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The DRS, 12-3, Saturday/Sunday. Nationwide on NewstalkZB. Call 0800 801080. Text 9292. It’s just sport.

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Take a good look at who owns the NFC East #WashingtonFootball #divisionchamps
Everyone knows the saying “couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery”. Well this government can’t organise a rugby m…
@MontyPanesar The LEGE, the fans favourite, the irrepressible man on the DRS with me today after 1pm. Thanks so mu…
The final indignation. Youngest just asked 2 borrow one of my suits. Excellent I thought lad’s getting some taste a…
Martin Devlin: We Need to Talk 20th August
@NZBodyTechGym You’re not even open & you get cats towed? Bunch of pullers @GuyHeveldt @newstalkzbsport @chahuahua Nice taxi ride @Cam80805044 @AndrewGourdie 💯 @BaronGoneAWOL @AndrewGourdie Lindeloff let it go straight past @AndrewGourdie ⚽️-⚽️⚽️ @mauricedaman @NZBodyTechGym You’re an utter bastard too Mo!! @AndrewGourdie Effing Lindeloff @KiwiMoet You are a bastard @tauhenare Ok. Maybe I was dreaming.. @AklCouncil $330 to get a car towed?? Rip off jerksDicks @NZBodyTechGym Bunch of fucking wankers. There’s nobody in your gym, you can’t even open yet you get cars towed aw…
@JohnWardTulloch Sod off!!Beautiful day in Chch, packed house, afternoon rugby, 2 quality teams.. What a bummer this comp ends next week. @SuperRugbyNZ
@stylebender Bad man 🤩 @BeeFaerie That right there is all you need to convince this voter. Anyone who recognises and values the forevernes… @ChrisReive Can we just call it back2back as opposed to a streak? Streak would be such a great word to save til, Lo… @PouTepou @MarkHubbard33 @JudithCollinsMP And even if she was? Who gives a F? Sack the QC, go tell all the haters t… comic at a comedy show in Wellington tonight made a joke about oat and soy milk and someone in the audience booed. I love this city.
Retweeted by Martin Devlin @Jasonwalls92 That is utterly brilliant. I hope he has to apologise on Instagram. @robtreacher You’re a good good bastard Roberto. I’m clearly 🥃 🥃 🥃🥃🥃🥃deep.. @ibdxqueenstown Knew you’d know what I mean brother. Minds = alike. ♥️ @Redknapp What a fantastically charming, chatty, friendly, funny, champion geezer you are Mr H. Many many thanks. @DaviesGrahamd40 @ChrisKeall @Redknapp @TheKiwiSpurs Should’ve you’re rightYoung man & his mates & all their girlfriends & theirs off to school ball tonight. Dolled up, scrubbed up, tarted u… @bravewebnz @GavinHuet @Sportsfreakconz @ChrisKeall @Redknapp @TheKiwiSpurs Blinding! @Sportsfreakconz @ChrisKeall @Redknapp @TheKiwiSpurs He was good for your lot @ChrisKeall @Redknapp @TheKiwiSpurs Awesome! Diamond geezer. After 1. Tomorrow.
@connoj01 Hello there. Just a warning.. The guy who’s behind this particular twitter can be a little, shall we say… @Sportsfreakconz Very Jose Mourinho of him @WestHam Alright geezers. ‘Arry Redknapp on the DRS this weekend. Blinding? @DaveLWorsley @greycatwatching How you anyway Wors? Anyone else pulling out of the US with Rafa? @greycatwatching @DaveLWorsley Something.. Long winded Quite boring And probably the same story as last time @DaveLWorsley Give thy self thee uppercut @JacobSpoonley Got ‘im. Got his cell phone number. Now the stalking starts.. @JacobSpoonley Send me your cell bro @GuyHeveldt 2nd time I’ve gone early: WIFE that beautiful creature of yours. @JacobSpoonley @chellew_grant @NarelleSindos @skysportnz @MattRidenton @WgtnPhoenixFC Does THAT mean you’d want to?… @chellew_grant @NarelleSindos @skysportnz @MattRidenton @JacobSpoonley @WgtnPhoenixFC Easy 🐅 I am the real Spoonle… @themorningroost Call reject.. @mkilla14 First time I’ve ever gone early LBK
Best story of the day: A woman was caught sneaking into an isolation hotel in Rotorua. “Jasmine” says she was only… @MarcPeardSports @NRL Still bitter about your Panthers. Even left your fav Cam cap at work.. @JacobSpoonley @MilesDavisLive It all starts with 1 viewer mate.. @mikeburgess99 @NZRL_Kiwis @nzheraldsport SBW doesn’t look like a 35yo who’s been playing contact for close to 20yrs? @AndrewGourdie @whakataneluke He’s pretty good. And bloody glad to have him sure. Rather have signed Sancho tho & a… @JezzaMilly @pineyzb @wsafc Hoping we play the kids right through @NarelleSindos @skysportnz @MattRidenton @JacobSpoonley @WgtnPhoenixFC I taught you everything Spoonley. Lounging b… @JezzaMilly @pineyzb @wsafc I loved him. We’ve had plenty. We all have. @StuartaCat Mate as far as I’m concerned now, you’re him!! @__DeBruyne Why do any of you give a flying fuck about who spends what?? It’s not your $$ Or mine Or the fans It’s… @MarcPeardSports @NRL Got asked on once then dumped. Too white, too male, too tall, too old, too Redskins, too MJ over Le Bron.League & Order podcast 11 now out @NRL Watch : Listen :
