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Just a working stiff with three mini-me’s.

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@biddlebrian Holy crap! Spot on with Cecile Strong. 😂
@Madamexoxoxo Yes. Some Cat ones, Star Wars, and Griswold @Madamexoxoxo Me & my wife realized we were lacking in holiday tshirts , and went on a mad dash holiday shirt buying spree @300Horror @irishlad444 Love this movie. It’s my favorite Clive Barker movie
@HorrorGeekMel Damnit. Teary eyed @HorrorGeekMel I loved Phil Hartman so much. I get ready eyed watching anything he’s in: even when he’s a creep @agravewoman 1997 and Event HorizonTime to retire this pair. (IMO) Doc Martens make great work boots. These pair outlasted three pair of laces.…
This afternoon’s movie. Thanks a lot @ActionBoyzPod my wife is questioning my decision making #revengeoftheninja @biddlebrian We have a dog door. My pups are notorious mud slingers. I am also always terrified/concerned about the condition of the house @HorrorNostalgia MU330 The Clash Reducers SF Cocksparrer The Four Tops Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Hall & Oates Toots & The Maytals
@lofivampire It’s on a regular rotation with my kids. You’re right. It should be up there in one of the best animated films @stephensajdak That beer Koozie is awesome. @irishlad444 Love the record collection. What’s your favorite album that you own? @agravewoman Loved it. @RachaelKHarper1 2 things 1. Someone I’m comfortably bored with 2. Loyal in public, but critical in privateMy oldest’s favorite movie is ‘Trick R Treat,’ and his favorite character is Sam. He went as Sam for Halloween a co…
@cordisbored Are you from Southern CA or are you a Transplant? (Just nosy. I’m a Northern CA transplant) @HorrorGeekMel 41 year old me, and 12 year old inner me were going bananas
@amieeemarieee75 Me and my wife can always tell when the other is coming up the stairs, because our knees crack the whole way up @agravewoman Also full disclosure: I enjoyed this movie @agravewoman Not my go to, but when it’s on I don’t turn the channel. I enjoy them. @cordisbored @JanTheMan2010 Quiet @cordisbored @JanTheMan2010 Return (IMO) still has the greatest space battle in movie history @cordisbored @JanTheMan2010 My grandparents brought me and my older sister to see Return at its release. I cried th…
@Spacemonkey907 Some not done @Spacemonkey907 Yeah I’m hitting up done Sierra Nevada @Spacemonkey907 I put in a night shift to cover for the night crew. Got home, slept a couple hours then my stinking kids woke me up 😂’m thankful that my babies all have matching PJs. #petpajamas #siblings #furbabies
Watching one of my all time favorite documentaries for the zillionth time. #CannonFilms
I’m late to the party but it still costs $0 to retweet
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2020 the Pats game with my buddy #Patriots ready to watch the Phantasm run from the 2018 Holiday Special. My youngest really loves the intro.…
My youngest’s art work is simultaneously adorable and terrifying @AnothermillennR I really liked it. Thought it blew Bohemian Rhapsody out of the water @HorrorGeekMel I started getting Moore’s run of graphic novels when I found out he created Constantine. Who I disco… wife @uh_man_duh_jo found and bought a Cher Christmas ornament. Now I’m super jealous of her purchase, and will… are live now for #TransDayOfRemembrance
Retweeted by Jason R Desautels @Spacemonkey907 I am definitely going to keep my eyes peeled 🤷🏻‍♂️ @Spacemonkey907 Having a SN Celebration. I am definitely keep my eyes peeled for that Rogue Hazy
@Pander_Bear28 Wizard of Oz was my grandmother’s favorite movie. I loved watching it with her, because every time s… @cordisbored Great review. It’s definitely a movie of its time (now 😂). I loved it
@HorrorBloodyHo1 You also get to see Frank Stallone get beat up, and the Grandma from Napoleon Dynamite as a bar girl @HorrorBloodyHo1 Love it. Own the dvd , and the Barbet Schroeder commentary is amazing. There’s a nice Bukowski cam…
Midsommar is my favorite
I’m 5’7” wife is 5’9”
Loretta loves her Mr Bill #dogslife @neff_goldblum In the sixth grade at a book fair this specific cover hooked me. Loved the book, and I started readi…’m watching 1992s ‘Rapid Fire.’ Once I saw the familiar action star Al Leong: I knew I had myself a movie. Love se… @ChrisCreature
@amieeemarieee75 My wife did this to me. She’s pretty brutalThese two just live in different worlds able to get a nice walk in before Foosball started. @AlissaLaylax Me & the wife saw them in 2017. Still put on a great show. Reminded me why I loved them in the 80s of the benefits of waking up early on a Sunday is: Twilight Zone Episodes on Syfy. #syfy #TwilightZone @TheAmyNicholson My middle kid loves Pokémon. We were waiting for the worst, but ended up really enjoying it.
