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Thomas Jefferson, MD @Deseeded1 Coastal Plains, VA

Chemical Engineer - Implants and Probes. Masshole forever; drop my R's after a few cocktails.

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@AntiTrump4Ever1 @chadfelixg @tedlieu @realDonaldTrump This is some seriously hilarious extrapolation. Good job, crazy pants. @GayPatriotTM @BlackJesusDail1 @btme87 Kinda how I always imagined a nuclear attack. @pi_mij @syl_capulet1 Better be in the crock pot with some good veggies. Also, season that butt. @gatewaypundit This is incredibly stupid.Atkinson served as senior counsel to Mary McCord, the senior Justice official appointed by Obama who helped oversee…
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@Doranimated @noonanjo Even their propaganda doesn't hold up for more than a few minutes of use. @AdamTrahan My friends have taken to drinking and zooming. @jenniferlee_75 @Gormogons @pipandbaby Have some eyeballs. @Thomas1774Paine I hope he is appalled enough to stomp right over into the Hudson with cement swim wings. @felixbleno @GlennKesslerWP What an incredibly dumb comparison from an incredibly boorish person. @GlennKesslerWP A national emergency occurs and your take away is this contrived bullshit? Fuck you.At least we don't have a failed fiction writer scripting our foreign policy anymore.
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MDIf you’re not going to eat that Karen, would you mind sharing? 😋
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BREAKING NEWS! Connecticut @GovNedLamont LIED about the infant death from #coronavirus
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MDWe will not air someone who makes fantastical and fictional claims and boasts during the middle of a pandemic which…
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @GeorgiaLogCabin This is known as going FULL CIRCLE
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @HarleyMonster Yankees fans. Hands down. @Neoavatara But i am practically a walking virus already... @USMCSDI @arch1com More sun. @MrNukemCocaine Lazy troll is lazy.You all get your stimulus checks yet? @HardyHar67 @ABC Force this, fucko. 🖕 @tartdraws @TheRightColumn @chrislhayes You okay, little guy? @chrislhayes The real sad part of your statement is that you would want to be ruled at all. @RedWingGrips @PowTwatter Hang the bastard out front by his testicles. @GerrenPeterson @BeccaCalifornia @evs490 @ChrisLu44 You are a fool. @Minimuh2017 @ChrisLu44 This is such a stupid take. @NormaJean1968 @ChrisLu44 You are a fool. @ChrisLu44 Tell us who the top official is, you prick. Also, get isolated. Turn off Twitter and GFY. @pericopfb5 @OItsh8 @AndyRuther No. @jaljr @PenneyVC there a tax I can pay to end COVID-19 or does that just work for climate change?
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @dswhisperer2 @PolitiBunny @OrdyPackard @SherOnHealth @fuzzychimpcom @realDonaldTrump @TheRickWilson @WHO @CDCgov M… @dswhisperer2 @PolitiBunny @OrdyPackard @SherOnHealth @fuzzychimpcom @realDonaldTrump @TheRickWilson @WHO @CDCgov M…
@OrdyPackard @SherOnHealth @PolitiBunny @realDonaldTrump @TheRickWilson @WHO Here's Jon improving healthcare one shitty tweet at a time. @SharylAttkisson @evil_bun_bun Oh. Sports Jacket Pickle @jemelehill @angry_blue_dot @angusparvo @weirdralph @jemelehill When someone says they aren't bothered, it is prime time to prove them very wrong. @jemelehill Hot take.EXCLUSIVE: @realDonaldTrump's campaign has been quietly calling local restaurants and ordering large amounts of foo…
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @dmills3710 @uhmrunn Ho Chinh Ming? Really? Lol @philllosoraptor @pipandbaby @pipandbaby What happens when there is no text though? @noahsmom7 I don't think you could act that bad after a few months. @RealTargetTori Looks like the face every kid in Massachusetts makes. ☺ @pipandbaby Thank you for your service. @AmyiCzyk ready to hear my high school band from 1997? Mind you, we were in high school. beautiful ❤️
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Ok, so who wants to help me develop @no_sifty @CamEdwards @JustEric I like to have my dog snore next to my mic. It's cute. was the last time the DC Swamp SERVED #WeThePeople? IT'S TIME TO ABOLISH CAREER POLITICIANS!…
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @GentlemanRascal Pud Fiz Sulmar @Blackbird_Fly_1 @TrumpWarRoom Based on your tweets your bio is straight up horseshit. @BrentHBaker @realDonaldTrump @chucktodd @MSNBC Fuck Todd. @SkyNews Of for fuck's sake. Enough of the idiot actors. @2012BNEWS @_MoCowBell_ Actors and Journalists duking it out for title of least essential job in America.
