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🔴 Indivisible PART5?? I'm enjoying this game so much ❤️ half an hour late tonight to spend some time with @HappiLeeErin off camera so I'll see you guys in a little over an hour!😂😂😂 @kwizten YOUVE GOT THIS @Octopimp I've been waiting 84 years for thisFinal Fantasy XIV 5.1
Retweeted by Hexbonus @Strippin When a goof on stream pays like a trust fund
In all seriousness thanks so much for watching the streams guys! We've had really good viewership lately thanks to… I ask for help in a game @help_the_kelp @dodgercoffee I hope you love it!! @DebraRose0_0 What a sweetie!Head over to RIGHT MEOW to grab some Watermelon Oolong before it's gone! It's purrrfect ho…
Retweeted by Hexbonus🔴 Hopping into more Celeste B-sides!
But apparently getting the teeth out will not only make her quality of life much better but her sores aren't going… I have one cat with no teeth and now Watson has a couple rotting in the back of her mouth I didn't know about. T… @InTheLittleWood Mine is terrifying let me tell you what @LiberatedRufio Never thank goodness 😂I just went to comfort Watson and went "aww Clar- I mean Sherl- I mean Watson!" 😐 I'll go ahead and add that to my…🔴 More Indivisible! We're about half way!
🔴 where them platformer vampires at? @iamBrandonTV goddammit I love her LOL @David_OP_GG not tonight! Gonna order my glasses and do some prep cooking for Clarke but 2 streams tomorrow!#Mangapod is gonna happen Friday night this week as Lou is being a baller and crushing it at his new job 💪 If you h…
🔴 Grinding gear in FFXIV with @Tirinei ! @megancerys__ @oryozema Thank you very much!! @InTheLittleWood It's totally fine! Bad timing on my part! Have a good Stream! 👌🔴 More Indivisible!
🔴 Gotta complete the B-sides to move on in the DLC! More Celeste! @ChlosterSays @Twitch AWW thank you for sticking around for so long! I think at the cog for the chat you can change which badges showHey guys! I didn't sleep much and had the stream this morning so tonight we're going to do a rerun ❤️ sorry for the…
@yoshisquared @mattcodywrites @CommentAiry I'm so excited🔴 Finishing We Were Here Together with @JesseCox! @YoyoWaldo Her stuff is beautiful! It's always lovely to see people supporting each other's talents and interests ❤️ @TheNo1Alex You were the first person I thought of. Can't imagine moving your life over there now 😩
🔴 SATURDAY MORNING DOOGER! Grab a coffee and come hang!
🔴 Playing the new We Were Here Together with @JesseCox! Gonna be deeply frustrating fun! guys! Reminder stream today is starting at 10 playing the new We Were Here game with Jesse! That's in one hour! 👌
On tonights menu we're hunting a giant monkey in Monster Hunter World and then we're hunting a giant Robot in Desti…
Retweeted by Hexbonus @Toddly_Enough @lucahjin LOL I also was like "man she must be getting some really bad draws" 😂Content creator folks: I'm reaching out to more of you about Life is Strange 2! If you're keen to cover the game an…
Retweeted by HexbonusErin is one of my best friends in the world and imagining a life without her honestly brings me to tears. If you're… guys sorry I'm really not feeling well this morning so we're gonna do We Were Here with @JesseCox tomorrow morning instead ❤️ @Albratchet Regular. Streamlabs OBS drops frames like crazy for me🔴 We are live! Playing Indivisible for the first time! @yoshisquared Happy Days 👌Since when does OBS not work unless I've updated Windows??? @bluejay_712 100% 😂I'm so curious
@Andy_Lunique @ImpossibleFoods 👀👀 @aureylian Look at her! ❤️ @OfficialCatGang🔴 HELLO I actually did show up at 9:30 like I said but I didn't tweet because of the space madness so get on in here up on this literally everyone including Clarke just woke up right now LOL so give me half an hour and we'll… stayed up until 5 AM doing a puzzle with @kwizten and I'm gonna regret this in exactly 2 hours when I have to… and Deku
Retweeted by Hexbonus🔴 MANGAPOD for Yotsuba to! Ch 1-27 and the one other person in the manga section at the book store
Retweeted by Hexbonus @CohhCarnage @Andy_Lunique Steam Groups...
