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You’re a leader Killer Mike. @taylorswift13 @realDonaldTrump Damn okay. Yes. haven’t tweeted much lately about the serious stuff happening in this country, maybe because Twitter is a dumpste…
Retweeted by Devon Werkheiser @iamcardib speaks truth Cornel West is a thought leader and leader of Love. Listen when he speaks.
@RandomMusinz @Patreon I agree. We’re gonna get into it on the Patreon livestream. Would love to see you over there… double standard. Some would call it racism. They would be correct. @C_Macauley2004 @Patreon That’s what’s up man.Don’t talk about the response if you aren’t ready to address the reasons behind it.
Retweeted by Devon WerkheiserGoing live on @patreon today at 5pm PST in the Life Survival Guide Lifestream. We’ll be discussing trolls on and of…
@johncusack Agreed. @CNN @kenjeong Fuck those GOP operatives. And fuck the DNC too.If you’re more angry about the looting than George Floyd’s murder, kindly take a deep breath, pause, and shut the fuck up.
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Remember when @JoeBiden jokingly tried to define what blackness is? #thisisntfunnyreally saddened by how garbage america has become.
Retweeted by Devon WerkheiserDo you wish Ned grew up and you could talk about life with him? Come be a part of the community. Life Survival Guid… heartbreaking. I don’t know what else to say. #GeorgeFloyd @alireidtv Hi I actually can’t do this Thursday! What about next Thursday instead??
@MTV “Please remember that you’re holding human tissue.”
Who did this? 😂 #Warzone rage is valid.
@MelissaSchelll Devon. Nice typo. If you need *more* music, connection, etc etc.Been doing personal video calls all week with my top tier patrons. This community is the new love of my life. If yo… @AlyssaVierneza Welcome to the community. Thanks for joining. Live-streams every Monday and Friday. @AlyssaVierneza Okay great. It’s there now for you. @AlyssaVierneza I’m gonna open up a spot. It’ll be there for you unless someone else grabs it. @AlyssaVierneza No I’m serious. I can’t do too many more on it cuz that many video calls a month are a lot but I co… @AlyssaVierneza If you’re serious I can open up one more spot for you. 💙 let me know...What do you mean you aren’t vibing to this song? finished a two hour Lifestream with my patron community. If you are looking for a declassified life survival g…
I had a fantastic town hall last night with Kentuckians. One of the most popular questions I get is “How can I get…
Retweeted by Devon Werkheiser @marlynmrosario No they are so disconnected from regular working class people that they don’t give a fuck. @AnandWrites This is a typically terrible choice by the Democrats. They’ll still get many progressive votes simply… Earth is beautiful.
Retweeted by Devon WerkheiserHow many Americans lost their jobs in just 2 months ➡️ 40,000,000 Billionaire wealth increase in same 2 months ➡️…
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@krstnehnsn @Toriw33n She was being annoying and aggressive...🤷‍♂️ she’s unblocked now she can try again on the next one. @mtaibbi Fuck the Democratic Party. This is so disappointing. And I’ll still have to vote for them. now I mean in 2 hours.Global meditation starts now. #MayDay2020 act of creativity moves you closer to divinity.
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Unfettered capitalism is Jeff Bezos growing his net worth by $35,000,000 every day for the last three months, and s…
Retweeted by Devon Werkheiser @MelissaSchelll 😂 for sureI was today year’s old when I realized @DavidDobrik is not @devonwerkharder
Retweeted by Devon Werkheiser @_danbenson Omg dude😱 @nowthisnews This video makes me wildly uncomfortable
@TheAcademy The One RingThe idea behind providing $2,000/month for ordinary Americans should be obvious: Either we give people money that…
Retweeted by Devon Werkheiser @MelissaSchelll Because I missed our first call, I owe you a follow back.
@teennick @EndsWithYou @teennick love this movie. @WhitneyCummings 😂😂😂 @marvelstaylena @teennick @_TheBoyBlunder_ @teennick 😂 @NathanZed haha. good? @teennick Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.“Miles” is almost at 50k streams. Thank you for listening. More to come. thank you for joining!!!!
@kaitybaillie Thank you! @wendy_hiemstra Thanks for being a part of it! It was good talking to you as wellTune in at 2 pm in twelve minutes to join the Ned’s Declassified Virtual panel through @WizardWorld They’ll be stre… World's #NedsVirtualExperiences w/ @devonwerkharder Lindsey Shaw @IamDRIIVE & Rob Pinkston will start in 1 h…
Retweeted by Devon WerkheiserLive Ned’s Declassified Q&A at 2 pm!!! forward to this!
Today, I choose to believe this: We are stronger than we know. We will not fall prey to hopelessness. We will not…
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@elonmusk 😂 Frankly, unfettered wasn’t the best word choice. But here we are. @wejblock @elonmusk My point was, yes sure, call out and watch out for the extremes like Marxism. But also our coun… @wejblock @elonmusk Perhaps not the right qualifying word to use. I didn’t want to imply that I meant only Capitali… today's Life Survival Guide Livechat we’ll be exploring insecurities and self-love. My question for you is what… @yellowpilled @Off_Ks_Soul @elonmusk Yeah I hear that. Maybe it’s both. A bottom up revolution of alternative syste… @kamran5461 @elonmusk 😂👍🏻 @MaxStirnerJPEG @sjonen99 @elonmusk What’s the quote? Absolute power corrupts absolutely? The fallibility of man. I… @MaxStirnerJPEG @sjonen99 @elonmusk True. And agreed. And maybe where the two meet at the top. @yellowpilled @Off_Ks_Soul @elonmusk I on a personal level look to make my individual life the best for me and thos… @yellowpilled @Off_Ks_Soul @elonmusk Like it feels like first those two things need to be pulled apart. And I don’t… @yellowpilled @Off_Ks_Soul @elonmusk Respect. We all want something better. I personally don’t see an actual path t… join me this Sunday for the virtual Ned’s Declassified Reunion. @yellowpilled @Off_Ks_Soul @elonmusk I feel that man. I think a similar situation exists at these high levels of bu… @DavidTheBastar1 @elonmusk Who said we should have communism? That’s not it either. @yellowpilled @Off_Ks_Soul @elonmusk Just trying to understand here. Your problem is with too much power in governm… @shmitzysays @Off_Ks_Soul @elonmusk 😂😂 @war_tara @elonmusk Agreed all systems are subject to corruption. We still have some upward mobility but the statis… @yellowpilled @sjonen99 @elonmusk Both. @smartkidbk5 @elonmusk Then what is there to do? Under that same logic you could argue that people will always be c… @yellowpilled @Off_Ks_Soul @elonmusk I mean I care a little bit. You’re right unfettered isn’t the best word for wh… @elonmusk @devonwerkharder Capitalism can be a great driver of innovation and efficiency if the playing field is se…
Retweeted by Devon Werkheiser @1Aand2 @elonmusk Who said give up your free choice to the government and make everyone equal? That’s a strawman. I… @AstralAvalanche @elonmusk Say more.... @marius_staicu @elonmusk There’s also a lot of room in between. People criticizing Capitalism have valid reasons to… @Off_Ks_Soul @elonmusk True. @wilsonrobertr @dansagner @elonmusk Server police? Surveillance state? Despotic leaders? America? 😂 @MaxStirnerJPEG @sjonen99 @elonmusk Fair. You’re right. There’s also protection for so many things that SHOULD be r… @war_tara @elonmusk Haha that’s fair. Many regulations. Unfettered isn’t the best word for what i was referencing t…