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FINAL WEEK | Have you been to the Moving to Mars exhibition? The Design Museum's multi-sensory extravaganza ends th… sad about Andrew Weatherall, he was a true pioneer and a constant inspiration xx
Retweeted by Design MuseumIt's a rocky road to Mars...📍🍫 | Designer, baker and winner of @BritishBakeOff, @frances_quinn has been inspired b…
#EverydayObjects | In order to repay a $15 bet, Walter Hunt designed a copper-wired fastening pin. To pay off the d…
Thank you to everyone who took part in today's menu themed #fontsunday. Here are some final favourites from the Des… typography / handwriting: Breakfast at Oakland Beach Hotel - 1880 - Warwick RI - NY public library digital…
Retweeted by Design Museum#FontSunday The menu for Noble Experiment Cocktail Bar, San Diego: three colour letterpress, foil-stamped and embos…
Retweeted by Design MuseumThe Vintage Menu Group, a perfect place for #fontsunday @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Design Museum @DesignMuseum Ashley Havinden's dinner menu from 1935, very sweet graphic design overall #fontsunday
Retweeted by Design MuseumDavid Hockney menu for @SaltsMill Saltaire @DesignMuseum #fontsunday #typography #hockney
Retweeted by Design Museum1968 Howard Johnson's Kids Menu Featuring 2001 A Space Odyssey @DesignMuseum #fontsunday
Retweeted by Design Museum.@DesignMuseum #FontSunday The Corner Deli, #NewYork.
Retweeted by Design MuseumFirst, Second, and Third Class menus from the Titanic! 🚢🌊 #fontsunday #menus @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Design MuseumBill's Seafood Ship Café 1954 @DesignMuseum #fontsunday #menudesigns
Retweeted by Design Museum @DesignMuseum Menus from Crillo's (S.F., CA, 1939) and Caesar's (S.F., CA, 1950s) #FontSunday
Retweeted by Design MuseumBronze Boot, Grand Forks, North Dakota, Iggy’s Study in NYC and Mama Batt’s, Henrici’s Chicago #MenuFonts
Retweeted by Design MuseumOne of the classic NY delis: Carnegie Deli #menu #FontSunday @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Design MuseumChristmas 1943 RAF Menu. Our Uncle Arthur was posted in Africa. Note the cigarettes, crackers and balloons course l…
Retweeted by Design MuseumThank you for all the great examples of menus this #fontsunday. Keep them coming! Kalman and Marlene McCarty, M&Co., postcard for Restaurant Florent, 1989 @DesignMuseum #FontSunday #menu
Retweeted by Design MuseumMenu signed by Winston Churchill 1940s #MenuFonts #FontSunday @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Design MuseumDinner menu for La Fonda Del Sol. Alexander Girard, 1960. @DesignMuseum #fontsunday
Retweeted by Design MuseumEarly @McDonalds menu dating from (I think) the early 1950s. The futuristic architectural style was clearly a pull…
Retweeted by Design Museum @DesignMuseum #fontsunday - Menus from the famous Chartier restaurant in Paris .
