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author of the bestselling book "The Skin We're In: A Year of Black Resistance and Power"

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If the option is suitable then ppl will go. How can the City tell ppl it’s not safe to congregate for thanksgiving…
Retweeted by abolish the policesome dahlias are still blooming
We will continue to remember Abdirahman Abdi everyday. We will not rest until justice is served!
Retweeted by abolish the police🚨TODAY AT 1:30PM EST🚨 First appearance of #1492LandBackLane land defenders charged criminally. Let them know we are…
Retweeted by abolish the policeMatt Skof and the Ottawa police association used Montsion's murder of Abdirahman Abdi to sell thousands of wristban… to imagine kindness and fairness for Abdirahman is a truly revolutionary act in a country that offers no alt… heart is sick for Abdirahman's family and community. we are with you, today and always. we will honour Abdirahma… @ShaunStewart not broken, functioning exactly as intended to justify state violenceNEWS: justice Robert Kelly has found Daniel Montsion not guilty of all charges in the killing of Abdirahman Abdi. K… @J1X1 yes. I don't need our courts to tell me what murder isno matter the verdict in Montsion's trial, he and his accomplice Dave Weir killed Abdirahman. @OttawaPolice sold wr…'s been over four years since Daniel Montsion murdered Abdirahman Abdi in front of his apartment in Ottawa. the v…
Rolling blockade happening right now in #Kahnawake in support of our brothers and sisters out east. #MikmaqRights 🦞
Retweeted by abolish the policetbh they missed a golden opportunity to say it again drove by the office of MPP @TobyBarrettHN in Simcoe! Great to see support for #LandBack @OneDishOneMic @1492LBL
Retweeted by abolish the policePerson: What do Socialist plan on doing once they gain political power? Socialist:
Retweeted by abolish the police @MapAnalyst thank you for sharing this
looking forward to this event with @NHenryFundi coming up at 7 PM to support the Mi'kmaw Treaty Fishery. Share wide and far! NOTE: to donate money, send Paypal or e-transfer t…
Retweeted by abolish the policefrom six nations of the grand river and @1492LBL, good morning to land defenders, water protectors, and Indigenous…
BREAKING: This morning Tahnee Williams (Skyler's wife) was arrested for mischief and disobeying a court order. Ou…
Retweeted by abolish the policeThe TTC casually saying that social distancing isn't possible on transit, and expecting the general public to just…
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@DesmondCole I did the Naloxone training last year because I worked at a bar and we wanted to be prepared in the ev…
Retweeted by abolish the police @DesmondCole They are provided the tools to neutralize threats - baton, boots, handcuffs, oc spray, .45 or .9m, des…
Retweeted by abolish the policeLike many of us I'm sure, Alyssa & I have been finding ourselves FAR too absorbed - of necessity - in government ta…
Retweeted by abolish the police#Say Her Name… Breonna Taylor! Race, Ethics & “Justice”? – A Dialogue with Beverly Bain, Idil Abdillahi, and El Jon…
Retweeted by abolish the policewhen we say police are not first responders, this is what we mean Windsor police first to respond to at least 14 o… want abolition, not reform. #SARSMUSTEND #QueerLivesMatter #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria
Retweeted by abolish the policeThis is just awful, my whole heart goes out to his loved ones. Please donate if you can: Funeral expenses for the…
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Retweeted by abolish the policenova scotia's police oversight will not charge any officers who assaulted Santina Rao in a Halifax Wal-mart in Janu…
@callmemrmorris thanks very much for reading!the colours in rouge valley
Six Nations members have taken another planned development in Caledonia today. This second development is also on…
Retweeted by abolish the policethat's why 90% of cops own a house in the burbs"it's as though they were preparing for his death, and not to safely arrest him" from the family of Anthony Aust,… solidarity ✊🏽
Retweeted by abolish the policehope to see you this afternoon of Action in solidarity with Six Nations Land Defenders is tomorrow! More than 30 people have been arrested fo…
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when Kamala Harris says George Floyd would still be alive if governments banned police chokeholds, I realize how th… @Cdianshield @OttawaPolice fuck the police
this morning, @OttawaPolice broke into a 23-year-old man's apartment. the man fell from his 12th floor window and d… @stewssr @policingblack my independent investigation of your timeline suggests you have issues with black women defending themselves @stewssr @policingblack just say you're okay with the violence and go @hystericalblkns very same 💜 @hystericalblkns thank yousantina rallied thousands of people to support her, and the crown dropped its bogus charges against her in july th…'s been nine months since @HfxRegPolice in a halifax walmart assaulted Santina Rao and arrested her in front of h… more background on the government's attempted theft of land: come out this friday at 3 PM if you can—for indigenous sovereignty, Haudenosaunee control of the Haldimand t…
