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@Asleep24h @LSXYZ9 @nemesis_lol what do you expect from armchair coaches? @StannisTheGod @GetJinxed04 @LSXYZ9 ok back it up with actual facts then clown. @LSXYZ9 "insane flip" that code for "I dont know how to predict anything but a 3-0 towards the favored team? @OutlawDreamz @VIZMedia @hulu are you inbred? you must be if you want them to catch up to the monthly manga. @Gordoxinim @KDA_MUSIC @sonwooang @LouisVuitton awe baby dont like 5th character? @Humanoidlol sure, as long as you dont live on a coast, or in the tornado belt.
@AdventuriaVGM Its a friday night. You are hungry. but you are being responsible. you order takeout. but you hav… @Oldmanrivs @Larlen6 @LSXYZ9 sure, if you ignore every other 3-0 against g2 he keeps predicting. By the way, don't… @Oldmanrivs @Larlen6 @LSXYZ9 how many braincells did you loose when your parents dropped you? nobody is arguing ab… @CaptainFlowers tbh, g2 is about as consistent as chunky peanutbutter. one of the best teams in the world. but when… @mykidisadog @uAJDx14 @myownbed @smontemayor @selfdeclaredref @StarTribune ah so the right is pro fascism then? @Oldmanrivs @Larlen6 @LSXYZ9 grow some fucking balls and block someone without having to tell them you inbred dipshit. @Oldmanrivs @Larlen6 @LSXYZ9 oh what a bitch, gotta announce you are blocking someone? @Oldmanrivs @Larlen6 @LSXYZ9 no they arent, you are just making excuses.
Retweeted by 🌈Desh🌈 @L_vRijn @HarkayLeon @LSXYZ9 he's currently tied for 2nd last in terms of predictions lol. @Yeagaristlol @J1Ruede @LSXYZ9 you can't say anything about EU teams my guy. their ego's are so fragile if you do.… @KSCH1112 @darkcobrabws @CaulfieldTatton almost like he's a politician. but please show me one that has been in pow… @SharinganKyubi yeah I ignore those trolls, his literal goal was to become hokage so everyone in the village would…
Retweeted by 🌈Desh🌈 @mykidisadog @tomatoBhutan @smontemayor @selfdeclaredref @StarTribune boogaloo are anti govt in general, but the de…
@RHaspels @Trevorbiscuit 30 years and nobody knows who you are? if you were any good you would have gotten somewhere with your tallent. @smashgupper @shoe0nhead did you skip the part where I said technologically illiterate? because it sounds like you skipped it lol. @smashgupper @shoe0nhead I care, its a good way to tell a person's true character. dark mode, normal person. light… @mech_mouse @pap_er_pl @OuterWorlds while technically true, there are games that have their own built in DRM beyond… @MoriartyMuse @johncardillo thats just mean. just because the guy had an overweight, abusive alcoholic wife beating… @johncardillo @AriCohn nothing creepy about proper affection. but im sure your overweight abusive wife beating fath… @agreatgadsby @jdftweet @angelynsayshi what? police violating rights? noo..... that would never happen....... @EminCavalic @RealGilgamensch @angelynsayshi "its unlikely a canadian is armed" are you purposefully ignorant? you… @WilstarW @JaneDenton_CA @Josephkphillip1 @angelynsayshi they are just being a clown referencing a completely diffe… @SmurfSparrow @PashtonBaha @BrandonSiedlik @BoratSagdiyev i swear people dont understand timezones. @KimJong68178872 @ChainzRaymon @BoratSagdiyev general rule of thumb is if someone makes an ignorant or stupid comme… @rantsinyurpants @realDonaldTrump yup. so ignorant that we havent losts hundreds of thousands of people to corona v… @RareLtd its friday, but its also during covid so im staying in and sleeping in most days anyways :P @Tammyngo1965 @hayleooo @CBCNews yes they would dipshit. @MagicEsports @MTG_Arena you guys really love jerking off the black lotus for not having the balls to reprint it. @AdventuriaVGM why tho... @Lin_Mac yeah I never read the descriptions, only look at the pictures. not gonna lie tho, other than the fact that… @rantsinyurpants @realDonaldTrump "adversaries" americans really are so ignorant that even when they disagree with… @manganimemer @Nintendeal no it doesnt you anti consumer piece of shit. it takes zero effort to continue to support sales on an e-shop.
