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hello :) lovin' antarctigo vespucci / she/they /🦎🥚???

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thinking about how i used to go to other cities and stay in hostels and barely eat and sleep in movie theaters (tha…’ve ran 40 miles in November 😌fair warning all my tweets are gonna be System of a Down cover compilation related for awhileTru it cowardsPlease cover System of a Down and raise money for Armenia i dare you @SamGrittner I’ve read most of your articles about this over and over when things are at their worst, thank youok tbh i have no idea how to organize this stuff but we will figure it out lmao. if anyone wants to do like the alb… @whydogswhy Awesome!!!!!! Thrilled to hear this!!!! @ikillcameron Fuck yes!!!!!!! Love to hear it!!!!!I posted a fleet about this but that honestly feels dumb as hell so Imma Just Tweet. i wanna do a System of a Down… to deactivate to force myself to log off lol
i really thought obsidian would be about 100 times better than it turned out to be based on the posts i saw lmfaoall i listen to now is soad and Elliott and the cribs. Hmm
ok time to log outyou wouldn’t bomb a music industry @IsntDylan let’s be real we are all desperate to Antarctigo a vespucciyou wouldn’t antarctigo a vespucci @clacey24 It is definitely always A Chore. i got a lot better at it and it became very easy to do but i am scared t… @AudioBirb Thank you!I have put strings on a guitar one billion times and yet i am so scared to put new strings on my new guitar.. why @bryGPO thank you ❤️ he is funny lil guyok bragging time. today’s my 1 year and tbh i feel like shit but i got a 3 mile run in and saw the sunset with Ches… @stellar_scout @whatevrkatelynn Thank you both so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥳 cookies time @stellar_scout Nah just vegetarian
i will be fine i am going to go on a run and make hot chocolate after and now i have to do it bc i tweeted itany of u have any very simple / easy cookie recipes .. i am so depressed and a touch suicidal and want to do someth… @panicbombbby i understand, I’m sorry. i hope it gets easier soon. have been doing a lot of sobbing myself these past couple daysran 3 miles stoned as hell and listening to soad i feel fine enough nowgot so mad recording a keyboard part today that i just went to bed super angry and then got up an hour later and fi… @panicbombbby people like this suck so much and interactions like this with them suck :( I’m sorry @AudioBirb ❤️ @dinersmusic wow, I’m sorry about this :( glad to hear you’re through the worst of it, it was rough for me back in march. wishing you well!hey I’m fine sorry
Drinking tea and recording with really really stupid sounding fake synths rn and having the time of my life Tbhooo baby very excited to hear the new cribs record i really liked the singlescan’t stop thinking about good riddensfolks it’s body dysmorphiaBETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! off bc i feel like i don’t look normal at all 24/7 but the selfie i posted earlier looks extremely normal an… @AlbertRuncorn ❤️❤️❤️I hit a year without self harm in 2 days but i am sort of having urges and I’m so sad that i think will begin celeb… therapy today (been therapy’d) and it helped but it was still a very heavy session bc everything is heavy and i… @AudioBirb pretending like we’ll never go back hungover
Retweeted by kascha!sometimes you just be in the pit of despairLive version you in weird cities just came on i can’t dealRetweet if all you do is write verse one and a chorus, and then immediately move on to writing a new song
Retweeted by kascha! @barelymarch what did he ever do that is problematic
@BurnedOnFire war in armenia @stellar_scout His little snout........big celebration time in 4 days @chrisfarren omg the eyes are so pretty
why is this review taking me out
Retweeted by kascha!belly rubs 😍
Retweeted by kascha!body dysmorphia in the pandemic pros: face mask yeehaw cons: endless time and isolation for your illness to becom… @inv3stigvte_311 pretty sure most days of the week I’m wearing a jeff shirt and i am ok with iti feel like 70% of my shirts are jeff shirts and yet i still buy more jeff shirtsI miss bands so much’t literally die
resting feels too similar to sinking into bed ridden depression :(being sick is so boring i am dying @kacitay98 I pass a breakfast place pretty often when i go out and there’s always people sitting in there massless… too sick to go running i feel @jimmytorosian No @IsntDylan Yeah it’s hard for me to choose a favorite cursive album but it probably is mama I’m swollen. they’re al… I’m swollen >>>>>>>> @corinneheaven V v true. there’s too many bands to even keep up with! @corinneheaven i truly do not understand... there are so many bandsstill can’t get over how many people will defend themselves for still liking pinegrove... like 1. I do not care wha… therapist briefly mentioned the enormous amount of student loan debt she is in which makes me both very sad and… @mikehuguenor wow I’m so glad you all found her!I’ve run 24 miles this month and i can’t wait to not be sick so i can do more :(boy think my Christmas plans this year are lots of running, and also shroomsI genuinely can not believe people are so weak to decide its worth risking lives to ..... celebrate a holiday. like… i started to feel sick i got so scared because the last time i was sick was covid and that was just..... so much to deal withexperiencing an extremely mild cold right now and god i just can not believe how intense Covid is compared to this
@IsntDylan kids these dayswhy doesn’t anyone text me back when we were allowed to see chris farren perform live music
If I’m sick for more than a few days I’m gonna be pissed off. i need to run or my brain won’t work90% sure i am sick and god i really hope this is just Normal Sickokay everyone is tweeting sad things. sorry it’s such a bad night for everyone :( ❤️ @kacitay98 tysm :’) @sbeangreen ahhh awesome I’ll dm you my address!
@LilHurricaneo aaaaa that is okay, i really appreciate just the offer :) ❤️ @panicbombbby think about it this way, *long stream of irrational negative thought spiraling* wait hold on shittbh had a really heavy therapy session yesterday n I’m just smokin weed and getting through life (and actually sort of doing well (?????)) @B2Back2DaIsland @chrisfarren @jeffrosenstock finally someone says it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @kacitay98 thank you ❤️❤️❤️DePiglio
Retweeted by kascha!My therapist is so fuvking nice!!!!!!!!!!! 👿went to therapy and ran 5.3 miles today listened to steal this album 40 times feeling AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
the holy shit we are going on a walk face @AlbertRuncorn It’s so funny to me whenever bands like this are bein little nerds. Shut up foster the people. Cmon.… @whydogswhy Benadryl rocks sometimes @AlbertRuncorn