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Pamela Gowran @DetroitTrainFan Detroit, Michigan

LOVE #24 Jeff Gordon I LOVE Music ❤ Anti-Trump

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#NowPlaying #FreedomDeep ~ @INXS we built Putin an airstrip! Which he is using to kill Christians and you’re worried about People saying Happy…
Retweeted by Pamela GowranIt’s been hard to communicate just how comprehensively Trump has been lying about his Ukraine scandal. So I made a…
Retweeted by Pamela GowranI’m going to give a Tesla to someone random who retweets this tweet (must be following me so I can dm you)
Retweeted by Pamela GowranINXS: Live Baby Live at Wembley Stadium #fathomevents via @fathomevents @INXSEXACTLY what I was going to tweet! I don't think I've ever hated anyone more... #FuckTrump At last year's WH Hanukkah party, Lev Parnas & Igor Fruman had a private meeting w Trump & Giuliani duri…
Retweeted by Pamela GowranWeekend Loading...Here's 3 hours of Queen to kickstart your Saturday ⏯️👑
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@SRuhle @realDonaldTrump #BeBest What a complete joke @MKGenest #Parachute @Train @CaptivatingNews #IfOnly ~ the song that made me fall in love with @ShipsHaveSailed If you can make it out in Toronto, y… if you agree that Ambassador #YovanovitchIsAPatriot.
Retweeted by Pamela GowranHahahahahahaha... I can't make up this stuff.
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran @CaptivatingNews @ThatEricAlper George Michael ~ #Faith
#NowPlaying #Midnight ~ @ShipsHaveSailed who I couldn't be more proud of! They are playing @indieweek in Toronto to… hey #Toronto! Kicked off @indieweek by a quick set at their opening party last night... More music…
Retweeted by Pamela GowranTonight is the first of two #Toronto ...see you at @thepistonbar for our @indieweek showcase! Doors at 8pm, we play…
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@ThatEricAlper A Girl A Bottle A Boat ~ @train president of the United States is standing in the East Room of the White House lavishing praise on a murderous…
Retweeted by Pamela GowranBOOM: #TrumpBribery is trending nationally and has already been tweeted over 10,000 times. Let’s keep it going!
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran @ThatEricAlper Mother Love ~ @QueenWillRockSUNSETS & FULL MOONS 🌄🌑 OUT NOW. Go get it 🤘🏻
Retweeted by Pamela GowranNew Music from Ships Have Sailed! Now playing @ShipsHaveSailed! Such good music! Much love DJ Bright
Retweeted by Pamela GowranRemember, kids. Money can't buy you happiness. But it can buy you concert tickets, and that's much better.
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran @AnnieFromAG Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great day! 🎉🎂💛I’m going give $7,000 to someone random who retweets this (must be following me so I can dm you if you win)
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But you didn't. You didn't sign the Whistleblower Protection Act. The law in its present form was signed by Preside…
Retweeted by Pamela GowranINXS Live Baby Live is coming to big screens across the world from November 14th. Confirmed countries so far inclu…
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran @DavidJBoles @ThatEricAlper It immediately came to my mind! @ThatEricAlper Faith ~ George Michael @ChadLivengood We had the same idea! #Eastpointe @AndrewHumphrey A lot of snow in Eastpointe ❄
@JBJSoulFound is proud to support veterans. Our recent partnership with @HELPUSA brings permanent supportive housin…
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran#Toronto! You get us for our last two shows of 2019...come dance with us this Thursday and Friday at @indieweek...c…
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran @ThatEricAlper Kick ~ @INXSNurture Africa has designed a project to help educate the adolescent pupils and youths from Wakiso District on HIV…
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Someone went into Barnes & Noble and replaced the covers of Trump Jr.'s new book
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran @AndrewHumphrey’s Children Suffer in Class After Years of Drinking the Lead-Poisoned Water
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran @ThatEricAlper #Parachute ~ @train
2019 it illegal to out the whistleblower? - CNNPolitics @DetroitTrainFan
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SUNSETS & FULL MOONS 🌄🌑 Stream and add on @AppleMusic NOW!
