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UX | UI Designer. Self Employed & mostly work with corporates. I design web & mobile apps. Likes 📺🎸📚🗺💭🔮🧘🏻‍♀️

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@sisiphodube @Afreekaah At 10 😔 I hope the future will be brighter. @anastazjadavis Do you like horror, thrillers or any related? @anastazjadavis I like gore in general but in this case I enjoy that it’s predictable. 8 young adults killed off on… @KeziyahL #throwback to my vacation in Thailand. Can’t wait to go back. Selfie. Motivational quote. Here’s wher…
@TkeoiB I think it's really inspiring when some thrives in the face of adversity or when the odds are against us. I… @TkeoiB That is awesome ✨ @its_myreverie Why am i seeing this at 1am 😢 I'm now hungry. Happy celebrating🎇Read a book by a woman about women in business but she doesn't seem to walk her talk. The evidence is clear on twit… @iamkarmenk It’s beautiful 😍We have lost a unique talent and an endearing human being whose performances brought to life the meaning of being S…
Retweeted by designingwomanI always try to remember this & hold on to my individuality. Far too often I see ppl speak on behalf of others & ma… @HeronChe Completely agree. It's so weird when ppl don't discuss these things with immediate family or friends they… @HeronChe @not_hud ✂️ is fun. Even more satisfying is 🔪Slasher movies are comforting🩸I've been working since 2003 and no company has ever sent me on training or paid for a course I was interested in.… days off and i finally did something small but it's been on my list for a looong time. My site would load a page… @rvanderelst There are great stories, just not as loud, unfortunately. @anastazjadavis "don’t open messages I don’t want to reply to and wait until I have a moment" same here. I don't wa… @BilalKtkUX Everything about Turkey is 👌 Spent last July there. Good point about Dubai. I found it really hot at th… @anastazjadavis Do you do that on iMessage & WhatsApp as well? Haven't seen that on WhatsApp but that would be great. @anastazjadavis I need to read that. I love that kind of stuff.Watching the episode that Alex died. It’s so sad 😢 @saturnminded So accurate! And it feels easy because I can talk about a range of topics & there are different sides… else think that we've long outgrown cosmo & shouldn't try to be featured in but rather - NEW MAG! NEW ETHOS!…'s July. In some places it's ☀️ & in others it's 🥶 Where would you have been holidaying if it weren't for covid1… @rvanderelst Yes!!! I sometimes (often 🙊) get irritated that the sad story of being a woman has become SO loud that… @ChloeCondon Quite often the case, and it's so weird when the interaction ends with them sounding like you came to them pleading. @ChloeCondon Love the use of the clown emoji 😁I was 6yo in the 1980s and I never heard this stuff. Why does the world like it's going backwards at times? But che… the record, I actually ❤️ getting emails, messages, letters in the post, postcards. I love sending them too. I…💌 Email - no one knows when you received/read it - you can enjoy emails in your own time - it doesn't give you and…📬 Remember the excitement of getting a letter in the mailbox? versus 🔵 Getting a message notification on your pho…'s all very complicated. From a UX pov, I think it's important to know a message was successfully sent. After th… Making sure to reply to everyone on a social platform but that's exhausting for some who have thousands of follow… Some don't feel bad about leaving ppl on read & believe they're creating boundaries & will reply in their own tim… is where Emily Post meets UX: The anxiety around replying to messages keeps coming up recently. A few from fr… when ppl didn't know that it was rude to be messaging on their phone while in company? What about when pp… there an Emily Post of the modern era? I've always thought etiquette is important. Not to regulate ppl but more…! 🥺 This is beautiful.😍❣️
Retweeted by designingwoman @MokoenaDee Congrats and happy birthday 🥳 The car is beautiful 🧿 @snetramelleh Oh, thank you and perfect topic. @YolandaMabusela Great, now i have to do it 😆Does anyone I follow have a YouTube channel? @ismathim I expected it to be better but do watch & let me know what you think.
