicoleDoran10 I slept and watched Jack Ryan tonight, it’s okay to take a day (or days) off, right? 😬This month @nativeosu is partnering with Indiana Univeristy on a fundraiser for Pine Ridge Reservation. We are seek…
Retweeted by Deondre Smiles @NicoleDoran10 It’s what you want it to be!I owe everything to my ancestors. I would not be where I am today without them. @mni_sota @kijikook @anishinaa_bae @OfficialLLBO Shared! I’ll likely also donate myself! :)Boozhoo! Please take a look at this page and consider donating so that children in a Leech Lake community have acce…
@TheTokenMohawk @deejayndn @leighnunan @RMComedy @tvo @shelbyliskphoto @AylanX @Niigaatikwe would be far better at this than I am!
Reminds me of similar shit I went through in Duluth when I moved back there. These people have no damn shame or emp… Casual reminder that there is many Black Natives and y'alls casual dismissal of our constant marginalization w/…
Retweeted by Deondre Smiles @geolinguistics Thank you!! @larainnepasion Thank you!!11 days until we head back to the cold North for our wedding. Two exams, and a ton of grading separate me from that… @bigniijiienergy 🔥🔥🔥🔥
@AbbyCScience We should definitely be scolding and unchill about people thinking Malthusian thought is something th… question I need to be asking myself everyday is how am I contributing to decolonial structures and actions that will endure?I have to write a bio about myself for a postdoc application and I’m like, “Damn, this looks impressive, maybe that…, that was a nice day off. Now back to work for me—good thing some of our libraries at OSU are open today 😫 Bu…’s not refer to african americans as settlers today pls thanks
Retweeted by Deondre SmilesGiving thanks in #Anishinaabemowin Miigwech! Thanks! Nimiigwechiwendam I'm thankful Gimiigwechiwendaamin We're t…
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Mii na ow apii ji-wiisiniyang? Is it time to eat? Miigwech jiibaakweyan Thanks for cooking Wiisinidaa Let's eat…
Retweeted by Deondre Smiles @TheCommuNish @Enaemaehkiw @LammaticHama @makokaazo @otipemsiw @EaglesElatis @ScyneWaive @AwkwardRambler @AzieDee @probookworm Yeah, I found myself thinking “There’s no way an IRB would approve that study in this day and age”... @piffilicious Hah, if we ever get to that place, you’ll be one of the first people I reach to ☺️ @TaraTomahawk Either that or they deleted the entire post because I can’t find the OP anymore 😬😬😬 @Arrianna_Planey -Ham -Green bean casserole -Cranberry sauce (home made this year) -Home made mashed potatoes -‘Hawaiian’ rolls -Pie @astro_olson 😂😂😂😂Things you should do on Thanksgiving to support #Indigenous people (thread): 1/
Retweeted by Deondre SmilesIf I can be totally honest, my ambitious long term goal is to one day establish a geography department at our triba… don’t want to return to the rez to burnish my Native “credentials” or in some paternalistic, egotistical view tha…’m feeling homesick for my reservation and I’m not sure whether I’m entitled to feel that way, considering I’m an… @outtherejch White supremacism, terrorism, and toxic masculinity in one tweet. Terrible trifecta.Spider-Man 3, by far. if you know the names of the Native nations whose land you're on, what languages they speak, and at least a…
Retweeted by Deondre Smiles @ThatLakotaGuy Hahaha thanks! Let’s see if we can hold on to it after this weekend 😬😬😬 @ChristyOxendine Yep, it was in a Facebook group. Satire or not, they had to have known they weren’t going to get a… @ThatLakotaGuy Hah, maybe a little. 🤣 But, gotta break our way into the spaces that we weren’t meant to be, y’know?I’m in full support of this theory. He’s straight up mischievous like a Anishinaabe elder 🤣
Me seeing someone on Facebook list the results of a DNA test and then ask how they can get tribal scholarships: @DeondreSmiles Zhaaganaash at Thanksgiving really be trying to steal a ham like it's Native land
