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Me & my friends at church vs Me & my friends at the club
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsThe U.S during The U.S during a pandemic a pandemic in movies in…
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsWow. I didn’t know I used my phone internet browser the exact same way I use my brain. Okay call me out Safari lol dude refused to wear a mask & fired an AK47 at police?
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@euthanAasia @TeenVogue I imagine it’s like the show KidSongs. know @TeenVogue isnt run by a bunch of teenagers but i like to think it is.
Retweeted by Dewayne Perkins @IamGMJohnson I think about this often. There had to levity despite. @rashawnscott @euthanAasia Exactly your grandmother lol. I just think of an older lady, so it was funny to see this… Rock just came on my shuffle and I immediately started laughing because I remembered the Black girl’s name was…
No one: People Actually Begging for the Opposite: Y’all Instagram stories: “Social Distance Gathering!!!”
“And I know it’s not my place to say but...” - somebody about to say some shit it’s not their place to say
Me: *makes the slightest movement* My Air Pods: @LanaDelWeirdAF Exactly like a REALLLLLY long sleep.Existing is so exhausting. I wish we could take little breaks. Like voluntarily temporary tiny comas. And then you… ICE isn’t a radical thing to do, it’s a humane thing to do.
Retweeted by Dewayne Perkinsloving her today
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsMy baby cousins really be out here doing the damn thing! we, as humans, don’t deserve to exist? - The Edible I Just Ate
Death feels so present. Like it use to feel like a guest star to me but it’s giving me series regular vibes right now.I must say, forced awake at 4am to play “Earthquake or Start of Race War?” was not the best way to start the day. @XoshaRockstar ☺️ I’m blushing, stop it!2020 has left me with resting frown face. My eyebrows simply will not unfurrow.
@sujataday @DinoRay Wow! That’s looks amazing! 🥺 congrats @JimboExotic @TheHornyPoPo HahahahaEvery soap dispenser I’ve ever bought from IKEA squirts like it’s been edging all day. I hate that I can’t wash my… @euthanAasia @LanaDelWeirdAF In the words of Christina Aguilera Aguilera at the beginning of “Beautiful” “Don’t look at me...”The theme songs tho 😍😍😍 can’t wait
@DarcyCarden @TelevisionAcad @nbcthegoodplace @TedDanson @dubjackharper Congrats boo!!! @ira Happy birthday Zaddy!!Something abt trans ppl not being honored on a show abt trans ppl who created a culture to honor ourselves bc the world doesn't.
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsHBO said enjoy math with me 😭
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsDudes trying to say Megan is transgender as a way to justify violence shows exactly the type of violence black LGBT…
Retweeted by Dewayne Perkins @MatthewACherry When I didn’t see my name next to Issa Rae for best actress in a Comedy lol year I check the Emmy nominations expecting to see my name. Unfortunately every year I’m snubbed because I di… @JanelleMonae Do it and take me with you!Black Trans Lives Matter. We stand with the Black transgender community in their fight for equality, recognition, a…
Retweeted by Dewayne Perkinsimagine your child is working as an essential worker during a pandemic at two jobs and is finally sleeping in her b…
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsLmfao somebody said 2020 feels like when Scar took over pride rock 💀💀💀💀💀💀
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsMe turning in a draft I know is a mess vs. me getting notes on it that say "this is a mess"
Retweeted by Dewayne Perkins @tira_tira_tira there before. Triggered
@JayJurden Good times @JonnieReinhart Exactly! It was so surprising2020 is already a shit show. So fuck it, women now is the time to go full Joker. I think the serial killer industry… @JonnieReinhart Same. What a great show!Nothing illustrates “the mega-rich have no idea how much things actually cost” more than the idea of $1200 covering 4 months of expenses
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsMe coming to bring up race in every conversation the protests have continued, but they're not being covered because....they're not dramatic confrontations?
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@kidfaery LazyBe warned: This is exactly who I’m going to turn into the moment I turn 30 birth a child by choice in this country. The sheer bravery but also the sheer insanity lol. That child gone be s… Affleck’s character telling Bruce Willis’s character he loved him in the movie Armageddon @kimnewmoney Wait do we have the same birthday? November 5th!Policing in this country is fundamentally and systemically broken and needs to be defunded, period. @lisabexperience 😂😂😔😂😂 @bowenyang Wow. These digimon tweets are for me. @lisabexperience Because he looks and reminds me of my absent father lolI made a meme time I tweeted “whiteness is a disease” but I spelled disease wrong so I deleted it. I quickly got a DMed scree… would just like to say that Black women who have been protesting are *also* walls of moms.
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my biggest career goal is to get off twitter
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsTake me back to that 3 week period where everyone learned about abolition and donated to mutual aid funds and final…
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsEmmett Till would’ve been 79 today. That’s another reminder of how recent that event was. He was born a year after John Lewis.
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsIf you're just now finding out about what's going in in Portland, please know that the people of Portland have been…
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsSidenote: super wild how as soon as the media stopped showing the protests, it felt like the protests stopped when…
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These kids SNAPPED! Let's talk about a PRODUCTION! 🔥
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsGirl, don’t nobody care about what the ICE has to say. Fuck them.
I really use to be out here eating the fuck out of those McDonald Mighty Wings. I had like a deeply visceral flashb…
Wait, so what exactly are we paying taxes for because.... *looks around at everything* ....child
@JustinKey101 Blessed lol @euthanAasia What an honor people have been arrested for protesting the murder of Breonna Taylor than for the actual murder of Breonna Taylor.
Retweeted by Dewayne Perkins @TrondyNewman The way YouTube tutorials have changed my life thoughSame energy @MrWillMiles Omg! Congrats!!
@GPBmadeit @mekadomurphy @nytimes Finally watched it last night. Wow. I really loved it! All the kudos!Dude is just standing there and they start wailing on him with everything they have. They’re dressed for war while…
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Every day that Breonna Taylor's killers walk free, it becomes more and more apparent that cops can walk into your h…
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsMan, who knew Republicans so revered the civil rights movement. Wait til they find out we’re having another one rig…
Retweeted by Dewayne Perkins95. Do you know the strength it had to take to get to that age as a black man in this country? Extraordinary amount… favorite thing about John Lewis is that at ComicCon, he cosplayed as his younger self, wearing the same coat and…
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsRIP John Lewis 🖤✊🏾 @megangailey I involuntarily said “oooooo” out loud. 🤤🤤🤤an investigation reveals that every police officer across the country belongs to a racist group
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We’re wrapping up the @coakleypr takeover on #HooliganHangouts with the hilarious @DewaynePerkins ✨ see you later!
Retweeted by Dewayne PerkinsAn icon. @tira_tira_tira Re•lat•ableMe waking up remembering what country I live in and how it’s handling Covid-19 @solomongeorgio But if it’s too much I will delete this tweet lol @solomongeorgio Aww I’m sorry. Lemme know if you need anything. That shit sucks @LanaDelWeirdAF Such a great show! @monsterreese It’s the only thing I feel really embodies my current energy in life LolIt just hit me that I will be turning 30 this year during a pandemic, the day after Election Day
@IamGMJohnson You fucking better! Congrats! @aringhand you’re able to donate made that free trial just long to enough to make a bitch forget, and I would have too if I didn’t set 14 alarms to tell me not to. @Yoderiffic My dentist said it’s not enough