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The official profile of the Desert Bus for Hope charity gaming marathon raising money for @cpcharity. 🌵🚌💙

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@eric_c_berg I’m afraid not, our posters for each year are only available for sale during the run itself in November
Congratulations. The tremendous final total for #DB2020 is $1,052,902! Thanks again for a wonderful year, and all… you enjoyed each individual shift done quick, buckle up, because Omega is here, again. It's time for all that,…, ok, mystery solved. has entered the cha---WHY IS IT SO BRIGHT. Bus 2020 Done Quick Programming Note: The Belopa howls at the moon, and you know what that means. Yeah, Ye…, hey, Alpha Flight scheduled @PatrickRothfuss for a call in. Get your Questions in at ...and he's gone! Thanks… Bus 2020 Done Quick Update: We're already to Alpha Flight, and I'll be honest with you, I'm usually asleep w… to Desert Bus 2020 Done Quick! Thanks to the additional bumps from Fangamer and the Desert Bus 2020 Merch,… Donations No Prizes Bus Only Final Busdown. You did this. For the Children. with us, climb on board the Desert Bus And we'll make you smile, you can count on us Come and ride with us on…'s right folks, our million dollar bonus stream is happening in exactly ONE HOUR! Tune in on… @GusFowler @Fangamer @CPCharity We'll be revealing it in just under 90 minutes!
@nathanlonghair It’ll be updated on the site during our bonus stream!We've tallied our final numbers to include merch sales & @Fangamer shirts and: We are proud to announce that Deser… weird to be here in December...
We're already looking forward to Desert Bus(ter Sword) for Hope 2021; Plenty of time to stock up on hair gel, let's… @votojak Oh no, sorry about the delay there! Please email our fulfillment team at with…
Together we raised $986,793 for @CPCharity and bussed for 164 hours. That's going to brighten a lot of lives. Tha… get in here! The final hour starts NOW. @dixonij Go to bread. @Kidror19 Do you honestly think he'd be doing this, Kidror.You know what, send in the ham. Go hog wild.We're approaching the end of Desert Bus. If the next hour is not achieved before 5 am PST, we're crashing this bus… has little meaning, so keep talking and nobody brick-splodes. Come watch at @SkyKitsuneCorp We don't have the exact timing, but Fangamer usually keeps the shirt up until Sunday after the run.There's still time to pick up a poster, playmat, a photobook, or the shift pin set on, but… is no ham contest. I don't have any artistic prowess, so please imagine an image of the polaroid that says… that aged well.We're Omega chillin'. Don't @ us. @nomoon That is, indeed, a word for it.Omega Bus Stop Get! mighty Desert Bus will roll until at least 6 AM PST, and at the end we're giving away a box of mystery items! I… a year when we all needed Desert Bus more than ever our amazing team made it happen. You, made it happen. We ha… told me, the donations were gonna floor me. We just hit SEVEN MILLION LIFETIME in donations to Child's Pla… DOES THE METER SAY? #DB2020 to the Legendary Omega Giveaway. Wield the mighty Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Fulfill the prophecy. Bec… it started: How it's going: we have hit $800K! To our chat, viewers, donors, crafters, and sponsors: Thank you for making #DB2020 such a… under 2 hours until the 'Master Sword and Hylian Shield' by @HeroicReplicas is up for giveaway!… Giveaway of #DB2020 NightWatch is a go! The @loadingreadyrun Prize Pack could be yours! Includes your choice… @BeauBradley76 @Card_Kingdom Already completed. Information can be found here: if you missed our earlier RT, @mikeselinker wrote up the #DB2020 themed Apocrypha story Check it out here:… for the final CYOA of #DB2020 Shall we go: $5.41/multiples thereof to go back to the sea farms $5.35/multip… Live Auction of #DB2020 is moments away! Desert Bus for Hope 2020 Poster is up! Come place those bids!… live auction for the large #DB2020 poster is coming in 20 minutes! that the auction is only running until 10pm PST Silent Auction of #DB2020 is a go! Bid until 12am PST Sponsor James buying himself a 6-Pack of Beer for the… Flight has touched down. Thank you for all the fun, your patience, and overwhelming support. We'll see you ne… Minutes left on our latest silent auctions! Don't miss your chance 💙 you to everyone who supported Child's Play by picking up the garages' LIVE @ DESERT BUS FOR HOPE tee + album!…
