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Lead Valorant Streamer for @TeamSerenity | 23K on TikTok "Mr. In the Mind" | @WasteManOP @Bre4ad | req @joon_derek

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@TSavT21 Go to bed early today savgoodnight :) @xodennii glad you stayed safe that post really bothered me today hoping he faces the consequences he deserves @WasteManOP @Bre4ad Seen that
Giveon has no misses @itsGRXG @diegosaurs @Cahmomille Vouch @1EDEN_ @xefiyy LMFAOOO @AyeeTrain my brother coldTW: SA my friend was sexually assaulted last night. she asked me to share her story and spread awareness and hope…
Retweeted by joonie @WeebJenji praying for u @SucktionVAL I’m gonna beat ur ass @TSavT21 little earlier than yesterday wI’m a completely different person than I was 6 months ago and I am so proud of myself @InshaneTM never competing w u brotha only supporting :) @InshaneTM I’ll be back in January:))) I’m living thru ur progress rn so keep it up @InshaneTM LFG BROTHER <3 @Ino_VAL pay it no mind my boy let them destroy each other @emijuju_ WTF WWWWWW @starlovesuu cap @Evs2x it’s grindy as fuck + nostalgia u prob won’t like tbh @Qx10xD sure we will duo it @Qx10xD YES @Bre4ad Oooooo w @Bre4ad work workout grocery shopping wizard 101 don’t touch Val wbu @Bre4ad gm shawty @ChefAmyy nothing @EnDarke I’m only 61 LMAO myth I might need help with waterworks and stuff @ebbawebba @riceboowl Oh hell no @stephxch Well were they good!? @Bre4ad weeeeeeeee @Fr0m_fps ya and dont burn bridges @Evs2x @47jakez Down!!!! Vouch me!!!! @chiwymiwy @Biofrostlol hiiii jessss @TSavT21 Deez nuts @AyeeTrain I am way too addicted rn @alore404 green been casserole @Keiiiido I’m from 50-60 in two days bro I’m catching up to youwizard 101 would never kick y’all out like that
@mochiopia wagwan @ChefAmyy Short @TorontoVALORANT @Bre4ad No like my penis @Bre4ad @TorontoVALORANT it’s because u aren’t sucking me off rn @starIiIy No fuck em @Dark3stVal No like I’m agreeing LMAO find the website and give me the link hahah @Dark3stVal I’m getting to that point @mxyli I’ll get better at it yk me:))!! @mxyli i just have trouble with productivity like I’ll focus on one thing and then boom shit burning @mxyli I’m learning it’s fun @Boy1drr How big is ur dorm😭😭 @puffeez hope u feel better @Boy1drr what was the timer set for @Sauxy CHOKE ME @stephxch Mukbang time @mangosmxxthie ya real shit @branchies_ @T1 WWWWWWWWWWWWW @yoxics Omg 😭😭😭 @notblasiann Me @SilverNyx_ @zillxst im on it later tonight shits gonna be FUCKED up @ChefAmyy same @TSavT21 ty you too:) u need to fix ya schedule @TSavT21 gm savvvvvvvvvv @Evs2x @lialovesyu yeah but they aint gon be good @Yazzyxz i hope u didnt think this was gonna be good cuz sorry @kanatouu if she cant ride rollercoasters we cant be together @kanatouu yeah @Yazzyxz do u like itt LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. @lystens SHEEESHHH @Evs2x @Bre4ad @WasteManOP @mellinieee @lyekuu Get a job @xAidanZul oh no LMAO @kickrocksrocks 😭😭😭i'ma be yo husband one day whether that was in yo plans or not
Retweeted by joonie @JackIgoe LFGGGG BROO💜💜 @7nosu Morning dawg @faiwywink tyyyy @1EDEN_ LMAOOOOOO I want to so bad @pnasty Okay @pnasty So where’s mine? @haehuie sorry @haehuie im hitting the strawberry @haehuie @cloudyerin_ ben q @VIRTUOSOVAL wRT this or I’m unfollowing you!!!! @ashyanklesjoon SHEESSH HAAHA @Bre4ad @TSavT21 start it up savvvv @ebbawebba my fault. @ebbawebba our private twitters say otherwise LMFAO @TSavT21 LMFAOOOwhere my gf at @seshiriaa_ Damn you play every agent created
@mochiopia I can’t even ride roller coasters @ZpetZ_ W @ripbenjii @regan_travis Where what @starlovesuu nahhhh @JoeSantin on me first! @Boy1drr Mmm need to go to a Wawa sometime @Boy1drr what’s the greatest store then city boy @diaamondTV Secret Santa w