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@Anarchyball Dolly Freed FTW @DFWDeplorable @ICEgov @foxandfriends @FoxNews Why should I serve a government that steals from me? That burns 24 c… @ICEgov @foxandfriends @FoxNews '… retire in June after 34 years of sucking on the public teat.' #TaxationIsTheft @mnrothbard When Obama left the White House in a helicopter that horrible day, I watched as a squad of memes took h… of Communism Day 2018 #VictimsOfCommunismYou are going to need more food than you think. @Mark_Retyunin @Anarchyball #redforedaz #Red4Ed #RedforEd#AZ #Red4Ed Since districts control distribution of $, should they publish how they allocate it? Ex: $ & # of tea… @Mikosoph @Zero_Gov @SlavikSean @thefreerifleman Corporations do not need to use (direct or indirect via gov't) for… @SlavikSean @Zero_Gov @thefreerifleman Are Limited Liability Corporations the same as the statist corporations you're opposed to? @SlavikSean @Zero_Gov @thefreerifleman So your answer is no. @SlavikSean @Zero_Gov @thefreerifleman And you know that @Zero_Gov has been threatened? @SlavikSean @Zero_Gov @thefreerifleman And you know that @Zero_Gov has such a contract? @SlavikSean @Zero_Gov @thefreerifleman Actually, yes. Governments always use force. Corporations do not. @SlavikSean @Zero_Gov @thefreerifleman It is clear you have some animus against corporations as somehow government agents. @SlavikSean @Zero_Gov @thefreerifleman Oh, good grief. @SlavikSean @Zero_Gov @thefreerifleman You don't believe in voluntary agreements with publishers for mutual benefit? @SlavikSean @thefreerifleman @Zero_Gov WTF are you on about? @SlavikSean @Zero_Gov @thefreerifleman Someone can't stand for on principle AND believe it will sell more books? @HolzMAS @Zero_Gov @azcentral @CydHenderson Is #AZ still last in teacher pay* when cost of living is taken into acc… @andersonDrLJA @MattBracken48 @brycejacksoncvt @TRHLofficial @jonbmetz @Sprin_Dragon #TaxationIsTheft @jenniferm_q @mnrothbard To deny Lacey/Larkin of use of their bail money.I'd like to know what the NorK people have been told about the recent developments. @TRHLofficial @jonbmetz @Sprin_Dragon The hypothetical was about LibertarianLand, not any current government. But thanks.
@Sprin_Dragon @TRHLofficial OK. Thank you for answering. @Sprin_Dragon @TRHLofficial OK. So what level of violence? Would you tie her to a bed until she gives birth? @jonbmetz @Sprin_Dragon @TRHLofficial OK. I would like pro-life libertarians to define what they are willing to do. @Sprin_Dragon @TRHLofficial So you would use violence against someone that expresses intent. What level of violence? @Sprin_Dragon @TRHLofficial So you would use violence against the pregnant woman? Yes or no. @jonbmetz @Sprin_Dragon @TRHLofficial Do you have an answer for the hypothetical? @jonbmetz @Sprin_Dragon @TRHLofficial I asked a question to clarify @TRHLofficial's position. Not arguing. @Sprin_Dragon @TRHLofficial Under the hypothetical, no one has been killed. @TRHLofficial In Liberland, if a pregnant woman expresses a desire to have an abortion, would you use force against… @iowahawkblog What did she say? She's already blocked me but I don't remember speaking truth to her. @mnrothbard I wonder if the scopes were in parallel or series? @FILFUNGI @thefreerifleman We have ways of making you laugh! @MPD_AC_Rankin @MesaPD Have you taught them the Ballad of Daniel Shaver? @FBIJobs Your agent aimed for and shot an unarmed woman in the head while she was holding her baby. Which of your #CoreValues was that?
