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Devon Govett @devongovett San Francisco

Full stack JavaScripter. Author of @parceljs. Engineer @adobe. Previously @livefyre and @storify.

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@AdamRackis I’m not convinced it would be less “complexity” if it were written in JS instead of Prolog. @AdamRackis npm is a valid choice. Your original tweet is still spreading unnecessary FUD about Yarn 2. @AdamRackis I’m tired of this take. You don’t have to use Prolog to use Yarn 2 except if you want constraints. And… @klegsy Prolog in yarn 2 is the most recent exampleI highly recommend that JS developers be open to learning other languages. It’s useful to have alternative perspect… @seldo @acemarke You don’t have to learn the entire language to use that feature. The docs have examples of common… @seldo @acemarke Use the right tool for the job? Prolog is literally designed for this exact thing. Why reinvent th… @acemarke @seldo Because in JS land, everything must be implemented in JS. 😂 @jaredpalmer Best feature ever.Incredible overview of non-standard web platform features that debuted in Trident, the engine behind good ol’ Inter…
Retweeted by Devon GovettPlaying around with the inspector panel. Props are now grouped into categories with smarter editing controls for ce…
Retweeted by Devon Govett @brian_d_vaughn Awesome work! Sounds great.
@rauchg @suchipi @jaredpalmer @acemarke @dan_abramov It improves build performance significantly as well. The tradi… @gordonnl Anyway, the beauty of this approach is that it combines the visual editor (which you could also just use… @gordonnl It’s for me... 🤪 I personally find e.g. TypeScript’s autocomplete pretty useless when I’m working with a… @sebmarkbage @ryanflorence Lol in my FocusScope implementation I wrapped the children between two <span hidden> wit… @mxstbr @rickhanlonii @AgentConf So jealous. I need to go to this conference next year. It has my two favorite things: JS and skiing! 😲 @gordonnl To me, autocomplete is only faster if you already know what you want to write. A UI like this is faster i… @Kosai106 Yeah definitely. I struggled with the UI for that... still thinking about it.
@sebmck Yeah, all I really want is the data. Doc generators usually try to do too much and actually render everythi…, again battling the many separate JS tools that should be one that work subtly different from one another. This… @jkup @RReverser @left_pad @_developit I'm in! @arcanis Congrats!!Introducing Yarn 2! 🧶🌟
Retweeted by Devon Govett @henry_daggett A thing I'm building :)Playing around with the inspector panel. Props are now grouped into categories with smarter editing controls for ce… @chriseppstein I feel personally attacked. 😆 @void_0 @cpojer Yeah Parcel has had caching since day 1. @slightlylate I don’t think KPIs for browser vendors should include # of new APIs shipped, which seems to be how th…
@swyx @sveltejs @AWSAmplify haha pretty much @swyx @sveltejs @AWSAmplify Nice! This is definitely the future. Web app UX can be so much better, but it's so so h… @AdamRackis @Rich_Harris @stubbornella For sure. Seems like there are some pretty strong voices on the other side as well though. @Rich_Harris And that's why Chrome's cowboy attitude to shipping features before they are are ready and then compla… @albertgao You're explicitly allowing `any` as the parameter type in both of those functions though via the runtime… @swyx @kylemathews @orta @gatsbyjs @typescript eh, tbh I'm still not really convinced myself. 😅 @kylemathews @swyx @orta @gatsbyjs @typescript Oh heh. Those must have been the files I touched the one time I sent a PR. 😉 @orta @swyx @gatsbyjs @typescript @kylemathews That's true, though I think only a small portion of it is actually typed at all. @swyx @orta @gatsbyjs @typescript @kylemathews 😥 Honestly kinda sad to see that. Will Parcel 2 end up being the las…
@shinework @kylemathews @thesegunadebayo Neat! Is it specific to Chakra or more general? I’m working on something s… @estejs Uhh what? This is incorrect. I use it every day. @albertgao It’s not dangerous if the function is only used in a single place, which is the case for most event hand…
