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Anarchist comedy-wizard. Guitar and vocals. Author of A History Of Heavy Metal. They/them, unless you’ve known me since the 90s.

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@boobygraffoe This is your best work. Which is weird cos a lot of your work is quite good. @boobygraffoe I need more than you can deliver, sooner than you can deliver them. There are so many birds unboxed r… @boobygraffoe The scales have fallen from my eyes.Do you think England should preserve literally all its ancient woodland? Or cut a shitload of it down so businessme…
@ItsKevinEldon Silly. Xxx
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉These pictures from the new series of The Crown are amazing.
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉Me for 11 months of the year: “Plastic is bad, guys. Buy second-hand. Consumerism stinks!” Me in October: LOOK WH… @saveEarlsCourt I made a video about developers in London: went to the London Dungeon last week and it made me really nostalgic for the London of my youth. So I made this f…
Yes!!! The state is, and always has been, the enemy. There’s no good government. It’s a lie. There’s a less awful e… @erikaehler I have always been slightly disappointed in how you’ve turned out. XxxMean Girls this Thursday!!! The Full Moon Online Drive-In is making Fetch a thing this full moon! Come and get invo… made a film for anyone who misses what London used to be like.
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉I'm earwormed now / and yes you know how / his name is Andrew / O'Neeeeeiill @destructo9000
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉I made a film for anyone who misses what London used to be like. @unfortunatalie @20thcenturymarc Hello! I have sent you messages about foraging! XPerformances and deep dive facts, lunacy and love. It’s the film nerd show you didn’t realise you always needed.Megan Aileen Williams and I are hosting our (oc)cult movie night this Thursday and we’d love you to join us! This m…
Tickets out now for @laughab80272642 comedy night 9/10/2020 with @oneplaceeast @PromoteComedy @jimi longmuir…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉I just finished the intellectual expedition — into music, magic, chaos, money — of reading “KLF” by @johnhiggs Abso…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉Please RT and share and JOIN MY PATREON and look after yourself and make sure you’re eating enough brassica.
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We're part of @PunkEthics #punkagainstsweatshops campaign, which means all our t-shirts are made exploitation-free…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉Please RT and share and JOIN MY PATREON and look after yourself and make sure you’re eating enough brassica. @richardroper Are they aware of my change of address?Must, must watch. The best political analysis I've seen/read in years. I don't know about his optimism and prognosi…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉ @richardroper No!ROB HALFORD ON RADIO 4!!!
Only £162 from £12000. Can we get that in next hour?
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉I've put the audio of my 2016 fringe show which was described both as "not for the easily offended" and "boring Gua…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉ @snodpiece7 Here’s one: @jeremymstamper No, but: @TPHartley90 I made a parody: made a very serious film. Please watch it.
Imagine how short the film Vertigo would be if he'd hooked up with his cute lingerie-designer friend instead.
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉ @SarahClaudine02 Every. Time.Track and trace instructions: 1) Just grab yourself the latest phone! 2) What d’you mean you haven’t got a job?… @MCabournSmith @JohnFinnemore I did a VERY different take on the Seashells Seashore Selling idea in my previous sho… made a new thing! Please support my Patreon so I can make stuff like this! reminder that this is on tonight. Lots of silliness about an idiot who open a portal to hell in his front roo…
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@Robbotron @BenVanDerVelde @CharlieDinkin Waistcoat wearers! Hahahaha! @BenVanDerVelde @CharlieDinkin @Robbotron I’ve got one... not lending it out though alas. It’s an antique!!!My comedy writing compadre @destructo9000 and I are doing a live read through of our sitcom pilot Damned Andrew thi…
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This is fascism.
@SherwoodJam Yes. It’s somewhere very very low down on my Facebook wall. @jemmapf I’ve been trying that for 22 years. It’s a con. @johnreppion Bacon.I don’t understand why meat eaters want the taste of vegan sausages but not the soya protein. It’s just weird.Apropo of nothing, and while nothing is particularly coming up: free speech is essential to a working society. X
VERY SPECIAL SHOW ALERT!!! Next Thursday we’re doing a full cast reading of @Devilligan and my abandoned sitcom p… Van Morrison.I see that @michaellegge did some early telly. @alicewhitey Hahahahaha!so much this.
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@i_am_amz The Lighthouse Family! @i_am_amz Yay! Thank you for making the technical effort!!!Jimmy Birkby solves the COVID-19 scam!
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉Nothing on the original: @Nick_Pettigrew Birkby solves the COVID-19 scam! @Devilligan @Book_Folk GOOD DAY!Also, a quick search shows COVID-19 stands for COronaVIrus Disease 2019. Which 400 people did he ask? know where I can get a bag of vegan #weteggs? @Nick_Pettigrew I can’t do a rubix cube so I have no grounds to doubt what he’s saying. @salihughes a) I love the reference to the Krypton Factor. That is the sort of faded reference that tickles my brai…’s pay-what-you-want online comedy show is a Musical Comedy Special!
@AsaWinstanley @The_TUC
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉ @raehubstar Should be fixed now. X @SherwoodJam I miss the sense of obligation. @SherwoodJam I know, right? How can I reward particularly good chemisting? @SherwoodJam My chemist puts the tip on the bill automatically.Musical comedy special! This Thursday’s online show is a collection of all the musical comedy stuff I’ve done over…
We're all thinking it. Wtf didn't Meatloaf record a cover of Music of the Night.
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉Queen fans: @LapPods is a thing of beauty and wonder. I seem to be exactly the same generation as at least some o… would also like to state for the record that despite what JK Rowling thinks of male-chromosomed dress-wearers I h…
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@Mark_Cram Shhhh.I would also like to state for the record that despite what JK Rowling thinks of male-chromosomed dress-wearers I h… Rowling’s next book is called ‘A Bee In Her Fucking Bonnet Or What?!’FREE BOOK! The Magic of Terry Pratchett is back in stock after selling out the first printing. (!) I'm giving away…
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Oh right there are two Chris Evanses.So moving to see outpouring of sadness & anger about reality of #ExtinctionTheFacts But challenge is to keep hold…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉So, again I’m struck by the fact that right-wing football thug cunts seem to be exactly the same people who operate…
Can’t believe it’s nearly lockdown again already. Swear it gets earlier and earlier every year. I walked past a hou…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉"Welcome to our gander reveal party" "Don't you mean.." "no" Geese emerge from everywhere. No fireworks. Only geese…
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Two tickets just gone back on sale!!! Get em while they’re hot! @SadKatler Old lady feet.Stream tonight’s Troy Club! Pay what you want!!! @Repka Yes. @conansdog @ThatSusanMurray Ha!
@Billykirkwood What about an Alien prequel that doesn’t involve the Alien?! Guys?!Also, huge props for the Hanneman reference!Having an absolute ball listening to @LapPods eviscerate Queen’s ‘The Miracle’. The first of theirs I bought as a n… bragged about expanding fracking.
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉ @monstroso You were very lucky to get the award winning Gary Bellamy on the show!! @sneakerphile Yeah.Just finished sabbing the criminal Kimblewick again. No kills. Full report later. @HuntSabs
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉Fuck yeah! The film I’m in, written by Alan Moore and directed by Mitch Jenkins is FINALLY getting its premiere in… CLUB! Tomorrow (11th)! We’re gonna be in the basement of Aces & Eights, FINALLY, after all this time, and even…
Retweeted by Andrew O'Neill ☉’m so bored of conspiracy theorists. Conspiracy would indicate a level of competence and actual organisation where…
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