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Certified IT-Specialist Country: Denmark 🇩🇰 Timezone: CET Certificates: CISCO CCNA, CISCO Cyber Security

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@sayonanii Get your blood sugar and iron levels checked @ramziiNCSGO @BlocHCSGO streamers online right now, you know have Media Share enabled?, @miarosexxx Here they moved the booster to 135 days @sawenaaaaa my brother was sick for 3 days, Pfizer gang @sawenaaaaa wait till 3rdTodays client, had issues with Fortnite, HEAVY fps drops, i noticed this setting was Enabled, CPU Boost, where it t… @rezonay_ Just a heads up. Rezon this is not helping you, since now they see the negative reaction from you they cr… @NotKadar @FaZeClan i thought you were creating a content house :D @NotKadar Do you guys need a personal Chef by day, and IT-Nerd by Night? :D#FaZeDety0 @GFuelEnergy @ES_FTW Dad, Why are they releasing so much? @KosmicKait @66rachael66 look the bots @XTIDUP looks the respons :DPls need someone to help me write this essay about trust wallet my account got disabled need logo school help need… @SEBM1337 W @RazzManages readArctic recalls bad batches of their MX-5 thermal paste over "premature hardening" LOL is a trick not a lot of people use, Ghub, drag down all the other DPI, you don't use @Rudolph_FN depends if you ego me :DMy record for reinstalling a windows from starting the install to the PC fully installed with drivers, discord etc,… this method, After Windows have been re-installed i can copy fortnite back over to the main partition verify t… i reinstall a clients PC with 1 drive, i Create 1 Parition 50-100GB , then i copy paste Fortnite over, + cl… @BagerApel Kan du ikke spørge ham om han har nogle gamle PC dele der samler støv? @BagerApel gammelt Intel Setup?, @HeyNansi Huh @DustinGoe what model shoes are those? @XTIDUP try a different driverWhat is your plans for today?, ive been thinking of getting a fresh hair cut, then gym then 4-5 pc's that needs to be fixed @kr1sser Top 3 @kr1sser Hvad er det for en skod skole du går på? @GoFlexEdits @GhostedWRLD Stock Windows > Custom ISO's :) @chlofishy DM's are always open @Vortexiaa for $$$ anything is possibleReinstalled a PC with a fresh windows yesterday, turned out he got a 10-15 ping reduction from it, i'm excited to s… @Clawquals Cause the GPU prob have a 0 RPM Mode, so they only turn on when the gpu is a certain temp @Zatzuk @EpicGames was it not for a good reason tho? @ranacrofts 😔
@sawenaaaaa hell noHi @COPEgg the young man @NorCalSto have thrown you a DM, he's main twitter acc, got banned due to DMCAStress is peaking right now @ZachoVFX Was fun fixing your pc! looking forward to see what content you gonna produce in the futureYoo, @Dety0 just helped me out with fully resetting my pc and optimize it... HOLY FUCKING CRAP!! I didn't know my…
Retweeted by Dety @sneakyyyeu NahWhat is your longest sub streak?'s scary how many players crashes in tournaments, i guess those 5.0ghz cpu overclock and 4000mhz ram overclock is… @Snobzen World wideIt's crazy how underpaid editors and designers are, charging 7$ for work? like huh @nikoszns DM's open if you need anything @ZimZeb0y bios update, motherboard, so it will accept a new cpu @48Rain_ 10 @BagerApel Er der fest på discord? :O @Reetlol Easy Anti Cheat, have gotten corrupted, and you need to reinstall itif you see this it means you are a grinder
Epic is Hotfixing something with Fortnite RN, Dunno what are aware of it through old twitter dm's, all the way back to 2019 gives me chills, "Clicken their profile OOOHHHHHH" ive… @MarieWatsondk 😍 @colorfn_ If you have power outage yea :) , but it's need to fix your ram @cheepieee Quality > Quantity @fnaliis_ AMD 5950X @fnaliis_ bios update motherboard, and buy a new cpu for the best upgrade @emilycczz Twitch did something to their systems to, ive seen a couple of streamers had their emotes removed @OliverLyGaming @colorfn_ Then you need to update bios @colorfn_ did the ram speed in speccy change to a higher number than 1066Mhz?, if so, then open whatever game and e… @OliverLyGaming DDU your Nvidia driver, and install a fresh one @Paliza A family in town, got a Husky, and they didn't understand everytime they got home the dog had destroyed the… @GFuelEnergy @FaZeClan @NukeSquad @Swagg @ES_FTW Dad?Hvilket Headset / Headphones bruger du?, Jeg bruger selv Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 Ohm med et Sound Blaster Reco… @NimseFN bigger ssd(Nvme) @colorfn_ You need to enabled XMP in bios @4blvckmd RAM is installed wrong in the motherboard therefore your fps is low, from the left, slot 1-2-3-4 you need to put it in 2-4 @FH4LT_ a client had to reinstall win10 @Lakh7_ check if its dusty? is no, then you need to replace thermal paste @FH4LT_ latest win11 have a really bad memory leak and a perma connected USB Drive. @4blvckmd RAM - scroll down, screenshot @Lakh7_ Something bad is going on with the CPU Cooler, and need to be checked asap @JaquetFN How old is doge?, since Grey Beard @Rasmus_Roennow 1: new cpu would give a lot of performance 2: stop having a USB Drive connected 24/7 @Truelyx1337 latest win11 have a nasty memory leak @IamWumbo3 what is on it now? @RazzManages why havent you fixed the cooler yet?Show me your speccy @Hydr4g the entire thing shouldn't take more than 30 mins, and you are back in playing, good luck @Hydr4g Remember to reinstall windows with USB (Windows Media Creation Tool) @LogitechG Logitech Table, Logitech Water Bottle, Logitech Lamp @AlecBinks or the worst @ZachoVFX tænk al den tid du spilder på at render fordi din pc er langsom fordi du formateret den forkert. og dit program er sløv @ZachoVFX så du griefer dig selv lige nu @ZachoVFX have you installed windows with a USB? @RazzManages that has nothing to do with your cpu. but your cpu coolerin the mood to give something away. so comment. what do you need? @OGFaZeCLipZ I pay attention to people that don't fix their pc @renomahm problem is. putting too much work on the behind the scenes and forgetting the front of the scene could hurt the momentumNeed an editor for my next highlight video pls dm me with work and prices you also need to be able to finish it on friday @Sparebow but in the end of the day. you still play the game. and spend money on skins.Did you know Cold Water is actually not good for the body?