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@4v4n7g4rd3f4c3 Right there with you. My boss's advice on burnout is "take days off" and it turns out that doesn't… @eiffeltyler Once quarantine is over the homies and I are gonna destroy a boat with Fred Durst @maxchloedorn @ApertureHeart 🙏 @ApertureHeart I respect and fear this other girl very muchGrogumy favorite House episode hire at work just introduced an automation in Github that marks PRs as stale if they haven't been touched in fi… @PositronicWoman Get 'em, queenGrindels appear as mummified Thwomps, with a pair of small round eyes and a grin on their faces (hence the name).
Retweeted by New Order JoeThe Defiant in DS9 being an "escort" ship because "Starfleet doesn't build warships" is maybe the most honest thing Star Trek has ever doneshe has had it
Retweeted by New Order Joe @colonelnemo You know Zemeckis is fiending for it lolFixed my levels by having a soft white cheese and a stone-ground mustard over Ritz crackers and a tall boy of Mille… @andrewstando It was really nice, as was her trying to contextualize everywhere we mentioned in relation to Times S… the FUCK off! Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!! @pizzaboyfriend Oh my god dude the "Weep wop... wop wuup" when you check your profile. It's just saying hello to mebtw we made the donation to @NARAL today. Do you realize that friends & fans of the hell yeah babies have contribut…
Retweeted by New Order Joeour streaming numbers are small potatoes (23k plays this year, plenty of bigger fish who still have day jobs) but i…
Retweeted by New Order Joe @andrewstando Yeah why can't we all talk about this isn't of some simple sucker being naive about all night convenience stores
Relax, we all know the best BBQ in the United States isn't a place in Brooklyn. Please be nice to me and mineThe worst part of some NYC person saying some dopey exceptionalist stuff on here is watching everyone I know outsid… she just farmed it out to someone else entirely this year, right? Why bother, we all know the jig is up @GayRodney It is Carol Baskin.please don't let neera tanden's antagonistic twitter presence detract from her real life accomplishments, such as f…
Retweeted by New Order JoeDonald and his nephews about to get cabinet positions in the biden administration.
Retweeted by New Order JoeIf Dylan Roth looked in your eyes at last year’s NYE party and told you with absolute certainty that 2020 was “goin…
Retweeted by New Order Joewhenever I feel sad I just think about the time ⁦⁦@apelad⁩ wrote the world’s funniest comic strip
Retweeted by New Order JoeYou barely knew me and you liked what you saw, don't frame it like that! Come onSmall one in the scheme of things but once or twice I've interviewed for a job and they've said "you seem great but… @Hero_Complex @uzionmain Ooo, I should probably give my folks a heads up, I'm having a hard time thinking of things for a Christmas listLook at this nice picture of Turkey Hero from last year @uzionmain Right now I've only got the Link's Awakening remaster, Mega Man 11 and all the collections, and the NES… @uzionmain Oh I absolutely will be but I've got a backlog of Switch games to get through before I buy any moreWhen you just maxed out on both Eros and Thanatos and you're simply vibing article this is from is very depressing but oh my god LOL
Retweeted by New Order JoeSometimes it do be like that! (I am completely unable to explain what "it" is or what it do be like in this context)It's funny, I've only seen like three episodes of Glee but one of them is the one the meme is fromi refuse to believe a single person cares about the “all female comms team” sincerely, and are simply acting out ro…
Retweeted by New Order Joe @NickMillerMusic @NYGovCuomo Feels like now that Black Friday is over he might push for a quick, largely futile loc… are valid |
Retweeted by New Order JoeBBTS just put up a few Frosty Trash Dumpsters❄️
Retweeted by New Order Joe @DomoWarren If you truly believe in #unionsforall, Neera is not the person to backThe Queen’s Gambit but it’s just Beth losing matches to Black uncles sitting in Central Park.
