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Web developer on a quest to spark delight in those who surf the Web. Prospective @IUNetSci researcher. He does not speak on behalf of an organization.

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@manekinekko @BenLesh I keep getting drunk college students. Including ones from my school. This is weird!
@MylesBorins @evanplaice This brings back fond memories of that time news broke about AMP standing for Accelerated Malte Pages. 👀 @cramforce
@evanplaice @polymer @AMPhtml @yarnpkg @jspm That sounds accurate. Interestingly, the monorepos I've become familia… @evanplaice @polymer @AMPhtml Would this mean @yarnpkg workspaces? Not opposed, just curious if there are notable a… @polymer @AMPhtml Will probably take this inquiry to @AMPhtml's infrastructure channel. Still, curious about… @evanplaice @polymer @AMPhtml Yes, extremely. None of these would be able to stand alone, without their common util… @evanplaice @polymer @AMPhtml Within the main repo, it's looking like at least a good 6 can come of it as of right… @polymer @AMPhtml Meaning, a single repo that publishes multiple packages. I wish I knew if these aforementioned pr… have been super hesitant about refactoring my project into a monorepo, but I am now considering it so as not to "… @DerekNonGeneric @svensauleau @littledan @module I definitely am amenable to hearing various use cases and differen…
Retweeted by Derek Lewis @MylesBorins @svensauleau @littledan @module Thought this might be out of scope, glad I didn't derail the issue. 😛 @svensauleau @MylesBorins @littledan I've yet to see this done in the wild, but imagine the CommonJS module specifi… @svensauleau @MylesBorins @littledan As final disambiguation: MIME types are relevant to user agent resource handle… @svensauleau @MylesBorins @littledan The JSDoc use-case for JavaScript module "types" (CJS/ESM/AMD) is relevant to… @svensauleau @MylesBorins @littledan Okay, I just read the issue. It seems like you all are talking about MIME type… @MylesBorins @littledan @svensauleau Not sure if this is on y'all's radar, but an enum of module types for use in c… @MylesBorins @littledan @svensauleau If standardization of module type names results from this I will be happy. I w…“Off The Main Thread”
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I’m dying over this “series of books to teach coding..” 😂😂 #gradstudentlife #coding
Retweeted by Derek Lewis @evanplaice @rauschma @CrystalOnScript Ah, I just saw that you previously said that the syntax analysis involved in… @evanplaice @rauschma @CrystalOnScript It seems like it's not so far-fetched to have one for rapid linting and anot… @evanplaice @rauschma Thanks for the benefit of the doubt, but it doesn't seem likely. 😛 Unless you know a good rea… @evanplaice @rauschma Hmmm... No clue what the intended purpose was. I actually linked the wrong package after doub… @evanplaice @rauschma Interesting, I would've expected you to be advocating eslint-plugin-markdown. @rauschma API surfaces of that size are prone to bugs, which is what happened in the Node core repo. I was, however…
We recently published a GitHub repo with the artwork from our projects, so that we have a central place to find log…
Retweeted by Derek Lewis @Noisia_nl @VisionRecs Should we be anticipating a sequel or prequel?
@MylesBorins Mood.Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary ES6 had just been released. @bterlson was tal… totally replied to the wrong tweet, but this is a hilarious coincidence. 😂Woah, could also be the 20% increase in web attacks we are seeing today. This is pretty wild!… @githubstatus I speculate the cold weather is causing more people to be indoors, which is spiking traffic. It's eve… GitHub is painfully slow right now. Same deal on 4G LTE. I wonder if it's just the datacenter near me. 🤔…
Going for a nap, but when I wake up, half a dozen pseudocode algorithms will be swiftly made obsolete. (This is a good thing.) @evanplaice @BenLesh @markdalgleish @mgechev Perfect, thanks! The tools coming out of that organization are pretty…
@BenLesh @markdalgleish Any recommendations on who to follow that tweets about Angular? @appsforartists @rauschma I think he is trying to communicate subjectivity. Would removing it sound like objective truth? @rauschma I don't think I've ever heard someone say that they "consider" something pleasant. @rauschma Better yet... I find it to be (a) pleasant ___. @rauschma I find it to be pleasant.
I have never ever ever seen a university statement like this. My god. Statements: Office of the Provost & Executi…
Retweeted by Derek LewisApologies to whomever replied, but I cannot see what was written. 👀 Maybe need to make your tweets public.
Since they will need to depend on a custom module loader in order to function, new module formats are going to need…'ve been trying to answer my question of whether any module formats will be competing with ES Modules within the n… like people were able to do something similar in 2011, but with a technique requiring all included libraries…, with Closure Compiler adding interop support for ES6 modules & the Node.js resolution algorithm, people are se…
@devsnek Does --force not work? @__apf__ I'd imagine the phone's accelerometer and gyroscope can detect anomalies that get sent back to Google's se… @SaraSoueidan @NateBaldwinArt With less eye strain leading to increased productivity, a monospaced version of this…
Indiana University’s Observatory on Social Media unveils ‘Botslayer’ app to help journalists and the general public…
Retweeted by Derek Lewis @ncjamieson @_jayphelps I ended up translating your rule from TypeScript to pure JavaScript and put all the utility…
Here's something curious about chonkit's rollup config: there's no `input` defined! Instead, I wrote a simple plugi…
Retweeted by Derek LewisStarlink satellites during a meteor shower on Nov. 22.