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @alanou @kamen_ryan @JuddApatow @senatemajldr You pathetic liar.
@_David_Edward Truth. @rkylesmith @jtLOL If he thinks a podcast is like some kind of new fishing technique. @BAMAPERRY @AOC @TwitchyTeam Let's be honest, is there any other kind of socialist than dishonest idiot? @HappyManor @Massanthrope @mhenrylaw1 @modgirl26 I also streaked across Memorial Drive and jumped in the Charles...but that's another story. @HappyManor @Massanthrope @mhenrylaw1 @modgirl26 I jumped off that bridge to catch a frisbee as an ultimate frisbee stunt. @mattdizwhitlock @mehdirhasan Don't blame him. When Qatar asks him to say something, he has no option other than oblige.
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @mehdirhasan Shitbird gonna shit.
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MDLook folks, Mike Lindell may have made 50 thousand hospital masks to help fight the Coronovirus, but the real sacri…
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MDThread.
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @Gormogons @KneesPenguin @Darth_Mommie @Catsorange1 @AliVelshi @greta Dude is a chubby taint sniffer. @mrhortywho @LADowd @caroljsroth What's so difficult to believe about people changing their minds because you assho… me get this straight- People are ripping on companies like My Pillow for- checks notes- stepping up to help w c…
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @conservmillen @glenngates If the police come to arrest you for being outside, quickly rob the nearest person or co… transparent contempt for an American business owner who has converted his business overnight to make life savi…
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @PoliticusSarah You are a fool. Ask your educators for a refund. @TimFVB @TheRealAyAyRawn @greggutfeld Yeah, we don't believe in fucking science. Ok, dude. @markle_darla Psst, he replied to the post calling out the leftwing douche, not you. @greggutfeld Like rubbing his taint after a Chinese buffet and sniffing?Hey goofy My Pillow guy is making 50 thousand masks while this douche adds nothing to the world but his own self sa…
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MDNEW: Court records show the wife who fed her husband fish cleaner (poison?) has a history of mental illness (paran…
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @CillizzaCNN @RAYGUNshirts tfw people at @CNN take "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have" literally
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Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @Gormogons @pipandbaby @nomorenightowl We can do our part too, you know.If you’re inclined to criticize a man who just flipped his entire workforce to make N95 masks, you should also expl…
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MDMany journalists are upset that #FilmYourHospital is trending worldwide w/ citizens going into the ER rooms and rev…
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD🤣🤣
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @ddale8 Quick. Tell me the names of all your sick friends. @aliamjadrizvi Sure hope you got the attention you were craving, you prick. @Richard_Harambe @KamVTV Editing *wank wank* mistake @rewegreatyet @RadioFreeTom You poor thing. @OrdyPackard Even the russian judge would give this triple axel twat usage a 10.This paralyzed man is using his mind to control an exoskeleton
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@RBPundit Nope.
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @hunterkelly @BCDreyer Does @ABC think this is appropriate behavior for one of their "journalists"?? Fantasizing a…
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MDSo...either Whitmer lied, or the journalists reporting on her statement...didn't clearly tell the truth. This is a…
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD"Frontlines" is such vainglorious nonsense. So many other professions are actually putting themselves in harm's way…
Retweeted by Thomas Jefferson, MD @secupp You are in the frontline of being way to full of yourself. It doesn't require the President for us to know… @jenniferlee_75 Swedish fish here.