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Writer. Obsessed with Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Star Trek, The Orville and Bernice Summerfield. Debut collection Parallel Worlds and Possible Futures out now.

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@James_Hawkins1 @TomInTheTARDIS Releasing a Christmas schedule tomorrow I believe!We've been watching 'The Crown'. In series 1 & 2 part of me felt sorry for the Queen but by series 3 she's become t…! He's back! no Doctor Who magazine. How long should I wait before giving up?❀🧐 illustrations ❀ jump into Twitter on #DoctorWhoDay and the first thing I see is someone saying 'I hope Hartnellfirst trends' and…
@ChristianABone That sounds like the thing I'm thinking of! Although possibly more than one episode focusing on the same story. @SarahLouise33_ Lots of shows have done it like The X Files and Fringe and others. It's driving me mad that I can't remember 😱Can anyone remember a TV show about astral projection. UK late 90s. I can't really remember anything about it but that πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈYee-haw! #FFXV #FinalFantasy
My first time watching this tonight and it was great! Christmas movie, zombie movie and musical! anyone answer this? @davidjrainey @Nick_Pettigrew I might be being daft but why are they trying to get *everyone* to have the vaccine?… @MrJohnDorney It's Sunshine on Leith actually...😊 @vegangoth Black Friday at ASDA 🀣 @JuniorChabadou @SquareEnix Its so annoying. Especially when so many others have been.
Hey @SquareEnix, when can we get to play Final Fantasy XIII on PS4? 🧐Any sign of your @DWMtweets yet? No, me neither 😟 @MrAlanOrton Maybe just not stating an opinion on Twitter is the answer πŸ€” In my place of work I might say - 'Jodie… @wilbur_seymore Social media is terrible for mental health. @kabauthor That's lovely Keith thank you πŸ˜‚Not many people on here have anything nice to say. Even people who jump all over anyone who makes any criticism of…
Watching #Startrek #DS9 episode 'The Begotten'. Odo's scenes with the baby changeling are so heartwarming 😊
That bit where he says 'Wolf, Cobra and John Fashanu' has literally had me creased all day. So funny! #ghostsbbc block feature on twitter is a gift from the heavens. As time goes on I use it more and more.I got my first real six string... Oh wait, wrong year.
I know I'm late to the party but I started watching Ghosts today and it is so good! @jonnymorris1973 He's literally spent his whole life campaigning for equality. I can't understand how anyone could think so bad of him πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ @Drooan Every now and then that 'nonce' scene pops into my head and its always a guaranteed laugh 🀣🀣 @cheshire_cactus It must have been discussed. Starmer is like Blair part 2.About time. He's spent his entire life campaigning for equality. @kerry_share @darklordjournal I concur! It was terrible! @sinistersprspy just spotted your lovely review. Thanks so much 😊 @Firesnakious From the very beginning when the Regalia breaks down and Stand by Be kicks in I was completely and utterly in love with it.Back on Final Fantasy XV. It's bloody awesome! #FINALFANTASYXV #Ps4 @boosh71 Hope it all goes well. What films are on the agenda for today?
