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Uncle Dev @DevvDaDude California, USA

Find yo purpose or you wastin air... IG: DevvDaDude @smnlynnxo 💙

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Butt naked twister
Retweeted by Uncle DevThis nigga really takin 5mins to put air in one tire🤦🏾‍♂️When someone comin to get you but you been procrastinating in on cleaning the crib @Phondue_ No more J’s!! I wanna believe you lol
Ya neck tat look like mushu @AntDogg611 She was everywhere for a smoove 1yrThis video been out for 10+ and I’m jus now realizing that’s Lauren🤦🏾‍♂️ dude behind the gate in on it too??’s find him
Retweeted by Uncle Dev @22xSensei Lol bro I kno exactly what you mean. Most ppl are goin off of how they feel versus what they say. Even t… LeBron torching. 🔥 (2013)
Retweeted by Uncle Dev @itztinabihh She used to flood Twitter. I wonder what happen @itztinabihh I think that’s who I’m talkin bout lol. I ain’t gon lie, I don’t remember her nameSerious question, all emotions aside. Who y’all voting for? Both come from a racist background.What happen to that big girl wit the long nails that always posted positive videos? She jus disappearedThis mf cold🥶’ll always watch Kobe highlights want rain not wind. Fuck is they doin @JoeSoTrue I already know my allergies gon go crazy when I step outside @IdkQua @Lyssaa266 That is true but I still think he’ll find something in the library to allow him to control time… @ATribeCaledQue I mean they can find a way to intertwine him into avengers also @ATribeCaledQue Galactus has to do with fantastic 4 tho @Lyssaa266 He controls time. Rewind time and come up with an outcome to allow everyone to live @Lyssaa266 He isTheres a little boy in Huntington park thats been missing since thursday pls share
Retweeted by Uncle DevDr.Strange gon bring Ironman back 🤷🏾‍♂️Let a nigga sneeze lol nothin when championship on the line. Boi was broke af
@clarisssuh That’s nasty af🤢😂Please help me find her !
Retweeted by Uncle Dev @SheaBeurre Already on it lolFor starters Ima wonder why that black car in the front isn’t moving😂😂 retweet, you never know who it could reach.
Retweeted by Uncle Dev @SheaBeurre You put me on. Good lookin👌🏾
Served the whole routine lol to the fam @zjohndon I can always count on bro to steal my lighter😂😂
I see why some niggas don’t like to pass their tree 😂. You niggas drink gutter water🤢 how they reacted to his reaction. savage but I fuck her to a slow songIf you talkin down on other people please stay the fucc from round me
Retweeted by Uncle DevSome may not agree but this give me Drake vibes bruh call him a “innocent baby”😂😂 @smnlynnxo You’re more than good enough
We were too busy dancing to take in what he was actually saying!🥺💔#EndSARS
Retweeted by Uncle DevLmao Fr but the key is to lay in the middle
@smnlynnxo We’ll have to talk out the details lol30 bands for a date you better be on yo best behavior 😂 @smnlynnxo @BlahhJohnson She a bird😂😂
Walk up in my house like that and I’m gone bless you.
Retweeted by Uncle DevThis dude be having CRYING bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Uncle DevLA RT
Retweeted by Uncle DevLmao huge violation 😂😂 good thing about workin nights is I get off when chick fil a opens and I get them chik minis😋The way she was gettin snatched up and was unbothered😂 @Well_Versed_ Fr I sold it to the homie for 400 and he totaled it 🤦🏾‍♂️
I’ve seen Twitter really change peoples life, so I’m gonna give it a try. My husband opened up this restaurant call…
Retweeted by Uncle Dev @BlahhJohnson Bro this doesn’t look like ayesha. She look like a white girl right here @Well_Versed_ Yeah when I went to school I learned how to read writing diagrams. But by that time I had sold the ca… @Well_Versed_ I wanted to rebuild my prelude but my dad made me get rid of it cause I couldn’t figure out the electrical shitI can’t imagine. Idk what I would do need to go @Well_Versed_ Are you rebuilding the whole carSo basically if everybody stayed in they own lane the world would go round
Retweeted by Uncle DevThis has to be a Halloween fit😂😳😱🤯
Buckets on ice. However you want it. ♾ (2002) H/t: @balldontstop
Retweeted by Uncle Dev
Lmao this tweet had hoes MAD
Retweeted by Uncle DevAll this for Disney world 😂 is Milky Way even pictured
Retweeted by Uncle Devyou know @chicobean killed that verse when Busta pulled up!
Retweeted by Uncle Dev @AsoIo13 @zjohndon A whole hunnit to talk on snap @Well_Versed_ Good lookin bro. She’s good
“Aye aye get the little girl out the way” 😂😂😂 @22xSensei Crazy cause my 8 or 10 yr old won’t have that choice. Idc what anyone say🤷🏾‍♂️my brother is still miss please keep retweeting just because he a boy don’t let this die down we need him home 💔💔
Retweeted by Uncle Devthe kids should’ve jumped and robbed her
Retweeted by Uncle Dev @22xSensei Jack ain’t gon even kick niggas. Jus all hands😂“You are so negative”😂😂😂 @KarlousM this had me crying
Retweeted by Uncle Dev @KarlousM They still got Bill Cosby in there. Let that mf turn a new leaf🤷🏾‍♂️ @22xSensei They must not have seen kangaroo Jack 😂 @SandyCheekz94 Room temp is the way. Cold is only for a hot day lol @zjohndon @JLuckSmmg The dog was embarrassed for the nigga😂
Big up to ones that touched a hunnit fo he copped a chain💯
My confidence so high cheating on me will shock me more than hurt me lmfaooo like Bitch are you crazy 😂😂
Retweeted by Uncle Dev @AntDogg611 Lol I don’t understand the slanderI’m tryna grow my hair out a lil bit but I’m ready to cave and chop this shit off lol @AntDogg611 Tears bro😂. Why the foot long🤦🏾‍♂️🤣Smh this messy af... I’ll take 2 please😂😂 @AntDogg611 I need this!!Y’all can’t tell me this ain hard
Retweeted by Uncle Dev💯💯 to believers in a year 😂😂
@AntDogg611 Kobe said the same thing tho so it makes sense. They kno how to do more wit less energy being used @AntDogg611 Other than he knows himself better than we kno him lol. Younger Bron went stronger to the rim but I gue… @AntDogg611 Lol this a reach. Idk why ppl act like he hasn’t lost a step compared to his old selfBruh talked that shit💯👏🏾
Bro was shooting running floaters from the 3🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Uncle DevMy nigga @AntDogg611 runnin from this domino fade😂