Retweeted by Design MuseumSoup Menu “Seinfeld” — NBC “NO SOUP FOR YOU!” #menu #fontSunday #Seinfeld #Foodie @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Design MuseumCoffee shop menus from the extensive @nypl digitalized #menu collection. #FontSunday @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Design Museuma menu board with handwritten-like font, Taipei #FontSunday @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Design MuseumChicken in the Straw, Swift Creek Farms Inc. Colonial Heights, Virginia. Ruth Knapp @DesignMuseum #fontsunday
Retweeted by Design Museum1966 Disneyland Hotel Gourmet restaurant menu 1966 @DesignMuseum #fontsunday #menudesigns
Retweeted by Design MuseumI've designed menu cards for the @OxfordFoodSymp for 10 years. Table layout can be turned to advantage as with…
Retweeted by Design Museum @thornymedia Well, everyday should be Valentine’s Day...🙃🤷🏻‍♀️Did you miss Valentine's Day? ❤️ | Maybe you are making dinner plans to make up for it? To mark the day of love, to…
Are you doing something for Valentine's Day? ❤️ | Maybe you are making dinner plans? To mark the day of love, tomor…
Last night at the @DesignVentura celebration event, @TwynhamDT won 1st place for "Design Cubes” & revealed the… | Recognise these chairs? David Rowland's 40 in 4 chair was conceived to allow for more compact st… of #DesignVentura 2019 are @TwynhamDT with Design Cubes, a dice game that helps people generate design idea…
Retweeted by Design MuseumCongratulations to @FerndownUpper for coming in second place for #DesignVentura 2019 with Finger Fussball, a design…
Retweeted by Design MuseumCongratulations to @TrinityNewbury @TrinitySchDT who have been awarded third place in #DesignVentura 2019 for their…
Retweeted by Design MuseumThe #DesignVentura Commendation for Ingenuity is awarded to Cardinal Newman Catholic School for Travel Buddy, a tra…
Retweeted by Design MuseumThe Commendation for #SustainableDesign has been awarded to @UptonVoice for Food Chain Puzzle, a puzzle for young c…
Retweeted by Design MuseumThe Commendation for Most Market Ready Product goes @AshcroftAcademy for Rocket Man Bookmark. #DesignVentura
Retweeted by Design MuseumLondon is getting a new exhibit on electronic music through the years from Kraftwerk to @ChemBros at the…
Retweeted by Design Museum
✏️ Who qualifies for grants and how? ✏️ How much can you expect to receive? ✏️ How do you write a grant application… are lenders looking for and why? And how can you apply for a loan? All these questions will be answered and mo… @ChemBros, @kraftwerk & more honored in London Design Museum exhibit
Retweeted by Design MuseumWhether you have already started a creative business, have an idea for a new one or just want to learn more, join… @DesignMuseum in London is hosting an exhibition about the history of electronic music 🙌 @kraftwerk @ChemBros
Retweeted by Design Museum.@ChemBros, @kraftwerk, and more electronic legends will be included in @DesignMuseum's upcoming exhibit
Retweeted by Design Museum
From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers – the @DesignMuseum will explore the hypnotic world of electronic music in…
Retweeted by Design MuseumH O L Y S Y N T H
Retweeted by Design MuseumElectronic: From @kraftwerk to @ChemBros | Explore the hypnotic world of #electronic music, from its origins to its… @kmezaina it's time... lovers, put on your dancing shoes 🎹 @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Design MuseumSCREAM 🕺🙂🎹🎛️🎚️ Stanley Kubrick and now THIS. @DesignMuseum are outdoing themselves #MixAndRemix
Retweeted by Design MuseumThinking of booking tickets to the #electronic exhibition? Here's an'll experience the museum premi… exhibition, which opens in April, will come with a specially created soundtrack by Laurent Garnier
Retweeted by Design MuseumThat's the next @DesignMuseum exhibition visit sorted... #Electronic #Kraftwerk #ChemicalBrothers
Retweeted by Design MuseumDiscover how visionaries from @kraftwerk to @ChemBros , powered the #electronic music scene through design, technol…
#EverydayObjects | The idea for the Kitchen Aid Mixer was developed by Herbert Johnson in 1918. The first incarnati…
Yesterday's #fontsunday was dedicated to cereal box fonts. There were over 1.8K mentions of the hashtag on the day.… | Join this three-part course led by @Creative_Entrs to find out everything you need to know ab…
Thank you to everyone who took part in today's cereal box themed #fontsunday. Here's are some final classics from u… @DesignMuseum #fontsunday #cerealboxfonts I can't say much about the flavor, though...