Retweeted by Pamela GowranThis man is playing fetch with a Beluga Whale. This is INCREDIBLE. ❤️ We honestly don't deserve these Majestic Cre…
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The best person to register voters in your community is you. I've got my #VotingSquad together—now we need you! G…
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran @ThatEricAlper #Mississippi @train ~ Off of their 2nd album #DropsOfJupiter 2001
2019 a message to EPA today! EPA should do more to protect our communities from #lead by: ✔ Mandating full replace…
Retweeted by Pamela GowranCongratulations to the winners of our @eargasmearplugs giveaway! Hit our DMs to provide your shipping address and w…
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran @ShipsHaveSailed @EargasmEarplugs @lancetingey OMG TY So Much!! ❤ @INXS From Discover on Google Nov 14. Don’t miss the first @indieweek gig in #Toronto for @MidnightAndre #midnightambassador . With…
Retweeted by Pamela GowranThe Admin wants to reduce SNAP enrollment by 9%, and cut free school meals from 500,000 kids. Meanwhile, a new stud…
Retweeted by Pamela GowranThe website is now live inc showtimes, the trailer for @Mystify_MH & a dedicated FAN HUB in…
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran#NowPlaying #Skin ~ @ShipsHaveSailed 💛
Open Enrollment has begun, and you have until December 15th to #GetCovered. Quality health coverage may be more af…
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#NowPlaying #Skin ~ @ShipsHaveSailed of State @JocelynBenson, @LtGovGilchrist and @kerrywashington were at the #Flint Farmers Market today. Th…
Retweeted by Pamela GowranMystify: Michael Hutchence #fathomevents via @fathomevents
Lance Cooper, a community activist from Richmond, VA, is being honored by GoFundMe for his work in delivering hundr…
Retweeted by Pamela GowranOur new single 'Skin' is out all of our creations this year, this one came from the heart, and we hope…
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When INXS Rocked Wembley Stadium...this November, let's go back in time when there were no screens, no back-up sing…
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran.@ShipsHaveSailed reveals what they do to prepare for taking the stage! Check out the feature at…
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10 years ago today an album came out that brought back many things like feelings, fears, joy, hope, and TRAIN. Save…
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Join an event on the eve of a historic House impeachment vote!
Former Pres. Barack Obama at Elijah Cummings' funeral: "I tell my daughters...being a strong man includes being kin…
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WATCH IT: @ShipsHaveSailed "Skin" (Mikey Easterling & Jaala Ruffman, dir.) @TalkboyTV @TALKGIRLTV via @VideoStatic
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Support the DEA's National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, October 26. Get rid of your unused or expir…
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran @RepAlexMooney @POTUS @boyscouts @2017Jambo Are you seriously so proud to have your picture with the worst presiden… @ShipsHaveSailed Hope you are feeling better! Take it from me, who thought pneumonia was allerglies, don't let it g… @CaptivatingNews🚨Contest Alert! 🚨 We're super excited to be teaming up with @EargasmEarplugs to protect your ears! Check out the v…
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@CaptivatingNews marks his first use of the term "lynching" to describe the inquiry — a term deeply intertwined with horrific r…
Retweeted by Pamela GowranChanges in your skin can sometimes signal changes in your overall health... Your latest obsession:…
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Make Sure You Vote: November 5th please vote for Karen Weaver for mayor of Flint Michigan. I'm fully endorsing…
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran @JoshuaPotash #DickFace @CaptivatingNews #NeverTearUsApart #LIVE ~ @INXS and donated. Will you? “We must find a way to look after one another as if we were one single tribe.” -…
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"Need You Tonight"/"Mediate" "Devil Inside" "New Sensation" "Never Tear Us Apart" "Mystify" On this day in 1987, IN…
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran#DeleteFacebook Trends After Report That Mark Zuckerberg Held Secretive Meetings With Conservative Influencers
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran#NowPlaying #Skin ~ @ShipsHaveSailed AMAZING Song AMAZING Video! is mounting a self-bailout. With your money.
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran @realDonaldTrump YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE...
@realDonaldTrump @Bill_Maxwell_
Retweeted by Pamela GowranSuch an important cause! #Flint
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran @thehill If that doesn't make everyone delete their FB account, maybe THIS will! @realDonaldTrump DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE??? YOU ARE THE MOST IGNORANT, DESPICABLE, PIECE OF GARBAGE! YOUR DAY… @RichGowran’ve been putting in a lot of hours in the studio lately...but we’ve had other stuff on our minds as well...stay t…
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran'Mystify' Documentary About INXS' Michael Hutchence Will Have One-Night U.S. Theater Showing
Retweeted by Pamela Gowran @thehill EXACTLY why I deleted my FB account!