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The DRS, 12-3, Saturday/Sunday. Nationwide on NewstalkZB & Radio Sport. Call 0800 801080. Text 9292. It’s just sport.

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Just heard the most beautiful line.. “Play on children, like it’s Xmas again” @KirstieStanway Apologies for adding an unwanted “a” to your surname in a previous text! (everyone spells my name… @kenlaban @HughGunson @skysportnz @KirstieStanway That’s really kind. Much much appreciated.
Credit where credit is due. Last year I was critical of Sky’s 1/2 time rugby coverage. Here I am a year later watch…
@NigelYalden You know the truth Nige!!! AND I am in the Alderson class when it comes to finding a dinner venue.. Say it! Say Yes. @emmawehipeihana I hate that moment tho Em where you know it’s not quite right, it’s waffling, can’t close.. So I a… @nzherald And the irony being the masks are made in... @Tam_drums Lovely of you to remind me TC. 7 years ago in fact? @stafnz @Dean_Nimbly Bernie McCahill @Tam_drums Every time we play prem league.. @Dean_Nimbly @stafnz Colin Farrell @ArdChoilleNZ @SmithyInWelly @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks Still love the cold windy crapper tho.. @UnitedSheStands Excellent read you last epistle btw @ArdChoilleNZ @SmithyInWelly @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks Well I did move here (again) in 1998 @stafnz You’re such a liar Staf. Just say it mate: “Caleb Ralph”. No-one is judging you. @OtagoLad @steelbanks @KloppGoff @NeilReidnz @sthnjeff Hallelujah brother!! @MarkSReynolds Brilliant. Perfect in fact. @Beth_Alize You? @SmithyInWelly @ArdChoilleNZ @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks He’s world class alright. @FoxyLustyGrover You may not like his broadcasting, or style, or views but I’m also betting you have never met him?… @tauhenare The Daktory? @ArdChoilleNZ @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks Where? @rickdeighton \ @tauhenare Mate. Kids: “soooo f-ing glad old baldie doesn’t drive his shit heap up to skool & try & be cool with th… @Sportsfreakconz Never. You’re putting the hard 6 hour week. @tauhenare You have fallen so far.. That thing ain’t wearing no Dirty Dogs is it? @rickdeighton Man @JamesElliott8 @NewsroomNZ ✅ ✅ ✅ @Mitch_Savage Tuffey @emmawehipeihana Most of us click “send” at that exact point.. @KloppGoff @steelbanks @NeilReidnz @sthnjeff Sheezus mate. Even I’m leaving after that. zzzzzz @steelbanks @BlackCapsNo1Fan @NeilReidnz @sthnjeff @KloppGoff Good boozer. Great wartime spanker of Mein Gotten Himmel. @sthnjeff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @NeilReidnz @KloppGoff @steelbanks You forgot the word “fat”. @BlackCapsNo1Fan @sthnjeff @NeilReidnz @KloppGoff @steelbanks But Jess we have so many more boring stories to bore with.. @NeilReidnz @sthnjeff @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks Never @BlackCapsNo1Fan @NeilReidnz @sthnjeff @KloppGoff @steelbanks Jess you do whatever you want! @elliottnz @NZRugby Define exchanged @sthnjeff @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks ..who is slightly embarrassed about his nickname “Donkey”.. @sthnjeff @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks @NeilReidnz Thursday nights the Love God, the Real Need for Neil… @sthnjeff @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks I’m sure I even joined the protest when they ripped up the first… @sthnjeff @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks Yes Yes Yes!! Laid twice they were. And still dangerous as all fuck. @sthnjeff @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks Can’t ever remember a Te Aro crapping on me while sitting under t… @sthnjeff @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks Someone needs to start a hashtag @sthnjeff @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks The world’s most expensive useless slippery bastard stupid tiles ever laid park? @GuyHeveldt Just jokes you know. I work at least 8 most weeks when you include travel time. @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks He’s a gentleman alright. From memory most bars in Wellington only let you… @sthnjeff @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks Is it no longer called that? Knowing Wellington I guess someone f… @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks In that case Nick Mills’s sports bar up Courtenay @NewshubNZ EVERY sub lives for the day they can put the V word in a headline. You manage the U word as well.. come on down our new CEO.. @pineyzb She a United fan? @SeanPlunket @MagicTalkRadio You are on your death bed at work and still tweeting. #myhero And women reckon childbirth is hard?? @TimRoxborogh “ we can all get some sleep”? #claytons @KloppGoff @BlackCapsNo1Fan @steelbanks Right by Pigeon Park. Used to be called 4 Kings. Say hi to Matt the owner.