@BickleKun @GroundedTheGame awe your tiny penis wont allow you play games without achievements? @HeavyMamgician @rexmon01 @Luketwolf1 @Wario64 literally a cheap android from 7 years ago can play n64 games. any p… @Shadowbulborb @MaliciousBugMan @rexmon01 @HeavyMamgician @Luketwolf1 @Wario64 how about neither dipshit? do you ha… @HeavyMamgician @rexmon01 @Luketwolf1 @Wario64 no you dont. @WasabiKitCat @Luketwolf1 @Wario64 dont blame consumers? no, I 100% will blame consumers. we know corporations ar… @Prof_Protendo @Luketwolf1 @Wario64 fucking dipshit, you realize nintendo wouldnt do it if people didnt support it right? @tepeayinga @TorontoStar you arent seriously asking that question are you? please tell me you are joking.... thats… @Tetcher I recognise that NA hanzo genius anywhere. and I would have to guess that 2) is the lie, @mrnmukkas @GennaBain your comment made me think of this. @tcday15 @MFPallytime no not really. its like 70g ish carbs.A story in two screenshots.
Retweeted by 🌈Desh🌈 @YunalesckaGames @NintendoAmerica man.....I think this is cool, that nintendo has been localizing old games....but… @CTVNewsNorthern also likely to see some other problems. either a jump in amount of tests being needed, because peo… @realDonaldTrump I'd love to see the statistics to back that up. @duke_garry @AbigailBimman dont speak for canadians dipshit. @nizamwalji @AbigailBimman the conservatives are also the unpatriotic sepratists. the bloc doesnt exist in alberta. @HispanicName @AbigailBimman dont be stupid. the daily average hash shot up nearly 400% over the past few weeks.
Retweeted by 🌈Desh🌈 @IdleIncomeChris @TexasTribune ok explain how denying people service based on these situations is any difference th… @touroua @TexasTribune I assume you think the exact same thing about skin colour as well. because its the exact sam… how the plot of cobra kai is literally the plot of WoW. both sides just fighting over misunderstandings and continuing retaliations. @victor100c @theneedledrop depends on the comparrison you want to make, thus Biggie Smalls is always accurate. comp… @LILLuster @AtelierHeidi Im inclined to believe it is based on size, shape of face, and ears. @KennySale @Chilly_Mountain no its not because they still made a big mistake. you have to first own up to the mista…
@Kotaku article didnt reach click quota and reposting already? @isaaccanthonyy @yasminisyasmin @latimes wow, got any more generic attempts at insults to pull out? put some effort… @isaaccanthonyy @yasminisyasmin @latimes ah classic, I dont have a real response so I gotta say 'rent free' good on… @isaaccanthonyy @yasminisyasmin @latimes using web browser you inbred dipshit. @isaaccanthonyy @yasminisyasmin @latimes I wouldnt be talking if I were you clown. habanero loves @RachelAndJun videos and has to sit right in front of the TV lol @Kaelaris I believe it. I should probably check one out at some point.*Watches one episode of Naruto on Chakra Control*
Retweeted by 🌈Desh🌈 @scarra ah thats an old friend I havent seen in a while. @icrangirl @Disney @Pixar he's so ugly he's kinda iconic. @icrangirl @Disney @Pixar yeah im curious how they would go about it. Im sure it would work fine since stuff like t… @yasminisyasmin @latimes ah Im totally sure it was rhetorical. good save. I 100% believe you. @UniversalJuan @latimes im not even against them charging more for it if theres a valid reason(there really isnt th… @icrangirl @Disney @Pixar ok I thought you meant the overall polish on the toys and not necessarily having to redesign the human characters. @yasminisyasmin @latimes how do you plan on teaching business lessons without learning about shareholders, stocks,… @icrangirl @Disney @Pixar i like this concept. but one question. what do you do about the people and scud? and stil… @TorontoStar @alex_mckeen because southern ontario is loaded full of dumbasses that didnt know how to properly soci… @latimes arent they one of the most expensive subscriptions? their base package is actually god awful. how can you… @yasminisyasmin @latimes you should probably take a business class or two then.25: omg lol I'm totally faking being an adult this is crazy 30: I'm still faking it, so I guess this is just how i…
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Retweeted by 🌈Desh🌈 @jinxeekatt really respect you for your decision. @RealYungCripp @Furyhots ok but Ive listened to his apollogy, and rather than begin by apologising, he begins by trying to defend… @Chilly_Mountain thats one bad fucking apollogy when it stars "Ive seen a clip that gives people the wrong idea abo…
damn that new boruto chapter. nartuo's opening up them 8 gates basically. @CoffeeClub_TV really sorry to hear that. always hard to loose a loved one. even the tiny furry ones.With all due respect to the hardworking archaeologists I don’t think this one should’ve taken that long.
Retweeted by 🌈Desh🌈Ketola 2020 - Hey Habanero, what are you doin kneading my side? morning
Retweeted by 🌈Desh🌈 @Oscarsaurus @phollanda @AdamTheBlampied such a good game. its a shame most ppl outside canada dont know about it.LoL @RealMickFoley ended up adopting a kitty found in a pretty similar situation. my mom found it on the highway and Im… @fatwazz @Xbox should be able to use any bluetooth controller with xcloud. @Last_DarkLord7 @NetHistorian @CyberpunkGame become a "gaming journalist". sorry had to fix it for you.