Retweeted by New Order Joestan lee and steve ditko in 1963
Retweeted by New Order JoeGonna tell my kids this was the Powerpuff Girls*Bob Odenkirk voice* my little women 😭😭😭 Connect isn't available in the U.S. and it's kind of hard to tell from context whether cooking and eating… new Dragalia Lost event is good @kendrawcandraw Yeah a good cousin to this was when the MCU introduced villains in Black Panther and Ragnarok and H… @helen helenI did this coming back from my aunt and uncle's last week and it was quite lovely"Procession of the Spirits" from Spirited Away is Christmas music but only for the first week or so of December, an… @krakoa69 I love that shit, I'd bet a Coke it was a fallback solution to some dumb issue a hundred years ago @krakoa69 YES bitchThe people doing this very interalizing and oversharing in the replies are next level a woman who spilled her coffee on the train today and just hopped out of the elevator on the third floor to… year's holiday fit
Retweeted by New Order Joehonestly its about time
Retweeted by New Order Joe @DylanRoth Post venmo sweetie @DieRobinsonDie I forgot about the bit where he eats the little John Ratzenberger guy and then alternates between t… @depechejoe This guy is giving out free gold nuggets!
Retweeted by New Order Joeall martin scorsese movies are about the dangers associated with simping. whether for beautiful women, or for jesus christ
Retweeted by New Order JoeSMILE if you personally rewrite a dril tweet for a gag it's fine, as long as it's not your whole dealAlso accounts that rewrite Dril around certain themes are bad but accounts that apply dril tweets to themed images… hot take of mine is that any bot that imitates someone specific, like Joker's Trick or dril, is both always unfun… @depechejoe The TLC bit is legitimately maybe the greatest running gag in comedy history
Retweeted by New Order JoeThe Other Guys is hit or miss but it has some extremely good shit in it, its issues are mainly Adam McKay's growing… my favorite musical sting in a movie is at the end of The Other Guys when Icky Thump starts and it cuts to a… wants to have sex with me because of my bagpipe playing.
Retweeted by New Order Joe @MagnoliaPearl aaaaaaNew page of Monster Pulse! #hiveworks
Retweeted by New Order Joe @DieRobinsonDie Also I'm curious what "modern conveniences" he's referring to that he can forgo for most of his lif… @DieRobinsonDie A quick Google search reveals that the average life expectancy for men born in 1900 was 46.3 years,… tell ya, I'd be feeling pretty cheated right now if I hadn't written in BernieWhen it's Monday and the short weeks are over until Christmas was a friend of mine's dorm room, I don't recall the origin of "CLOWN ROOM" unfortunately @nicknewt I would also definitely post with a sword now, but 1) I'm better looking and know how to style myself bet…*heavy sigh* bell rings, reminding me of previous times i have eaten) these memories are so good... might as well salivate. it's my choice.
Retweeted by New Order JoeI don't sleep very well anymore and I don't know why and it sucks :~)I get weird sleep paralysis hallucinations like five nights a week but I never post about it because it weirdly fee… new sleep paralysis thing the other night was when I saw the coats and masks hanging on my door as the searchi…’ve come full circle pack it up folks
Retweeted by New Order Joe @kendrawcandraw Emanuel covered up the murder of Laquan McDonald, an African American teenager who was killed by the police.
Retweeted by New Order JoeWhat do I even want for Christmas, I wonder @ChrisDJackson @neeratanden Eat shit sirINTERVIEWER: you're one of the most celebrated filmmakers in the world, what was it like first coming into the indu…
Retweeted by New Order Joegod what a funny appointment. it's like the definition of a job where you want someone with an anonymous public pro…
Retweeted by New Order JoeI love to online shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with deals good enough to partially defray the $15 on shippingThere are characters I like more but this is the definitive pick
Retweeted by New Order JoePOV: I’m sharing a bon mot as you’re sitting next to me in the space shuttle during take off
Retweeted by New Order JoeThe event that starts tomorrow is a crossover with another Cygames game, Princess Connect, and apparently the main… the Dragalia Lost text stories have disclaimers if they contain spoilers for events. This one did, as wel…
Retweeted by New Order Joe*looking through 3 star Dragalia Lost characters* ah, my beautiful sucky guys
Retweeted by New Order JoeI love to say "well, this is me" when ending conversation with a friend to get onto or off of a train. Simply can't get enough of it