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Derek Luke just showed up. I’m slightly appeased. 😍 @ava @lea @MatthewACherry there a Bechdel test equivalent but for movies without people of color? Whatever it is, the first Captain Americ… was so mean on Sanford and Son y’all can make him white but y’all throw a damn tantrum when someone makes him gay? Well that seems hypocritical. Jesus was just out here “not fucking women” for nothing? @charles270 @BakerBone Truly not what I thought I’d see when the photo expanded lolI love when basketball gets theatrical. If this was a musical this would have been the set up to a fantastic act on…
I wanted to get ahead of it before the press does, and though this is hard to say I wanted to be transparent and ho… @solomongeorgio He followed a bunch of people from that Vulture list. And then was like jk. Lol Stephen Colbert followed me a couple months ago. I went to his page today and he no longer follows me. Now I’m… @abbygov @JayJurden I will kill both of you.
Hahaha girl, THAT’S NOT ME lol @banji85 Honestly, if straight men stopped eating because they thought it was gay and all died. I think the world w… You suck in down with your mouth and then it comes out of your butt. It’s definitely gay. this point I was like “secret blessing?” but alas I know I would never do such a thing. I’m too obsessed with be… Perkins is so lucky I’m a good Christian gay. I performed at the LA Laugh Factory once in my life. I go pic… @NatashaForouzan @euthanAasia Gay @LaughFactory_LB @jsanchezcomic @thechrisarmy @ShaanJoshi Wrong personEvery time I’m casually offered cocaine miss “The Bad Girls Club” everyday. I know it was such a flawed show but when I tell you I was always so thorough… @Lin_Manuel And his latest album is FIRE!!! 🔥 Been playing Auntie’s Basement non stop. @raesanni is very funny!!!
I know people love to hate the Masked Singer but it’s literally a perfect show and you’re dumb & wrong.At 16 I would be depressed for weeks if a kid I barely knew was mean to or called me gay or whatever bullying tacti… @emilyvgordon @its_willyu @kumailn Hahaha, I literally dramatic gasped and then cracked up. This is a perfect response @OrangePaulp Finally. Can’t wait for my Netflix special.Yes, people, I get it. She was in a lot of things I didn’t name because there wasn’t enough characters to list all… @nutellacartel you ma’am are sheer perfection in Astronomy Club. @Lin_Manuel Wow this is already really countering the anticipated election stress of 2020. I’m gonna watch this mov… see the history behind why black people can’t swim. Similar historical relationship.They aren’t mutually exclusive. Like for sure, still have your views, be mad. But be honest with yourself about you… have family who hate dogs as much as they hate the cops. And it’s purely stems from that history. So, again, don’… should have been severely punished, he’s actions were heinous. But I just think it’s mind boggling to see people… until a couple decades ago dogs were literally used by the cops to hunt and hurt black people. The man’s best fr… relationship between humans and animals have always been dictated by the dominating societal power. Hence why i… @_EliTheWolf Literally the 4th think I said. Y’all are irritating lolFrom “227” to “Poetic Justice” to “Friday” to “the Boondocks” to “If Beale Street Could Talk” to “Watchmen” and I c…
Retweeted by Dewayne Perkins @KanbarCenter @JoeDeVitoComedy @JannKaram @JonLehre @MaureenLangan You tagged the wrong person
From “227” to “Poetic Justice” to “Friday” to “the Boondocks” to “If Beale Street Could Talk” to “Watchmen” and I c… @cottoncandaddy It’s literally always some racist white person being like “maybe white people are just a better rac… @its_willyu @kumailn I would like to be choked by him. Is that too much? @quintabrunson Leave the house everyday. EVERYDAY! Are you a superhero?He said everything I didn’t have the words to say about all of this Lizzo discourse. And I think he is spot on. @lisabexperience You’re no longer lost in the woods. It took you into the unknown where you were able to show yours…
@vro1998 I’ve never agreed with anything more.When I'm not wearing outfits made entirely of scarves, some women assume I'm straight and hit on me. And I 100% let…
@ayoedebiri @DBL_PDX She said “PERIOD POOH” lol @ImMercedesD I started to explain the joke but then I realized it takes less letters to just say “sure.” So- Sure. @ImMercedesD Hahaha, no. I meant what I said. That’s why I tweeted it. But thank you for telling me who Harriet Tu… @euthanAasia I come back and laugh like every 15 minutes lol. This is really doing it for me today. ❤️ @MiekeEoyang @awkwafina She was nominated today lolwatching Ed, Edd n Eddy. wish i was getting Head, Headd, n Heady.