Retweeted by Martin Devlin @StuartaCat The Chris Parry I’m thinking of managed The Jam in London early 80s. But regardless of.. yes, we’re all… @StuartaCat You related to the Parry’s from up BrownOwl way? @JezzaMilly @pineyzb @wsafc Still trying to figure out what the hell he was thinking..Auckland you sexy minx.. @KateLGourdie @secondzeit Talking to a Stranger also @mattlogue7 @NZWarriors @PenrithPanthers @NRL @telegraph_sport Sign him up 💪🏻💪🏻
Retweeted by Martin Devlin @secondzeit I’d like to squeeze Hunters & Collectors in there please? @JezzaMilly @pineyzb Ouch. Sheezus Jezza. I thought end of season we went into truce mode.. Will be @wsafc Sat arvo… @traceyhnz @rnz_news @SpeakerTrevor That one is spectacularly good @AndyMuir22 Bastard. Never grounded. @_NZJAKE_ Not sure if I’d use the “M” word. Colleagues yes definitely. I was more wondering whether you were tarrin… @SpeakerTrevor @WoburnsFinest @rnz_news @JudithCollinsMP Mr Speaker with all due respect..are you admonishing? Let’… @JamieWall2 @Sportsfreakconz @AliIkram 💡 New book. A detailed analysis of SRA from a Hurricanes fans perspective.… @SpeakerTrevor @WoburnsFinest @rnz_news @JudithCollinsMP You know I like you Trev. Mate I was born in Naenae. Moved… @Sportsfreakconz @AliIkram And always when both @Protect_Wldlife @DGangeGashead @PeterEgan6 @XposeTrophyHunt @BellaLack @carriesymonds @CBTHunting @dan710ths @WoburnsFinest @rnz_news @SpeakerTrevor Please = bribe. Call it what you will. I wish I could just vote for individ… @oakparkbandit @NewstalkZB Hahahahaha Hold tight there pal. Chch ain’t going away.. @gfstarr1 Great to hear, thank you. Mostly same sort of sentiments downunder here. Good initial reception but when… @peterkalksma @SuperRugbyNZ 💯 Or the Swedish chef @secondzeit @tonywalljourno Did Jason Donovan have a band? If not I’m nominating Sherbert. @peterkalksma @SuperRugbyNZ The guy on the right @AliIkram only tweet when you’re drunk @secondzeit @tonywalljourno Awesome!! And what was his other band.. some feet worth of Grunt? @MartinStewartNZ @HoneyHireme Damn straight. There must be something she isn’t great at tho?You are an exceptional athlete and one of the most humble @HoneyHireme. We are privileged to have you on our team.…
Retweeted by Martin Devlin @oakparkbandit @NewstalkZB Hope you’re coping alright with the new lockdown over there brother? @rnz_news @SpeakerTrevor Now this is an absolute vote-getting-sweetener/bribe. Shameless. @Rachelgpeters In their 10s of 1000s too!! As they once said on Coro St.. nowt as queer as folk? @secondzeit @tonywalljourno Agree. I nominated the Supply earlier. Confirm that Kajagoogoo was Ozzie & they take the #1 seed? @oakparkbandit @NewstalkZB No no no I’m not saying do that. Just that I always feel a bit uncomfortable when any of… @CraigNorenbergs @jonathanvswan @POTUS @RaidersCanberra @BrumbiesRugby C’mon Norro. No-one not even those born ther… @gfstarr1 Question: We’ve been debating this back here after one of our rugby superstars changed teams over the sum… @oakparkbandit @NewstalkZB Will. My man. You aren’t the kind of guy that would think he abuses people I’m sure. Mat… @AttilaBalassa @Shihad_Band @JonToogood Without You, Nilsson.Here’s some really ugly news. @SuperRugbyNZ finishes the weekend after next. The election blah blah still has anoth… @_NZJAKE_ Which bit do you hate the most? Old? Guy? White? Rich? Or twat? @Sherlock_NZ @coughlthom I don’t disagree. I just know it’ll never get done. @nzherald “Insert name” in failed SAS reality tv show shock. “They didn’t seem to care, I was just left behind” sai… @NewshubNZ Who is the advertising agency? And who are the actual people who sat round a table & all told each other… @Peter_Fitz Support their local economy. Buy Shane Warnie’s perfume.