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It me.
@holmok I would also say that availability is a core tenant of stability @micahhausler I mean call me crazy but I think security is a core tenant of stability. @kwyntastic You can’t build better ux enhancements if the Infra is weak.If you’re in an infrastructure org/team your #1 priority & the majority of your time should be spent insuring the s… @jimmesta @mauilion @ParisInBmore @jaicesd @arungupta @vllry @JamesMunnelly @AmandaK_Data @Lemonjet It’s computers. That’s what we’re up toHow did you get this video of me to welcome @mauilion (back) to the team very soon! Let’s make crap dorkestrator great again 😂😂 @ken_wheeler Marry itThe wine I deserve. I deserve wine.
@randileeharper I would read this fan fic @jaicesd @rusmeshenberg Or in the context of our earlier conversation successes of our current that continue to be successful? @randileeharper I accept this responsibility @mikedemarais LolWhat does “legacy code” mean to you @hoofed_locust Zach its just a moisturizing bar of soap. sorry it doesn't fit your "seven in one man shower product…
@vllry Well it’s not gonna happen here if I have any say. @kwyntastic I vow, as long as I’m senior staff, to never do this to you Kwyn.I struggle w/ smth & am curious if other women in tech do too: When I’m passed over for someone else to lead a proj…
@JursJustin Yah sure. Why not?My spouse has a bunch of people in his life who like to actually talk to him or spend time with him. It stresses m…
would’ve been great if our justice system never had load-bearing 87 year olds in the first place
Retweeted by devonI'm in an oh no spiral. I know we keep doing the "ok 2020" bit but this shit can't keep going. @AmandaK_Data 🖤
I know I often make complaints in jest, but really I love my team & my job & the people I get to work with every da… @tsunamino BAE. this is a whole moodme: @heidigolitely On a technicality. Everyone knows you’re the leader of your team. @heidigolitely It’s better in sre right? 🖤 @wesleytb13 I don’t want that negativity in my life. Not rn.QQ: do you ever feel like you *deserve* ice cream? Bc I do and yet, there is no ice cream.
@buildsghost switched from dev to sreIt has been 7️⃣3️⃣ days since 𝙳𝙴𝚅𝙾𝙽 last had a crying at work incident. @beccadottex NEXT TIME AT ME. @beccadottex Yah no packaging at all just a tiny brown envelope that looks like it’s for drugs. @beccadottex Labeled “from apple totally legit” which in fact I have. @bynkii WAS IT YOUJk. Y’all security naughty geese sure go through a lot of energy to hack a little ole Apple employee like me. /HONKAlso pretty interesting that I’d you look closely on one side you can see it’s been glued back together at the seam… that it came in a box dated yesterday that I threw away that was resealed on the bottom and that it was…! What a treat! Someone sent me this awesome yubikey as a birthday gift, and not even a month after @radian told…
@techwolf359 I think burnout is stress ++ lack of support and I luckily have great support, great management and a great org. @mattrudel I'll just buy and sell a house every year. that sounds good. @lioninawhat pass.I start to feel _very_ depressed when I'm not stressing out about some work project or taxes or something like that… by is the apocalypse I actually wanted sits in a box next to the tub while I take baths. @rovetastic congrats kweeeeeeeeeen!
when one of the people I mentor gets promoted, I feel like a very very very small part of that promotion is mine to… @normanmaurer the lil spunky oneMe, writing a single line of Go after being on vacation for a week. @samanthajeet Yes please bc you are mourningI JUST DID SOMETHING EMBARRASSING ON ACCIDENT and now I am dead please come to my funeral.
The essence of smart software development
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2020 my 39th birthday (today), I have rebranded as “Palm Springs goth” I will not be accepting questions at this ti…
@ryanpfolsom Y thoSoCal is so full of FAKERS 😤😤 just be yourself, you’re not fooling me 😤😤
@RiotARedHerring Food sleeve! different than I thought it woold be used to think guys whose signature karaoke song was “creep” were self aware but now I know they’re just over conf… @elchefe It’s my outfit rn I’m pretty sure. @cherthedev Yikes. @AmandaK_Data bae
I attempted to do my own nails @hoofed_locust wtf are you cheating on me?I started calling a service “crap dork-estrator” when I 1st went on call for it 1.5 yrs ago (it’s actually “app orc… @bina_abdulrahim @IanColdwater
@sophiebits yah every time I get this bug again i'm like "really twitter?" @seldo @burgessdryan yah this has happened to me dozens of times. @pixelonezero No, thanks for askingOften young women send me dms asking me for the secret to my success. The truth is I put my candy corn and peppero…😘absolutely *love* gatekeepers 🥰💗🥰 && others who 😍insist😍 on being in the critical path 💖 even tho they lack 💞any💕 relevant context 💝 @mikeshiplet I’m never not on call @APloetz Any updates? @shaunrashid No @SpamYoghurt1JK For overheating 🥵 she has heat stokes and it’s really scary. But also so she can see. She’s a hair… is down, can you join us on a bridge while we debugContainer/K8s job thread for September! Who's hiring? What are you hiring for? Post here so candidates can find you! RT for reach? 🐳☸️
Retweeted by devon @IanColdwater Apple is hiring SREs, managers, developers, security engineers in my infrastructure org!
@the_anuj b team changing bulbs to keep the lights on.I'm feeling this vibe so hard rn. please. Ziggy got a haircut today @ujjwaltrivedi are you calling me a ho? @Lemonjet @ParisInBmore I've also only had one promotion in 14 years and it was at Apple two years ago. I've had to… @rwquinn77 If you have to ask, that's not a good sign.Actual video of me eating my feelings.’t burn out your “a” team by making them over compensate for your “c” team.I’m aware. What are you doing to make sure the women around you aren’t under leveled? Ask why the strong and tale…
Retweeted by devonEveryone who didn’t hangup from a video call today then say “screw this” or “thank god that’s over” is a true hero. I am not a hero.
This is for my sister team but same org and its a good opportunity for any security engineers jerkstore called, and they're all out of you. @elchefe wait. are you looking for a job? @kwyntastic You trade 1/80th of a stonk for it.New golden handcuff swag for the AAPL split. Your monthly reminder that you too can have such swag bc we’re still… am this chicken. This is my siren song.