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I've gone to look for myself. If I return before I get back, please ask me to wait. Product: @GitHub Code: @Bloom @Affirm Words: @StanfordReview @a16z @NotionHQ

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I will soon be in London suuuuper briefly! What memorable people should I meet / activities should I do in a 12 hour window?looking at what things you can undo/redo tells you what things the software developer saw as 'meaningful actions'…
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apparently, nobody talked about "unintended consequences" before the 20th century o_o
Retweeted by DevonA habit I'm starting to pick up: When you realize someone you disagreed with in the past was actually right, email…
Retweeted by Devon“Pinching” is likely the future. #OC6
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Welcome to Texas Street, Busan
@niraj Not my fav part of the plan for sure, but I can live with it for the rest of the plan @JeremyRubin We're ramping up the waitlist exponentially! Stay tuned! And yep, folks working on open source work like bitcoin are welcome.Today is such a good day made my day 😁 @dnsmichi @github @natfriedman I love it too. 😊 Such a joy to wake up to new friendly introductions in that thread every morning!
I just lost my wallet on the way home from work. I didn't have much identifying info in there so a good Samaritan g…
Retweeted by DevonDuckling slide 😍
Retweeted by Devon @SFBART @rsnous can we decorate a Sutro Tower christmas tree with a BART model train for the holidays this year?"Why do we think of the bomb as a scientific problem as opposed to an industrial one? … It is much more fun to talk…
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The point is, some products are sold directly to the end user, and are forced to prioritize usability. Other produc…
Retweeted by DevonIt’s render time! ⏲ This time around I made a “liquid holographic machine thing” 😀
Retweeted by Devon @dnsmichi @github It's easy to work late when it means supporting open source developers. 😊💖 So excited to have you in GitHub Sponsors! @kplattret @vscode @code Yep whoops! @vscode but then I woke up and found myself back in the real world, where I compose markdown in my text editor and… night, I dreamed that every textarea on the web was replaced with a tiny instance of @vscode 💕
“Amateurs talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics.” – General Robert H. Barrow, Commandant of the Marine Corps
Timelapse of this morning's #balloonregatta traversing the #London skyline. Captured from @Yourallypally
Retweeted by DevonMorning London! If you tend to spend ages looking at @TheShardLondon @shardview like I do, you’ll notice that somet…
Retweeted by Devon @nckh_ @jonathontoon Yep that's right, you can receive funds directly through GitHub Sponsors:… @edent Thanks for the feedback Terence! So helpful as we polish the beta and prepare to open it up to everyone. 💖 @schoppik @neuromusic hopes of avoiding misinterpretation of why I liked this quote, here's another way it could've been phrased: "G… by Martin Lewis (1881–1962)
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@Minthos_ @ESYudkowsky Another way this quote could've been phrased: "Good science fiction predicts not amps but Jimi Hendrix."Hoping this didn't go viral due to a cynical interpretation... @Minthos_ @ESYudkowsky I'm very optimistic about the future, this isn't meant to be cynical at all. 😜 The thing I… @nayafia Oooh this is solid
I've looked at these specific StyleGAN portrait people a million times (it's the default seed) but somehow never no…
Retweeted by DevonSlightly tweaked from the original for brevity, but not different enough to call my own:"Good science fiction predicts not the automobile but the traffic jam."Can someone point me to a steelman case for this new power for European courts to ban content worldwide?… other everyday objects/activities have immense, unpriced negative externalities that we take for granted? (Ca…
@John__Lightning 2/2 I'm fine with a few duplicates, but when 10 people have all given the same feedback, it's eas… @John__Lightning 1/2 I'm mostly talking about the most obvious cases, where there are dozens of people correcting… @John__Lightning Yeah definitely a big part of the problem! I've fallen for this multiple times, where I actively… @rsnous 2/2 Potentially dozens/hundreds of people are reaching out to have a "one-on-one" convo that ends up look… @rsnous 1/2 Yeah I think that is a good hypothesis. I'd encourage people who interpret it that way to consider h… also I'm pre-committing now that I'm going to quote-tweet this in situations where I see someone giving feedback… If you're going to give feedback / correct a fact in another's tweet, I recommend reading the other rep…
Another day, another quick-build. @sfmta_muni Paint Shop doing work on Brannan.
