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I'm going to put George Bush in jail
Retweeted by New Order Joeanakin skywalker, having seen general grievous a few weeks prior, waking up after the darth vader surgery: nice. so…
Retweeted by New Order JoeThis was a nice glass of water for my continuously on fire mind “Ska Killer Croc isn’t real, he can’t hurt you.” Ska Killer Croc:
Retweeted by New Order JoeThe gang's all here ❤️
Retweeted by New Order Joea cool statement, but don’t be fooled — The Lincoln Project, run by racist neocon war hawks, still wants you to vot…
Retweeted by New Order JoeSomething to be said about how from “notorious” RBG to Ruthkanda there’s an instrumentalization of deceased Black p…
Retweeted by New Order JoeConsidering casting off the chain of causalityAll these tweets like "how insane is it that a party that hasn't won the popular vote in 32 years gets to control t… I agree with RBG's dying wish because it is politically expedient for me to do so. If she hadn't said it… whole thing is so weird because OF COURSE Republicans are gonna be like "nope" when it will benefit them and O… Super Mario Galaxy, Mario's silhouette is visible whenever he is obscured by a wall. This is not Mario's actual…
Retweeted by New Order Joe\\\ /// --> OPEN NOW <--
Retweeted by New Order JoeNobunaga gifted kid cringeposting confirmed from 🥵 (hot) eyes from 😷 (tired) mouth from 🎃 (carved-mouth)
Retweeted by New Order Joe @DieRobinsonDie @THE_Stefano_DLC @jason1749 I admit I found it kind of rote in Man of Steel but then BvS being like… @DieRobinsonDie @THE_Stefano_DLC @jason1749 That shit comes from Donner and Singer too, Snyder's just the first guy… favourite, criminalized onions.
Retweeted by New Order Joe"APPROVED THIRSTY" is the definition of "in" right now.
Retweeted by New Order JoeUrsula K. Le Guin’s thoughts on JK Rowling’s writing are brutal
Retweeted by New Order JoeJust a real swing and a miss! The irony is that if you built an Animal Crossing line on the same platform, but inst…
Retweeted by New Order JoeI don't think it's surprising that the one thing from the line that was sold out was the blind-bagged tiny sets whe… actually kind of like the big scale of it and the modular bits, it's just the underlying gimmick that they're in… of the Lego Mario stuff is like ALMOST good a professionally unsuccessful person with left political views my whole life is a series of painful and humiliat…
Retweeted by New Order Joe fact that Mario did not hesitate in the slightest to rip this thing limb from limb
Retweeted by New Order Joewhat if Sotomayor had picked up a gavel thinking it was lipstick and ruled her face unconstitutional? Only Ginsburg…
Retweeted by New Order JoeKamen Rider Build (2017)
Retweeted by New Order Joe @abrahamjoseph @DieRobinsonDie You're both right, of course. Where Harley's Holiday really gets me is that the anim… @DieRobinsonDie The bit when Scarecrow is screaming at everyone as he's being locked back up and he stops and is re… @DieRobinsonDie This is the best TAS episode @extremlyuncanny @DieRobinsonDie Yeah it's the reason he never hit his wife up after she was alive again, which... I suppose is fair @DieRobinsonDie Oh yeah I guess the Dick Grayson one counts, and yeah various new Batsuits. But they're never like… a glass of milk
Retweeted by New Order Joe @DieRobinsonDie It's also the only one that's an actual plot beat, as opposed to a retcon, right? I feel like nobod… thinking about a German woman in 1944 saying “I do not have enough wine for this”
Retweeted by New Order Joe @depechejoe Hard disagree, they need the app to cheat
Retweeted by New Order JoeNo one who works for these companies at Director level or above has ever used the app because they met their spouse…'ve never met anyone who works in the upper levels of a dating app company but I always imagine their product team… @depechejoe "Sir, please sir. Do you remember the name Merrick Garland? Well you see, it's quite funny because I ha…
Retweeted by New Order JoeDepression got hands not gonna lie
Retweeted by New Order Joe @megclark_txt *me upon reading this* @Nicole_Cliffe Was watching it at a friend's house and about halfway through my mind started spontaneously generati… is so fucking funny. What did you think you were gonna do, have a quick chat with him and then everything's fi…’s talking about OnlyFans but don’t forget to subscribe to the Creator whose OnlySon died for the sins of EveryMan
Retweeted by New Order Joewhat exactly am I looking at here
Retweeted by New Order JoeAlso @YelixMe long for the days when if you wanted to use the computer, you had to go to the computer room and that if you want…
Retweeted by New Order JoeHey... Ruthkanda Forever. (doing RGB power fist) Ruthkanda Forever. Ruthk(walking past group of black people)(mumbl…
Retweeted by New Order Joe6yo me reading the Amelia Bedelia books:
Retweeted by New Order Joe
RT if you think the girl on the left is just as beautiful as the girl on the right.
