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Watchdog: FBI Knew 'Pee Tape' Highly Dubious, Didn't Tell Trump | 😳
American people will finally learn the truth that the Steele dossier WAS IN FACT used in Obama Administrations Inte… like DOJ IG Report is clear that Republican FISA abuse memo from February 2018 was accurate and actually unde…😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤡🤡🤡🤡
Retweeted by Devin Nunesyeah that really happened.
Retweeted by Devin NunesTwitter Suspends Fox News Host For Showing Tweet From Saudi Terrorist Who Attacked U.S. Military Base In Florida |…
Retweeted by Devin NunesThe only information we need from IG Report today...Also do you think Horowitz gets to the bottom of the insurance… I wanted to get an Ambassdor fired I would call ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ Great to be on with ⁦@MariaBartiromo⁩ FACT: @ATT owns @CNN Many people asking about this. Publicly traded company engaged in defamation and s…
Geniuses @cnn claim they are standing by #goodnightVienna defamation story. Perhaps adults ⁦@ATT⁩ are too busy givi…’s how you can support my effort to hold the media and the Dem/Socialists accountable! to know if the document mentioned in the report was given to ⁦@StateDept⁩ or any other US Govt agency? guy stalked me in hotel lobby after my appearance on ⁦@foxandfriends⁩ Saturday AM maybe he was in Vienna with… interview by ⁦@newtgingrich⁩ with ⁦@LeeSmithDC⁩ Nunes says he will pursue legal action on release of phone records @SundayFutures @FoxNews @DevinNunes
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Reading @DevinNunes lawsuit against @cnn. It’s something. This is how it started, but the facts in here are incontr…
Retweeted by Devin NunesPlease pass the salt and pepper... doesn’t matter whose phone records Schiff subpoenaed. It matters that he published them in his report. Why woul…
Retweeted by Devin NunesNunes on Fox News this morning: "I [went] through all my phone records, and I can tell you, my phone records do not…
Retweeted by Devin NunesThx @dbongino
Dems busted again on their Watergate fantasies... with ⁦@marthamaccallum⁩
CNN Hits Three-Year Ratings Low Amid Impeachment Drama - #goodnightVienna ⁦@DailyCaller⁩ journalists concerned about release of John Solomon's phone records? Some have tried to make him an outcast jou…
Retweeted by Devin NunesImportant editorial from @wsj on Adam Schiff’s unprecedented disclosure of call logs for his political rivals. As t…
Retweeted by Devin Nunes"Not only was I not in Vienna, I actually have pictures of myself in Benghazi, Libya ... in Malta with the remains…
Retweeted by Devin NunesLooks like the Democrats need an intervention and a long rehabilitation program.‘Dirty cops’: FBI leaves trail of lies, leaks, lapses in Trump era - - @washtimes
Retweeted by Devin NunesYes ⁦@TuckerCarlson⁩ the Democrats can get your phone records too! lecture about dirt-digging, even as they abuse their surveillance powers to demand phone records to smear…
Retweeted by Devin NunesGreat to be on with Tucker Carlson and Tom Fitton!
House Democrats have brought Congress to a standstill with their impeachment obsession. ❌ Passage of #USMCA ❌ Lowe…
Retweeted by Devin NunesScalise: Schiff 'spying' on Nunes with call records ⁦@SteveScalise⁩ Bongino Report - Congratulations to ⁦@dbongino⁩ @CNN continues attacks...Who is running ⁦@ATT⁩ ??? #goodnightVienna cnn needs a serious intervention from the adults at att Perhaps they haven’t seen the pictures of me in… Sues CNN: Reveals He Was Not in Vienna in Late 2018, Did Not Meet Victor Shokin #goodnightVeinna to @RepLeeZeldin for holding them accountable! #goodnightVienna Devin Nunes Hits CNN With Massive Lawsuit Over ‘Demonstrably False’ Ukraine Report
Retweeted by Devin NunesDevin Nunes slaps CNN with $435 million defamation lawsuit - - @washtimes
Retweeted by Devin NunesCNN: Parnas lawyer says Devin Nunes was in Vienna meeting Shokin. Dems: Investigate! Now! Nunes: Actually, I was in…
Retweeted by Devin NunesTime and again the media’s obsession with @DevinNunes has exposed their bias and willingness to disregard facts. Hi…
Retweeted by Devin NunesGoodnight Vienna! Enjoy
Looks like @DevinNunes and his team did some excellent work here This is a robust defense of President Trump Read…
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In this week’s episode of my #podcast, I’m joined by Lee Smith, author of The Plot Against the President. I’ve twee…
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Author of "The Plot against The President:The true story behind how Congressman Devin Nunes uncovered the biggest p…
Retweeted by Devin NunesGreat as always to be on with @JudgeJeanine so much for inviting me on @JudgeJeanine — a privilege and pleasure to speak with you!
