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Comedian / anarcho-wizard. On tour, always. Pick a pronoun.

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There's no easy way of saying this: I'm on in London for two more nights.
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉Leicester. Tonight. Tony. 6:30. Cookie. Shouty. Baloney. Jerk. Clown
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉Jimi - it’s called “Hear My Train A-Comin’.” Let me know if you need anything else. XFUCK
@JackHarrl @EddieStoneComic @kenshaz @bbcquestiontime @AyoCaesar You’ve got ALL THE OTHER MEDIA.If you don’t know the difference between the population of Britain and that of England, maybe don’t spout off about…! @SamFurniss1 Hot Water Comedy Club. MCing both shows in the studio. XHuddersfield tonight, Liverpool tomorrow, screening of my metal show Saturday, Magic_Is_Real at the Cockpit Theatre… Are Not In The Least Afraid Of Ruins; We Carry A New World In Our Hearts - UK Tour, first dates on sale now.… of Heavy Metal - the film of the show!
@missmarilynx HAIR!!! @Rosiemund Though as I recall it was Leslie who mainly told them to fuck off. @Rosiemund Yes. I do.Outstanding! @SouthbankLondon tsays #TheDarkRoom is one of the Top 5 shows this week at #vaultfestival! 9:15pm Fri…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉I fucking love this guy. Go. You’ll never see anything else like him. In a good way.
Applauding the bombing of school children and the defenseless population of Gaza disqualifies #Bloomberg not just f…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉Tickets to my Leicester show are virtually FLYING OFF THE SHELVES. Buy yours before they become UNOBTAINABLE.
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉
@destructo9000 Still my favourite photo/story algorithm fail
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉Every. Single. Time. #doctorwho reports today about the Solent being polluted with nitrates from arable land and birds of prey being killed by… book was a big influence on my latest show! Read it and then you can come and just focus on the stupid jokes!’s hard to believe that Rob Trujillo has now been in Metallica longer than Lars! #metallica #hardtobelieve #lars #robtrujillo
@FayeTreacy @ScalaRadio @6pm @hackneycolliery Onwards and upwards. X
@unfortunatalie I’m going to bikepack the South Downs Way again this year. I’d love you to join me for some of it and teach me foraging. XSorry but I can’t stand cockney milliners. Don’t @ me.
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉I am about to start the biggest tour I’ve ever done. First dates on sale now! WE ARE NOT IN THE LEAST AFRAID OF R… @TwanLaVeesh Currently sold out. More on their way.
@JimManBearPig @johnreppion Concrete is the absolute bomb.🎁 I have a shop! This is the place to get a zine copy of Great Gays of the Past, and all your other other office st…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉ @TheSimonEvans Look up Operation Werewolf. A fascinating movemenr that does this stuff with a much more aggressive… Black Sabbath Day!Reactance Theory: When someone is restricted from expressing a POV, or pressured to adopt a different POV, they usu…
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@Amber_moore I had the same thing on my Go Ape birthday adventure. @hayleycampbell Address please.Male owners of luxury cars behave aggressively on the road not because of a corrupting effect of wealth, but becaus…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉ @TheSimonEvans “Wanna feel old?”John-Luke Roberts is one of the very best comics. Imaginative and smart and absurdist and all the good things. Go a…'re sad but not surprised: #HS2 is going ahead, and it pains us to imagine machine noise replacing birdsong. We'v…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉You know what’s better for the mental space of the UK? Ancient forests. You know what would help people get aroun… @pipmadeley Official one. Every single one I’ve had to rewind to catch the beginning. @pipmadeley These are great: a technical point - the very beginnings are lost as the app does a fade-in thing and t… We all feel better now don’t we? Like a hangover shit.You know that coronavirus? Have they considered just sticking a lime in it? #coronavirusjoke #coronavirusFurthermore, I have yet to hear a ‘stick a lime in it’ joke so here goes: #CoronavirusDo to you reckon sales of Corona have increased due to people thinking about it or decreased due to people thinking… help stop flooding, we need to challenge the almost feudal power of those who dominate the countryside. My colum…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉ @Devilligan I just killed myself because I don’t want to live in a world where someone made that. @Wampa_James Why did you watch it?!