Retweeted by New Order Joe @depechejoe [mashing the middle button on my predictive text]
Retweeted by New Order Joe#Dorohedoro
Retweeted by New Order JoeAlthough I didn't know, that when it snows, his eyes become large and the light that I shine can be seen so I appreciate the heads up"Kiss from a Rose" has some truly wonderful nonsense lyricspitching socialism to violently indoctrinated Americans
Retweeted by New Order Joey'all gonna come for me but lately we've been a little loosey goosey with the phrase "rest in power"
Retweeted by New Order JoeThis website in 2 weeks
Retweeted by New Order Joe @Leask It is still on sale! Although idk about whether they ship internationally @DieRobinsonDie A thing that Batman Beyond has up on Justice League is they just make up great weird guys like this… thing I recommend is getting high, becoming horizontal and listening to this Massive Attack song many times
Retweeted by New Order JoeGotta read these out loud to yourself in a cartoon drunk voice really frustrating rn is if you are merely honest about the political realities of our country people jump to…
Retweeted by New Order Joeso depressing
Retweeted by New Order Joe @jason1749 oh no! @uzionmain There's like some kind of red skeleton man in it @uzionmain Lol I just clicked the hashtag and my jaw dropped, the character designs are all varying levels of shit… would be a start but also does anyone honestly think that RBG (or Stephen Breyer) would've retired years befor… AM you know we got the digiorno CRISPIN!!! No rules!!!
Retweeted by New Order JoeThe level of abstraction required to blame the silver screen's Susan Sarandon for the crumbling of a dying empire are something to beholdOh thank God, someone the GOP will listen to!!! the Sprite denim jacket while drinking a 7up is legal under the Digiorno Crispin' Accords @PositronicWoman That's the ultimate lookbook plan for it but I'm too lazy today lolIf you check out @ProjectLincoln's TL rn, there's nothing about demanding Senate Republicans wait until after the e…
Retweeted by New Order JoeAh! Well. Have a good one Adventure 2
Retweeted by New Order JoeThis take to the streets for RBG ish, like folks are IN THE streets and y’all got polled and said you didn’t like it.
Retweeted by New Order JoeJon Stewart accidentally convinced a whole generation of liberals that playing videos of Republicans contradicting themselves is enough
Retweeted by New Order Joe @depechejoe When you and your homie are walking close at hand
Retweeted by New Order Joe @colonelnemo He owes Frank Sobotka a favorCurious @colonelnemo Lol I saw this and had the brain version of my stomach rumbling. It may finally be time for me to make a Purchasea Black man kneeled to protest systemic violence and RBG called it stupid. I’m gonna say what the fuck I wanna say.
Retweeted by New Order Joe @depechejoe Local restaurants:
Retweeted by New Order JoeI like sitting in parks and on benches and such but there's no way to truly relax and enjoy a modicum of peace unle… thing that is quietly exhausting about NYC right now is that you can't sit down indoors anywhere. You can go to… you have traps up in Astoria ParkA restaurant down the street from me has a duck burger they describe as "locally sourced" and like... how local @THE_Stefano_DLC If I were more of a little stinker I'd change my display name to "Ruth Kanda" and go nuts but it's… many pleasures of this earth greater than receiving a free mug
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Retweeted by New Order JoeVery true
Retweeted by New Order Joemy favourite side-effect of the death of annotations is that all those Eric Andre Show clips from the Adult Swim ch…
Retweeted by New Order Joe8 ball plus fur hood. The perfect synthesis of both jackets in that Seinfeld episode morning. I have great news it would've been fineWhat if the Dune trailer had revealed they just cribbed their sandworm design from Beetlejuice, stripes and all