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Desirre Andrews @DesirreAndrews Colorado Springs, CO

An eclectic mishmash created by my half century + of experience. A dichotomy of integrated and seemingly opposing forces. Straight talker.

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@VoodooDoughnut I’ve been told your apple fritter is the best. What sets it apart? I would drive the hour to get something fantastic!I have been craving an apple fritter. Where have you had the best one ever?
@danayoung Yep! So thankful I healed well. But inflexible professors are aggravating @danayoung Yes! Like when I broke my hand and was casted 2 years ago. I had to push the professor for a 30 day repr… @AnnetteBadland1 Morning from Colorado, US @LifeAfloat Happy anniversary 💕🥰 @TerryMaggert My blessings and godspeed
@SignePike I just finished The Forgotten Kingdom. I. Didn’t. Want. It. To. End. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’m looking forward to next the installment.How's everyone holding up? I'm doing great. 🐶 🔥 #Outlander #itsfine
Retweeted by Desirre Andrews @ConnieBV Yep. @tntux Whatcha working on? @blackgirlinmain What an ass.
I was sitting on my porch eating breakfast when the poisonous laundry vapors invaded my space. #unscentedforlife Gag
@KevinHearne Oh how cute @GreeGreeHoist They often eat our lilacs, but never has one taking a lie in! It’s sweet.Looked out to find this dude relaxing in my yard. @posielove Ah yes seeing those @LuWaynea The lower the better I think. Haha @JennaMiddaugh I think he needs a special dad rating system. Something like 4 out of 5 baseball hats, 5 out of 5 b… feel the need to carry some personal protection items because I hike and walk solo. I’m not going to carry a gun.…
Man I get exhausted by everyone’s micro policing of language and action as they pertain to a single individuals tho…
Retweeted by Desirre Andrews @drpoppyBHRT Snort. @KevinHearne So, having recently finished a book of yours, my thoughts turned to you! And how you have explained it… @KevinHearne That’s cool. I was curious as I was trying to explain the working theme in several fantasy type books… Ink & Sigil by @KevinHearne Overall I enjoyed it and look forward to the next installment with Al and his… @KevinHearne I’m curious what your religious upbringing was? I think perhaps Catholic. I cannot say why.., @tchotchkele Yes. Those already stained. Heh @Gaeliconsultant Oh thank you.
@nanci712 No friggin kidding @Gaeliconsultant Dear man, how does one say healer or wise women in Scots or Scots Gaelic?
@amandafreitag You look relaxed and happy! @tchotchkele Ooooooh WRONG @_Tainia11 I have loathing for eyelashes and car testicles @Jerwillow @tchotchkele What are the Pols doing? My G-gma came from there.Under the last rays of a cloud hidden sun of summer, I run. I run toward the Fall on hopes of a quick turn toward…
BTW carbs are essential for muscle maintenance and energy. Fat can be used as a substitute short term unless you ha… western medicine advice of more energy out than energy in is only ONE piece of the puzzle if you want to be at… 70+ pound weight loss has brought me to a healthy norm. But I had to be very open minded to the process of lif… you would’ve told me a year ago I would eat cheese sparingly, and love ff greek yogurt, I would’ve laughed at yo… people I know eschew carbs for high fat, moderate protein way of eating. I feel like an anomaly. But it makes… of the weirdest things about my wellness and weight loss journey has been realizing I need lots of healthy comp…’s one thing to play a constant game of chicken with menstruation during perimenopause, but the hormone induced a… swear #midlife is down with 6 ft Covid-19 parameters. Hot flashes are killing my ability to get physical touch fo…
@Violetsouffle Sounds downright possible
Where do we draw the line? I wonder how many people are as exhausted as I am with this parade of nonsense. And…
Retweeted by Desirre Andrews @posielove Chronic stress offers and environment that allows illness and disease of all types to prosper with reduc… of you need this today! @posielove Keeping up on proper calcium, potassium, iron, D, B12, etc is very difficult too. Continued high chronic… @posielove The body needs recovery. My personal perceptionof fitness is the ability to function well in daily life… @mamapsu Really weird @TerryMaggert Yup. 40% @TerryMaggert Meins wurde auf SEHR Deutsch, viel Polnisch und eine gemischte Tüte des Restes aktualisiert.
@lisakwildman Whoa. That’s a bit mind bending. Though 20 somethings are now doing Botox as prevention @DesirreAndrews @blackgirlinmain Being invisible is a superpower. When we are excluded from the world that only val…
Retweeted by Desirre Andrews @RoninAi_NOTpro_ That’s nice. 💕My grey hair, wrinkles, and relaxed breasts have given rise to a self-confidence that my 25 year-old self can’t hol…“You’re so _____ (hot, pretty, young looking, etc.) for your age,” is demeaning. I’m comfy in my skin. I’m fit so I… Vista drive-thru test site moving indoors
Retweeted by Desirre Andrews @BookBeauty_Blog I definitely have champagne taste on a Trader Joe’s wine budget. Also, I’m over 50 and still am sticker shocked.Being middle aged is such a mind eff. At once you’re ma’am and given respect for stupid crap like being a hiker and… hot flashes are ridiculously strong this morning. @danayoung Mine are plant based. Still hot flashes are heinous @danayoung I’m doing BHRT and without it life would suck
@danayoung I’m still very perimenopausal. I look forward to being menopausal. It’s awful @danayoung Congratulations @TerryMaggert @AnnaLinzy Yes @apocketsaint Oh that’s difficult. Hugs @BookBeauty_Blog Oh hugs..... @sarahsepe LolUpgraded to slouchy beanies! @gunjan_v 💕If 2020 was a toy doll.
@heartsandhandss Seriously?! Shave it off @danayoung Oh my gosh. #2020stahpit @tchotchkele That’s totally me
@MamaPeazy Imagine being 53 @tchotchkele My skin is thrashed... loose and gnarly. Definitely want laser resurfacing or other non-surgical techn… @tchotchkele You’re gorgeous and need nothing. I’m considering botox soon. 2020 has been harsh on m’face! @tchotchkele What look is that? @JennaMiddaugh You may need to up your game to croquet or lawn darts.....
@cyclingchic Argh @tchotchkele Me either. I LOVE animals. And they’re still animals. They’re not humans. @tchotchkele Absolutely @beckyhoper Hugs @_Tainia11 Exactly
Nacho time!
It’s true. Wellness doesn’t happen on its own.
@tntux Yes make an envelope cut @tntux There’s not a cut where it says press here? @tntux So cute @tntux Ahahaha post pic
@racer70 On the stove. Sautéed onion, carrots, celery, added seasoning and a heap of chopped garlic. 10 cups broth.…
Here’s a photo... #wfd it’s 36 f right now, I made a large pot of chicken noodle soup. My house smells amazing. @cyclingchic It’s bananas. @JBSchneider50 YikesMmhm hey September 9 morning. I've created few short videos which I'll share through the day, talking about my experiences with dep…
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