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This piano scale has an unexpected twist and it’s purr-fect
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@bluebox99 I love "My Best Fiend." Batshit crazy but enormous fun. @corey_reinholt @bigfinish Only electromagnetically. Consider the strong nuclear force. @brokenbottleboy Ellen is so worthless you could walk through her deepest thoughts in your bare feet and not get yo… @gossjam Apart from that Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?So - I thought my comment about Starmer being more effective than Corbyn would probably get some reaction. 🙂 What d…
Retweeted by Gareth JohnGrab a coffee as Bob Bohannon explains how you can develop a deeper understanding of light, vision & design to deli…
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@DrBCCurtis @Penbrynhir He is a very handsome cat. @TheRachelFisher Lightweight!Retweet if you haven’t forgotten about Dominic Cummings and still think he should resign.
Retweeted by Gareth John @AdamRutherford @BBCr4today A recent poll showed that a solid majority, 59%, blame the British people for the COVID… @gem_ste @MOxlonge Yep. I hope her lawyer has enough sense to get paid upfront. @TonesOfMusic Steve Hanley.
@craigthomas1 @JosieLong @JaneyGodley There's a reality TV series, right there. Don't go anywhere, I'm off to copyright it. @Ordinary_Worker @AndrewH80726066 @shaunjlawson 2/2. That's never happened before. This is the first election where… @Ordinary_Worker @AndrewH80726066 @shaunjlawson 1/2. Significant but not as important as the far left like to make… @JonnElledge I am a bass player. Please don't bracket me with knobheads like Grimes. @holdenweb @shaunjlawson Which brings me back to my original point. I've yet to see anything at all from the far le… @holdenweb @shaunjlawson Compromise doesn't come into it. It's about tactics and strategy. Corbyn had neither. @holdenweb @shaunjlawson That's the sea that every left wing politician has to swim in. In four years of leadership… @holdenweb @shaunjlawson My point entirely. People on here are insisting that Starmer stand down are just silly. La… @Ordinary_Worker @AndrewH80726066 @shaunjlawson This is worth reading: An assessment of why… @Ordinary_Worker @AndrewH80726066 @shaunjlawson Short answer- I don't know. But the far left were in charge of the… @holdenweb @shaunjlawson If there were people in senior positions harming the party, Corbyn and his allies had enou… @SoozUK Also the Judean Popular Front. Still the most accurate skewering of the far left I've seen. @AndrewH80726066 @shaunjlawson The far left had control of the leadership, the NEC and Unite, the party's biggest d… @shaunjlawson It's easy to play to the gallery and tell party activists what they want to hear. It's harder to buil…
A thread about some of the worst takes on Covid, from UK pundits. Herd immunity is the strategy:
Retweeted by Gareth John @BootstrapCook Jack, that is an extremely cute cat! @NadiaKamil From the same episode: "You are the finest thing ever attached to my name. You are my greatest achievem… @bluebox99 Your Cult TV memory is excellent, Jenny. You're always reminding me of stuff I'd forgotten about.
A week ago, a report came out which should be required reading for anyone in the Labour Party or who wants a Labour…
Retweeted by Gareth John @beefanddairy Star Trek: The Search for the Fifth Meat.Next episode of UNCERTAIN MEDICS is out! I speak to writer/actor/comic @NadiaKamil and what drew her to the world o…
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Hey, look. My friend & longterm crush is delivering direct provisions to unhoused people in Los Angeles. YOU can…
Retweeted by Gareth John @theAliceRoberts I thought "Crow Funeral" was the name of the goth band you were in with @DrJaninaRamirez ? @QuintinLake As a resident of North Powys I am surprised to find us in the Gravy Belt. I live in Newtown which is a…”Observations include a distinct ‘Gravy Belt’ extending further than stereotypically imagined, curving into Mid/Wes…
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@NadiaKamil How about the other way round? "Vote Biden or we'll send you Jim Davidson?"There is another factor which played a part in Rebecca Long-Bailey's downfall. Which I noted during the leadership…
Retweeted by Gareth JohnThe culture war is sort of like class war, in that it's fought relentlessly from the right, where it's openly discu…
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This is actually a really interesting comment. If you bear with me - and your chins don't all hit the floor in unis…
Retweeted by Gareth John @indywalesfans Followed. @mrmarksteel A chant of "is that all you bring away?"LEGOLAS 40 YEARS ON: ‘I was huffing three bags of magic fairy dust for breakfast at my worst’
Retweeted by Gareth John @OgronThe @bluebox99 Is that what Ogrons do? @RosalindJana Those cats are quite ridiculously pretty!#TheWeekInTory (Wed to Sun) 1. Let’s start with the milder corruption: it was revealed Matt Hancock tried to block…
Retweeted by Gareth JohnHere’s what we learned today: Trump found out Russia paid bounties to Taliban fighters to kill American soldiers i…
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@sheikyerbouti_ Thank you! She is my princess. @sheikyerbouti_ Is that a compliment?WSC 400th issue special out now! • Fanzines new and old • State of the game in 1986 • When players get younger • F…
Retweeted by Gareth John @sheikyerbouti_ Say hello to little Belle Theatre Industry is dying, and it’s dying now. Not everyone likes theatre, but if you watch Film/TV this is goi…
Retweeted by Gareth John @J_Bloodworth No, that's "six weeks chained to a radiator." Consider that your Brian Keenan beard. @perlmutations @fourfoot Man, that is a cool scene. I want to see this movie! @NadiaKamil Your best is yet to come. @NadiaKamil 2/2... I still carry the scars but I don't let them define me or my interactions with other people. It… @NadiaKamil 1/2 I was 12 when my mam died. My dad and brother dealt with this by spending the rest of my childhood… @brokenbottleboy This should be worn as a badge of pride. @squires_david Will you use the anagram or is that too much like low hanging fruit?
