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code scares me so i scare it back. they/them freenode: snek discord: devsnek#0001

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I love when stackoverflow pushes you to find the answer to a question you yourself had been wondering about, and th… should be illegal messing up the stadia launch is bad, but the community is 10 times worse @cjihrig @Sunfishcode @saghul I was initially surprised too, but the modularity offered by WASI makes me feel a lot better about it.
optirun intel-virtual-output @MylesBorins 👀 life 3... d confirmed
@jaffathecake I will be presenting from a NES
@bitandbang i just see this @littledan @MaxGraey No, i just thought you were saying to optimize BigDecimal to float64, which didn't make sense… @littledan @MaxGraey I mean, the range checks don't work. Trivially 0.1 + 0.2 != 0.3. You'd need to run a check eve… @littledan @MaxGraey I don't think they can optimize to ieee754, you'd need to know when you'd lose precision, and… @littledan I'm a fan of BigDecimal but I'm worried people might start using them in place of floats when they don't need to. @hashseed i think so, i'm using tools/ and it spawns eight children. i think the issue is… @evanplaice the fact that they exist is enough. since they can't be loaded as modules, node accidentally doing so c… @evanplaice There's no standard loader api, so that wouldn't help much. it's also not possible for machines (or hum… @indutny Before voting they render with system emojis and after voting they render with twitter emojis. @evanplaice i'm heavily invested in tools that don't make assumptions at all. guessing is where bugs come from. als… @evanplaice i never said otherwise. it doesn't matter that much what people use in their apps, the problem is libra… there anywhere besides twitter to be kept up to date on various ecosystem events and happenings @evanplaice and mjs is literally a way to unify the ecosystem. now you have to support node's package.json format t… @evanplaice commonjs and scripts aren't the same thing though. the problem isn't solved. @codebytere I've been trying to see if the node build team can provision some goma servers... Maybe electron and no…
@MylesBorins to answer this we asked a millennialis 10% (+691 -0) of cctest after seven minutes normal?bisecting v8 is a unique exercise in patience. at least some of the older revisions still support jumbo builds. no one: twitch engineers: what if we tricked go's gc into cycling less often by allocating an useless 10… @MylesBorins v8 still has some bugs, and even if it didn't when we enable flags we invalidate our internal snapshot… TLA in node working, now just waiting for the flag to drop in V8 👀
sometimes I just sit here and think in awe about how the same people who hate .mjs went and added .cjsgnome reverted the weird moving sidebar 🎉its so easy to add functionality previously thought impossible if you just throw out design consistency @fitzgen and schematics to build your own!!
@bitandbang sounds like you're looking for Map? you shouldn't be changing the keys of an object anyway.such a beautiful graph they archived ahahahahahahahaha
@entemper what's really insane is that this contrast made it to stable @bitandbang over six grand though lolngl this was literally the first thing i searched
@addaleax @jasnell the real question is "serce" or "source" when encountering "src"
@MylesBorins To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subt…
@ljharb @TatianaTMac @maybekatz @lynncyrin @GeoffreyHuntley and they still haven't added a new way for people to si… five years there is still no way to block someone on gitterApparently this was added in january and I just never noticed it, but this is hella cool. good job @nimODota @bitandbang My parents did that osx parental control stuff to limit my account to one hour, so I would just reboot it into the root account
somehow in rollup, "Import of non-existent exports" isn't a fatal errorour final story tonight: zines. everything you need to know about this new drug the teens are usingbut the account wasn't removed? a reasonable way to loop in rust
@TatianaTMac @bitandbang Actually this sounds really close to a recruiter email wow @TatianaTMac @bitandbang "I saw you in the commit history of project X and thought you might be able to help me, he… old were you when you realized that `class X {} X = 1;` is valid and reassigns X @domenic portable standard lisp
@domenic it's all fun and games until someone regexp ddosses themselves while building babelanything you don't like is not compatible with browsers and therefore can't be implemented, and anything you do lik… anyone know any good synth software without a seven year keyboard delay? @AkashaThorne @firefox @Google @googlechrome Donate to the Mozilla Foundation!
2019 @bitandbang really makes you cowthink
github: *shows job opportunity from company i don't want to work for* me: *clicks x* github: oh so you want us to s… @cjihrig @bitandbang wasi is actually pretty limited in some regards due to windows. for example, supporting both L…
definitely good idea: every month for a year, slow down js execution in major browsers by 5% @jasnell I program programs that run programs @jasnell Just trying to define what node.js is for people is a challenge I have yet to overcome. @gnome y u do dis @benwiley4000 @esdiscuss @ljharb @tabatkins this is too accurateme when someone asks about bookmarklets
@indutny @bradleymeck @trevnorris napi_external though
@github be like "we'll double your money in 90 days" uh huhwho are all these random dudes with the checkmark and 900 followers @bitandbang beautifu
@maggiepint totally agree. the problem is when they try to reverse it. i don't want to be advertised to companies. @MHablich @bmeurer pretty printing freezes everything for many seconds. how about default but only for small sources @barnabyjdixon has outdone himself
@mathias @jaffathecake 🗞️how important is the distinction between who can request features vs who can decide which requested features should be implemented
@cjihrig exciting to see libuv is going to be used in some real production software (/s) realising I'm not the only one with a personal short domain full of random files and redirects @MylesBorins @bitandbang @a0viedo @taravancil also full disclosure this is s3, so its also filesystem magic :P @MylesBorins @bitandbang @a0viedo @taravancil you may have a cool filesystem, but do you have a cli name as cool as…
@luke_lafr hyper-v used to support this (just select the gpu in the vm's settings), i haven't used windows in a whi… a world where browsers didn't send ua strings
@littledan I'd argue TC39 is still very top-down. You have to pay large amounts of money to ecma or find work at co… know if unity linux support has gotten better? seems like it still assumes an ubuntuish system @Fishrock123 not sure what you're up to, but an object with only a collider is assumed by unity to be static and mo…
(no I haven't refereed any friends) @1111Resolver this is too many gigabytes
bigint is here @MylesBorins Now I'm just imagining all 100000 Google employees trying to pack into js interactive @MylesBorins @brianleroux i thought they were transpiling my code to wasm and running it with lucet :Owhen the bigint tests start passing
linux 5.x: 10-12 hours of battery windows 10: we'll give you one hour per hundred dollars you spend on licensingwhat's a nicer way to say "this implementation is fundamentally worse than just not having the feature at all"
@Fishrock123 Looks like it can also now replace strings of V with strings of JS. @Fishrock123 IIRC the guy had a huge amount of patreon money coming in and promised a bunch of stuff that never del… Node.js v13, you can now use the NODE_REPL_EXTERNAL_MODULE env variable to load by default!meanwhile in the js ecosystem, people still complain about RegExp.prototype not being a reified RegExp instance any…