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DesshiWaza #ThankYouMiura @DesshiW Ba Sing Se, Earth Kingdom

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Goodnight, everyone! Make sure to stay hydrated! Love you lots! Monke tiddy @Grid_Glxy Me having issues with it on both initial watch and rewatch: 👁👄👁 @TheFelixFerris Omg so true bestie @imersity Say “desshiwesshi is so kawaii desu-nya” @civsone_ Saya..... @MmelsZuma Thanks bruh @IoIweeb @Jzzawrld So true @notwagwag That’s a nice lamp tbh @mikotowa O congrats @mightbeflamy Wah @elviejopato Gnnnnnn sleep well @Jzzawrld Thinking about Kanbaru in general @notwagwag Damn y’all GC has that? Lucky @clairetsun @Jzzawrld First Claire W @kavrimichi Yoooo good hbu @IsItReallyFadez I WILL DEEPLY BREATHE IN HER SWEET SWEATY SMELL @Jzzawrld 😭 @NickVsNostalgia Thank u 🥰MONKE SEX MONKE SEX OOH OOH AH AH *pounds chest and eats banana* MONKE SEX MONKE SEX *flings shit* MONKE SEX MONKE… @Josh_szn2 I can’t vibe with them myself but they look good on other people LMAO @TheHeroOfSeinen My condolencesThis is the start of a long journey
Retweeted by DesshiWaza #ThankYouMiura @bamsuwus your husbandDon't mess with us HxH fans We don't know when to stop analyzing our show
Retweeted by DesshiWaza #ThankYouMiura @zcgowo thx @Kaguyapilled1 gnnnnnnnnnnnnnn @5678_rtyui ??? @5678_rtyui wtf does that mean LMAO @kavrimichi Huge W @painfulcrunch thank, it was pretty good @CEOofMisaka gngngngngngngn sleep well @elotraV5 I wishYummy dinner Charcoal grilled porkchops with roasted red pepper and onion topping and a side of sautéed red cabbage @civsone_ Amogus @Miightyyy Rip @CEOofHachikuji RelatableWish they were my sisters, I'd be fucking them on the daily 🤤
Retweeted by DesshiWaza #ThankYouMiura
Retweeted by DesshiWaza #ThankYouMiura @kavrimichi Omnom @Utzyyy Gngngngngngngn @kavrimichi Ayo that’s what I had for my birthday What did u order? @TheHeroOfSeinen Reasons to dislike One Piece:
Retweeted by DesshiWaza #ThankYouMiura @6ixPistols I’m BUSTING WTF @boafae He’s the archon of wind and freedom for a reason LOLVenti stop auto-aiming at the wrong enemy challenge (impossible) @CEOOfVignette Yes it is definitely but it’s gettin real old
@freedomsenpai @FreedomKohai Waffles eh 👀 sounds yum @freedomsenpai @FreedomKohai YOOOO WASSUP BRO @xcvzsc Glad 😌Mfs need to stop posting that one recent Deku panel stg @kavrimichi @IoIweeb @MugiwaraRJ My pinky is stopping u tf 😭 @kavrimichi I can tell @kavrimichi @IoIweeb @MugiwaraRJ U have the weight of crabbed-up Senjogahara ur not gonna do anything @kavrimichi @IoIweeb @MugiwaraRJ Rip bozo @kavrimichi @IoIweeb @MugiwaraRJ @nani_souleater So ppl know what I like and stuff @6ixPistols Thorfinn third @6ixPistols Yeah @silversoulweb You haven’t seen literally the only ghibli movie I’ve seen? 😭 tuff @6ixPistols So damn close tho @Isin_consumer FairWell isn’t that convenient @shih_tzzu They literally are @JoshawottYT W @MugiwaraRJ @IoIweeb You’re on Alex’s level @Thunderiser2 I see.Godspeed Killua so raw man 😭🤞
Retweeted by DesshiWaza #ThankYouMiura @showmehands Oh god @yukuzai Only my top 1 @VioletsRailgun Me and cuz doesn’t look interesting @IoIweeb @Jzzawrld @ararawgi ??? @frisbegone SauceI feel like hadriandumb tennogen making me waste money grrrr @KaigoSama wow lmao @KurtaKira LMAO WHA @DracoSafarius LMAOOO @Kaijugoddess My literal ideal game lmao @Kaijugoddess LMAOOO yeah, it was my favorite game of all time at a point, and is still near the very tippy top @robotsexxxx LMAOOOO which MR @Kaijugoddess Ah, I have 1230. But very cool, glad you're liking it. @Kaijugoddess How many hours u have on the game @Kaijugoddess orly?? @Kaijugoddess yes warframe goodGet on warframe for the first time in months and the first thing I do is start to grind mastery. I'm broken. @TheHeroOfSeinen God tierMade a Masterpiece
Retweeted by DesshiWaza #ThankYouMiura @Utzyyy Perhaps @batkaitom AYYYY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN! Hit me up 😈😈😈motion blur has got to be one of the worst settings in any game
Retweeted by DesshiWaza #ThankYouMiuraGood morning @kavrimichi GMMMM ALEX HAVE A POGGERS DAY
Gas 🤥
Retweeted by DesshiWaza #ThankYouMiura @The25thBam_ Yes lmao most recently was Made in Abyss episode 13. I fucking broke down sobbing @NeedNamiToPegMe Gnnnnnnnnn sleep well @notinvane Rip bozoi want them into my mouth
Retweeted by DesshiWaza #ThankYouMiura @Kaguyapilled1 Gonna rate it a “😁” fr @LostSnaiI This is my first cute girls doing cute things anime, the structure and content seems different than I’m used to somehow