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I don't remember who posted this on Twitter a few years ago, but whoever you are: you have improved every night I'v…
Retweeted by DevonIf Snow Crash were made into a movie, which artists would be commissioned for the soundtrack?a distant roar
Retweeted by Devon @anniefryman @rsnous I really hope this replicated because even if it didn't I'm gonna keep believing it nonethelessThis is my web. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
Aristotle, like Chipotle 3 of #Inktober2019! Drawn with pencil and ink, colored digitally. #inktober
Retweeted by DevonLA and SF mapped according to street suffix - by artist Erin Davis h/t @mmcphate
Retweeted by DevonWhat are good podcasts about internet communities and the way people relate with each other online? @replyall woul… @zolloc @nayafia how do you feel about this"Our first reaction [to the Manhattan grid] was, the people in Manhattan must have a hard time finding their way be… @geoffreylitt cc @rsnousThe worst part is that she then joked "you sure you don't want three?", I started opening my mouth to say "yes", an…"Like buses: you wait two thousand years for a definition of 'effectively calculable', and then three come along at…
Retweeted by DevonHumiliated by how easy it was for the bakery cashier to convince me to get two cookies instead of just oneYou know you're hungry when you mindlessly type "food meat" into Google Maps
@0x12b The whole team is so psyched to have you in the program!Are emulators fanfiction
Retweeted by Devon @micahstubbs Oh darn sorry, I didn't see that one. I hate it when people reply with the same answer to my own threa… to this one MIT study, if everyone used revolving doors, a building would save 1.5% of the energy needed for temperature control.I've always wondered if revolving doors actually save energy, and it appears the answer is yes! (At least in the co… @micahstubbs If you haven't read the chapter about Malthus in Progress & Poverty, you are in for a real treat @micahstubbs Georgist"Only every 20 mins" Still a better headway than most transit trips in SF 😞
I guess the word "contrarian" isn't cool enough anymore'm photographer based in Incheon, #Southkorea. I shoot at night to capture cyberpunk, aesthetic, retro, vaporwave,…
Retweeted by DevonYes best part of positive reinforcement is that it's so much fun to give!What people can I meet and activities can I do only in NYC?Apparently, it was popular for 18th-century authors to publish books with the help of paying subscribers. Patreon c…
Retweeted by Devon @online_shawn cc @rsnousEveryone on the bus thinks that they are the main character, when in reality the main character is the bus
Retweeted by Devon @rememberlenny I usually try to create originals, but every once in a while they map to existing shorts. Are ther… goal in life is to structure days as a series of Pixar shortsIf only hotels defaulted to *not* cleaning your room and instead you had to put a special sign on the door saying t… @luis_in_brief Omg I may have to go back to Singapore just to see thisGoodbye parking. Hello housing! 📍47th Ave & Irving
Retweeted by DevonI once thought the rise of video chat would mean a reduction in air travel. Now, I realize it just means I have mo…
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Retweeted by Devon @matthewlee7 to ebooks mostly because they're easier to hold while eatingA fun aspect of Twitter is reveling in the successes of someone you've never even met 😊've occasionally had grad students who seem to think cleaning and doing all the nitty gritty of data collection an…
Retweeted by DevonCan we please bring Art Deco backWhat percentage of ginger ale consumption occurs on airplanes?In SF hackerspace. Guy next to me claims he invented a language proving governments control us. His interlocutor us…
Retweeted by Devon @RhysLindmark cc @rsnousThe sad part is that the most effective standards are invisible. If they're successful, that means we take them for granted.
Technical standards are an underrated force behind improved living standards marine biologist films this octopus changing colors while dreaming and it’s spectacular
Retweeted by DevonOne of the more mesmerizing things I've built.
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In academia we don’t say “I love you” we say “i found an article that made me think of you” and I think that’s beautiful
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All I want for Christmas is transit that comes so frequently that I don't have to plan around it
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