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@crykiid the more you know @crykiid WAHAHAi cannot believe this is real. i refuse to believe it.
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷my parents left me in the car while they are in the grocery store n now i’m bored and my phone is gonna die @wehavetomoveon_ YES THE LITTLE MOLE GANGthe little mole flyers and me 💞💗❤️💕💖 @godofthebeans 🥺 i’m like 90% sure i saw you too and thought you were cool because you had the piercing that i wanteda year ago vs now. i’ve grown a lot @psyduck_mom You can change your clothes in the refigerator in animal crossing @psyduck_mom oh my god now i know why you can change in the freezer/fridge in animal crossing... It’s the same in h… @psyduck_mom i put on makeup just to go to the corner of our street and feed crows so i can relate
g l U B g L u b g l u B
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷AHHHHHHHHH
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷idk if there’s anyone who wants to add me on switch but here’s my code @rosecolor_dgirl yeah. @wehavetomoveon_ no my mom yelled at me for wanting to go inside the car 😐AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷- GIVEAWAY - as i can't spend the money i saved up for trips i will be giving away BANDCAMP GIFTCARDS so i can bot…
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷 @sniffbort @rosecolor_dgirl @fellowkutkind oh no i hope it won’t be the same here because then rip my 18th birthday plans :(i found this car on my walk today and it even had a dirty book and empty cans in it @crykiid he’s gonna have a huge tank! @crykiid I donated it to the museum. Blathers will take good care of it :) @crykiid Yeah because it’s the longest fish in the worldi love living on my island! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch’ve literally caught a hundred sea basses before this but i FINALLY GOT ITFINALLY #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷
speak to me again when your pockets contain more home and garden are looking pretty!!:) #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch love the way saharah talks. it's so calming #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch made banana bread and it’s SO GOOD even better than the one i made a few weeks ago. it’s just amazing aaaaaaAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷it's raccoon o'clock!
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷 @wehavetomoveon_ oh noAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷my teacher is 16 minutes late from the online class. so this is why i woke up at 8?????
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷
@greendaybjmt omg i didn’t even notice that, it’s gross!!Cause baby, I'm an anarchist You're a spineless liberal
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷 @FizzyHorizons @Pocket_Camp you’re welcome! @FizzyHorizons @Pocket_Camp you can invite them when you are at your campsite or cabin. try to look for the animal… @FizzyHorizons @Pocket_Camp (Animals from maps can be invited immediately after completing the map) @FizzyHorizons @Pocket_Camp Go to your campsite or cabin and press the button that shows an animal head in the top… @music_hot_takes no :(Goth Chinchilla
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷 @lastbuschange wow seems like kk slider has been experimenting with new genresfuck it animal crossing moshpit
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷 @MlNDSWEEP @sniffbort yes, the “eyes” are supposed to be the long part of the nose @sniffbort i had to look at it for a while before i realizedI don't understand animal crossing. after playing for a couple hours daily I finally have a museum on my humble isl…
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷 @sniffbort I was so confused at this but then i realized that it’s a nose and not a smiley faceI literally don't have the money for my medication next week😭 please retweet this if you see it or if anyone can do…
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷funny how our MEDIA teacher is the only one who is unable do online classes. dude you had one job. imagine teaching…
i’m literally blathers, i tell everyone cool animal facts and am terrified of insectsi love the museum!! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch beach :o #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch meant to say freezer but you get what I meanwhy can i change clothes in the FRIDGE #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @Lucy_Doherty3 I drank some tea and i think i’m fine!!Please, i don’t wanna go to sleep at 8 with a crippling headache 😐AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷Does anyone know how to avoid a headache after an hour of cryingit's raccoon o'clock!
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷🤑 money-lover + 😏 smirk =
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷 @whatdyoucaIIit omg that sounds weird, my teacher just told us to do sports and that was allthank you i just remembered that my mom put some vitamins out for me @wehavetomoveon_ you look SO cute!!I wuv everyone
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷 @wehavetomoveon_ @CRYKlD @loseloselcse @M3talcor3shan3 @nicoleilysb @bekahholt98 it’s kinda bad but also kind of lo…’m gonna be so mad if they decide to cancel our final exams i hate the fact that this is happening in my graduatio… routine: -play animal crossing -play animal crossing -play animal crossing -play animal crossing -ta…
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷And no matter how tired I am, I can’t ever sleep back :(i hate the fact that when i have morning classes i can’t wake up early but when i could sleep i wake up at 6
@_liella add me on switch and then you can visit! my code is: sw-4236-9768-8001Here they go. Off for another cat conference.
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷 @_liella omg thank you!! @psyduck_mom i have 22 :( would be more but i made an axe to cut trees @psyduck_mom I got some iron from those islands but not too many :( it’s mostly just clay @psyduck_mom Yeah and i also bought 4 other tickets*ladder indoes anyone who have a ladderin #acnh wanna come to my island and break some rocks that i can’t reach so i can get… l u b g l u b g l u b
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷I’ve been so lame lately lol what happened to me :( i feel like i’m the most annoying person everAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷it's raccoon o'clock!
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷🥴 woozy + 😮 open-mouth =
Retweeted by raccoon kid 🦝🧷 @wehavetomoveon_ D5H!I’ll give you bells or something for itdoes any of my mutuals who plays #acnh have iron that they could share with me? i’d appreciate it a lot because i’m very unlucky with it :(i just had my first online class and my classmates were drinking alcohol in class ??? at 9AMokay why is it snowing ????
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