@Mbals_about For a good time call - silly but funny. Also on NetflixThe worst part of the movie was Jared🙄 telling Nasim to let it go about nail clipper guy, on the plane. Hate dismissive ppl 🤬 @Mbals_about I dunno about this movie. All the Ingredients to be good but gets good a bit too late.Too make anxiety in this movie. @venusin12th Namaste is a prime exampleSean is getting better. I mean, he’s better than her friends!Ugh she better not end up with Sean. Sean is irritating!I am so anxious watching Desperados. I’m sooo on Nasim’s side. I don’t want her to get caught. 😱Watching Desperados on Netflix & the part where Nasim Pedrad said she’s more liked when she speaks less 😳😳😳 Me!!!!!! @tania_uxds So lame ...I napped because I had a headache and woke up after 9pm and now I’m eating pizza & watching… @sushmitacodes This is really true and what I’m dealing with right now. Motivation is fickle. Your words are 💯I felt sooooo disrespected most of the time. Being self employed made a world of difference.! What's your best inspiration for new apps? #freeCodeCamp #100DaysOfCode #DEVCommunity #BlackDevelopers #WomenInTech #developers
Retweeted by designingwoman @Mbals_about Oh yes, definitely! There are ppl who want to hear us out or want to explain and relationships can bec… @Mbals_about Yes! I think some ppl are committed to not understanding or assuming the worst. They may not be like t… @itsTiisetso What a gentle song! Do you remember when Sabc 3 would play it all the time during ad breaks? @owolabiregus I haven’t heard. Gonna search it... @Mbals_about Based on a past experience, if they give you that weird feeling, they don’t deserve even one of your w…🎶 What's your all time favourite song?Just because #witchcraft is trending in SA🇿🇦 Frank Sinatra - Witchcraft via @YouTube @DThompsonDev She saw herself as the B team in our tech team. Managers always gave her the boring projects, didn't… @DThompsonDev What about when someone never feels like a 'real developer' because of consistent external feedback.… @MiriamIsaacDsgn Yes! 😍 those greys. And that purple 👌 And this shade of black #20292F @MiriamIsaacDsgn Also love those very subtle but elegant shadows on hover 🤩 @MiriamIsaacDsgn I get that way about borders. What is that colour - so subtle yet so effective & not standard grey, just a hint of blue. @its_myreverie Illogically craving gelato even though it’s cold & that’s not dinner! @joirogers Omg my, ASMR? 💙 So peaceful. @Anjana_Pradip 2.9 billion views 😳 This reminds me of music I’ve heard while on holiday. @Anjana_Pradip Oh wow, I’ve just realised you’re in Kerala. You have one of the most interesting airports I’ve ever seen. It’s so unique. @Anjana_Pradip I don’t even know what that is 😆 @Anjana_Pradip Yeah I’m not buying anything because of the ads either. Which makes me wonder, how is this affecting… @joirogers This looks so zen. I’m under a blanket on the couch, directly where the sun comes in. It’s winter here. @Anjana_Pradip But seriously now, I think trolling anyone is a waste of a person’s time. We have too much going on… @Anjana_Pradip I think it keeps them in check 😆 Too many of them think way too much of themselves. But maybe that’s… weekend I wanna catch up on medium posts that I started to write last year but never completed. Would be great… in the mood to cook. And kinda put off ordering in after a few bad meals. But I know if I don’t decide on dinn… @OldhamDeveloper Nothing...and that is why 😄 @OldhamDeveloper You'll even walk differently when you know you don't need them 😂Can you believe that I'm still working on that Wordpress site 😖 Never again! Never again! @OldhamDeveloper Omg you have to 😱 Mostly so you can dump bad bosses/clients & not care but also, what about when the apocalypse happens? @lrb23 @Create_28 I'm like that with celeb life @Create_28 Oh that is so true!
Oh yeah... @Create_28 I'm also somewhat jealous of watching them live their lives. I want to go places too. I want to do thing… @Create_28 Everything just feels boring to me right now. I tried but I was easily sidetracked.I've been too nervous to check how my investments are doing. Logged on now & they're doing great 😁 I was having a… @jc00ke That is a great idea! Never thought of that. Thanks.Anne Frank Netflix documentary is the weakest Anne Frank / Holocaust related documentary I've ever seen. @mrdfood I am such a big fan of yours! My order was running late and a call centre agent actually called to explain… @DThompsonDev I find 11pm - 4am to be a great time to get work done. The interruptions and lack of focus other time… @hibacodes desperate, ew 🤢Also, how do you prefer to perform actions on a row? - Click on the overflow menu, or - Hover on the line to see a… @hibacodes The ickiest thing I saw was from a popular travel company. With no content ideas, they decided to send n… common problem I notice when ppl design tables: too many status indicators. - Payment Overdue Y/N - Account Activ… tables just get more and more complicated as the years go by... How to Design Complex Web Tables by… we putting the lives of Grade R’s at risk for them to colour in and sing all day ? what the hell ...
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