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Desirre Andrews @DesirreAndrews Colorado Springs, CO

Midwife (no med advice), reader, podcaster, coffee drinker, lap for cat, lover of words, and brain squirrel wrangler.

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My #Outlander podcast is back! #OutlanderS5 #OutlanderPremiere @Outlander_STARZ #adoo a gathering it was. Family. Duty. Honor. Oaths. #outlanderstarz #ADoO #podcast
@estrellajane Ouch @tntux Curative and restorative they are not, but you have to breathe to work! All the immune building supplements… @tntux Symptom abatement is important.
@blackgirlinmain I wash my hair in the kitchen sink all the time. It’s a normal thing like washing a small child in… careful out there @blackgirlinmain Nope. Me either. The idea horrifies me. Ew. @blackgirlinmain 4 @mamapsu I’m sorry this isn’t a good time. I would love to have company when it’s not naptime.
@ConnieBV I’ve never worn them. I think it has become a norm for many though
The acclaimed series @Outlander_STARZ has returned, and all signs point to the American Revolution brewing. 👀 Watch…
Retweeted by Desirre AndrewsWhat I love about Scotland- the site was known as King’s Seat. It would be borne out later, via excavation, that ro…
Retweeted by Desirre Andrews
I’m certain the only two places I don’t have a RBF is at the ocean or after catching a baby. @newportbeachgov shell held a life...
Okay I am officially freakin thrilled. Whole packing for a trip, I found my favorite @xoBetseyJohnson dress from 19… and funky clothes? Where do I get them in person not online?
@ladybay8 @caitrionambalfe @Sheugs @ClanHeughan @mary_markssngr @GHJNancy @reddgirl56 @TierneeM @pjl24 for some menu ideas for #Outlander Season 5? Check out the Outlander Kitchen FB page for this collection of…
Retweeted by Desirre Andrews @andeesings 😍 @tntux Wear them. I remember OP shorts in the 80’s and what tennis players wore. @MamaPeazy Nope for me then. @CFB_law Yes. Some people suck. Group think. Group lumping. Doesn’t work, lacks critical thinking and is impossible. @TerryMaggert I didn’t watch because people who live in bubbles have no business telling me about my life. And it’s… @andeesings Whos what? I didn’t watch the Oscars.
Hi Sunday! @blackgirlinmain This isn’t even redeemable as stoner food. WTAfreshH is this nonsense?!
@ColleenHeffner @dramofoutlander Nice! @blackgirlinmain Mouth waters. @Violetsouffle Squee so prettu @andeesings I love them too. Much improved IMHO @TerryMaggert I hope that on air personality got hazard pay. @blackgirlinmain $$$$$ cosmetic spa care, trainers, chef... if I had money, that would be me lol. @TerryMaggert Popcorn Diet Coke Milk Duds
@ovoschaun Gin gag @blackgirlinmain Oh I love my ice cleats! I only wear them hiking though. Similar to these. I might upgrade to a di… it snow! This was before I shoveled for almost an hour. @TerryMaggert She was so good under pressureFort Carson is now closed for all non-mission essential personnel. Get the full list of closures and delays at…
Retweeted by Desirre Andrews @Que3M Oh my Yes! Or...
@ThatWWguy 64.2Dear Uterus, You do not need junk food, greasy carbs, and chocolate. #WhyIWorkHereWednesday! Megan Schreier on our Science Team is passionate about behavior change and is expandi…
Retweeted by Desirre AndrewsBeing hormonally hungry is a whole nother level of hunger. @TerryMaggert 😍 it really was a great time. @tntux MeRIP
@heartsandhandss I’m sorry for her loss. Hugs to you. @pixietwit So scary! I’m glad she’s okay @Violetsouffle Water. @LinksRobbie Yum @danayoung But you won’t catch me in a sequined body suit. Haha! Athletic bikini sure. @danayoung Take that Jlo! Heh! @sqrlb8 Hugs —- awesome job owning it! Jump back in. You got this. It’s not a straight line nor good or bad. Think of it as self care.10.5 months and today I reached within my personal weight goal of 155. 64.2 pounds. Changes made because I healed t…
@TeamWearTotes I know I’m not deficient. Just had labwork.#NewProfilePic crowd source —- natural ways to combat tooth sensitivity?
@bloodymarybell @McnicollGeorge Ignored him and boogied onto another trail @LaughOutLander Mmmhm gross @lornaanne1976 Yup absolutely @cpabarnes Nope. Ew. @rachiejoy77 Exactly @Que3M Nope... sitting at a picnic bench facing outward. @FiberPirate Yep
@lilmissfergus Yup. It was definitely not happy. @beckyhoper Yep. Right out in the open. I was thankful it was a crowded day on the topside trails so other people were near. @kellywellread 💕💕💕 @LinksRobbie I would too if I wasn’t so grossed out.It was an excellent hike except for the pervert masturbating out in the open. @CFB_law I’m regretting the adult bevs. I planned for them but after basically cutting alcohol out, I feel crap today
@ovoschaun You mean genetics does what it wants to with what it’s given? Weird @ReallyTrish HugsMaintaining ability to do 25 regular pushups after being sick for 9 days. Started working out again yesterday after… @AITA_reddit Yes asshole move. @blackgirlinmain Hello 3amOMG I chortled.
@PodcastMovement Brain Squirrel @ThatWWguy 64. @GraveyDice Scandalous words @TerryMaggert So cute @TerryMaggert Hoodie up, drawn tight, sunglasses, headphones as earbuds are not obious enough. OMG my personal nigh… @TerryMaggert Eeeeeewwwwwww @AnnetteBadland1 @TerryMaggert @andeesings Oh Andee my condolences and bear hugs. I’m so sorry for your loss. @TerryMaggert 2, 3, AAwesome day in NRP class. Like, BLS it’s an every 2 year thing. Thank you Karen Strange!
This is smile worthy.—-and-its-adorable/ar-BBZpGf7?ocid=spartandhpAnd my four pregnancy, two cesarean, middle-aged stretchy skin is going to be seen in a bikini when the weather get… 1) I found my lats. 2) I did 25 regular pushups this morning and 3) I took off an inch from my waist after a l… @OutlanderTVNews MEMefia hupe doesn’t make an emergency. @tntux Once you find a consistent sequence, I imagine you’re going to look forward to bedtime!