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@nebita send @duumu @LaLaChuu vouchthis is a wavedash stan account tbhSTREAM DUMMO LOOP BY @wearewavedash @wearewavedash LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @umru_ idk if its this photo, or the actual content, but this filter/color/glow is super coolthinking about Kid Pix @aturamusic W @NXOnNetflix @nikapaprika @pooldad what kind of mustard..👋💥✨🌈
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@jimmypueblo omg i am so glad im not the only one who loves pho specifically when its cold outdummo loop nightcore...I VOTED! @hunter_hhhh tag yourself i’m “i- s”GASOIID @wearewavedash @GudVibrations this art is siiiiiiiick wowowowow @physicallydv the toms!!! @emtacolor holy shit be safe woahMos Thoser THOSER @fraxiommusic @gupimusic @fo0dhouse @fo0dhouse mos thoser @abbigaga extremely powerful photomos thoser @astronaughtyart THE SECOND ONE HOOOOOOOLY SHIT @umru_ when should we facetime? them: monday? me: i'll call you at 7! them: sounds good! me: (calls at 7:00) them… @jimmypueblo 5G just got real
@emtacolor “Polychrome©”👋💥✨🌈 @rickie found literally in the checkout line at walmart @maxschramp the chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!today i voted early in person (for biden/harris!) it was extremely easy to do and i suggest you do the same if you’…
Retweeted by DEVONI can not fucking believe THE WEEKND is an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on the new OPN album what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckWHAT WHAT THE FUCK WHAAAAAAAAAAT 2 listens and dummo loop is stuck in my headGIRL YOU KNOCK ME OUT @wearewavedash first Graphic Design tip! Did you already know this tip? 🤔 comment below! ➡️LIKE 🛠️ ➡️RT (RETWEET)🎨 ➡️FOLLOW💎…
Retweeted by DEVON @ImStrobey yes.i knew @Jackapedia_ would like thisLIVING THE DREAM RN @om_neb 2011 complextro turn my swag on @astronaughtyart egg @safehaven__hq 😛 @locksandblinds honestly i just tweeted this to save the image to my phone haha i just ordered this jacket lmaoooo @h_________e yeah im going to after this lol @majorbean_ shoutout microsoftthis list is insane lol @redzamusic hi günter
broncos just got stomped holy shitwh-- are you fucking kidding me 3rd birthday virtual self @om_neb TOP RIGHT OOPS @om_neb go to your "library" there should be a profile icon top left. click it, and a bunch of stuff should pop up… @SURATI__ this is SO COOLthe album teaser has me re-listening through all of @wearewavedash 's discography :,) very cool to go all the way b… @hunter_hhhh collect em all heres another one i saw a wavedash song featuring james ivy titled/named under destiny bond lol @yitakulxiv When you are eating foodWAVEDASH @Jackapedia_ folks @hhazelboyy lol thats what i voted for @_medotexe_ 😏 EMPYREAN X BONFIRE (DEVON MASHUP) GOES HARD TBH STANK FACE BIRTHDAY @byebrina !!!!!!!!!!!! @om_neb @poiniespoin hyperJUICY is sooooo good @nebita consider: the opposite
@SURATI__ @nightcoreboi holy shit @SURATI__ @nightcoreboi send @still_crisp @safehaven__hq ❤️📍 @maxschramp pack it up Jeff Koons @NOT_STRIDER gamer eggs gamer eggs @FroyoTam yay!!! wishing u a speedy & good recovery!! @jedwill1999 1 10 20 50 @majorbean_ this was sincere i think the pics look good turn that 😔 into 😁 @majorbean_ 🚨SWAG ALERT🚨lol @Jackapedia_ true @Jackapedia_ tbh @nebita i was your 100th audius follower lol @maxschramp ColdBrewMan123!i think im gonna upload a bunch of stuff to audius tomorrow @duumu !!!! @glitchmood WOAH @nebita @GRAPHIXSLAYER @hhazelboyy 👖 @GRRLmusic 7
@oblivlad i made this graphic last night! @wearewavedash LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO🌱NEW🌿MUSIC🍃FRIDAY🌿 @GDDR6X @DEC1M4TRON @kaem_e can someone please take my @ out of this convo lol“💥” @GDDR6X i think