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Musical theater lyricist-in-training but WILL direct again. she/ her. Portrait by @megsauce

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Joined Twitter 5/10/09 @Lin_Manuel @daemonsanddust Oh HELL yeahOn my way to BMI to present my Blanche DuBois song, MINNEAPOLIS & MILWAUKEE! We’re heading your way soon and we're in need of Yahoo’s and regular questions. I…
Retweeted by Amber Treadway @a_kraken @rachsyme “Bring back swing music” @AriAster your tweet was good @theshadowsfx @AJemaineClement @HARVEYGUILLEN @TaikaWaititi talkies can be a tough watch for the uninitiated but All Quiet is worth itLove love love this movie a reminder that I love @theshadowsfx with all my nasty little heart Tit-Bits (1886)
Retweeted by Amber Treadway @deathbombarc I’m dazzled @deathbombarc I love that you have a step stool and NOT a step ladder @deathbombarc I did?Et tu, Pepys?? household has the correct number of stepladdersIf Biden wins we'll see this kind of revisionist kumbaya civility bullshit writ large. Fascist enablers will become…
Retweeted by Amber Treadway @meladoodle @jellyd @freestylelove @arthurlewis @offbookbeatbox @ChrisisSingin @UTKtheINC @aneesafolds Is this a Faces of Death referenceFOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE STOP MAKING TELEVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Retweeted by Amber TreadwayThe haunting words of Adam Gopnik in the New Yorker, May 20, 2016.
Retweeted by Amber TreadwayThe percentage of children in the audience is directly proportional to the raunchiness of the 7pm show
@freestylelove (Ok for real who is running this account)Yep, that’s me. I bet you’re wondering how I got in this situation @Rosiculous Hahaha understandable @Rosiculous THAT’S RIGHT, GET GOOD AND HORNY FOR ITFran Drescher says to see Jojo Rabbit @Rosiculous SHE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHTMe about to see Jojo Rabbit for the third time @peaceandbruv Love the implication that Peter is the eponymous Dumb Blonde(And I will absolutely be buying Fitzharris’s book)Horrific but very interesting WWI thread this if you think what happened to the Central Park 5 can’t happen 30 years later
Retweeted by Amber TreadwayReminder've seized the means of production
Retweeted by Amber Treadwayi don’t disagree with any of you this revival will probably be a disaster but NO, I FEEL PRETTY WAS NOT ADDED TO WE…
Retweeted by Amber TreadwayThe Life of Roger Parslow #hisdarkmaterials
Retweeted by Amber Treadway @rachsyme It’s possible they were purposefully playing into expectations to sell books, after all a memoir is a productHey what’s up sorry my cars a mess you can get in just throw that in the back
Retweeted by Amber TreadwayNot for me, I’m working another 15-hour day but for you....perhapsIt’s another beautiful day to see Jojo Rabbit @kyramdavies @jojorabbitmovie I have adopted this film as my own child and I want everyone to love it, or at least *make an attempt* @jellyd @offbookbeatbox @ChrisisSingin @freestylelove @UTKtheINC @arthurlewis Honestly everyone was, solid two-show night @jellyd @offbookbeatbox @ChrisisSingin @freestylelove @UTKtheINC @arthurlewis You were on fucking fire tonight, Jelly!! @griffincandey Have you seen it GriffinAs I descended into 42nd street station some guy was yelling about “God’s gift of eternal life” and I couldn’t help… working two 14-hour days in a row was a dumbass idea and I’m never doing that againsomeone should make a musical about the challenges of being a performer, with featured songs like “So What’s Next?”…
Retweeted by Amber TreadwayI saw a great image of a cow yearning for the sea earlier and repainted it to better fit the way it made me felt
Retweeted by Amber TreadwayI can’t believe “nutter butter” prompted one of the all-time greatest Trues tonight @freestyleloveThis is a churro lady. They've been a staple in NYC for years -- people get hungry on the commute, and many station…