Retweeted by Desert Bus for Hope😺 Donation Drive: Custom Hello Kitty Gundam 🤖 SD GUNDAM EX-STANDARD RX-78-2 GUNDAM / HELLO KITTY SET completed wit… at Desert Bus would like to thank Wizards of the Coast at @wizards_magic for being a fantastic prize sponsor thi…
⏰ Giveaway Donation Drive Alert: Magic 2015 Foil Uncut Common Sheet ⏰ Donate $6.03 or multiples thereof until 4:30…🗡 Giveaway for the 'Replica Master Sword and Hylian Shield' Update 🛡 Everything's a little different this year, wh… amazing prize went for $10,999.98 to jkbuster! Thank you so much to everyone who participated and helped rais… is NOW, and going once already! Get in here! last but CERTAINLY not least: Desert Bus brought @Alatriyana and I together. I wouldn't have my incredible wife…
Retweeted by Desert Bus for Hope#DBToMe is a week where there's always somebody awake. It's the streaming equivalent of being a little kid and know…
Retweeted by Desert Bus for Hope @TychoBrahe You're still here even! Imagine if you will, a bright light for the children!For new Bussers, here is a run down on how to bid. Wait for us to say Auction is Live. In chat @…$700K HAS BEEN REACHED FOR DESERT BUS 2020!! ✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨ #desertbus'The Magic Of Johnny Thompson' signed By Penn & Teller and Johnny Thompson will be auctioned off LIVE on Desert Bus… @DallasTheDJT Good luck, and thank you for donating! @RejeraTheMage Welcome! Enjoy the show! @DallasTheDJT We have checked from our end and the site seems functional, tested donations were made. We're sorry y…🌟 DONATION DRIVE GIVEAWAY 🌟 Core Set 2020 Complete Foil Set. Every card. In foil. $6.20 donations or multiples t… my mind, @DesertBus is one of the few unequivocal forces of good in the world. I've been watching for 10 years n…
Retweeted by Desert Bus for HopeAlpha Flight welcomes the wonderful wordsmith @TychoBrahe aka Jerry Holkins of @PA_Megacorp today! Come by, say he… our first point and our last dance party, the Dawn Guard can go back to sleep until next year. Thank you all s… @ExhaustedElox You should see his elated face!Thanks for the spotlight! We're now at over $6.75 million in lifetime donations!!'d like to thank our prize sponsors @TakeThisOrg for the work they do all year round and for their support of Des… @JonDale1 @IhlianMTG @James_LRR 🥕🥕🥛Would you like to transform your Magic collection? It's time for our final Dawn Guard giveaway: the limited edition… @thompsant Congratulations!!!The long-awaited finale of the Coffee Pong 2020 tournament season is upon us. Tune in for edge-of-your-seat, social… @DixsLog shhhhh @JacobBurgessVO @NuclearStulle @TheSeaGarages @blaseball No matter what life flings our way, Floor-chan will always be there for us. ❤️We've got a new set of silent auctions running now until 6pm PST! You could be the proud owner of Solana, the rainb… @IhlianMTG Heed not its siren call; it speaks only lies.We've got another special set coming up now from @TheDoubleclicks! Tune in and rock out with us at…🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞 you ever wanted to be a cyberpunk bartender? Our next giveaway might just make that dream come true! Donate $6…'s just an hour left on our current silent auctions! Get in those sneaky snipies! spent soo much time on this. Recreated, over 4 maps of 128x128, here is the design on the @DesertBus T-shirt. T…
Retweeted by Desert Bus for Hope @roverand_embr These were so gorgeous. Thank you so much for all your hard work!More @DesertBus fanart, and today Zeta must Eat The Bread (ft @UnarmedOracle, feel better soon!) #DB2020
Retweeted by Desert Bus for HopeDawn Guard has risen. But when will their towers fall? Jenga is coming. concludes the last Zeta shift of #DB2020. Share your wonderful love, generosity, and weirdness with our sibli… @JonDale1 Glad to have you riding with us.#DBTOME I got into @DesertBus in ‘17, I was in a bad place & having quite a bad time mentally. DB’s wackiness, posi…
Retweeted by Desert Bus for HopeWe've had the honor and privilege of Kolin volunteering as our official photographer since 2018. He has also gracio… to the intersection of adorably crocheted creatures and magical entities stitched into quilts. The Silent… these virtual times, the task of holding a MagicFest now falls to you! Luckily, we're providing a helpful MagicF… @AvramLevitter Not unless someone lied, on the internet. @CantWearHats @UnarmedOracle What a wonderful likeness!That's TWO POINTS for Zeta, BAYBEEEEEEEEEEE. #DB2020 silent auctions have mere minutes left, ending at 2AM PST! The winning display name for both is the literally… @CantWearHats Fixing, thanks!