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dez @DesiraeSalmark BC, Canada | she/her

Storyboard Supervisor 🌱 Bright colors, pixel art, magic & whimsy 🌕 ✨ Commissions closed for now

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@DcrlinqAyumi Oh gosh thank you so much, that means the world! 🥺❤️“Uh mom? I gotta go. There’s a bodega ghost cat in the snack aisle.” #pixelart
Retweeted by dez @cyangmou Wow!! This is absolutely gorgeous! 😍
@NOP_Pixels 👏👏 excellent @PixelMima You’re so pretty! You have such warm eyes 🥰 @BTerrormisu WHAAAT THIS IS SO WICKED!! @came2slide That cloud is so fluffy and fantastic 😍 @9voltwiseman he even has a skull (two? Technically???) @sailortweek Thank you so much!! 😍 @PepperTroopa Oh man I would LOVE that 😭❤️ @catgir429 Thank you so much 🥰❤️ @butterberrycafe OHH thank you so much, I’m so glad you noticed that! 🥰❤️ @PixelMima Thank you Mima!! 🥺❤️ @mogonv HAHA thank you so much 😁 @nammiches that was me this entire picture, I kept angrily closing our cupboards because no chips were appearing @M5Graham Thank you!! 😍 @yourboyROAR Those are bugles 👀 @j_fmu Aaaa Thank you so much!! 😭❤️ @realectohours OH i would love that. She could get a job at the store to work closer with the ghost cat 😭❤️ @hilaryroo HAHAHA I can't believe I missed that opportunity 🙌 @ichigogoooooooo AHA thank you ichigo!! 😭❤️i will too but i'll probably just eat all the snacks.... @sealofharps Oh man, thank you so much!! That's so kind of you to say @Jesse_Wind Thank you so much 🥺❤️ @ThadiasMcCoy AA that's so awesome, i'm so glad that comes across-- thank you! @crowbend Thank you 😍 @Mooshi_Muffin Thank you so much!! 😁 I did this pixel by pixel in a program called Pixaki (for the ipad) that's bui… @StevenBeargal 😱❤️Thank you so much!! That really does mean a lot to me, I appreciate you taking the time to say something so nice! @JeffreyBoz247 😭❤️ thank you so much! @faeriemermaid omg!! she does!! 😱 Your hair is FANTASTIC!! @Ketchup_Kitty Thank you so much!! 😭❤️ @JiskeyJasket absolute babe 🥰 @chel_faust OH YOURE SO PRETTY!!! 😍 @StuntmAEn_Bob Everyone here is so amazing!! Thank you so much for the mention 😍 @JellyfshFortuna They’re really cute!! My fave new feature is you can marry off your tama in an app to someone else… @somnsolar HAHA wow this is spot on @9voltwiseman ☹️ fine @HazzleFox HALEY AAAAA THIS IS SO CUTE 😭❤️ you draw the best expressions in the world!! @robokarla No worries at all 😁❤️ I’d be honored to make the art wall when it comes up! @peachy_pirates 😭❤️ thank you so much!! That makes me so happy! @robokarla OH thank you so much!! 😭❤️ That's so sweet of you to ask-- I popped it up on there just now! 😁 @lepas Omg I’ve been waiting for this character since the concept art 😱❤️ @JuliaGoodish THIS IS SO CUTE!! I love the little pearls on her cushion 😍 her tail is absolutely gorgeous too, so… @MetBoy7 Thank you so much!! 🥰 ahhh yes, the inspiration!! 👀 @prettyplumb AA THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 😱 I really appreciate it ❤️❤️ @AdamCRivera He has varying degrees of tangibility throughout the day, so you gotta pick your moments 😁 @retrosaudade YESS!! Excellent aspiration 👏 @lynxgriffin Thank you Megan!! 😁❤️ @jonkellerdev The shudder of the ears is so perfect! @beverlylove Your art has such a sincerity to it, like genuine warmth and coziness. It’s hard to steal because it’s… @RedWonder_ @OhJeeToriG petition to rename poe poesquawk @OhJeeToriG TORI HAHAHAHA YES!!!!!!!! when you know you know @illufinch Finch thank you!! 