@tmorello Mate, Prophets Of Rage tickets were fucking expensive! @edpetrie ...and reducing the price of less-busy trains will have more impact. Trains aren't currently an affordable option for most people. @edpetrie I am equally opposed to road-widening. But HS2 will be expensive to use. It won't get people out of their… advance tickets for this month's Troy Club Comedy with me hosting and Anthony J Brown headlining! Come on you… @edpetrie Absolutely not worth destroying ancient forests and kicking out a HUGE amount of carbon in the building o… @JasonArnopp @DailyGrail OPINION ADJUSTED @JasonArnopp @DailyGrail In my opinion, the first is a banger, the second is the best and most interesting and the… Downey Jr. really isn’t interested in winning an Oscar is he? @DailyGrail @JasonArnopp People Of The Sun! Bulls On Parade! Guerrilla Radio!There must be so much dirty money changing hands for things like Crossrail and HS2. Fucking pointless, destructive,… will be an environmental disaster. Cutting though ancient woodland, building vast stations. Try travelling E-…
This is horrible. The only reason I go to London is to be with other miserable pricks like me.
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@GaryDelaney From the neural network that brought you “it’s what he would have wanted”.Dear Simple Moves, We'll be back on a regular basis until you pay back the money that you owe our member Becky. Es…
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@thorneydog Nope. XTHIS WEEK! We return to @SEVENBRO7HERS - 4 of UK’s best comedians @destructo9000 @comedylopez @ChrisCopestake
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉ @Rosiemund Let me know when you find the solution to this one. XComics! We need a replacement headliner for London Renters Union’s benefit gig tonight. Rich Mix, Shoreditch. @iamsimonyoung Practise!
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉People often ask us what solidarity activists in the west can do to support the Rojava Revolution, so here's a help…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉Turkish aggressions don't stop! Only in last days in Til Temir, Girê Spî, Ayn Issa & Minbic the fascist army and th…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉ @earthfirst_uk DM me details! I wanna come!Only 2 more weeks until the EF! wintermoot in support of anti #HS2 resistance in Uxbridge! With HS2 wildlife walk a…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉ @earthfirst_uk Is there a summer event this year?We made an important, informative film about Mount Everest. Douglas is dead. Apparently it took them days to identify the body. #ImSpartacus
@laurabaileykidd They’re so good.
@unfortunatalie Yeah that’s difficult. I’ve been lucky. @unfortunatalie own. But it wasn’t enough. The process, the repetition, the act of talking and making connect… @unfortunatalie Mine’s been really good. None of it has been obvious. Smart people seem often to talk themselves ou… something positive about the housing crisis and also have a laugh! London Renters’ Union are having our second c… pay for The Sun every day even though I don’t read it or take it out of the newsagent just in case I get accused… need to talk about the sexist language in this week’s Doctor Who. #doctorwho
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I mean what is this, the 70s?! #doctorwho #sexism #birds could forgive once, but this repeated casual misogyny is unforgivable. need to talk about the sexist language in this week’s Doctor Who. #doctorwho reviews go, I’ll take it.
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@LyonMerriman2 Gross.NB: southern. Basically want to do a Dracula-inspired bikepacking tour.Do any of you have experience of travelling in the Carpathians? I’m planning a trip. Anything I should know?Housing is a human right - not an asset.
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉This month I will be mostly listening to... #DoctorWho
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉ @FerzanaAkram Hello bot.And spread the word about them. Leave a review on Happy Cow or google. Tell your friends. These are the people wh… this weekend, if you can afford it, find your local indie vegan restaurant /cafe /shop and have a meal there. Bu… It’s more important than ever to support independent vegan places. The wide availability of vegan food in c…
25 minutes until we start the countdown! (I reckon we’ll rejoin in 20 years.) #brexitThe hero we need. kill millions of chickens every day. There’s nothing vegan about them. Companies like this should be put out of…