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@Gameonysus Sorry :( @legobutts @gracebruxner @GlassEmbroidery Looking so flyCeiling is leaking 🤦‍♂️ @not_Tena Stoners are the best @jtoresson @Astridmrefstrup Completed it a few times! @Astridmrefstrup @jtoresson Ah I really want an RPG to play. Not Witcher, not red dead.. Outward? Any other ideas? @Astridmrefstrup @jtoresson 😬 @jtoresson @Astridmrefstrup Yeah I read that and a guardian article too - think I’d still be self imposing it 😂. Classic Sweden 🧡 @Astridmrefstrup @jtoresson But why? @jtoresson Bars are still open?!
@simoncarless @nomorerobotshq Interested! @locust9 @Amalric I’ve been surprised at some of my Swedish friends response to this whole thing..12PM (lunchtime UK) on Monday I’ll be streaming on going through screenshotSaturday, chatti… @MituK @GlowUpGames @insecurehbo So good!!it’s a big news day for us at @GlowUpGames! Super proud to announce @insecurehbo: The Come Up Game, coming to mobil…
Retweeted by Callum Uwunderwood @kroniksan Your 2 year old has enough cognitive development to play stardew valley?!What PC games can I play with my (very low attention but likes watching TV and playing puzzle/drawing etc games on his Kindle) 4 year old? @itshannahflynn I was Harris! There was Mull, Skye, and Lewis!
Lull Pt.3 🎵
Retweeted by Callum UwunderwoodIf you don’t have a group Twitter DM with people where all you talk about is eggs then you’re not doing twitter rig… the cheeeeeese of my favourite trance tunes for those of you with headphones on 🧡 @Craigoryham niceNSFW: Egg I failed to peel properly, by Callum Underwood
Retweeted by Callum Uwunderwood @Cristianohh @yungleann Siiiccckkkkkk @apocalynds @absurd_joy What a team!!!!! @AntonHand @jesawyer Yeah wtf @apocalynds @absurd_joy HOLY FUCK
Retweeted by Callum Uwunderwood @Cardanai Most?! Not all??I know this doesn’t ring true for all, or even many, but feeling extremely thankful to work in games rn. @NikkoGuy It's very funny but also reminds me every day that you hate me and wouldn't sign with me i cri @NikkoGuy this tweet wont stop nikko goddammitWorking on a COVID-19 fundraiser with my team and would love to get big creators/businesses on board. Can't release…
Retweeted by Callum Uwunderwood @shahidkamal @Tesco @Ocado What area are you in? @YCJYgames how did you find out the issue? @YCJYgames hmmm my RAM is pretty old tbh... thanks @mr_ocdc Haha yes it was fucking great too @JonVirtual nopeMy CPU keeps being used 100% due to system interrupts and why would this happen during a pandemic @tametick @lazerwalker I can’t tell if you’re joking or not but these are Yorkshire puddings @MazHem_ YeahPork dip!!! can’t buy calpol anywhere’m the gremlinI cancelled my stream and decided to take this gremlin for a walk instead @Fireproof_Barry Yesssss
@whitethorngames @pkkaos So good!Based on feedback from #PAXeast2020 our brand of approachable, pleasant games wasn't super clear from our branding.…
Retweeted by Callum Uwunderwoodthis is the one i did of @wtfmig
Retweeted by Callum UwunderwoodWell @estirdalin has been helping me to become less shitty at the painty junk. To honor this incredible sacrifice,…
Retweeted by Callum UwunderwoodWanna chat with Elderberry? 🍇 Talk code with Carlton? 💾 Hear more about what Rose City Games is up to?💟 Just a…
Retweeted by Callum Uwunderwood @AlexRoseGames That’s fair I still encourage you! @mollygos @Enichan purposefully didn’t gender this Cos gender fluidity you horrors 😂 @AlexRoseGames Fuck the haters it will grow back @Ekanaut So hot omg @higgsy137 I didn’t think this through @not_Tena @HumanoidSaver ^^ @AlexisTrust God damn you @GreyAlien That’s the joy of beards!! You can just grow another one! @dougnorthcook Try it homieI feel like everyone with a beard should shave it off and everyone without a beard should grow one. Beard swap.Please post your #clapforNHS videos below, I want to relive this over and over again
Retweeted by Callum Uwunderwood @Lex_mate Yepppppp my wife and I both did haha @Doctoe RightWow my whole street just clapped and cheered! Everyone just shouted that they hope everyone is ok and safe 😭😭😭. Too… @Intel_Steve @kimpall You two are smarter than I am! Just kinda excited by the thought of a new source of 10s of mi… @Intel_Steve @kimpall Well I think it will make an impact for those studios who would otherwise just be acquisition targets @kimpall I meant more that I very very very much imagine working with Playdead is not like working with a normal de… @kimpall look at the devs they've signed haha50/50 for basically infinite runway and the chance to make your dream games with very little oversight is fuckin do… @not_Tena keep myself fully busy in the day then get high asap :( @DocRobotnik yeah i already asked @jtoresson yeah i already asked lol @PixelChark It's the light but yeah I might just yolo and dye it hahahStream over, thanks everyone for joining!!! The VOD is here - @totem_dev This is looking really great Matt @OneStepFromEden @jtangc Good luck on release!Stream time! Gonna spend an hour or so looking at game gifs on twitter and answering questions about publishing. A… Chinese games company offered to send us high grade respirators and N95 masks and I’m crying @FuzzyFreaks What if the painting is straight and the house is wonkyLook after yourself today!!! @Poonikinz Oh god @AntonHand Just have to shave my chest then yes. Any suggestionsGonna do a stream this morning xoxoxo @KilgoreJnr Yessss!!!Look at @ifnotnowgwen!!! Gwen makes Robot Teddy what it is and I couldn’t have wished for a better partner in crime @ShamsJorjani 😍 how are you doing shams?
@Michael_French @YourGameAcademy @londongamesfest @MatthewCharlt14 @TulipTheGreat Agreed Great Job @MckKirk Only AC content I’m here forNobody wants to visit
Retweeted by Callum Uwunderwood @backbonegame 100% down for all my friends shaving their heads @cameo Aw thank you!! @cameo Robyn (1) was just really confused & milo (4) couldn’t care less 😂😂. Wife is pretty meh haha😭😭🧡🧡 thanks @liamtwose for everything you do with the global games industry guide trello!!! @RaveofRavendale @markgregory_ @PulsetenseGames @GreyAlien @mikeBithell ^^Tired beardless selfie for the onlyfans