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Aidan 🥀 @Desoozah Ontario, Canada

Rebirth’s Dad | 2200+ on TikTok, 100,000+ likes | Streamer | Full time simp Business 📧:

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@bx_sleepy No you’re not horrible ❤️ @BearPigCentral Well deserved my brother @bx_sleepy LOL usually buy scuf but thought I’d give you guys a chance... lol maybe it was a mistake?Ordered my battle beaver back in May and still haven’t got any shipping updates or anything.. I paid for express sh…
@tillyksg scoop ditty whoop poop @JustParadoxx THATS MY BOY! LETS GOO DUDE!Apparently its national girlfriend day, I just want to put out an appreciation tweet for her. She is absolutely inc… can do anything you put your mind to, period. As long as you work hard, give it your all, and don't listen to w… @bx_sleepy ❤️xoNot too bad for the first game of the day eh?
@LifeOfLethal @EPlCPLAYS @rush_xo1 @CobraJT_ @ParaAscend Good luck today brother, you guys are gonna crush it @bx_sleepy LOL my sleep schedule is FUCKED I need to fix it @bx_sleepy I love you ❤️😢Just seems like I keep losing everybody in my family lately. RIP Aunt Deb. I love you so much Say hi to Uncle Hans… didn't get an invite to @EPlCPLAYS and @_sohpk's tourney today, gotta work harder for next time. Keep… actually can't believe how amazing she is. Its unreal.. She is literally the fucking BEST.
@RoyaIize 31 pr, let me know goat. @BearPigCentral goddamn xfinity youtube short and tiktok out now <3 @ALorasch the usual brother, grinding while trying to keep my sanity while playing the game @ALorasch You too goat 🙌 what’s your weekend plans? @ALorasch ❤️ @bx_sleepy LOL I’m sorryy @bx_sleepy You’re so fucking gorgeous 🤩So in love it’s actually unreal. She’s LITERALLY my dream girlThis loser @Gamerman54321 stole the 30P A I N @bx_sleepy Thank you 🥺❤️
@rush_xo1 @CobraJT_ 👀👀New youtube and tiktok out now:) as some of you know, I lost one of my uncles to cancer in december. About 2 months ago I lost another one of my… youtube, tiktok, twitter, whatever it may be, only "dies" or begins "dying" when you stop uploading. Remember that. <3 @bx_sleepy Captains get picked in the next few days, hoping for the best 🥺 @EPlCPLAYS Super interested brother, would love to participate👀 love her @bx_sleepy LOL you’re the best
New youtube short and tiktok out <3 I know I say this all the time, but thank you for everything.…'s the timeline doing today?Not even a question. The bar shouldn't be, "Women deserve to not be harassed," it should be, "Women deserve to be r…
Retweeted by Aidan 🥀 @ALorasch ❤️GAS this man to 150! Man deserves it a lot 🙌 ❤️
@HollyyLive thats the sweetest thing ever @BlaizeOnIt_ 🙌🙌 let’s gooo @BlaizeOnIt_ I gotchu goatCampers.. 👋💀 @bx_sleepy One day ❤️no fuckin waaay mannn’m not worthy of this typa stuff mannn 🥺 warms my heart @bx_sleepy LOL this is true.. 😂New post on the youtube and tiktok :) Reminder that i love you guys so much, thank you SO much for all the support… @ChainFeeds ayo ? @tF4tal KING SHIT @bx_sleepy 🥺 @bx_sleepy 😘 @bx_sleepy Amazing ❤️ how are you @bx_sleepy Hi ❤️ @ALorasch I’m sorry I dipped :( @bx_sleepy It’s not capThe way she just makes my heart flutter 😫
@bx_sleepy No kidding 😳 @bx_sleepy ❤️❤️New upload, Super proud of this one! Tried out a new style, let me know what you guys think xx… she supports everything you do to the fullest while also being an incredible person >>> @bx_sleepy 🥺🖤 thank you beccaMan this is gonna be amazing. Hoping I can get an invite and slay out with the goats ❤️ @EPlCPLAYS 👀👀switching up the pace with some layers of fear 2! Come vibe out and have some drinks with me <3 WE ARE LIVE? Late night resident evil and drinking vibes! | 100% Run | !discord I, or should I not stream me playing resident evil @bx_sleepy ❤️❤️Smile. It looks good on you 😙 how my games go when I play with randoms
@bx_sleepy I do 😂 @Ont_BUTTERSNick Jeeesus I wishWHAT IS MY SHINY LUCK LATELY @Cepherss @TZPokemonGo That’s just fucked @Cepherss 100k likes with only 2000 followers says otherwise bud @Cepherss expected to get some hate comments on the fire shotgun videos lmaaooooo People are pissed they ain't mehit 250 subs on youtube today, yesterday hit 100K likes on tiktok, its been amazing latelyKekw, my shiny luck starting to pick up finally? @bx_sleepy
@xxKaYotiC about that.. 😂 @Gamerman54321 😂 @ALorasch You rightt @bx_sleepy 😂😅she's probably getting bent over while I wrote thisI have the biggest crush on someone but am way too pussy to admit it cause im terrified of rejectionWe HIT 100K LIKES ON TIKTOK!!! 🥺🥺 Thank you guys SO much for the support. I love you ALL. @ApollosMission @RESPAWNProducts @MeganEliz21 Hi 👀
@indiiegrace uh.. can confirm this isn't true 🤣 @Wagnificentt tryna get carried in rebirth papa? @xxKaYotiC nah i feel that, so much wack stuff ends up on my fyp 🤣 @xxKaYotiC jesus 🤣Join my discord server! Get involved with my community, find friends to play with, and have some laughs :))… @ApollosMission 👀👀