#GoldenStateKiller Cops were initially looking at the wrong guy based on DNA. @KOKOBEAR52 @mnrothbard @TheRoot Can @kanyewest speak for black People? @bartmckinley @SaraCarterDC Ethics? For the Left, the end justifies ANY means. @Denlesks @Zero_Gov @RealJamesWoods You mean Carrot Top? @JRParlerEmpower @FBI Examine the @FBI's history before you embarrass yourself further. @SallyMayweather @teslindoug That's fine as long as it is voluntary.The Swiss political system should be considered a prototype for all the countries: 7 leaders and referendums on eve…
Retweeted by Desert Pundit @RexPundit @Zero_Gov @davidhogg111 Facts don't matter. For the Left, the end justifies ANY lie. @Valerie4AzEd I see red when money is taken from me by threat of force and given to someone else. #TaxationIsTheft @Zero_Gov @Pontifex And who would enforce this ban? Would it be guys with weapons? @copcrisis Police do what is legal. Not what is moral. Always remember this. @SallyMayweather "These rocks contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer."Love the translation microsoft @Anarchyball You're seriously expecting logic? They're just throwing shit and if they throw enough some of it will… DNA is NOT infallible. wonder why we aren’t bombing the British for killing their own citizens.
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@carolinabamalex @Anarchyball And if the law & doctors agreed that everyone your mother's age should be euthanized,… @KurtSchlichter is wrong abt CW2 •Cash outlawed •Guns taxed, not banned •Police rank&fi… you have not read Enemies Foreign and Domestic by @MattBracken48 you're missing out. #tcot @sgtkbay Were any innocent civilians injured? @MesaPD @NogalesPoliceAz Did you mourn for Daniel Shaver? @MesaPD The people that "protect" you want you to work for them. @TucsonCops How many innocent civilians were injured? @mnrothbard Kanye makes shoes? Who knew? You know what'd be cool? if his shoes left #TaxationIsTheft tracks in the dirt. @iamlibertatem @RalCrux @gpslife12 Looks like you skipped spelling class. @SallyMayweather @WRSABlog Hail Hydra! @SamanthaJPower And this is who Obama is @MartinTruther @Zero_Gov @thewolfstar Government, in the US: • Decides the price or they will use *actual* violence… @CrimeADay Thanks, government, for "protecting" me from unsupervised exhibited wolves.When did the @HISTORY channel become the extraterrestrials channel?
Neighbor calls cops on mentally ill man acting odd. Not armed. No threats. Cops break into man's home, pull him fro…
Retweeted by Desert PunditWill you support entering all cops into CODIS? @TucsonCops #GoldenStateKillerCase @NTechlibre @thefreerifleman @Messermeister Edward Scissorhands for King! @garnicle @Zero_Gov "Poland was only socialist" I'll check the next time I see him, but I think he would strongly disagree with you. @RexShips @Zero_Gov The hypocrisy of power. @garnicle @Zero_Gov My friend grew up in communist Poland, one day he went to the store, the only thing on the shelves was vinegar. @MartinTruther @Zero_Gov @thewolfstar The mafia comes to your business and threatens to burn it down if you don't p… @dougducey I hear the money goes to the district without restriction. So who guarantees the teachers will get the money? @Zero_Gov Down with power over others.Dear @StepCarter: Re Should the police be able to hide their identity behind balaclavas?LOL > Megyn Kelly is still on TV. Who knew? @mnrothbard Everyone publish range photos.Some commentator on TV: "Kanye doesn't move votes, he's not Beyonce after all."You seem to think that being a crooked politician is unethical. takeaway many paragraphs down: "Today [cybersecurity expert] Nichols says Reid and her team no longer believe…
Retweeted by Desert Pundit @Anarchyball Statists always double down.#GoldenStateKiller I was wrong, not a tip. DeAngelo found via commercial DNA genealogy submission from a relative.… @mercnews, When the price of your news is allowing tracking advertisers to invade my privacy, I say FU.Is #AZ still last in teacher pay when cost of living is taken into account? #redforedaz @FLETC @ICEgov When seconds count, the police are only minutes away ... or hiding behind their cars outside.… @BloodedtheBrave @mnrothbard This is why I need a normal capacity magazine.
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