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Perhaps you should mute me. Can't be good for your health to get so upset so often... healthtechceoam: @ByronYork
Retweeted by Devin NunesValley oak with snow capped Sierra Nevada mountain range in the background.
Thanksgiving traffic is horrible. #montana
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Deep frying turkeys
Their latest effort against the top Republican on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is to accuse…
Retweeted by Devin NunesBREAKING: Don Jr.'s new 3 week old business was just awarded $130M in special government bailout funds He then fu…
Retweeted by Devin NunesFusion GPS revealed they investigated Devin Nunes last year. Nunes is accusing Fusion of retaliating over the fight…
Retweeted by Devin NunesHail in the Valley this AM. Drive safe ⁦@LeeSmithDC⁩ and I discuss racketeering with ⁦@IngrahamAngle⁩ Baklava courtesy of kopigreatday @kmphfox26 He made it fresh last night! tradition doing long interview at @kmphfox26 fun with no school. Fall asleep next to the TV and spill popcorn everywhere!’s Latest Anti-Nunes Smear Is Cohen-In-Prague All Over Again | ⁦@FDRLST⁩ ⁦@MZHemingway⁩
WATCH: Who thinks @CNN will cooperate in Federal Court and comply with my subpoena and discovery requests?… & Daily Beast Will ‘Run for Cover’ Rather Than Face Him in Court Predicts @DevinNunes
Retweeted by Devin NunesEveryone should sign up with @winred Thanksgiving prep ingredients ‘Farm Kid’ Thwarts the Coup: This is a must-buy book. Thanks to ⁦@LeeSmithDC⁩ & ⁦@DevinNunes⁩
Retweeted by Devin NunesBuy this book for yourself and anyone unaware of the wicked, insidious plot to destroy Trump and anyone around him.…
Retweeted by Devin NunesCongratulations @LeeSmithDC
It’s a bad idea for media to rely on peddled hearsay of an indicted criminal defendant laundered through his attorn…
Retweeted by Devin NunesHow many more of the corrupt Pravda media will jump onto the electric fence for their Dem/Socialist Puppeteers? Wat…
Must Watch: Media Puppets coming up over Sierra Nevada Mountains. Great morning to be on with @MariaBartiromo ... begins shortly Brewery opening next week in Visalia! donut bacon cheeseburger with egg...low calories
CNN Parrots a Farcical Conspiracy Theory About Devin Nunes and Ukraine think “low-rent Ukrainian sequel” by ⁦@DevinNunes⁩ will go down as the perfect description of The Schiff Show:
Retweeted by Devin NunesMust Watch: Dems get caught again wanting dirt from ignores Media doesn’t want you to see this @RepRatcliffe via @YouTubeHow Republicans Won Phase One Of Impeachment from @RedState thx for the kind words
The Russia Hoaxers have apparently settled on “We did nothing wrong, but if we did, it was all the fault of some lo…
Retweeted by Devin NunesMust watch: Low rent Ukrainian Sequel Deep Dive Discussion With Devin Nunes: Impeachment, Ukraine, Barr, Durham, The IG Report and More. I ask…
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At impeachment hearing, irrelevant opinions by Trump critics masquerade as facts | ⁦@GreggJarrett⁩ an attack on the press really looks like...
The Wages of Trump Fixation – ⁦@VDHanson⁩ to @marklevinshow for kind words about The Plot Against the President in his conversation last night with…
Retweeted by Devin NunesDemocrats don't want public to know origins of Ukraine probe like they didn't want public to know origins of Russia… reporting
Check out this clip from tonight's Life, Liberty & Levin. My guest is Devin Nunes at my new time, 8pm eastern on Fo…
Retweeted by Devin NunesDon’t miss marklevinshow tonight on foxnews 8PM ET 5PM PST future of @GOP looks bright w/ @EliseStefanik on our team. She took down Adam “the Schiff” like a boss!…
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Since I’ve exposed Adam Schiff, radical liberals & never-Trumpers are launching disgusting attacks against me in an…
Retweeted by Devin NunesImpeachment hoax update in case you missed yesterday What's #Yovanovitch doing here? **watch and retweet**
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Dems shut down ⁦@EliseStefanik⁩ again. Seems like they are afraid of tough Republican women! Hearing Day Two: Nunes Reads 1st Ukraine Call, Questions Why Yovanovitch is Testifying – American Great… questions necessary today... up what House Democrats have done with their majority... @jaketapper calls it the "House Impeach-- ah -- Hou…
Retweeted by Devin Nunes⬆️ made by @dcexaminer
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Must-see TV: @DevinNunes calls out Schiff's sham impeachment.
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