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dephh @dephh_csgo Austin, TX

igl for @dignitas - 🇬🇧🇺🇸 @playVALORANT

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Retweeted by dephhscream kinda farming @DonHaci @ScreaM_ holy molykilljoy turret in pistol round @kryptixxx thats easythat was a really nice round from liquid, clean, calm, collected.
@kryptixxx 🔥This year’s been a weird black mirror episode @poisedcsgo Pop smoke is gonna be on my list for 5 years straight @RyanAtRBM After opening the email, we realized that our first investigation had to undergo a reinvestigation into the first one.That’s a yikes from me dog @neLendirekt There’s still a major issue of where does the new talent come from? You have to have links to some of… bug fix is in. Killjoy can no longer place turrets under the map. Also, Sage can no longer cast her wall pre-ro…
Retweeted by dephh @902Creed @MLGPuckett @cmjansen 😂😂 @MLGPuckett @cmjansen gm,tsla,dis,arkg,arkk
@MiGHTYMAXcsgo You don’t have a meme hard drive? Come on manDirt nasty @RyanAtRBM Thank god for imports - hard to make a team in NA otherwise.
@ChrisTheGold3n AskdoctorJo provides mainly overall stretching routines, great for people… @DrewbiesDoobies @drleviharrison has been doing exercies for gamers for years now, he has some great resources. @ShahZaMk I'm so sorry shaz, we're all here for you. ❤️ @ChrisTheGold3n I will get back to you with some vids I use @DrewbiesDoobies Yes I’ll share some of the YouTube content I use @JordyAu Yeah a tonne of micro movements and high amounts of inputsThis might be a returning injury, but I cannot stress enough how important it is to stretch and have warmup and war… @matthewmcnealtx You’re on fire don’t stop
@matthewmcnealtx This is poetic @Keith_LaFortune @Keith_LaFortune What about both? 🧐👀
@WTFmoses Haven’t played in years is that the ashbringer or a reskin?What can this man not do. Viking. @launders Calcify? 🔥 @ec1s_ @flusha Gna need the settings to this one @MiGHTYMAXcsgo @HenryGcsgo @keitaCSGO Keita has been known to find out your diet and counter strat that, true slime.It seems that my account got vac banned. @CSGO can you fix this asap pls 🙏🤔
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@seangares @HyperX @DuckyChannel 🔥🔥 @jamesbardolph Tetris heat map is a dark redDon’t feel like you’re always locked in? Try the @respawnbyrazer performance mix drink or gum. Use the link below… @Justinovah You cut your losses and burn it all down @Justinovah On the thread it says “you have to be careful to squish it because sometimes they have sacs filled with… horrifying @launders Whoever has cooked your turkey must be sucking the juice out with a straw son @Morgausse_ Team Snapchat my only homie
@RealSkipBayless 😂😂😂 @coachJVal @MLGPuckett We’re honestly addicted @boqcasts come on you can’t do me like thisHappy thanksgiving to all of you, one of my favorite adopted holidays. Cherish those around you (even if they suc…“There’s our little gamer! You finished up counterstrikes? You bang anymore holes in your desk?”
Retweeted by dephhWE DID IT!! closed mirage 16-11 against @sproutGG and we take the series 3-2!! 0-6 to PRO LEAGUE BABY! So pr…
Retweeted by dephh @Alchemister5 What is this ritual? @TomPickering I think Asia have proven this anyhow, their mobile game numbers are through the roof. @TomPickering Why wouldn’t it be? There’s a level of skill and mechanics that you can improve on and master. Develo… my life, this is the hardest shot to hit in all of Valorant.
Retweeted by dephh @realmotar2k Sorry man :( my condolences
@JustHarryGG Yeah and then the water got bottled by TO’s/orgs. Boy do I hate nestle. @Warhouse_ @ESEA @GrahamCS_ GL!2020 aged me man
@ANDROIDX23 I’d rather see a ghost change before they do anything to the classic. Pistol rounds would be so boring… @ScrawnyCG 🧐Mom's hot take on "that other game."
Retweeted by dephhYo @joeharrod12 @UPS Hey @UPS you just ruined Christmas
CEE DEE. That’s it. That’s the tweet. #DALvsMIN on @NFLonFOX
Retweeted by dephhI asked Tyson what he wanted for Christmas and he said “to play in the First Strike tournament”😞
Retweeted by dephh @RyanAtRBM Holo blastoise booster packed shadowless thin print or a French god. @RyanAtRBM People spent more on Pokémon cards this year @boqcasts @Subroza @ESLCS @zywoo's not forget the Sith Lord of orange chocolate only chocolate worth a shit
@jainormis I followed you because you engage more than anyone I have ever seen and you stick to your brand. Noti ga… @GODaZeD You’ve been grinding dude, well deserved. Also clutches have been ROCK SOLID.
Retweeted by dephh1-2 to @Immortals, 11-13 11-13 11-13 11-11-13 11-13 11-13 11-13 11-13 11-13 11-13 11-13 @OfficialANGE1
@jcStani @Shanks_TTV @yayFPS just stood over that body and ulted. That’s BM. @drdarkfire @G2Davidp I just know if this happened in NA people would be going mental and raising a fuss. @G2Davidp Yeah I agree, but the EU teams should be pushing the agenda to the TO’s that they don’t want bo1 formats… @G2Davidp Bad take - the format was garbage and unfair to EU teams. There’s too little rounds to consistently win best of 1’s in this game.we're using @wardino today vs @NRGgg @Poach can't play. sucks it happened at the most important tournament of the…
Retweeted by dephh @dephh_csgo LOL can confirm its me, very bored rn
Retweeted by dephhSubroza’s assistant tweeting nothing to see here @Subroza @zacklombardo LMFAO2-0 vs @KnightsGG, onto tomorrow! #DIGWIN
1-2 vs @T1, lacking composure when we need it most. GG's to them they played really well. @yayFPS @Poach @wardino Wishing @Poach a speedy recovery!Welp. @Poach probably needs to go to hospital, will be playing with our coach @wardino against FaZe. really hope it's nothing serious
Retweeted by dephhOkay try some of the streams below later! play @T1 at 12PST. Not sure if it’s streamed or not 🤷🏻‍♂️ #DIGWIN @DonHaci 🤝 cya therevalorant soloq is scuffed
The phantom accidentally headshots peoplePhantom gang We want to state that we are officially in talks with @RekklesLoL for 2021. So far, he didn't respond.
Retweeted by dephh @DonHaci The big update has to come with a new map
@RyanAtRBM @Corey_OW My first game of the day is like my eyes just started working for the first time in my life