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@UtdColby @MessiVision_ ? @UtdColby @MessiVision_ idc tbh @MessiVision_ @Ifcchriss Hoever at CB imo @CallumAjayi gl mate, answer sc 😘 @HashtagShawrey play me imo. is it worth doing the liga nos sbc for that RAM ? can’t spell his name ahaha @Mobyhaque1 @Thxigh fb imo
@Castro1021 me🤝you🤝haaland being born on July 21st @EASPORTSFIFA awful game @Squawka if we had Alisson and Gomez the full season we’d break it @DanHendo27 gl mate @Rlddock_ he’s a quality player, but this fan base can’t seem to accept when he has a poor game, like last night @Ifcchriss yeah ik i voted on who i prefer lol @Ifcchriss i said Kaka😂 @JayLleweIIyn surely you wouldn’t say no ? @JayLleweIIyn sell salah, get mbappe @AnfieldEdition no he was awful, doesn’t know how to pass @Ifcchriss @NotLFCharlie yeah ik i was being pedantic ahaha, guarantee if Mane was as selfish as Salah was last nig… @Ifcchriss @NotLFCharlie *cant accept mane is better @lfcwiII Salah was horrific
@CallumAjayi dub, actually despise the wheel chair spastic @wwfcjoe_ fair play, class team, team that’s caused us the most problems all season, hope you go far in europa and maybe grab ucl spot @FalseFMatt Salah needs to learn how to pass @SamueILFC been shocking all game @lcfcgeorgee wonder who gave you the idea to go on old fifa’s 🤔😂 @SamanthaQuek your prediction about first VAR call was wrong 😂 @kallengray attacking midfielder, seems a bit weirder for me when i call it a 10 coz that’s the position i played w… @UtdEllis 😂😭
@PrimeOxlade @DanHendo27 nah i hope he stays @FootyLimbs @Football__Tweet @CallumAjayi @WC_LFC_Torres ahhh fair enough @WC_LFC_Torres where did he confirm this ?
@utdhxrry dm you my snapchat and i’ll show you all i’ve got lmao @utdhxrry that’s such a mad set up, id love to get something like that @unitedazza Emma Mackey > @KitPlugUK @CallumAjayi @lcfcgeorgee @bhafcnozzaa will do mate cheers 🙌 @lcfcgeorgee @bhafcnozzaa yeah mocks, it’s like 1st year of A level mocks, but each one is so long 😭 @lcfcgeorgee @bhafcnozzaa sure mate, got 2 exams first tho 😭 @bhafcnozzaa siuuu😂 @bhafcnozzaa 80
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Retweeted by ً @unitedazza 😍 @unitedazza uhm no @unitedazza there we go @unitedazza @unitedazza nah he was drunk @unitedazza maeve wins again @unitedazza @unitedazza @unitedazza yes 100% @unitedazza Otis and Maeve > @unitedazza ah right @unitedazza oh have you only just finished it now @unitedazza what ? @Nathazette yeah loool @sgfrmdahill @OfficialVizeh no ? i mean i downloaded it last night to play it as a throwback @OfficialVizeh do you know when abouts ? i literally just redownloaded fifa 15 last night 😭 @MValadez23 @HiTimmie
@Shannxo @FalseFMatt ah fair enough didn’t notice that, thanks. i assumed he was frustrated at being taken off as he was having a good game @GaryMcK1980 @FalseFMatt yeah i get that, but he was doing well and you could clearly see he was frustrated at coming off @FalseFMatt felt it was harsh to take him off, was having a good game @LFC didn’t deserve to come off, was having a good game @UtdEllis @KloppStyle siuuuu i’m one of them 😂 @AFCGally happy birthday mate
@Ifcchriss at least @ me and @Jdar26_ @lcfcgeorgee i want them promoted @Squawka @WorldOfAEK @aaronmufcc it’s his first goal for his new team come on @lbadi11o is there gonna be a season 3😂
@Ronaldo7073 @Edwinxbox1 @FUT20News dm me @ESPNUK yes, gomez > maguire and salah > rashford @RobTGF_ why not
@FutSloth oh so get the low rated players cheap ? @FutSloth why would we buy rares and non rares if they were going to drop ? @ftbIjosh @LiamRobertssss dub @Finishedd_ the sequels were good? @lcfcgeorgee *dan @Rlddock fair enough then, from what i’ve heard fallen order is good but once you’ve completed story there’s nothin… @lcfcgeorgee makes it even more mad for me given i moved house pretty much end of fifa 15, became end of an era 😭 @Rlddock buy rocket league @lcfcgeorgee hate how this wasn’t even that long ago, sad we’re past this now, miss this and fifa 13/14/15 days @UtdEllis @JamesMilner @Gerard36Delaney that touch a nerve ?😂 @tancredipalmeri @FalseFMatt reliable ? @wwfcjoe_ wtfff howww, madness, at least i’ve improved and i’m G2/3 now lol
@FutSloth sorry for your loss @JoeGomezEra Martin Tyler supports Woking @danwilson714 @EAFIFADirect literally no one cares, give us SBCs back @ffzgeorge @RankPrimeHendo mad team @lcfcgeorgee dub @ffzgeorge @RankPrimeHendo it’s actually horrific, i think it was 125 upgrade packs in the end and got 2 walkouts @Nathazette 🤙 @biggav31 @Thxigh @Ifcsxm @ScouseCafu66 at least you apologised @lcfcgeorgee send link
@ZT__127 mate i’d never concede 😂 @BenGerring @danwilson714 @danwilson714 yessss😂 @CFLMSO watch liverpool @pussycatnat what counts as tall ? @Castro1021 fuck sake i can’t even get one @TwoSyncOfficial vvd