Retweeted by Amber TreadwayLove when @ChrisisSingin comes through with a peepee/poopoo storySee @jojorabbitmovie
Marjorie, legendary usher: I worked Hadestown the other night. Me: Did you dance in the aisles? Marjorie: (laughs) I’m a dancin’ fool!!!My promoted tweets are good as hell way he always does, with unnecessary and focus-pulling video gimmickry aims for Bway. Check out audition dates. This could be your big break! @arsnova @WoodshedNYC
Retweeted by Amber TreadwayEverybody see @jojorabbitmovie @jonnysun I definitely won’t have time to write anything coherent until like Tuesday but if you’re inviting me to just yell into your DMs...I might write it anyway @NateMattingly_ HELL YEAH @andrewkrycek I LOVE ITIf I were famous enough to have a mailing list you’d all be getting a Jojo Rabbit essay tomorrow
Retweeted by Amber Treadway @TheLivingMJ Christ I’m so boredWhy is the West Side revival cutting I Feel Pretty and the Somewhere ballet did they commit sexual misconduct in the workplace
Retweeted by Amber TreadwaySo I was looking for a nice autumnal desktop for the front desk computer and I need all of you to know this photogr… uh which rowdy high schoolers got lit at my day job last night probably did
Retweeted by Amber Treadway @AJemaineClement I would take a bullet for Guillermo @meganamram Have you seen Jojo Rabbit yet? I just need people to talk to about Jojo Rabbit @NeilHaskell WOOF. @DFelsenfeld It's sort of all I want to talk about but no one else has seen it yet!!It's unreal how quick the neighborhood changes when it gets cold. It's 10:30 on a friday night and not a whiff of music to be heard!!!
Retweeted by Amber TreadwayAlso @HelenHjPark @maxvernon has trophies comin’ @marisa_jean I loved that movie so much (and not just bc Lin’s in it) @jellyd shots shots shots shots (from the little plastic cup)I still have my Timmy X wristband on my nightstand from 2 years ago, LET’S DO THIS ✨👉🏼✌🏼 @marisa_jean @Lin_Manuel Maybe just a little!! @DFelsenfeld I loved that too but I meant the song Everybody’s Gotta Live by the band Love the usage of a Love song in that way is targeted bullying, and I WILL be calling the police** ** crying softly on the subway platformThis time it was a packed theater with a super engaged audience that enthusiastically laughed, gasped and reacted.… @mrsbronski I can’t remember the last time I loved a movie this much?? Maybe the first Avengers movie?? It’s goofy… @mrsbronski Looks like most of Europe doesn’t get it until New Years from Jojo see this. Wake up sheeple!!!! there is a more perfect movie on war and nationalism through the eyes of children, I don’t know it!!!! Anyway ha… @casedillaaa @KPOPBroadway I’m gonna start saving up now lmao I need to go at LEAST 6 timesWelp my hand slipped and I bought another ticket to @jojorabbitmovie sue me!!!!!! @casedillaaa @KPOPBroadway BELIEVE IT
I was talking to someone about this a few weeks ago but it’s wild how women have to consider the very real possibil…
Retweeted by Amber Treadway @jbartonmezzo @OutOfFachs @freestylelove @AJemaineClement Oh, what a fabulous idea. Hey @AJemaineClement, you in NY… enjoy my latest email to a very very reputable theatre company
Retweeted by Amber Treadway @petrarchian I wish I could even dream of that kind of employment lmao @jbartonmezzo @OutOfFachs @freestylelove Oh suddenly I want this real baddon’t like in movies when the demon is a puddle on the ground and slinks up the stairs to wreak some havoc. like bitch get up
Retweeted by Amber Treadway @Lin_Manuel is this you getting ready to go out in Cardiff of Canada Geese now migrating over Manhattan in V-formations #birdcp
Retweeted by Amber TreadwayI once asked Tracy Letts how he felt about @hansonmusic -- they're all from Tulsa, you know -- and he said, "What's…
Retweeted by Amber Treadway