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Desire @desirexdesire Johannesburg, South Africa

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@NeoBaepii dankie allergex 🔥 @Maqhawe_Ngubane 🤣and you know I don't come on here to liecan never get used to how sendery paw-paw smells but wow delicious @isulem87 uyamubona kodwa u my sista?Hau sowuya mokodela Sbahle oe❤️’s anti-queer State sponsored violence results in a queer brain-drain. Many skilled queer Africans understand…
Retweeted by Desire @Khuze_Elikhulu @womanistwitch @FeministWitch__ 🤣I can't unsee it @BlckPorcelain weeeh let me go see 😅
Thanda is the funniest person on my TL @GabbiKannemeyer @desirexdesire Revenge is as sweet as sweet nothings. Let it go.
Retweeted by Desire @Ms_ViVaCi0us Tame the fire that burns where heat is not needed. Burn the house down where the dullness dwells.
Retweeted by Desire @Rapunzulu Reality exists in real time and in real life. Everything else lives in your imagination. Pick which lives in you.
Retweeted by Desire @LoveslavePhola Tomorrow is never promised. Live long enough to see the results.
Retweeted by Desire @Keefinks Stay warm even in the coldest of times, whether geographically or emotionally.
Retweeted by DesireDrop your zodiac sign here and let me slander you based on your tweets.
Retweeted by DesireKelendriagate ke sana @Lilredpenis 😘 @rifvmo @nakhaneofficial LMAO! Honestly.... I can't with this coalition between the two of y'all. RIP to your phone memories @onefumi siiiis I can't deal @nakhaneofficial @rifvmo Nakhane!!!! Jail! @Mhlangabezi_ i faves zam zombini 😍
@nakhaneofficial Meme choice Nakhane!Aye never forget ya diy roots.
Retweeted by Desire @bald_medusa Where are you from? @TracyMokgopo 🤣ake nyake.... kadlala shem, ke emetse nako. kunento engavumi right now. @baby_caramelle @onefumi @Amore_Oya lmao siyagowa asidlaliseki wethuI am currently pulling the biggest Frank Ocean with all this music that I just won't release lmao @Amore_Oya @onefumi Whew 😅 I don't know. Let me know if you find out. In the meantime, masivoteni so that he does actually win. @Amore_Oya @onefumi First of all, I am only twenty something? But kulungile, I agree that the babes is young and my… @Amore_Oya @onefumi Weeeeeeh @onefumi Bathong Fumi ndizamyekela ke 😢 @sne_gugz when I check the username and it's you Sne arha!Kanjani? Ngoba eGoli bazothi 'iChude' 🥴
Retweeted by Desire @CebelihleM yhu. muhle ubhabha.Xa ebawela isifuba nize nim'xelele uba iDMs zam zivulwe njenge nhlitiyo yam @NingyGingy Wow that is really the most heart breaking thing. I am also glad he will be safe to be but so angry tha… @AthiPatraRuga @JoelleDiderich Siyabonga ❤️Athi-Patra Ruga x DIOR x Lady Dior . Available Jan 2020 dior shop and online. Full story by @JoelleDiderich in…
Retweeted by Desire @AzolaTM People's lives are in danger and all you care about is an acronym? @anathijay Nami ngikhathele. Kwi manje engathi nginga qubula ingadla-ngadla ngiqonde eUganda.None of the Pan-Africanist political parties and organisations that have suggested a single-state Africa have ever… @anathijay The crumbs of human rights are something in this climate. We seriously need to organise. We have the voi… don't even know how but this is definitely something we need to be militant about.South Africa is not enough. We need basic human rights for every single LGBTQIA+ member in Africa.
@Maqhawe_Ngubane Ewu...Kulungile BabaI want them on IG and Twitter 😍😍😍
Retweeted by Desire @iTsoaeli 😂😂😂 imnandi leyanto @FeministWitch__ Uyabazi ubuhle 😍 @Amore_Oya 😂❤️ ngiyabonga sthandwa @Amore_Oya @kholokoane happy birthday papa 😘 @Amore_Oya I live here now surelyWhen I go I make sure. @uNtokozoAthi I stan a delicious Zulu king @Teddynkonde taste! @realdjbiggerdbn imnandini 😂 @AustinManyisa shook @_mordekhai 😂mxm, bayangisaba laba @uNtokozoAthi Phendulani! @thandiswamazwai umyeni wami ngumXhosa so I wouldn't know 😂
@SunshineEveryd9 😂😂😂Imvuthu Yama Go-Slo >>> Stoney’s Kwetsa 😭
Retweeted by Desire @teddypleasure @womanistwitch ewu ngoba vele ave sinjalo @womanistwitch hau... sekuyashawana yini? @menziwa_nosipho ushuni ma-eh @womanistwitch Mmmmm... konje uthe inini i-family meeting emayelana neDP yakho? @womanistwitch esinjani sisi?sbwl imvuthu yama go-slo @AlaricPrins @FeministWitch__ loves it! @FeministWitch__ 🤣🤣 @lethuhlongwane imnandi leyanto oe @fauxdeity lmao!Being tied up nge extension chord ye playstation 4 yakhe then he sits on my face while he plays FIFA >; please stop scaring people with this soul ties thing, even Blood covenants can be broken and nothing says sealed than blood.
Retweeted by DesireI can't think of any. I was born with all the behaviours of rich people sans the money. Maybe I will lie about my c… @nakhaneofficial 🤣🤣🙈 @nda_ntshangase lol love ha @3rdBombadil "bare kulcha flies out of the window" @nkosicaleb If they did we wouldn't have had to sell BBC to white gays on Grindr all these years. This is a breakthrough. @Nonduh_Nyawose Waze wamuhle oe @nkuleymasemola I am howling yezwa @nkuleymasemola lmao! sbwl i-adverts @MaBango_omuhle Sak'khumbuli Nkosi! @Maqhawe_Ngubane Imakethe (le yase thekwini) alone makes those millions ngonyaka as far as I can remember. Angazi n… @ponahellno @NomondeTshomi smh @Maqhawe_Ngubane Yeah, there is a huge portion of the "informal" economy that operates ngesiZulu. They rake in hund… @strOberrybOmpi I do feel all of that to be true with me @tanyajunghans 🤣ngiyabuza @KhayaMthembu lol ngiyabuza angilwiAbasuthisi? @strOberrybOmpi Pluto and some 8th house shandice @keamoRay lol people like their things out thereThis is the project that will end the mindless categorisation of the artist as either hip-hop or kwaito as it's jus…
Retweeted by Desire @k_kuypers PAAAAAARSLEEEEEEEEY!!!!!Happy Birthday to my friend of 15 years @k_kuypers. You are such a visionary, I adore and respect you so much and i…
Lists really be the Christmas decorations of culture. October just started and they are going off...currently rehabilitating ubuntu bami