@atelierivaan @joe_cressy no he's back, also this is a public health emergency
an excerpt from @joe_cressy's statement on policing earlier this summer—thus far all talk and no action park is represented by councillor @joe_cressy, who voted to defund the police in june but is silent as c… @andand44 yes yes yesLet’s do what we can y’all 👇🏾👇🏾 Fundraiser by Makida Rae: Zelek’s Road to Recovery
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Tomorrow marks #OntAgWeek, declared by the province in 1998 with no mention of migrant workers. "[D]enying the ex…
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"We can add apology and inquiry to the ways the state uses paperwork to oppress and control Black people: endlessly…
Retweeted by abolish the policelast few days have been a reminder that, at it's heart, the united states government is a military hierarchy that requires a commander
"Today is not a good day." Here is a video showing portions of Seth's speech today at the Ring Road opening. #yyc
Retweeted by abolish the policeThe recording of last Saturday's panel on (anti)Blackness in Canada in the era of COVID-19 is now LIVE! Thanks agai…
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As someone who barely survived the foster care system as a queer Indigenous person, the orange shirts you wear don’…
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Retweeted by abolish the police @vidalwuu love you vidal! happy birthday
BREAKING: Two Land Defenders from #1492LandBackLane were arrested today at their home. One was released and one is…
Retweeted by abolish the policeSeth MacLean died in July. Authorities buried him weeks later without telling his family
Retweeted by abolish the police @Cate__Johnson @SGUYBRAY @criticalthotcop @andraydomise @auntiecolonial @sirala6 @Joyhenderson78 @TheAgentNDN @LawladyINM thank you sylvia! your work is cited in my book, and I'm so grateful for you @DesmondCole @MikeSavageHFX Oh hey, that’s me. I also recorded a brief video speaking on this! ❤️full video is on m…
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happening now on "no life left behind" with @idilatweets and El Jones, a discussion with formerly incarcerated Mi'k… comes john tory, the human comma splice
Retweeted by abolish the policeThere's a whole world living at the ocean's surface, and I promise you've never seen animals quite like these... […
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Retweeted by abolish the policeStarting today at 6:00 EDT. I hope you will be there.
Retweeted by abolish the police @BeachGlassFan @MikeSavageHFX politicians co-opt these words while continuing to support and fund police, whose vio… african nova scotian named Aaliyah Paris organized a public fundraiser to do a BLM street mural in halifax. unfo… first full time job in toronto was as a harm reduction peer worker for Youthlink Inner City. I was excluded from…
My good fortune to speak with Shelagh Rogers through “The Dyzgraphxst” on The Next Chapter. <There is no universal…
Retweeted by abolish the police @reubs66 a noted author you haven't read if you're on here asking for personal explanations @reubs66 if you're asking what we do differently cause you can acknowledge the problem, we can always talk. if you… @fritzlechat tag yourself I'm "rapturous accounts of decolonization"seriously some of you would rather watch us fight than jump in and it showstoo many threatening white people have gotten too close to Jagmeet Singh: a woman at his candidacy event, a man who… @reubs66 we can answer that question when people stop pretending this outcome is acceptable and abolish the policehow much energy will now be wasted defending police conduct? how many months for an SIU investigation that says pol… man calls 911 saying there's an unwanted person in his house. police respond to arrest that person, but somehow t… at 7pm tune into this doc which features our member Gabriel Flores who was fired for speaking to the media;…
Retweeted by abolish the police @ajackdavies @corlettja @WritersFestYGK I'm so glad we got to do this together, thanks for your amazing questions and insight Anita! @cocoazafreen I read somewhere today that about half of those eligible for CERB will get this new benefit
@cocoazafreen I don't know for sure, but the new program seems to be entirely based on previous employment "part o…"It’s not simply that we can’t imagine a world without police, but that we are disciplined into not having that ima…, cops usually never face jail time the legal fund for @1492LBL, this is a letter from the halimand county police services board calling people of the six nations of the…'We have not seen action.' Halifax activist El Jones tells @cbchh why the government's promise to fight racism in C…
Retweeted by abolish the policeThe City is currently at Lakeshore/Parkside, tearing down the encampment. Why is this still happening?? @ESN_TO
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