@bigfinish Adipose. I'd deep fry one and sell it in Scottish chippies. @simon_price01 Don't flush your toilet for three days. @NevilleSouthall See you soon, Nev. Look after yourself.The discourse on women in comedy reminds me of this sketch I wrote for an SNL packet in 2015 called The Big Noncons…
Retweeted by Gareth John @NadiaKamil 3/n. I'm told I take after her and I do feel proud of that, me being her keeps a part of her in the wo… @NadiaKamil 2/n and my brother growing up without her but at the same time she wouldn't have wanted us to live in t… @NadiaKamil 1/n. I don't have any easy answers to this because I've asked myself the same question many times over…
An alternative title for the Bible is The Great Begatsby.
Retweeted by Gareth John @_JessicaDavies I feel Welsh even though I was born in England and lived 34 of my 50 years there. As my dad said "b… @mattabysmal Armpit hairs sprouting!
I’ve started a new evening ritual: I leave all my technology inside except my Walkman, and I get into the hammock i…
Retweeted by Gareth John @aaronreynolds I suppose this isn't the right time to ask you to give them another chance? @NadiaKamil @GLB______ Please tell me you did this in a pirate voice.Get this: Wales having its own stock Market Index for its largest home companies and we call it the Dai Jones.
Retweeted by Gareth JohnPlease support this important campaign: via @megaphoneukTHREAD: WETHERSPOON WORKER’S DEMANDS ON OUR RETURN TO WORK Sign the petition: (1/5)
Retweeted by Gareth John @Vitt2tsnoc From this I conclude that Englishmen are shit at DIY.Congratulations to Jack Worsley, who won the HNC Students Award from the Worshipful Company of Lightmongers this ev… @brokenbottleboy If you don't mind, I'll skip that one. I already know too much about that obnoxious, hateful sack of shit. @brooligan I remember that from my student days at Lancs Poly. You and I once met in the upstairs room of the Stanl… @faithfulpundit @brokenbottleboy "A cartoon pig in a wig" is a definite highlight. @nathandreaone @NadiaKamil @emgrasmeder Yeah, that was my thinking. I thought it might be some level of irony that… @NadiaKamil That is an hellaciously good punchline, one of your best yet.The LIA Laboratory remains 'open’ and we are still testing lighting products - read more here…
Retweeted by Gareth JohnA handy hint!!
Retweeted by Gareth John @Flying_Inside There will be a day when I read or hear his name and don't think of the anagram but this is not that day.I worry that this seismic change to our constitution is not being given the attention it urgently warrants. So I'll…
Retweeted by Gareth John @SHAG23997980 @stickerchap Da iawn, brawd. Particularly and especially love the first one. Gotta get me one of them!Alexei Sayle's Stuff (19th October 1989). A lot more work goes into the production of each episode of Stuff than yo…
Retweeted by Gareth John @bluebox99 @OgronThe Given that's the case, Gruntleigh, I hope you didn't pay big money for your plate. It might last as long as a banana.
LIA in collaboration with 42 Partners Ltd can offer lighting companies a comprehensive photometry testing & consult…
Retweeted by Gareth John @DominicJGM Man, the Doctor needs a 'fro. Can't believe I never noticed it before.Welcome to your new rulers: UK Commissioners Gove, Johnson and Cummings via @davidhencke
@NadiaKamil You can't blame him for trying. While I've never been one for spontaneously approaching women, if I'd s… @thebarryhorns Cruel but true. @NadiaKamil I spent my entire life waiting for my dad to admit he was an abusive bully to me after my mam died. He…
The greatest European Championsip goal? #VoteHal @walesawayfans @BrynLaw @ffwtbol @RedWallNews1 @IntWales
Retweeted by Gareth John @OgronThe @SaintMerrin If you don't mind, despite being a trade union member, I won't be rushing to be your shop st…