@_developit Probably missing something, but doesn't React also do that? @tomasz_ducin @spion Of course, but "fast enough" is also a thing. Faster isn't always better. @tomasz_ducin @spion I'd argue that Flow/Reason disproves that. All of FB uses Flow. I'd say that's a large program. @tomasz_ducin @spion We use Flow for the whole Parcel 2 codebase, which is quite large. 🤷‍♂️ @lukeed05 Neat. Only for north american calendars (gregorian, week starts on sunday) though? Once you add more i18n… @codervandal There are a bunch of tools! Axe is a good automated one. But generally, you should follow the ARIA pra… @hernansartorio @reactjs Keyboard support, following aria grid spec for calendar, following the combobox spec for t… a new UI component without accessibility support is irresponsible. Seeing these libraries shared widely b… @hernansartorio @reactjs Nice, but needs accessibility support. 😢 @tomasz_ducin @spion Flow does it and the perf isn’t bad 🤷🏻‍♂️Me: I think TypeScript could be improved in this one small way. TypeScript fanboys: @gaelduplessix Yeah, it’s just so much extra code though! 😂 @spion I think it should work exactly as if the function were inline. Not sure if that’s how Flow works or not (probably not). @spion Yeah, I suggested in another reply to maybe limit it to only work if the function is only referenced in one… @ForceTheIssue That’s an interesting approach. Hadn’t seen that one before. @filearts I think if the function is only referenced in one place it should work the same was as inline. Maybe if r… @mohsen____ @fabiomiranda @PoliCodes I haven’t noticed too many issues with Flow. But you could put some limitation… @krzKaczor Maybe a while ago, but I haven’t had any perf issues with flow recently. @openmike503 Sure it makes sense why it works that way today, but seems like it could be better.I really wish TypeScript had better inference. It's pretty annoying that inline event handlers have their types inf… @DavidKPiano @kentcdodds I built something similar in JS for a while back too: It’s used by… @DavidKPiano @kentcdodds I kinda think an actual language for expressing state machines would be better than doing…
@kylemathews I remember using around 2014-2015 I think
@cramforce Unfortunately not. 😞
@AltinSelimi Symbols don’t offer much in the way of customizability. They’re still just pictures of UI with no sema… @KyleKochanek What products don’t have a visual language? I think shared tooling would encourage more collaboration… @leads @jim_savage You write in JavaScript but it eventually is compiled to machine code. But you don’t think about… @leads @JorisGriffioen @tommyvedvik @stevensacks I’m saying that design tooling should also allow you to design wit… @leads @JorisGriffioen @tommyvedvik @stevensacks Nothing stops you from using div and span too, but when you need a… @jakobyjonsson See next tweet 😉 @KyleKochanek I think a system that allows you to edit the real code visually is the way to go. Allows designers to… @jim_savage The browser shows the internals, but most of the time I’m not writing them directly, I’m using a component library. @stevensacks @tommyvedvik I just mean someone building an actual app rather than a component library @tommyvedvik @stevensacks Within the design system components sure, but product devs just use higher level components most of the time.
@jaredpalmer B for sure. See building a smart folder in Finder. @randomtechdude @framer @figmadesign @sketch Definitely a start, but I think there is a long way to go. @cH40zLord @framer Yeah I'm aware of framer. It seems like a good start, but not quite all the way there yet. The d… should be using the same component APIs as developers. Even when creating the design system itself, the p… UI design tools are far too low level. With components, developers are no longer writing raw divs and spans, b… @XCSme @parceljs parcel@next @HenrikJoreteg @danbucholtz @parceljs Yep, it’s in Parcel 2!
@Dave_Stein @JosuGoi1 That’s trueDid a mini-interview with @HenriHelvetica on the 14th anniversary of the release of jQuery! A great thread with lot…
Retweeted by Devon Govett @jeresig @HenriHelvetica Oh man. I remember using jQuery for the first time, probably around 2007. It was truly inc… @Dave_Stein @JosuGoi1 Huh I kinda like it! No more null pointer errors or undefined is not an object. I think JS is… @JosuGoi1 Definitely. But really great autocompletion and automatic code fixes help too. @JosuGoi1 Hmm, not sure yet. The tooling is really good though. And the type system is much stronger than even TypeScript. @brianleroux Nice! @jody_lecompte Looks interesting! @JosuGoi1 Yeah, plenty of takes in this space. XCode/Visual Studio too. I'd like to see someone do this for web dev… is actually a pretty fun programming language! Wonder if it will ever take off outside Apple platforms... 🤔 @enjalot Yep! I'm experimenting with something in this space. Each panel in the UI is a plugin, rendering native UI… @enjalot Yeah, I'm aware. Some existing tools (e.g. Xcode, Visual Studio) get part of the way there, but I'm imagin… @grahamcox82 @intellijidea @code @AtomEditor I think especially for UI development, this makes a ton of sense. I’ve… @grahamcox82 @intellijidea @code @AtomEditor Yeah, you can do those things, but the UI for doing so is essentially… @grahamcox82 @intellijidea @code @AtomEditor I think the level of integration offered by existing IDEs (esp for web… @themuzzotheory You don’t think similar tools could be made in open source? What about e.g. Blender? @Andrew_Taylor I think it will be somewhere in between. Perhaps it will look similar to code today, but rather than… @eclecticjohny I've been working on it myself a bit 😉