Will you take one of the vaccines when they become available?Give away time. To win this copy of Def Maybe, signed by me, retweet and follow @MicrodotCreativ
Retweeted by David McAllister (The Gallifreyan Buccaneer Blog)I have a short piece of fiction in this new #Blakes7 charity collection in aid of @WWF. Do consider buying a copy i…
Retweeted by David McAllister (The Gallifreyan Buccaneer Blog) @gjm2602 Thanks Gary. I had great fun writing this one 😊 @DoctorUlysses Cheers Gavin 😊 @gjm2602 Cheers Gary 😊
@sinistersprspy Thank you 😊Can I ask anyone who has read my book Parallel Worlds and Possible Futures to pop over and leave a review on Amazon… @rudemrlang Hale and Pace. @amgate67 @TravisinaB7 @cult_edge @OliverofDallas Tomorrow at 12 pm I believe 😊Fancy reading a feel-good, noir mystery? Almost Surely is emotionally charged, and perfect for grey days and long c…
Retweeted by David McAllister (The Gallifreyan Buccaneer Blog) @1stEncounterpod I chose Barret and Tifa. I usually go for Red XIII. Don't bother with Aereith 🀣Out of Midgar in just under 3 hours. This is where the story really kicks off. Enjoying this replay so much!…
@DoctorUlysses It'll be out on X Box next year. Sony exclusive for 12 months. Well worth playing. Quite good for a… @DoctorUlysses It's great. I've not played video games for years but FFVII was my favourite game growing up. It's g… @DoctorUlysses Final Fantasy VII remake. I actually finished that one too. Playing the original too and Death Stranding. @gjm2602 🀣 @gjm2602 Fair play on typing it on a typewriter. Must have taken ages! 😜 @DoctorUlysses I've actually tried to make a bit of time recently for some PS4. Just an hour here and there. I find… artwork by @cult_edge for my story A Reluctant Replacement. This looks set to be a fantastic #Blakes7 book… @joelidster Oh Joe, we know you already have many cheese hats in real life...πŸ§€
Can't decide if this is a good idea or really grim. πŸ€”'ve been stripping wallpaper since 10 o clock this morning. Send help. And beer...😍😍😍
@thatotherharry It's brilliant!The Keeper of Traken... is a cracking story. Go get it! are the best Star Trek Discovery novels? I've read The Way to the Stars and Enterprise War. #Startrek #StarTrekDiscoveryAll the people saying they won't take the vaccine will be queuing around the block to have it when it means they ca… things I wrote out now!
Retweeted by David McAllister (The Gallifreyan Buccaneer Blog) @TheGingerDrWho They don't have them anywhere by me! @IanOTimelord Surely you're glad because your not a fan anymore?I watched the Curse of Fenric yesterday. I can confirm it's still fantastic. #DoctorWho😱😱😱
@ChrisWalkerT I wouldn't mind but he sounds more like Matt Smith than Matt Smith does 🀣. Your Troughton is ace btw 😊 @ChrisWalkerT I understand if people would rather not listen but people saying things like they hate him I mean WTF! @ChrisWalkerT Jacob Dudman. The advert for the new 11th Doctor stuff on Facebook had some fruity comments.Has anyone got a Freewrite or Freewrite Traveller? Used one? Would/would not recommend? @ChrisWalkerT For some bizarre reason, BadWilf has me blocked. I've never even heard of him πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ @tomwebsta @bigfinish @jacobdudman_ Excellent work sir!Some of the rude, vile things people are saying about a certain voice actor. There's just no need. Fans are weird. #DoctorWhoThe Science of Discworld are great. One chapter set in the Unseen University where the wizards manage to create a s…
A whole series based on Lungbarrow with Sylvester McCoy. @boosh71 This looks incredible! I'd get right stuck into that!Where it all started for my writing. Still immensely proud of this. Mended Drum sounds a lot like some of the pubs around where I live. #Discworld #Terrypratchett @gjm2602 @DJCollins82 This looks and sounds great Gary. Can't wait to read it! @DoctorUlysses There must be a Trump fan in our midst...
@TomCostantino Great news! 😊😊
@DoctorUlysses 🀣
@zoidberg95 I'll have to look it up. Although I've become quite accustomed to my grainy poor quality version. I try… @zoidberg95 I've got the DVD and its the worst quality I've ever seen. I deffo need an upgrade.It's one of the worst songs ever. I despise it. Nice that someone agrees. @0tralala Love and hugs Simon 😒Not now #Godzilla'Now I'll never know if I was shite' great #StarTrekDiscovery episode. Loved it! @strtrk1701 @TrekBookClub @simonschuster @unamccormack This is a fantastic book. One of the best Trek books I've read. Enjoy! @OliverofDallas Happy Birthday! You did very well!
@gjm2602 @DoctorUlysses City Watch were always my favourite but then when Going Postal came out I loved it so much.… @gjm2602 @DoctorUlysses They are fantastic aren't they? πŸ‘Œ