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Dia Lacina @dialacina Philadelphia, PA

💅 Badass Indigenous Bitch 🔥 Photographer, Paid Ass Game Critic and Founding Editor of @capsulecrit 💋 👍🏽 📷👕

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Retweeted by Dia LacinaMom, that shit was like two g's and I know that you had to hustle hard for it. Know that it was all worth it. Hope I'm making you proud.I'd like to shout out my mom for the expensive ass real ass professional Photoshop classes she paid for me to take…
@jessacogs god bless you. This is like the most incredibly worthless line up of milkshake-ready Kewpie dolls. Shapiro is as tall as JSF's novels are well-written, so really this checks out to me.変装してます🤔👀 via Instagram : ddalgi_o #pecotv
Retweeted by Dia Lacina @CGRRRRRRRR @threedsboy I support you, Caitlin. @Bboy_Izilla He let me get a really good dunk on Watch Dogs 3 in, so shout out to Malingering Andy. @bleatingheart You know, It's been a while since Survey of 15th Century Art, so I'm a little rusty with my reading.…"Defend the TradWife" DLC for Watch_Dogs 3 looks pretty bonkers. Nice to see that Assassin's Creed: Odyssey cosmetics crossover tho.Your bullshit Captain White America dude got armor and a shield and they got ... bottled water? Come on, Andy. You…, i’ve never felt so seen... by a meme...
Retweeted by Dia LacinaI rarely find myself thinking that there is a "wrong" mode of protest. Many forms, even ones I don't agree with or…
Retweeted by Dia LacinaIt doesn't depower, it doesn't detourne, it doesn't address, it doesn't speak back to, it literally just operates as a pun. Lord.
Retweeted by Dia Lacina @babbygoth @ckunzelman @waypoint And then be sure to get DON'T WAKE THE NIGHT from @BrujeriaAtWerk and play that to… @babbygoth Play the game. Then read the article by @ckunzelman for @waypoint. Or, shit I dunno read the article the… CYBERPUNK FOREVER by @babbygoth is still the best cyberpunk game and the best game about colonialism ever.… there's hardworking people out there that have to deal with your reckless ass making some batshit video when…'s the Version Update to NMS adding Non-Colonial Mode: No sitting, no building, no naming, no extraction. You w…, settlers do be like that. of my crushes are predicated on whether we'd make good Odyssey of the Mind teammates if I'm being honest
Retweeted by Dia LacinaScientists like "We need to build the thing to do more science" tho...
Retweeted by Dia Lacina1. You got 13 in 12 facilities already. 2. That is 1 measurement (height), how much extra area does it take up to b…
Retweeted by Dia Lacina @Kahjahkins Tho, punching faces with my warlock? Also pretty A+. But the glide jump is hard to get used to. Also I… @Kahjahkins Nothing makes me happier than punching faces with my Titan.Hi Julia, I see that you're trying to bully a teenager on the internet. I think the all cheap fillers you use mig… @boxofhamsters @kittynouveau Real talk: My mom had an assistant once with really long hair who got a short bob afte… of the Wild is the best video game of all time and it's not even close.
Retweeted by Dia Lacina @RyanPagella In Delaware, they do it for a split-second after fully completing the turn. @spacetwinks CQC Tip Touches @kittynouveau Wow. Someone's saltine.SO to Phil. thinking about every comics writer who's said they're really confused by themyscira and that they're trying to…
Retweeted by Dia Lacina @spacetwinks It's called Tribadism, Colin.Few things amuse me as much as the BS&P notes for X-Men: The Animated Series googling "magic circle" for placeholder gfx when i had a sudden flash of inspiration
Retweeted by Dia Lacina @WarrenIsDead @kittynouveau It's true. You should see the fucking C&D letter her lawyer sent me the last time I bought a bottle of peroxide. Let's make love. Before we die. @Bboy_Izilla Yeah, god. Imma just crawl back into bed for a week.Scientists like "We need to build the thing to do more science" tho... @Bboy_Izilla jfc.See? You already got observatories that are underused. Take care of your old shit before settling new shit at the… You got 13 in 12 facilities already. 2. That is 1 measurement (height), how much extra area does it take up to b… you live in the golden age of television and journalism. philly!
