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Happy birthday you absolute legend❤️ @Alex_OxChambo @gallypriv ouch @Ifcchriss i rate both but Umtiti is clear @nffclukee they only want £30m as well, hope we pay it coz that’s an absolute steal @Brunoo8i @_Riddxck yeah bargain mate 😂thankyou :) @_Riddxck😍😍😍 @foxylfcV2_ looooool @3thisguyyy sorry 😂 it’s stressing me out hahahahaha @3thisguyyy saw this a couple days ago, dk how reliable it is but the replies seem to agree with him @3thisguyyy what i’ve read is they want to keep Dybala but aren’t happy with his contract demands, and so therefore… @3thisguyyy mate i’ve spent the past 2 days looking through twitter about this hoping that he’s not gonna leave and… @3thisguyyy seen a lot of people say don’t believe anyone except Fabrizio Romano and Romeo Agresti whoever that is,… @3thisguyyy nah i read somewhere that he’s not on the market but if a club offered in the region of €100m they’d accept @3thisguyyy obviously, but i don’t think the 2 years left means that much, MVP will keep his price up @3thisguyyy they value him higher now i think, he’s had a great season that’s put his price up, idk why he’d go tho… @3thisguyyy no way they’d accept that, i honestly don’t get why Juve haven’t offered him a new contract, top 3 best players at the club ffs @3thisguyyy i stg i’ll cry @lewissefc no, all bayern @ThomxsPriv @wwfcjoe_ yeah that’s the one i wasn’t a fan of @freectt igy, i think Frenkie has lived up tho just playing in a poor midfield in general, Griezmann will improve a… @mastermoraess loads of mini games pretty much @wwfcjoe_ i actually like it tbh, Broken Love has a 2010 era/fifa 11/12/13 vibe to it @freectt Frenkie and Felix as well imo, Griezmann also hasn’t been far off @lcfcgeorgee i’m very tempted tbh, would have to uninstall nba/warzone tho @YJBli displate @lewis_brxwn @AnfieldWatch sky don’t have a clue, but btw i don’t read them coz they’re associated with the sun @lcfcgeorgee i could redownload it @IeeSZN Adrian... @freectt imo it would be class if they did the exact same as fifa 13 intro just adapted it to the new colour scheme @freectt it seems like a 1000 years into the future version of fifa 13 intro lmao @Ifcchriss tbf sounds like a good idea @BhaHarvey well in mate
@SambaRole where ? @freectt this dub @ftblfamz 8/10 @S3dentaryR0gue there is one man that is responsible for us not winning and you know that @S3dentaryR0gue Felix is a potential Ballon D’Or winner mate, he’s better than Leipzig @S3dentaryR0gue he’s well too good for Leipzig, and imo too good for Dortmund @S3dentaryR0gue yeah maybe but would have to be Bayern, imo he’s too good for Dortmund @S3dentaryR0gue yeah agreed @ThomxsPriv respect that, just think he’s better than Dortmund, needs to be at one of the most elite european clubs… @ThomxsPriv don’t mean this with any disrespect towards them but he’s too good for Dortmund. needs to be at Bayern/… @CalvesLikeShaq i wish we did, obviouslt never happening tho @ReallyFinito literally join any other big team and he’s a future Ballon D’Or winner @S3dentaryR0gue should’ve literally just gone anywhere but Atletico @ThomxsPriv yeah agreed, although i hope he doesn’t go City ahahah, would love him at Liverpool even tho that’ll never happenFelix is such a good player, needs to leave Atletico asap before they do their best to ruin his attacking ability.… @mufczach thought it might be, no way you can’t rate Felix @mufczach respect Felix ? class player @lewissefc dubbb😂 @FalseFMatt brilliant header @CarefreeNeil go on @lewissefc yeah mate, it’s pro clubs tho @lewissefc yeah i can give you my account, i don’t have an xbox anymore so you can use my acc for the beta @WorldOfAEK yeah i can give my account to play it on @lewissefc you want mine ? @WorldofJCC got pro clubs beta on xbox but i no longer have an xbox @LiamSafc3 yeah i have @FUT21News got one but wrong console ffw @CalvesLikeShaq 😍😍 @SambaRole imagine a Fab Thiago Keita midfield 😍 @cfbayern @LFC @FCBayern @Thiago6 @BILD_Bayern yessssOur Story: @LFC contacted @FCBayern because of @Thiago6 @BILD_Bayern
Retweeted by ‎‏ً @LFCVik2 yep he’s tweeted it with replies off😭 @OzilThings love to see it, switching to the superior console @BIancocapitan Alisson Oblak Courtois top 3 @FalseFMatt don’t believe the Echo anymore anyway @SambaRole what have the Echo said now ffs @FalseFMatt you reckon it’s gonna happen ? @FalseFMatt love this from you matt😂 @SpencerOwen @RobTGF_ maybe something for you ? @ajtracey please no @Chris78Williams @MaaxiAngelo @FalseFMatt reckon this could be true @B3x_Graphics good luck! @necobaII congrats ! @ReallyFinito the disrespect Rice gets is unreal ffs @lewissefc well done mate @danwilson714 @handofdunk yessss that was it @BhaHarvey ah fairs yeah could see that coming, i thought Jahanabaskh should’ve won tbh, or maybe even the Djenepo… @thfclp__ i’ll cry if Dybala goes to you lot @BhaHarvey who’s actually won it @HarryHesketh gl just please don’t win the whole thing coz can’t have Everton winning 😂 when you uploading and streaming again ?Duncan Robinson is the best shooter in the NBA, can’t convince me otherwise @UtdEIIis @mufczach mans just looked up who the 2k21 cover star is and said he’s class 😭 @HxrIeyyyy gl mate @UtdEIIis i’m dying 😭 supports PSG btw @UtdEIIis thoughts on Jimmy Butler ?
@UtdEIIis support Heat mate @YJBli gl mate @UtdEIIis loool, who you support @UtdEIIis since when did you watch nba ? @gallypriv Tuna🤢 @handofdunk i swear i remember him being really OP on an old fifa but can’t remember which one or for who😭This has gotta be one of the most underrated goals of the season imo, doesn’t get spoken about enough @wwfcjoe_ milky bar/milky way/crunchie for me @shajim_ @foxylfcV2_ can deal with that😂 @ETDesigns_ i haven’t gone one yet ffw @wwfcjoe_ there’s so many i’d want i think id struggle to choose lmao