@irishlad444 One of my favorite documentaries @cordisbored Nice. Same. The majority of shows were friends or local bands. @cordisbored I’m also curious: what was your first show?
@agravewoman @CrispinGlover Me and the wife have Friday the 13th 4&5 in the shoot to watch when she gets home from wwork @therealAdamBe @jumpuprecords I feel attacked because we’ve both done a version of this 😍 @therealAdamBe @jumpuprecords Because you’re a butt @cordisbored I have a Christmas Yankee Candle rocking right nowGot my haul from @jumpuprecords the other day. I was part of the Record, Tape, and CD club. Going to be busy this w… @cordisbored Close second to this is guys calling themselves: ‘sheepdog.’ @AnothermillennR Fight Club @irishlad444 Looking good man, and (like everyone else is saying) I love your jacket. @jayburke This is a good PSA was randomly googling Friday the 13th movies. First article that pops up was written by one… best girls
@cordisbored I’m putting up lights today because starting next week I switch to nights to help the night crew for a…
@cordisbored I saw Mask of the Phantasm in theaters
@RickEMears Are you trying to get sent to a FEMA Camp ! 🤫 @KillerfromSpace This is crazy town. I grew up evangelical (Rapture Cult). This is beyond me. I’ve been out over 20…
@Spacemonkey907 I love mustard only, but ketchup mixed with Tapatio is pretty good @jayburke I’m out in Sacramento. I’m flipping between your game and Raiders v Chargers I love Horror/SciFi, and Hallmark movies. Looking forward to the premiere of The Christmas… @cordisbored I didn’t think the Notre Dame/Clemson game was ever going to end. Then I had to sit through Access Hol… @cordisbored Doesn’t hurt to have an astromech droid handy @Spacemonkey907 I watched it. My two oldest (17,& 12) and my wife watched it together. I liked the speech a lot. Wa… @BigAPE32 I’ve done the: double pasta serving, then a beer = coma
@cordisbored Half the guys I served with are crying about the US becoming a socialist country; all while receiving… @HeyahNew And an excellent beer to celebrate with @cordisbored My oldest was sad he had to sit this one out (17), but I told him there’s still plenty of work to do.… @Creepymeatsuit @AmberLily I love Device beer. The first I had was Curious Haze @Creepymeatsuit @AmberLily Holy crap! Terrifying @AmberLily Took Halloween decorations down. Wondering if there’s a Krampus lawn decoration
@cordisbored Pretty good. I’m slowly but surely getting the Halloween decorations down, and cleaning to prep for Ch… @AnothermillennR Liked her in X2, but Lord of Illusions is my favorite
@_HorrorLibrary Nightbreed @agravewoman I’m at work right now, and me and the boss are nervous nellies @Spacemonkey907 Love it
@agravewoman I mailed mine in last month, and made sure it was accepted (CA). @_HorrorLibrary Phantasm @agravewoman USO performance @agravewoman I shook Wayne Newton’s hand after a USP performance
One more night with Jack O Lanterns. Waiting for The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror in CA. #TheSimpsons