… @NigelYalden 3 hours??? That’s 1/2 a working week. @MagicTalkRadio @SeanPlunket @NZNationalParty @simonjbridges @CitizenBomber @damienmgrant It’s his name isn’t it? T… @SarahSpain Bastards. All of them. Except me Sarah. Genuine, sensitive, thoroughly supportive.. #lielikeaguy @MilesDavisLive We’ve both raised millennials mate. It’s our fault. @MilesDavisLive Mate how did they play on those? @1968Tv @FootballArchive @MilesDavisLive @SuperRugbyNZ Ok all you whiners/moaners. Yes it’s starting 2 early but the players still have to play regardless,… @barneymainsy @sumostevenson @1NewsNZ Not sure I understand that last word? “Listening”?? 🤣😂😇 Mate I genuinely thi… @nickwillis @Airbnb @Gladwell Nice. Make his butt-covering buttocks clench!! @gfstarr1 Lost the Subway Series 2000(?) @Guy_Wilson_Golf Mate does @GuyHeveldt not do his own Twitter these days? Do I need to ask again??? When are you g… @elliottnz @NZRugby Define “free”. @elliottnz @NZRugby People can change Elliott. I certainly never let it compromise my independence and integrity much tho. @elliottnz @NZRugby Retweeting it is a bit unnecessary tho @DevlinRadioShow @NZRugby if you insist.
Retweeted by Martin Devlin @elliottnz @NZRugby Timeless. @taylahtomokino Yip. But you’d never do it. And neither would I. At least she didn’t do the old “bunny ears behind… @elliottnz @NZRugby I should never have done this for free.. #tooniceaguy #diditfortheloveofthegame #boomboombadadada @taylahtomokino Because they are either pissed. Or weird. Or dicks. Or just, like this person, in love? @elliottnz @NZRugby At least post the tv ad with it.. @JudithCollinsMP Please tell me @themikeking is doing the foreword? @elliottnz Steady on. They used the same crowd that are doing the @NZRugby review to come up with this. @ChrisReive Speechless @BeersBetween Bunce = LEGE. That effing header vs Brazil Confed Cup ‘99.. @UnitedSheStands Oh. So they do make car seats for adults too? @Kiwimrsmac @tauhenare @simonbwilson You still a Slave to the pen? @tauhenare @simonbwilson Busted @nickwillis @Airbnb Yip. Ugly side to our species alright. Here’s another question: Why do so many athletes deliber… @bluebirds999 Love the Welsh #Giggsy #Sparky #MickeyThomas @tauhenare @simonbwilson I know I’m on medication but I’d actually vote for you this time @tauhenare @simonbwilson 60-80 @JamieWall2 Nice. Didn’t play a test. But just a champion every day of the week! Effing useless at answering anythi… @adamcoopnz You say that term like it’s wrong or something. Archaic? Yes. Boomer? Many are. But you lot are the gen… @barneymainsy @sumostevenson @1NewsNZ I know I’m an old hippie Colin but how’s this for an idea: NZ Rugby as compar… @Sportsfreakconz @Atomic_Moog And that’s not including Crusaders fans? @OSlater_ He solid? You got him on a short leash? @1968Tv @FootballArchive Right proper pitch that @kimbakerwilson Sheezus. The human porpoise? @nz_voter Fuck I hate peopleThis Para was presented his brother’s beret at his passing out ceremony. The brother that was killed in Afghanistan…
Retweeted by Martin Devlin @sumostevenson See you there? @tauhenare @simonbwilson Bring it back!! A newspaper. On newsprint even!! Museums are good mate. As long as everyth… @SeanPlunket @MagicTalkRadio @simonjbridges Crawling from your sick bed? You are a hero and inspiration to all who know what true toil is.. @tauhenare @simonbwilson To those that will turn you from a reactionary old boomer into a man of calm reasoned debate.. @nickwillis @Airbnb Why do (some) NZers think it’s perfectly ok to hawk Kobe gear on TradeMe the day after he dies… @AllBlacks 1996 series winners in SA. Hard to even define nowadays how big this was for EVERY All Black, how histor…
@tauhenare @DanRockNZ The invite was for me bro. Typical. You can’t help yourself huh? Arrive late. Take it all lik…