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@evanplaice This is exactly what I'm doing! "emitDeclarationOnly": true Gotta love their newest release.A possible sign of too many years of web development: I keep reading it as Cyberduck. I wonder if I'm alone.…
I disagree with the below-quoted tweet. TypeScript being highly-rated is accurate and types should be on all functi… to #TypeScript without having a way for the compiler to emit equivalent ES2020+JSDoc type-annotated code… software engineers are not licensed because having one wouldn't make your codes better. lol Google's Engineering Practices documentation `--experimental-modules` will now turn on both `--experimental-resolve-self` and `--experimental-condit…
ICYM Wednesday's Node.js Modules Team meeting: - I joined the team as an observer! 🎉 - Discussion about exposing `… @robpalmer2 @tunnckoCore Thanks! I somehow missed the live footage. @robpalmer2 @tunnckoCore Is this the correct link? I don't see anything regarding a discussion about exposing that utility function. @robpalmer2 @tunnckoCore It's for this reason that the comment by @guybedford says the proposed solution is "wrong,… @robpalmer2 @tunnckoCore If you're referring to Node's ESM resolver, it does currently take file extensions into co… shows you how intermediate masters work in #variablefonts
Retweeted by Derek Lewis @robpalmer2 I think it’s a good argument for rebranding it as “require-style”.
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Happy @nodejs release day nvm install v13.2.0 now with unflagged modules 🎉
Retweeted by Derek LewisNode.js 13.2.0 is out: 🎉 ES modules are now unflagged! ℹ️ Details: – ESM on Node.js:…
Retweeted by Derek LewisAnnouncing core Node.js support for ECMAScript modules:
Retweeted by Derek LewisVariable fonts: An extremely variable tool! #variablefonts #css #ja
Retweeted by Derek LewisMy goodness, I just spent like 2 hours debugging async code that wasn't outputting. I eventually just started organ… funny that it says "this is gonna blow up" in the source code (probably one or two of my followers caught that)… by the proposal, Node v13.2.0 will be the version where we will be kissing `--experimental-modules` goodbye…
@MylesBorins A bit late, but accommodating for version strings with SemVer labels/extensions resolved it for me: pr… @yuvilio Very interesting! I'm glad you're giving these behaviors names. In the interest of spreading awareness, I'…
Taking the rest of the night off for a good dose of nostalgia. @_developit Hope this list becomes a thread as more emerge!🎰 pull to refresh ♾️ infinite scroll ⏯️ auto-play video 🔮 auto-advance 🔔 push notifications Could YOU…
Retweeted by Derek Lewisnvm install 12.13.1 This is an LTS @nodejs release. Thanks, @targos89, and everyone else that made this release ha…
Retweeted by Derek LewisIntroducing the new 📦 It's a new JavaScript registry for the modern web. 💽 It's a new cod…
Retweeted by Derek Lewis @rauschma @frontendfreak Proving myself wrong. Off to a great start this morning. 😄 @RReverser @rauschma @frontendfreak I was thinking that the equivalent in the Node REPL would be `process.title`. I… @RReverser @rauschma @frontendfreak The Node REPL stores values that would normally be in module scope on the `glob… @RReverser @rauschma @frontendfreak As I understand it, those globals you referring to (console, etc.) are furnishe… @rauschma @frontendfreak I don't think this would happen in the Node REPL either (since globals are only accessible via the global object).
@ox_n @_jayphelps I tried switching away from the one I've been using for the past couple of weeks and everything e… @_jayphelps Yes, and I'd do it for all the other impure array methods too. By the way, what syntax theme is this?
@MylesBorins Broadly* applicable, but yes. Those benchies are in the works. 😀TFW a debate about performance is imminent and you've already written the benchmarks to prove your point. 😈 @MylesBorins Hoping for a green light so we can squeeze in one more!
@rauschma @octogonz_ @rushstack @geteslint @typescript This would definitely be useful. I gave it a thumbs up! I would also l… @octogonz_ @rushstack @geteslint @typescript 😂 Haha! I think it was initially meant for incremental migration. Gene… @octogonz_ @rushstack @geteslint @typescript Indeed, I am writing plain .js w/ JSDoc type annotations understood by… @octogonz_ @rushstack @geteslint @typescript Yep, I've already been using that. I was hoping for a plugin specific… @octogonz_ @rushstack @geteslint @typescript Dang, I was hoping I could use this to have my JSDoc comments more clo… @rushstack @geteslint @typescript It shows a warning if param types are stated in the doc comments?
@shanmukhateja94 @MylesBorins @nodejs This means that code will be interpreted as being in the ES module context by…