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best part of this tweet is u can add it to any n.o.r.e. song and it would fit & make perfect sense
Can we talk about ending on time? Can we talk about no wifi problems? REAL clashing? DUBS? CLASSICS?? CHOREOGR…
Retweeted by Desus Niceall washed west indian bbq's end with one love or I want to sex you upthis verzuz has big shootout afterward during the letout energy but in a good waytonight has shown the world we need bounty killer as a waze voice optionnah the old man came thru and yelled "party done" #VERZUZ🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲this verzuz has big "exit an uptown 2 train any stop after gun hill road" energya jamaican event not starting on time is a jamaican event starting on time
gonna be wild in 20 years when they figure out zoom meetings caused ppl to develop mesothelioma
@jaydestro Hope he feels better bromosholu, spuyten duyvil and SIBL (science industry and business library)'s Friday. Avoid the bookings belovedalso shouts to the nypl lions patience and fortitude who are originally from the bronx anniversary to NYPL from your former employee @opinamusprime the homie nigel sylvester's 1s's tweets are on the same level as langston hughes published works but y'all not ready for that conversationwhy u making it hot someone who did intern for them, I can say this is 100% accurate
Retweeted by Desus Nicethe @mlb production team killed this!
Strong hang with the fam @desusnice y @THEKIDMERO the other day. Check it tonight on @SHODesusAndMero aaaaat like 1…
Retweeted by Desus NiceCommentary unlike you have heard it before. 😂 @desusnice and @thekidmero are on the mic for a classic @Yankees -…
Retweeted by Desus Nice @sillyauntie george papadopolis from webster for surealso two maybe 3 of the golden girls would've been maga if we shift the timeline and we're keeping it 💯lowkey i would watch the hell out of a 10 part last dance style documentary about the sperm who made me @MissZindzi i'm gonna stand up and clap when they're done like when army ppl walk thru the airportwhen life is safe i'm probably gonna cry when i see that shake shack at gate b37 in jfk terminal 4 again golden girls as jordans; a thread baseball boys premiere tomorrow at 6pm est on @mlb! join me & @thekidmero as we watch some beisbol with legenda…
Try having sex and saying young thug's adlibs back and forth to each other. Sounds weird but it’s some powerful shit.bounty killer vs beenie man on saturday? letssss goooooo @ejpanaligan @THEKIDMERO great article man.Despite the absence of a live audience, late-night hosts have found ways to revamp their shows while in quarantine,…
Retweeted by Desus Nice @TheKnicksWall @nyknicks @espn just gonna leave off a legend smh the hang of cutting my own hair but without the 2 inch layer of noxezema & microwaved washcloth left on my… plans 2020 plans: 2020:
🎉🎉🎉't worry @itsgabrielleu we won't let @DwyaneWade hog the Zoom room. 😂 #DESUSandMERO
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Another great week of #MLBAtHome action, including special guests @SHODesusAndMero on the mic this Thursday. 👀
Retweeted by Desus Nicetaurus gang! dog and cat went to sleep touching paws get drunk on their birthday to distract from the fact that’s it’s also your annual performance review with the universe
Retweeted by Desus Niceme when kyla pratt appeared in this week's insecure's poem was so heartfelt sunday just give us 2 hours of jordan watching viral videos on that ipad and reactingnot sure how they made a documentary about greatness that takes place in 98 without a single reference to sunz of m… put on the banana yellow dick tracy villain suit and peeled out in a red porsche. levels.jordan did 38 points in 44 minutes off them utah slices but papa john's 40 pizzas in 30 days record still stands
the year 2020 is just baby park from mario kart irl @MrDespicable congrats my guy.streets need that pino #verzus tho. round 1: obsession vs kitten#verzus been holding back too long. streets need that shareefa vs major coins matchup
it's summertime 2019. 6 guys stand on a corner in jeans sharing a wild struggle blunt drinking warm liquor with no… bday to @THEKIDMERO. keep smashing those huge glizzys into ya mouf my guynature is healing. we are the virus's Friday. Avoid the bookings belovedWe asked a group of prominent New Yorkers—from legends of stage and screen to your favorite yogi—what they’re most…
Retweeted by Desus Nicenew future album have you stressed at your babies mothers even if you dont have any @okjulia ah ah ah yktfv
When you see @katieporteroc whipping the country blue Toyota Sienna, get out the way! 🚨 #DESUSandMERO tonight at 1…
Retweeted by Desus Niceshouts to rachel! asked 24 of our favorite creative minds—including @ThomBrowneNY, @DUALIPA, @desusnice @Truman_Black @catcohen
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need this shirt gotta fold francesa for the years of disrespect these cornhole championships to pull off more and1 mixtape moves👀👀
gang gang!
For everyone who’s been following this story— thank you so much for all of your help, we’re 100% sending Dr. Nina t…
Retweeted by Desus NiceThe Monday edition of #DESUSandMERO is almost here, and tonight we've got future doctor and super genius #NinaLeach
Retweeted by Desus Niceking of queens is a better show with a more realistic depiction of nyc but y'all not ready for that conversation an… an arthur spooner fan is like being a fan of season 2 of the wire. if u know you know spooner was a WAY better character than frank costanza dont even try it b.Rip Arthur spooner the gawd for any nightmares that episode of the shivering truth causes"well, that’s you ... because you never won at anything.” - mj TALK THAT TALKthat pippen dunk on ewing was an anti-jamaican hate crime @JYPETWICE ayyyyfuture tweeting at all his baby mommas while the jordan documentary is on. i'm watching 2 goats
i know ppl who went to city island but aren't posting photos bc they "ah ah ah not trying hear all that" smh🥰🥰🥰in honor of Mother’s Day reply to this tweet with your mother’s maiden name and CVV code 🥰🥰🥰hov and jaguar wright's performance of heart of the city (ain't no love) for mtv unplugged was a religious experiencenot seeing enough tweets about jaguar wright tho
Here are some upcoming face covering distribution sites in #TheBronx. Visit for more locati…
Retweeted by Desus Nicetekashi going on red table talk nextIt's Friday. Avoid the bookings season 2 in woodlawn thx quiet for the sistine chapel ceiling
normal people should've been titled "melancholy irish ppl sexing a lot"dress codes in clubs that discriminate state "no caps" meanwhile you use "no cap" everyday. open your eyes my ppl…
gotta imagine bethany mandel watching coco with her kids and booing everytime mamá imelda is on-screenI WAS TOLD BY APPLECARE THAT I COULD KILL YOUR GRANDMA