🔴 More raiding in FFXIV!! I'm tiny & I make keycaps for mechanical keyboards. I love spreading joy through my keycaps 💕Would love to work…
Retweeted by Hexbonus @itmeJP I approve this messageFFXIV is a great MMO and you should try it if you find yourself quitting a certain MMO today. This has nothing to…
Retweeted by Hexbonus @HappiLeeErin I'm the opposite 😂 yoga is so fun and I've never tried to seriously do it @Manda_AMSBT @OfficialCatGang YESSSSSS thank you Manda!! @DJBawlzy @dodgercoffee I hope you love it!casual sex implies the existence of ranked competitive sex
Retweeted by Hexbonus @TalesOfLumin Happy Birthday Baby! @cojemo2 Overall I had a lot of fun with it honestly!We beat Jenny LeClue! Gonna wind down with more weird fantasy puzzles those who can't believe that Netflix "Klaus" movie is animated in 2D by SPA Studios.
Retweeted by Hexbonus🔴 Maaaaayyybbbeee finishing Jenny LeClue?? Come for the ~mystery~ but stay for the silly voices😭
Retweeted by Hexbonus
🔴 Hopping back into Celeste DLC!! Ive been stuck in the same spot for... Too long @BrowneBunny @AnneMunition I also use captions on everything I watch! @CheyenneYoutube You dick @BAMFeria Whoa this sounds like a dream
@KamakiH There are gaming specific ones or ones associated with stores I like that I convince myself I should keep… team we're all gonna unsubscribe from at least 5 spam accounts that are ruining our email lives let's do this01. #24hourcomicday
Retweeted by Hexbonus @aureylian they're basically tiny swords so yes you need oneBeen messing around with this and it's SUPER easy to set up, really accurate, and has an on/off option for the view…“I’m not good enough.” -Implies this is as good as you will ever be -Does not acknowledge your hard work -Ends your…
Retweeted by Hexbonus @HappiLeeErin LOVE YOU TOO IT WAS SUPER WORTH IT!Big news from France. The French National Library has made their millions of high resolution images available free…
Retweeted by HexbonusI've had the first cup of coffee in years that has made me say "ew" out loudIs he.. you know... *makes a paw* ..a catboy?
Retweeted by HexbonusOff to sleep for a couple hours and then heading back home at the buttcrack so wish me luck Mama Doogs is gonna be a sleepy bean 😂grim figures 💀✨
Retweeted by HexbonusRemember when harley quinn read wonder woman for filth 😍
Retweeted by Hexbonus @HappiLeeErin Put this in a museum @Octopimp You're too creative and constantly come up with new fun stuff to make and actually make it so like you're pretty good at it bud
Destiny 2 raid at 7pm with @itmeJP @shortyyguy @Tomato_Gaming and @gmart711 We're deliberately starting late beca…
Retweeted by HexbonusIM IN NEBRASKA I COULDN'T SAY ANYTHING BECAUSE IT WOULD RUIN THE SURPRISE. Be back tomorrow for our evening stream… @gmart711 R-raid day hyyype 🎉Sorry everyone! I told stream that SMD was cancelled but completely spaced on tweeting it. I was scrambling a bit t… wingless sphinx stretches before she begins her day. Always alone, she prefers her solitary time until she become…
Retweeted by Hexbonus(I don't answer the phone or answer emails very consistently 👀💧)Once per long rest I can be reached by phone or email LOL if any of my friends read this they'll be like... Yeah t… carved a bunch of pumpkins 🎃 #stopmotion #animation
Retweeted by Hexbonus @skinnyghost Totally! I completely agree. I've seen tons of movies where my gut reaction was "wow I didn't like tha… @skinnyghost I saw you say it was a mess and it intrigued me so I might just be a masochist