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Devon @DevSF4 Canada

Artist/ Fighting Gamer. I mostly draw fighting game characters. For stickers ⬇️

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Live Now! Mid 80's Retro Adventure - Come Chill
Retweeted by Devon3Dプリント可能なマスクをデザインしました。 フィルターにはティッシュペーパーを使用でき、交換や紐の取り付け易さなど、実用性を意識した設計です。 飛沫防止に寄与できればと思います。 3Dデータはこちらで無料公開しております→…
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Retweeted by Devon争いより大切なことに気がついた猫
Retweeted by Devon「外出るな」って言ったよな?
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@ohnips Cute and dangerous lolOn this week's episode of Side Quest, @G27Status delves into Sony's original handheld -- the popular PlayStation Po…
Retweeted by Devon格ゲーのキャラを描いていくシリーズ。(?) 1人目は、ストリートファイターのザンギエフ。
Retweeted by DevonHaven’t played Animal Crossing in 2 days..レックスくん かわいいね、、
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Retweeted by DevonThis reporter just asked Trump if he had seen Tiger King and to pardon Joe Exotic during the White House briefings We're all fucking dead
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Retweeted by Devon @GlacialReignCA Rae Lil Black is a legendThis is how talking, breathing, and coughing compares, with and without a mask
Retweeted by Devoncorona sleep schedule is wild
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Retweeted by DevonMurder face Daigo?あんまり春麗を可愛いと思ったことないけどウメハラ漫画の春麗はやたらかわいいな
Retweeted by DevonCalling out Nine's Flax Nurture with Overdrive's invulnerability for 6K damage #Arakune
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Retweeted by Devon後1日!! #FF7R
Retweeted by DevonI miss this man so much. Life doesn’t feel right when I’m not seeing @IFCYipeS at least once a month. :-( Miss ya m…
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Retweeted by DevonNo disrespect but I kilt all dem boys
Retweeted by Devon#チチ #ドラゴンボール #dragonball
Retweeted by DevonTook a nap cause I felt tired but now I feel more tired. COME ON MAN
Retweeted by DevonGANTZ胡蝶しのぶ #DemonSlayer #shinobukochou #鬼滅の刃 #胡蝶しのぶ
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Retweeted by DevonWho edited this video??????🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by DevonTorso anatomy practice I did last year擬人化
Retweeted by Devonプレステ5のコントローラースタイリッシュでかっこいい!っていうらくがき△○□×
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Retweeted by Devon @PerfectWarudo HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDY! Hope you have a great day even tho you can’t do much right now 🙃I was really stoked my birthday was on a Wednesday this year so I could celebrate at locals but oh well Thanks to…
Retweeted by Devon모두가 함께였던 4시절
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Retweeted by DevonUltra Street Fighter IV - Cammy promotional artwork.
Retweeted by Devon @nichegamer don’t do it! Or I’ll unfollow u_uI'm about to break down another barrier and do something that has never been done before. I'm going to play a videogame and like it.
Retweeted by DevonWho is this? Show yourself. I'm not mad, I just want to talk.#GBVS
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Retweeted by DevonLive Now! Mid 80's Retro Adventure - Come Chill (April 7th)
Retweeted by Devonヒロアカのミルコ好きやなあ 心に刺さりますわ #MyHeroAcadamia #miruko #bnha #mirko
Retweeted by DevonI did it! #SixFanartsChallenge
Retweeted by Devon710 #PS4share
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Retweeted by Devon2B x Zato I can’t be the first to mix these two right?
Harley as Chun Li...
Retweeted by DevonThis would be crazy!!! If it does detach then you can use them for PS VR instead of using PS Move controllers, maybe it is modular and detachable lol
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Retweeted by Devonblue mary (underrated 😳)
Retweeted by DevonAhhh thats better <3
Retweeted by Devon @andmish Xbox has the best controller. I always use it when I’m playing 3rd person action gamesmmmm you bet a lot of grease, dust and other crap will be collecting in those new beautiful curvatures and notches…
Retweeted by Devonjust look at xbox controller, monolith front plate, just clean it with some cleaning tissue and it will always look…
Retweeted by Devon @casualnips Fashion modelCollection of my outfits since I'm a fashion blogger now 💩✨
Retweeted by Devonチェンソーマンのマキマさん
Retweeted by Devon"Jail"
Retweeted by Devon @Lain_P7 @kmdes True but they should have put original Xbox cause it’s the same gen PS2 and GameCubeOh boy, it had to look like Wall-E's girlfriend.
Retweeted by Devonselling your PS4 is basicaIIy the hood version of fiIing for bankruptcy
Retweeted by Devon @DemonDan14 Would be cool if you can customize the LED light @TeemoMVC Yeeeeaaa 😊Cammy #StreetFighter #格ゲーキャラ描こうぜ
Retweeted by Devon @CavinAnderson I never wana see that dusty ass color on my timelineToday's episode of (pre-DualSense) Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast is live! With The Last of Us: Part II ind…
Retweeted by Devon @CavinAnderson very disappointed in ur color choice.
Retweeted by Devon参考元:Bloodsport Beatdown - Brook
Retweeted by DevonI don’t see how the PS5 controller looks like the Xbox controllerSexy af! I wonder if the buttons have LED’s that light up tooのコントローラーの名前は「DualSense」に! 白をベースとしたツートンカラーの外観も初お披露目
Retweeted by Devonis this anything
Retweeted by DevonSavage. #COVID19
Retweeted by Devon @benshapiro @NBCNews Best reply is from @ChinaUncensored, which at this point is fast becoming my most trusted outl…
Retweeted by DevonA first look at DualSense, PS5’s new wireless controller. More details and images:
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Retweeted by DevonHappy #NationalBeerDay everyone!
Retweeted by Devon話題のダッドリーのコンボ。 smugパイセンえぐい。
Retweeted by DevonMorrigan - "Kiss your Queen." /Character ©CAPCOM /Image ©L.Gerchel / Cre.O.N #morrigan #darkstalkers
Retweeted by Devon#NewProfilePic😷 ~~ a health & safety message from all of us here at 🌙@ShimmyFGC :) ~~ #StayHomeSaveLives🦠#FGCsafety
Retweeted by Devonドールズフロントライン ST AR-15 photo(@sh1sh0u_camera ) #少女前線 #GirlsFrontline
Retweeted by DevonCammy - Victory. #sketch. /Character ©CAPCOM /Image ©L.Gerchel / Cre.O.N #cammy #streetfighter #capcom
Retweeted by DevonAnyone else’s back hurt from sitting all day 😅らくがきキャミィ
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