😱❤️ @Xanthicirs HAHA YES! I am actually, but I have to catch up 👀❤️ thank you for the reminder!! @UncannyKari Thank you Kari 😭❤️❤️❤️ @2Diamonded Thank you so much 😍 I feel the same about yours! @KristaPorterr 😱 YESSS THAT WAS MY GOAL I’m so glad!! @EchoTheThird Echo thank you!! 🥰 @iyfias 😭❤️ iyfias thank you so much!! You noticed all the things I really wanted to shine so I’m so happy! @somnsolar ghost kitty has varying levels of tangibility throughout the day, so persistence is key @jakface_mcgee MOLLY AAAAA THANK YOU SO MUCH! 😭❤️ I’m so stoked you like it!! @RedWonder_ Thank you Chelsea!! I love snacks so much!! 😫 @chel_faust Girl after that animation you have 👏earned👏it👏👏👏 @JiskeyJasket 😭😭 HHH THANK YOU SO MUCH your comments always make my heart soar!!! I’m all giddy @chel_faust YOO THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY I kept working on them lovingly and then zooming out like “??? Is this trans… @Dewndeym A fellow chip connoisseur I see 😎 @TheRichardExp Thank you so much!! 😱❤️ @oksnowz Kelly!! Thank you so much 🙌😁 @LazuliteTea AHA I just kid, I think you’re right, they’re family and they cuddle together on their off time 😁 @drawsforfun CARLO thank you 🙌😁 @DLRammy LMAO DL!!!! Thank you!!! I will get out @LazuliteTea Ya it makes you wonder how he got the job... 👀 @StubblesMcGee Thank you so much!! 😁😁❤️ @nelmdraws Start fresh!! New perspectives and a new journey 👀 that’s my plan. Keep it spicy @Zambicandy 🥺 coming from you that makes me feel incredible!!! Thank you so much!!! ❤️ @FluffyBunnyPixl AA thank you so much!! 😭❤️ that truly means a lot to me, I’m so glad you like the little details! @spacegarbage OH this is so soft and pretty!! 😍“Uh mom? I gotta go. There’s a bodega ghost cat in the snack aisle.” #pixelart
@chel_faust DANG CHEL!!!!!! HOOO! THIS IS SO COOOL!!! I love the transition FX to pieces. And she's sooo beautiful 😍 @aconfuseddragon i'm so mad at the twitter preview crunch rn so I feel you but it looks gorgeous 😍 @aconfuseddragon This is gorgeous!! I love the dither effect-- it almost adds like a film grain. And those colors 😍👌 @butterberrycafe OHHH GOSH THESE ARE SO CUTE!!! I'm losing it over that tiny jam jar 😭these look sooooo delicious!!! @NOP_Pixels Oh man, thank you so much 😱 I'm a huge fan of your work so this totally made my day-- definitely means a lot!! @chel_faust yesssss 🥳🥳 @OhJeeToriG 😫 tori noooo @Turtleye_ That’s awesome! Not surprised at all, but definitely take this as a sign to raise your prices 👏❤️ such g…
@JiskeyJasket @ohilin WOWWWW this is so beautiful and dainty and haunting 😭 I love the movement in the hair and her… @Pixela7e_ RISE UP!!! 👀👀❤️ @edentimm AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @JiskeyJasket yoooooOOOOOOOOOOOO @JuliaGoodish OH my GoSH 😫❤️❤️❤️❤️ @9voltwiseman skull prince has a certain je ne sais quoi to it anywayTurns out my sheep were making friends with a mermaid?! 🐑
Retweeted by dezRaven’s book nook 🫖 #pixelart
Retweeted by dez @instant_onion Beautiful! Love the subtle white dust in the air 😍 @9voltwiseman yas skull king 👏
@litebox_info Heartbreaking how low those comic cover rates are— independent commissioners pay more than big names… @Nucleose is there anything he can’t do @edentimm @HazzleFox AAA THIS IS SO GOOD I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! you captured both of their attitudes perfectly ;; th… practice featuring Clouds and Boots, belonging to @HazzleFox and @DesiraeSalmark
Retweeted by dez @catnippacket 🙌🙌 yessss!!!!!!!