Retweeted by Dewayne Perkins @PoliTeesBubble @DrJasonJohnson Why did you change it all to men? @zekegremillion @JThottaneous @thesoulasylum Don’t correct me. I said what I said lol @j_faded Hahaha okay @j_faded “A fat weirdo” Sir, you are indeed seasons be like “and your nominees are... White person White person White person Black person playing a slave White personLizzo watching the internet fight to the death whenever she takes out a booty cheek. @kimnewmoney Hahah yes, yes I didit was me. he was in the middle of talking about something that i immediately forgot because nothing else mattered…
Retweeted by Dewayne Perkins @euthanAasia I’m ready for my close up!
@Agent_Ellison @luxeprogressive If that’s the case, wouldn’t that make parents want to talk to their boys more? @TheMFII I don’t think extending “treat others the way you want to be treated” to include women and LGBQT people is… @BetteMidler The bench is a metaphor. The 2 little white girls represent white feminism, and showing that even thou…“For parents of sons, navigating complex and sensitive conversations with their boys about sexual consent, harassme… @cleanshit 1) What the fuck is wrong with you? Why would you post that? And 2) No he’s not. I remember the news story. @PFTompkins For ever white man, they interview 2 women and one person of the women are also white? Lol.…
When’s the last time you saw the dead body of a little white kid in the news? I honestly can’t recall. Yet somehow… @RayeNicolee Triggered @VancityReynolds Everybody is like the Pelaton girl and I’m just like oh shit Mercedes from America’s a Next Top Model! @James3rdComedy No, YOU are! Congrats on the show!
@casselle My boy ❤️ @LissNefertiti ❤️❤️❤️ @Blacktress ❤️❤️❤️❤️Sold out the 8pm show for my one man show “How Being Black & Gay Made Me Better Than You,” so we added a second sho… @MsReeezy Hahah “sisward” is cracking me up @Nick55140696 Thank you!! @IfyNwadiwe DEM TITTIES!! @raesanni Saaaaaame @danieljpowell @NetflixIsAJoke You’re one of the good ones. We talk about it. @Curtis_Cook If it was on purpose I would have posted about it earlier. I love attention, I can’t sit on anything lol.Was just informed I accidentally dressed like Squidward today @MattRogersTho No but I concur. A white man hasn’t impressed me in ages. But that grinch/ Mariah song you sang at t… @melissafumero I got a student discount on it because I remembered my college log in when I first got it. So I’m never leaving, too lazy lol @buckupcamper Same. Too lazy. @LeMarMcLean you just be searching songs on YouTube? What is this the Great Depression? @oldmh Had to call the owner of the entire company to rectify problems or I threatened to quit the night before ope…
Most people don’t know this, but I have a degree in animation. And animated films like this remind me why I love an… @nicolebyer @lisabexperience @euthanAasia @peterkz Lemme get a little bit more famous so the impact can be felt more. I’m talking scorched earth.It’s still so weird to see photos of my abusive ex with their new boo as if they didn’t leave me in a pool of race… @BeisbolJeff *crickets* lol @mharvey816 Girl what even is that? Lol @angelotommie Yes. I said what I said. I wanna have a bunch of data about my music choices and post self referential tweets about it. LolFeeling lowkey left out watching everyone post their little Spotify year in review, while I’m like 1 of 5 people I…
@DEADLINE Yassss @Tiffany_Tenille 😍
@jonbraylock Honestly, give the man his Oscar!