Retweeted by Design MuseumThe Kellogg's logo has always been one of my favourites @DesignMuseum #FontSunday (But I can see room for improveme…
Retweeted by Design Museum"Makes a nutritious breakfast when combined with a nutritious breakfast" #FontSunday Cereal packaging from The S…
Retweeted by Design MuseumKellogg's Krumbles packaging, featuring collectable paper dolls in national dress, circa 1940s... #FontSunday
Retweeted by Design MuseumKellogg's Sugar Pon Ad. 1964. @DesignMuseum #fontsunday
Retweeted by Design MuseumCheck out these classic cereal boxes from our 1960s and 1970s displays! We're just down the round from the…
Retweeted by Design MuseumGood Guys cereal #FontSunday @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Design MuseumCount Chocula I remember getting this exactly once as a child. Did not enjoy it, BUT I continued to eye it every t…
Retweeted by Design MuseumWe couldn't resist sneaking this cereal in! | Have "eggo" at sending in some of your own examples for today's… it up. Frosted Flakes (Mexico, Japan, US) #FontSunday type on cereal boxes @DesignMuseum #PackageDesign
Retweeted by Design MuseumThank you for all your great cereal box fonts so far. Keep them coming! #fontsunday 🥣’s Cornflakes Box, 1964, Andy Warhol, silkscreen on plywood @DesignMuseum #fontsunday #typography
Retweeted by Design MuseumActual 70s and 80s #cereal Fruit Brute became a Tarantino Easter egg, appearing in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.…
Retweeted by Design MuseumCorn 'Kix' @DesignMuseum #fontsunday #cerealboxes
Retweeted by Design MuseumLimited Beatles Edition of Nabisco Rice Honeys, 1969 🥣 #FontSunday @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Design MuseumSainsbury’s corn flakes for #FontSunday @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Design MuseumEmily Oberman and Bonnie Siegler, Colon Blow cereal packaging for Saturday Night Live, 1989 @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Design MuseumLove the evolution of the Kellogg's variety pack type through the decades.. @DesignMuseum #fontsunday
Retweeted by Design MuseumFrom the archives of @thedailyheller Rice Krispies, Krumbles, Bran cereal boxes circa 50’s @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Design MuseumToday means a lie-in followed by a good breakfast. | The theme for #fontsunday is cereal boxes. Send in your favour…
Sunday means a lie-in followed by a good breakfast. | Tomorrow's #fontsunday is cereal box fonts. Send in your favo…
#DesigningEducation | Join this three-part course led by @Creative_Entrs to find out everything you need to know ab…! Hey Duggee returns for February half-term with a series of creative workshops for little squirrels.🐿️🌰 Tick… month's #ArchitectureFriday is guest-curated by @graftonarchs , and the theme is community! Discover the story… | The Chinese take out container was originally used to carry oysters (at one point they were als…
#EverdayObjects | While attempting to develop a strong adhesive, Dr. Spenser Silver accidentally created something…
Did you know, there's an average temperature of -63 degrees Celsius and constant radiation on Mars | Faced with the…★ ★ ★ ★ The Guardian 'A thrilling leap into the future' - Financial Times There are less than three weeks to go unt… the @Raeburn_Design team for an evening of activities inspired by the red planet. Highlights will include: a t…
Where has January gone? | Enzo Mari's ‘Formosa’ calendar is a design classic. The perpetual calendar, which is unli…
Thank you to everyone who took part in today's #fontsunday. Here's a final favourite from us.⁦@DesignMuseum⁩ #FontSunday
Retweeted by Design Museum.@DesignMuseum’s fonts on windows #FontSunday@playtype’s concept store (Denmark).
Retweeted by Design MuseumBeautiful BIRO display for #FontsOnWindows #FontSunday @DesignMuseum. Designed by Willy de Majo for the Miles Marti…
Retweeted by Design Museum @DesignMuseum #Fontsunday Windows . Hamburg - Booth
Retweeted by Design MuseumOff-White "WINDOW DISPLAY" at Maxfield, LA by Virgil Abloh (2018) #FontSunday @DesignMuseum
Retweeted by Design MuseumThe offices of Spade and Archer, 1941. @DesignMuseum #FontSunday #windowtype
Retweeted by Design Museum