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✨shine, dream, smile✨ 26. potterhead, army, disney lover, theatre dork. this account is basically a bts stan account at this point with random tweets thrown in.

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@jinsilkypants @BTS_twt I have a whole bunch lol but most recently I've used Idol and A Brand New DayOkay but the galaxy buds > airpods 👀Today was a good day. 💜
@hobisprofile1 Mood, honestly lol @jurassiclauren He had an instagram at one point 😂He probably thinks I'm crazy because whenever I catch him like this, I always stick my tongue back out at him. @hooopehyung IT IS SO GOOD! @BTS_twt is going to make me learn Japanese in addition to Korean, huh? Also, Boy With Luv is a bop in both Korean… when technology gave us the velociraptor’s voice
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜 @HillKeating Ahh gotcha. But you're right, still wouldn't be that packed @HillKeating Also doesn't Epcot open up on Wednesday? Not that the parks should be open, they absolutely shouldn't.…
Rest in Peace, Naya. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world. This one hurts 😔 the velociraptors have acquired a case of four loko
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜To nap or to make coffee- that is the questionMayhaps I love him.
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜oh to be a cat in a raincoat walking gracefully through the rain
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The Season 5 American Idol tour ft. Chris Daughtry, Katherine McPhee, and Taylor Hicks.
@bangtanbklyn So pretty!! 💜 @btsluvmagic I WAS HOPING YOU SAW THIS
@blahblahtae Thank you!☀️☀️☀️ @bborahaeb I got the sun as well!New York taught me self-reliance and how to cry in public, but, now that I have two children under 5, it's time to…"As you wish." ❤️ In his final performance, Carl Reiner shares a special goodbye with his son Rob as part of the fa…
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜Okay who from Paper Magazine tapped into my brain and tweeted out my thoughts? we’re NOT gonna do is touch the Disney ducks
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜YESSSSS @Friggen_Anna Sending love and hugs your way ❤️
are you serious
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜Same. @krystalaaguilar What I don't get is they could have easily purchased wood blocks from a craft store and done the s… to @BillNye – WEAR A MASK. #MaskUpNJ
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜 @aliandresini YAY!!! Congratulations!!! 🎊🎉 ❤️ @SKS121893 @RexChapman I'm gonna scream. @SugaryClia Thank you!! 😊i love it here
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜If you see him in the street 🥺 Walking by himself 😔 Talking to himself 🙁 Have pity 🥺🤚 He is working through the…
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@bangtanbklyn Thank you!! @ngbosc Thanks, Nic! 💕 @soulfulchimmy Thank you!! 💜How many colors will I dye my hair before I have to go back to the office instead of work from home? hello taehyung: it's me
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜Happy ARMY Day! I may have only been a part of this fandom for a little over a year, but I found both music that ha… founder john hammond was a world class guy who had a crazy dream (dino park) and he frickin' nailed it (the dino park)
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Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜 @not8675309 @BTS_twt Further proof that only BTS can beat BTS 😂sounds from the tour: guest: (seeing something in the distance) is that a dinosaur? tour guide: probably. we have a lot of them here
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜this is so painfully true i’m howling
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜I'm going to scream. @not8675309 Yup same @not8675309 I don't think I'll ever be over this @wreckdby_yoongi Yeah... makes me happy I no longer live there @wreckdby_yoongi This guy is nuts. He tweeted last week saying that Beyoncé is Italian and not blackOh, @DaveedDiggs would be proud.
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜we have developed a velociraptor that smokes cigarettes
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My superpower is closing twitter then immediately reopening twitter
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜 @bravelyoutthere I love everything about this @miconauta Yup! It's not great 😂 I look back at some of my old facebook statuses and cringe so hardEverything about this picture makes me feel like a dinosaur. This is also example 934747474947 as to why I should… need it. clearly hasn’t been rehearsing during his vacation time
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜NJ moots!! Don't forget to vote today if you didn't send in a mail in ballot!!PLEASE WEAR A MASK.
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂😂😂 a true Disney hero
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜I'm gonna say it. I am now quad-biased and Jin is bias number four💜 Share your favorite Seokjinnie photos and invi… @Mikus180AD All of these are correctif anyone sees a dinosaur in like a random place let us know haha
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 while looking at everyone’s #ARMYSelcaDay pics 😍
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜 @bangtanbklyn this made my day!! I love it 💜💜💜
@JudgmentalNYer He sure is @wreckdby_yoongi I ended up taking an accodental nap around 4 and woke up not too long ago. And am still very confused 😂If someone can explain why I just dreamt I was living in the Jersey Shore house with the Jersey Shore cast and then… @JudgmentalNYer @hobisprofile1 @hooopehyung @BTS_twt Yesssss! This is perfect!army_twt this week
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜 @kimseokjinnies_ @BTS_twt @mochimonimeow @BTS_twt Thanks! 💜 Funny enough, the bucket hat was an impulse buy and ended up being one of my favorite merch items @allison_zee1 @BTS_twt Thank you! 😊 @yooongles__ @BTS_twt Thank you!! 😊💜 @yooongles__ @blahblahtae @BTS_twt Thank you!! 😊💜 @SugaryClia @BTS_twt Thank you! 💕 @tearsofjk @BTS_twt Thank you! 💜Hobi says to make sure you wear your mask when you leave the house because covid isn't over yet and wearing your ma… the hamilton is at the desk before "take a break"
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When the jaws open wide and there’s more jaws inside, that’s a Moray
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜Sometimes I miss Florida and the friends I made and wonder if I should go back. And then I see shit like this, writ… have been awake for less than 20 minutes and every social media platform I have had managed to piss me off one way or another.Bringing the Magic Kingdom to the streets. #happilyeverafter
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜Really wish I was getting payed the same way Tom Nook pays Isabelle
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜Okay. Wake me up when this year is over.
Only a little concerning to see this trending before you know what's going on... @elyssahirsch Jerry!!Haven’t seen enough of BLM on my timeline, so here’s a reminder:
Retweeted by Devin⁷✨💜 @kaiyte I lost it at that 😂 @mattsme1908 She was quoting John Mulaney and said it at the perfect time 😂 the funnier part is as soon as the scen… mom while watching Hamilton with me: "he's wearing glasses to show that time has passed" 😂
@hobisprofile1 @BTS_twt Gorgeous!!