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UX & UI Designer. Web+Mobile Apps. I work with corporates & IT consultancies. Also likes 📺🎸📚🗺💭🔮🧘🏻‍♀️

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Isn’t this the best visual!!!!! 👌 @nadeekaa_A Thank you. I love macaroni but it’s usually made so bland.So i think that means, buy the barbie doll gifts now...? when kfc used to be a wonderful treat, when some ppl work & travel (sponsored by their company), it's "business travel" and spoken about it an execu… is petty but I don't like the way close family diminish what i do, every time they mention that i "work from h… @nadeekaa_A This looks so good, details please? @its_myreverie Cyclists seem to be the same all over the world 😳Love the iPad mini size, but at iPad 8 price & colour availability
Yeah...I remember the time i thought someone earning R100k a month was unthinkable for me! I thought I'd have to b… fan of #sexandthecity & the ladies but why do they remind me of Death Becomes Her. That end scene 😳 weekend was so good. But this week is awful in so many different ways.
@anastazjadavis Very unfair. One should be enough. Two at most.The olympics that always stood out for me was Barcelona 1992. ❤️It is sad about the olympics ratings. I didn’t even know it was happening until sometime this week. Remember when… night feeling of not setting an alarm for the next morning 🕊 versus Sunday night feeling 😖I want to learn yoga from someone like this 🔥
I love watching Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. The joy 💓I had so many friends who embarrassed themselves this way 😆 They’d later act like they never said it, or blame the… is not enough hype around this! She’s 15 yrs old and the youngest African at the olympics! And she’s a skateb…
Retweeted by designingwomanMy enthusiasm to learn new things 10 years ago vs now 😳 Now I just want to enjoy thingsAll these mum-related school groups & organisations these days.... Maybe that's the problem! I remember we had pa… Mentalhood & just realised that in India it's common to have live-in maids. So again, I don't see what's s… @PrasoonPratham Where is this beautiful place?So true! Let ppl in Durban enjoy wearing their coat/scarf/boots that they hardly get to wear!!!, designer friends, anyone using ? It is so helpful!!! Check it out if you haven't already.Both my parents helped me with homework in the evening but i quickly stopped asking them because they were so annoying 😆- my dad generally washed our school clothes & my mum cooked dinner I just realised that no matter how old i got,… my mum worked as well & was the first to shower & dress - my dad made us breakfast & sandwiches for school - my m… friend sent me the trailer to Mentalhood because i like Dino Morea. The show about the stress of motherhood. My… in my family generally doesn’t return phone calls - to anyone. She doesn’t even follow up on WhatsApp. Sh… on the mock-ups went so well tonight 💃 I don’t have to look at them tomorrow. They’re ready for client review on Monday.While working tonight, I watched: - That Thing You Do - Airheads It was wonderful 🖤
One of my very first clients asked me to redesign his very outdated website, so I’m working on it tonight- a Saturd… I’ve wanted to live: Singapore 🇸🇬 Kenya 🇰🇪 Egypt 🇪🇬 Hong Kong 🇭🇰 United States 🇺🇸 ( got to live there… / USD exchange July through the decades 2021: 14.8 2011: 6.7 2001: 8.1 1991: 2.8 1981: 0.9 Sigh…I wonder what it would be like to live in Kenya 👀 I need to do some research 🧐 @mattcampux It was even a toy! @DThompsonDev 15
@mattcampux 😆 yes, the drama has made me want to watch the show tomorrow morning during breakfast.Listening to a guy review the new He-Man series & he mentions "real fans" 😴 Anyone who measures their fanhood com… from 4:30 to 5:20. So that is what it's like to have a true friend 😢 They don't laugh at you or not-so-polit… isn't the velvet cake company on mrd or uber eats? 😭 Oh right, because i'd order from them every day 😕 @DThompsonDev It may not be lines of code but I’m doing similar with a beginner’s figma file. Creating reusable co…
📚 Worst book you ever read? @anastazjadavis Same here. I have so many ridiculous stories from those days. @anastazjadavis Sorry - Hollywood second worst. Worst is probably the porn industry @anastazjadavis Scary thought cos I can’t imagine worse than Hollywood, in the US. @McDonalds_SA mobile app is so bizarre 😳 does anyone even use it?