Retweeted by Deondre Smiles @Niigaatikwe 🔥🔥🔥🔥☠️☠️☠️☠️ @wahgraphy Imagine how many scholarships that could fund. @Niigaatikwe Zhaaganash be crazy @Niigaatikwe Geget!Niminwendaan, niminwendaan, niminwendaan minwenim a’aw @piffilicious Totally. Grades are a indicator of promise and work ethic but they’re far from being the only indicat… point is, when it came time to apply for the PhD, programs saw that I was much more than a poor undergraduate G… was a LOT of work that went toward getting into that PhD program, such as finding a mid-tier Master’s program… fun fact about me—I had a sub-3.0 undergraduate GPA. A faculty member at a masters program I was looking at open… observations of suburban barbarity: There was a police officer serving as a security guard at the Honey Baked…
We're up to six air quality sensors installed in the Northland now - all of these sensors have been installed by Gi…
Retweeted by Deondre SmilesLook I understand satire but satire's supposed to come with a wink and a nod, a little clue letting you in on the j…
Retweeted by Deondre SmilesIf only someone had listened to the tribal voices who warned against this exact thing, instead of *checks notes* bl…
Retweeted by Deondre SmilesScience is secular whereas indigenous science is sacred. Secularism makes Earth the enemy- a foe to be concurred- a…
Retweeted by Deondre Smiles @EPBeaumont This narrows it down greatly. engaging today with my ‘favorite’ French philosopher and his ideas surrounding ‘counter-conduct’. @EPBeaumont
Because I didn’t get the aforementioned university fellowship, I get another chance to be the full instructor for… I never ask for documentation for absences for personal emergencies. If a student is lying to me to mask thei… @Ethan_Bottone They’ll just have to wait until next week 😎 (But in seriousness, it’s okay 😂) @geogvma Very true, but like, can they at least try a...better form of hand waving?This argument is literally the academic version of “Well, they did it so it’s okay that we did it too!!”It doesn’t contend with the fact that violence between Indigenous nations was on a completely different scale than… love how the tired old “Indigenous people massacred each other before colonization” argument doesn’t even bother… @arguhlin @CharlottePrieu Sending out overdue emails, meeting with students and perhaps starting chapter 2 of the dissertation? 😬So the first thing I did after finding out I didn’t receive a fellowship was to submit an abstract to our universit… nibamenimaasii Michigan. I don’t care for ❌ichigan. #goBucksSettler: “Everyone’s so offended by everything nowadays!” Also settler, in response to an Indigenous language im…
An ICE agent posing as a homeless women tried to access our shelter last night to look for a family, disregarding t…
Retweeted by Deondre SmilesToday, one of my fellow snare drummers in pep band figured out that I’m a PhD student 😂😂😂 I’m feeling older than usual today. @J_M_Wheatley Did that today as well 😬😬😬 Wasn’t as bad as Trader Joe’s but still a madhouse @schomj I’d be curious to hear your thoughts about “Massacre in Minnesota”.How to greet someone in #Anishinaabemowin 👋 Boozhoo Hello Aaniin Hi Aangwaamas! Finally! Gigii-wanibiz ina? Did…
Retweeted by Deondre Smiles @AdrienneRHall @GeogSara @Arrianna_PlaneyUp to trouble designing a marquee for an arcade cabinet in Anishinaabemowin with bitwork beadwork.
Retweeted by Deondre SmilesNew desk display. really miss fieldwork. I miss being close to my tribe and being back home. @ziibiing Yep, same. It’s annoying during the weekends, but I guess I have more free time to enjoy? 😅 @ziibiing I wake up at 6 every day now 😬😭😭 @arguhlin Putting up our Christmas tree, playing at a basketball game with the band, and getting some work done!
@JessicaPiskata This is the most accurate description I have ever heard. That store gives me extreme anxiety. @IndigenousAI My fiancée (a former Starbucks employee) agrees with this tweet.People want to make dog whistles about inner cities and reservations being “wild” and “uncivilized” but I’ve seen t… teachers are likely considering something Thanksgiving esque during the short week next week. Please consider…
Retweeted by Deondre SmilesIn the end, I want to be remembered as an Anishinaabe geographer who did what he could for his people.If I don’t tell you enough, here it is: I’m grateful for you all, Twitter friends. @geogvma Funny how that works? 😂 @DiegeticMN Reading it ≠ scanning it for loopholes/opportunities for grade grubbing
@piffilicious Thank you so much..I’m struggling with giving myself permission to be sad or upset about this.