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24 Valorant Player for @100thieves Business Email:

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@valyngod @Xeppaaa @vinnerwinner it’s devour Sunday not Wednesday!! @WillFPS ?? @BrenCasts Oh fk.. @SagarCh74564232 Thursday! @ddillinn I’ll be back starting Thursday
@100T_Esports it sounds like to WIN LCQ 🔊
Retweeted by 100T Derrek @nabisayo After champs 🫡Thank you 🥹 this is so nice holy shit @nabisayo WHAAAA @kyedae @TenZOfficial Congratulations!! @TenZOfficial @kyedae Congratulations!! 🥹
win = stream x4 GRAND FINALE numbers for Mr. Derrek Overwatch in the clutch during the LCQ: 69% (18/26) in 1v1's 32% (7/22) in 1v2's and one 1v3
Retweeted by 100T Derrek @willminder 🫡 @RohnJobinson @TheMaelk @Nadeshot i recognize this @FegaAbsolute @ddkesports @seangares @MikesHD_ @st9llar @Asunaa @bangzerra @WillFPS @100T_Esports @Nadeshot LMAO th… @SagarCh74564232 After team dinner ~1 hr @supamen WUPAMENKept my promise 😁 @fran_vlrt @WillFPS @st9llar @Asunaa @bangzerra 🔥🔥"What would your guys' walk out song be?..." @WillFPS @st9llar @Asunaa @DerrekOW @bangzerra #100T #100WIN
Retweeted by 100T Derrek @PaincakesVAL LMFAOStats for the NA #VCTLCQ champions, @100Thieves! [MVP & Clutch King @DerrekOW: 18 clutches, 2nd among all TEAMS (F…
Retweeted by 100T Derrek @Shanks_TTV @TheGuard @bangzerra @Asunaa @st9llar @WillFPS @ddkesports @seangares @MikesHD_ Ty for warmup WHANKS @c4Lypso_ @TheGuard @bangzerra @Asunaa @st9llar @WillFPS @ddkesports @seangares @MikesHD_ Learned a lot from you actually abdo ❤️ Thank you @Nadeshot @FNS @100Thieves
@s0mcs @TheGuard @bangzerra @Asunaa @st9llar @WillFPS @ddkesports @seangares @MikesHD_ TY W DUO @POISEDFPS @TheGuard @bangzerra @Asunaa @st9llar @WillFPS @ddkesports @seangares @MikesHD_ THANK YOU KEV @chetsingh @TheGuard @bangzerra @Asunaa @st9llar @WillFPS @ddkesports @seangares @MikesHD_ SEE YOU THERE P1 CHET @seangares @100Thieves @st9llar @Asunaa @WillFPS @bangzerra @MikesHD_ @ddkesports WOACH100 THIEVES 3-0 OVER THE GUARD. LCQ CHAMPIONS. WE’RE GOING TO WORLDS! @100T_Esports
Retweeted by 100T Derrek @OctaneSam @TheGuard @bangzerra @Asunaa @st9llar @WillFPS @ddkesports @seangares @MikesHD_ I try my best 🫡 @brookeab @Asunaa @st9llar @WillFPS @bangzerra @100T_Esports THANK YOU BROOKE!!THE TEAM KEEPS GETTING BETTER SHEEESHJUS. Congrats to them on being LCQ champions and so elated for their Champions…
Retweeted by 100T Derrek @FNS @TheGuard @bangzerra @Asunaa @st9llar @WillFPS @ddkesports @seangares @MikesHD_ thank you means a lot from you man @Nadeshot @FNS @100Thieves wait what🏆 VALORANT LCQ CHAMPIONS 🏆 Next Stop: Istanbul #100T
Retweeted by 100T Derrek3-0 @TheGuard TO MAKE IT TO CHAMPS LETS FUCKING GOOO, MONTHS AWAY FROM HOME ALL PAID OFF. I LOVE MY FUCKING TEAM S… @Hiko Thanks dad gonna need itAll or nothing today, against @TheGuard 1 PM PST. Lets make it a good one, okay @valyngod ? 🫡 #100T #VCT @valyngod LMFAO @supamen ❤️win = stream x3 @AYRINval 🥹🥹
proud to be apart of this org 🥹 @leaf_cs @valyngod No I insist I’ll be designated driver you can DRINK!! @valyngod Lets make it a good one ❤️ @MissGinaDarling @100T_Esports WOOOOO @Kuavo @bangzerra @Asunaa @st9llar @WillFPS Ty for the hype vid 🫡 @brookeab @100T_Esports @bangzerra @st9llar @WillFPS @Asunaa TY BROOKE! @chetsingh TY P1 CHET @Rawkus T3 overwatch player @HUYNH_CS @supamen @100Thieves @infamousbtw @FaZeClan ggs phat ❤️ @POISEDFPS @100Thieves @bangzerra @Asunaa Love you kev gg’s ❤️3-0 FaZe finally closed it out against my boys 😤!! gg's to them, my team is insane and super proud of how well we p… @valyngod @Jonaaa6_VAL HAHHAAH @valyngod @Jonaaa6_VAL @Jonaaa6_VAL @JimMcGrath22 @st9llar @Asunaa @WillFPS @bangzerra @seangares @MikesHD_ @ddkesports @FaZeClan Thank you uncle! 🫡 @Jonaaa6_VAL ? So those dinners meant nothing @valyngod @neT_valorant @EbnetFPS @MikesHD_ why is it insta popping @EbnetFPS @valyngod @MikesHD_ LMFAO gg!!Top clutch players of the 4 remaining teams (The Guard, FaZe, Cloud9, and 100T). To put @DerrekOW's greatness into…
Retweeted by 100T Derrek @brandnchou @bangzerra ??? @MissGinaDarling @bangzerra AHHH @Rawkus @bangzerra Ty rawkassAnd we’ll do it again. #100T
Retweeted by 100T DerrekWE DID THAT! #100WIN
Retweeted by 100T Derrek @BlackHeartVAL @Nadeshot 🤑 @MatthewCElmore "wait i got 2" @Vanityxz @100Thieves @Asunaa @st9llar @bangzerra @WillFPS @seangares @MikesHD_ ggs ❤️ @currydtx @100Thieves ggs rahul @Xeppaaa @100Thieves ggs W DUO, ill turn up for you ❤️ @leaf_cs @100Thieves @st9llar @Asunaa ggs 1 singular leaf ❤️ @ec1s_ ❤️2-0 C9 gg's to them, they're insane and really make you think throughout the rounds. Happy with our improvements an…
@valyngod @FaZeClan 😍 @s0mcs @Cloud9 NT Sam ❤️ @Zellsis I’ll do my best my friend ❤️ @willminder @bangzerra @st9llar @WillFPS @Asunaa LMFAO CHILL
@JimMcGrath22 TY UNCLEShoutout to the boys for setting me up for success give them some love 🫡, can’t do it without them @bangzerra in the world does @100T_Esports feed @DerrekOW to play like this??? over and over and over #VCTNA
Retweeted by 100T DerrekNAH TODAY WE CALL @DerrekOW MR REDBULL CLUTCH #100T
Retweeted by 100T Derrek @mooseloff Ty my friend appreciate it 🫡 @jordanfisher Thank you Jordan 🥹 @POISEDFPS NO CAP @MissGinaDarling AHHHHH @LiN_fps Açaí bowl on match days always @mooseloff HAHAHAHA ❤️ @dapr ggs! @ShahZaMk ggs @shroud gg's was an honor @Nadeshot @100T_Esports got you boss @Zellsis @100Thieves gg's man you guys are insane @katiewonn YASS @CouRageJD THANKS BOSS