Hardly did any work today but I didn’t make use of the free time 😒 @nadeekaa_A Yip, smh at ppl who compete instead of working together.I completely agree with this clip but if I said half of what he said, like he said it, my friends would get defensi…
Userflows done. But I’m sure I’ll wake up tomorrow and someone will say something or I will spot something…Exactly! Why is Prashant so sidelined 😒 #NeverHaveIEver2 is so enjoyable even though no one is particularly likeable. Maybe Fabiola or Nalini? Paxton… was too slow today. I did 1/4 last night and planned to do 2/4 today and 1/4 tomorrow. Yet I’m still not… @mattcampux Agreed! That group 🥴Do you have an anti-role model? (person/ppl you don’t want to become like for specific reasons)😂 love it!
It looks quick and easy but it isn't! I'm doing flow charts. Overthinking. @its_myreverie Definitely! And it's a rare case where the words and actions align.It's multi cultural/national/racial with a fair balance of women and men. Age group late 20s to early 50s.So at one of my client's NO ONE is annoying. Every interaction is enjoyable. Lots of respect. No hint of oneupmansh…, this little boy energy is too strong right now. Maybe it's just his delivery but every time he speaks 🙄 @its_myreverie Congratulations 🥳I asked a question(I'm new to the project). The junior swiftly said that i need to get that info in my own time. F… power struggles were real so the other snr designer and i decided to change things because we noticed that not…'s this pesky little junior designer who always seems to be keeping score, tries to one-up & seems a bit power… sure if this is why majority of the team does not participate. Yet in person, trying to get ppl to participate…'re reaching 18 months of remote meetings & I still can't get used to sharing my video + being recorded at the sa… is so odd but i crave a Debonair's sub. I possibly haven't had one in 15 years and I doubt it even tastes the same but ...I learned more about pregnancy from strangers than my actual friends. All my friends gave me santized, textbooky co…
Euw at ppl who only want to be associated with the affluent or those who are good for their image.🎧I use AirPods/headset so many hours a day due to meetings. That can’t be good for my ears! But I know that sound…’t believe some stuff that’s trending rn when round 2 could be just around the corner 😐Sick leave may have decreased but mentally, a lot of us are breaking/broken. How long till the stats show that?When was the last time you had flu?After hearing a little about Hatha yoga, I’m keen to try. But here’s the challenge. Ive never done yoga before & I… embarrassing but true! Been to those other countries & SA is the only place where thinking about safety is bake… @OksanaIvanovaPM Lo-fi for the purpose of workshopping ideas or validating flows, on the other hand, would be margi… @OksanaIvanovaPM Time is an issue on every project, so high fidelity on ppt/keynote would take forever when a desig…
@OksanaIvanovaPM I resign!Imagine that your differentiator is being short. But no one even mentioned it. You brought attention to it. Lame 😐No carry over work from the week this weekend 🥳Also, Spoke too much but ineffective. Brought zero value. Shifted blame to the team. Qualifiers to be a design l…… Also every design lead I know is male 😒 @mattcampux Yes 😒 Because theirs didn’t
Like when you share good news & the other person says little to nothing, before moving on to their story. Or they… was watching a video about unhealthy relationships & there were lots of blatant / exaggerated insults. But in re… has at least a dozen Carry On movies 😱 My happiness levels 🔝Love that feeling. Miss that feeling. @aynex @mattcampux Ux process, ux roadmap, user testing process 🥴4 years ago today I saw a psychic who rattled my core beliefs. I never quite recovered from it. @mattcampux My client loves powerpoints & they do it really well. No designers on their team but they value design.…
Ugh I hate when a task takes forever and then procrastination and laziness sets in.Tomorrow is Friday 😳 What work did I even do this week 😳😐Yes, because just like family, we all hate each other 😂 her face looks annoying and says it all 😐 is Miss SA trending at a time like this? Did a pageant Queen finally bring peace throughout the land 😐I wonder about the SA COVID stats in Durban & Jhb right now...