Retweeted by Dia Lacina
That's sure gonna be a whole lot more talented underpaid people working a whole lot more hours so few rich white du… @Pizza_Suplex @umbyrella I feel you, but have you considered... This is an opportunity to eat more bread?"If it still doesn’t taste right, call your mother. Put her on speakerphone. Wipe away the sweat beading on your up…
Retweeted by Dia LacinaCelebrate #WomenInTranslation month by revisiting our Speculative Fiction in Translation by Women folio…
Retweeted by Dia LacinaYou'll always be a service bottom, Summers. are Settlers, Alex?
Retweeted by Dia LacinaAlso, just as a general rule, regardless of who you are or what you do: If you engaged with more shit outside of G…, this is basically (imo) the definitive thread on this whole game design degree thing. got a degree in English literature (it was Cheap, Easy, and I like Critical Analysis), but you're goddamn right I… @ckunzelman @JoeMOwens No. Creeper is a scamp. Renner is a white man who has been given far too much unearned lenie… @ckunzelman @JoeMOwens Oh believe me. I've seen them. And I'm still firmly of the opinion he needs to be fired into the sun.You let this happen, America. @leighalexander That is extremely fair. @leighalexander Carry them with you. When the mood strikes you, draw one out at random and place it somewhere visib… edit loosely based on her original concept art.
Retweeted by Dia LacinaRaccoons on trail cameras
Retweeted by Dia Lacina @alex_navarro That's so frickin' awesome, Alex. I'm glad you had a great show! @GaryBuh I'm so mad at you for this. @Sparklykiss You'd think Northeastern would have petitioned Twitter to ban him so he wouldn't devalue their programs.I just finished watching Endgame and this is genuinely more vacuous than anything in that entire film. @matthewharrison Colin "What's Denmark?" MoriartySorry I'm not sorry, but I can't not ridicule this shit. It's even better further down the thread when he literall… That was terrible. And it had Jeremy Renner from the beginning all the way until the end.
Also, we as a society need to come together and decide that Jeremy Renner absolutely needs to be given a wedgie and shoved in a locker.Endgame is bad because it seriously wants me to believe that Jeremy Renner could ever kick Hiroyuki Sanada's ass.One of the things I'm proud of when it comes to DWTN is that, though the team is small, many of us are trans (speci…
Retweeted by Dia LacinaI'm about to order some postcards of Hero Dolorosa. you can always lmk if there's any of my pieces you'd like as li…
Retweeted by Dia Lacina @decafjedi I really miss this aesthetic. I still think about the Secret of Mana and Earthbound clay figure promos *all* the time.Pathologic 2 is soundly in the running for my GOTY, and this is a strong piece of evidence as to why. would have wrecked the shit out of Obi-wan if it was Dark Souls.It’s my birthday this the right thing
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Bitch still dead in my heart tho celebrates it's 100th episode the same as any other: we talk about some Victory, we talk about some Macross. Th…
Retweeted by Dia Lacina @notquitereal I guess he figured "I can't do worse than the writer." @thewillennium @RobZacny The thing Rob left out is that iirc is all of the books are dedicated to different conserv… the series you've done /best/ with you ended up "What if this player-choice driven character gets forced into… mean come on. You gave the world two young black women that look dope and you made them THE VILLAINS in Far Cry a… sure I guess I'm interested in how Watch Dogs 3 further goes down that rabbit hole that you probably don't rea… look at the fucking scope you /do/ put out into the world, and maybe assess that? Maybe assess how your mechan…, I don't need you to take Tom Clancy farther. Like... Believe me. That's the last thing you fucking need to do. @sokareemie PEEBEE IS SO GOOD!Yeah, well, you were also enthusiastic about Nick Robinson's future, so let's not get ahead of ourselves. gay as in "I empathise with the plight of the X-men" but queer as in "Magneto was right"
Retweeted by Dia Lacina @NexusRasp They really aren't. They're slightly bitter. That's all."ohhh but legal and developer relationships and advertisers. You don't understaaaaaaand." Then stop taking up spac… @petitobjetb I'm the Missy. @petitobjetb "Which one of you is Blue team and which is Gold?"If all these straight white men are going to keep writing about politics in games, can they stop being such toothle… Albino Penguins were the only worthwhile thing HP Lovecraft ever gave us. And now we can take them away from…, a couple of y'all just followed me for that daft videogame thing. I'm gonna need you to go check out CAN AND…
Retweeted by Dia LacinaAmusingly, the bad Games Are The New Frontier article twitter coincides with "WE CAN FARM ALIEN SPECIES NOW?" in the No Man's Sky update.Honestly, I couldn't care less about some random dude who hasn't paid even oblique attention to game studies, criti…