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@wendifulz these are a lot of likes maybe I should buy onesleep time @BoyOneDrrPriv ur Elo is ass fuck u @BoyOneDrrPriv hi @mintaims dad leave mom mom broke mom give me away yes thanks for askingI wonder if my mom back in Korea thinks about me @seshiriaa_ @mel_anji 🤫 @seshiriaa_ @bbylapras nice @LayziVAL bro ur so young stop tweetin this shit everyday ur talented just have fun please dont worry so much @okaycid @kateriinaav video taken down for use of illegal substances @LayziVAL arent u still in school @mel_anji i dont like more than 7 people seriously @bbylapras just local @afhos999 ty rb afhos @SkimVal yeah of course baby @okaycid @kateriinaav ss now or im blocking u and reporting ur tik tok @okaycid @kateriinaav there is NO WAY its me........ AGAIN @okaycid @DekimDK leave @JoeSantin @kurasaxyz yes eat my fucking dick @JoeSantin @kurasaxyz it’ll be tough for you to get in my lobby but LOOOOOOL @JoeSantin @kurasaxyz We do not care🙅‍♂️🤣🤣 @DekimDK in the bed with me where else? @JoeSantin @ShyoWager 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @ShyoWager 100% moving into irl content there thank you :) will do @JoeSantin fuck you goofy fuck @JoeSantin Joe what did I do to deserve that one LOLmoving into my own place in 6 weeks I am so excited @TrickVAL @az4Lo What did he say @issfanfan @SkimVal ok you win @SkimVal @issfanfan can yall do this somewhere else @vexggss vex im going to block u @issfanfan goodmorning! @SkimVal nah I respect it bro @SkimVal you decided to pop out with THIS?!?! my services are now closed LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @jvnie ur scary @tinurrrr what @TrickVAL vouch for dbk dude is an actual weirdo fr. @ShiiroQt LOLLLL such a weird guy bro why didn’t you knife me I was gonna let you and put default fight b long LMAOOOOOO @JoeSantin true @khanartist9 real shit @CurryFPS Ez baby @stephxch gon head and uninstall for me @DappyHayz @SkimVal My services are now closed for life @LiaSamurai @SkimVal the sound😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I did not give you tik tok advice for you to upload this bullshit💀 @SkimVal @Boy1drr hi @_xanzy LOL.... @sadkirs me @brittneyyhan @mayuhri_x1 just staying hydrated @morgeestreams Hi @jvnie sorry
@TSM my name is derekjoon @47Yolo NTNT my love🖤Good morning 😈 @mayuhri_x1 I drink it @svizify lmk how it go gl @notblasiann I like ur necklace it goes well with your very beautiful skin young man @SeoldamTwit Wait you had 50 omg @SeoldamTwit 15 FB😳 @seshiriaa_ Tik tok star! @marynah_1 W @MisfitsGG @IntelGaming no cap I’m turning into a tik tok guru👀 @noisiz @TorontoManOP @mxyli he aint have shit to say back to me kedrick LMFAO @TorontoManOP @mxyli Left em speechless @TorontoManOP @mxyli yeah bet you ain’t see that one coming @TorontoManOP @mxyli I will suck your fucking dick from the back @khanartist9 menace to society @ciaolyx if you were our sentinel omg god squad @Bre4ad zzzzzz + ratio @sznyawn @47Yolo i aint say shit LOL @47Yolo @sznyawn facts and what about my 1v3?!?!?!? SHEEESHbro we are actual children LMFAOfound yawn in ranked LMFAO @SucktionVAL you are shit @DekimDK @okaycid @Vynlabtw LMAOOOO @okaycid @Vynlabtw I need a screenshot NOW of me actually being ur first @ @Vanityxz best flavor too @stephxch RELAX my bad @ncockstick compressed air can find at best buy @stephxch deserved @pnasty Sheeeeeshh @CurryFPS W @BurntTwinkies nice. :) @ncockstick all good it happens <3 @PengPhones @stephxch @SkimVal @xsetnate no cap? @902macky @19 @20 Happy birthday @theEcongod On my personal and my clients account the views are just going up 300% I’m close to cracking it fr @theEcongod 18 hours @okaycid how you ain’t got it LOLLLLL @okaycid his modeling page in my search history wtf you gon do!? @BoyOneDrrPriv Yes you wipe bro
@heyFL1X bro LOLwhen I say just clips they arent funny moments or educational and yet the like+view ratio is REALLY goodThink im finding the cheatcode.. (just clips btw) @47Yolo ur playing out of ur mind rn i cant lie @DerrekOW oh word so i lost all my channel points nice! @TorontoManOP @Boy1drr i can wait @kalpyco thank you🖤 @TorontoManOP dude no bullshit bro shes kinda cute LMFAOOO and i even know its alton