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Space Cabbie enthusiast. Sweet boy, with a hint of salty. Chip Zdarsky’s "wonderful son." I read comics. I write comics. I… really love comics. #JewishPope2020

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anyway, good night @Alex_Antone @zoethorogood @AveryHillPubl I don’t doubt it for a second! Zoe is the best.If you’ve commissioned me I need you to know I did not leave your commission out unattended for even five minutes t…
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky | he/him @Alex_Antone @zoethorogood @AveryHillPubl I sincerely envy you for having read it. @BarbarianLord no, please don’t kick my guts outme to my date when the 30-50 feral hogs show up in my yard every 3-5 minutes: those are the 30-50 feral hogs
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky | he/him @secondatbest_ Gorgeous.this fiddler crab is completely fucked
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky | he/himToday’s stream was a lot of fun! Especially when we found out that this classic dril tweet is just @MatthewErman’s… @EricaFails I LOVE this.A Lady Snowblood commission I did a while back and realized I never posted here.
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky | he/himChaos. Coming next year.
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky | he/himthinkin bout how the ball pit industry will never recover
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky | he/him @dayn_does_comix @ten_bandits @ErykDonovan I support you! @MatthewErman @lianakangas @AvivaMaiArtzy thank you for joining us, dad @RachaelAtWork @lianakangas YOU ARE VERY GOOD, MOM @RachaelAtWork @lianakangas RACHAEL THIS IS SO GOOD @RachaelAtWork @lianakangas I WILL REPLY AGAIN @RachaelAtWork @lianakangas THIS IS SO GOOD @MarySafroArt Still one of us. ;) @MarySafroArt I didn’t know you‘re Jewish! @MarySafroArt VERY GOODsure, sex is great, but have you tried learning how to speak Yiddish @steve_lieber I LOVE SNAG @AvivaMaiArtzy @lianakangas @YtheLastChris @EmoComicWriter @LeishaRiddel yeah liana wtfI have some more work slots to fill this month so if you need a gothic horror illustrator, I'm available! I've done…
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky | he/him @bekahcaden I LOVE HIMJoin us on the stream in about half an hour. I might do my best Werner Herzog impression. @Simone_MVS Gorgeous.Henry V color commission #medieval #knights #henryv
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky | he/him @fearmylaserface please love yourself moreThere are way too many excellent comics out there. A nightmare! @AllisonMOToole Get well soon, please! @AvivaMaiArtzy nooooooooooif I were a traveling cloth salesman, I would simply not wake up in the morning to find myself transformed into a monstrous vermin @david_wolkin this is a good tweet, thank you @TonyVnrs Maybe delete your address before posting next time. :P @baefilby Good @cat_trench no sorryit’s been five months since shutdowns and social distancing brought about the renaissance of group video calls and… @AdlaiM @MrRiktus @GoshComics yeah, Christian, THE IMMORTAL HULK is great, how dare you @naomifranq @tatebrombal @JeffLemire @ghwalta You are incredible!!!Holy guacamole, The Inevitables is less than $800 away from hitting its first STRETCH GOAL of $25,000 on…
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky | he/him @sloanesloane I can’t wait to read this!Jeff just dropped the @naomifranq variant for BARBALIEN: RED PLANET. Check it out!
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky | he/him @rdouek @ErykDonovan No @ErykDonovan leave the cat alone, Eryk @dogunderwater feels like it’s been 30-50 years tbqh @ErykDonovan Cursé me i’m big challenges anyway, happy feral hog day.
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky | he/him @lianakangas constantly @trivia_lad I have not seen that! @CianTormey Yeah, I’m really quite great. @CianTormey I’m happy for you! @CianTormey @rainberedo @Rogeantonio @TomTaylorMade Oooooooooh. @russell_m_olson @marxtafford Ooooh, this is gorgeous. @JoeWorpole ICE CREAM MAN starts off as THE TWILIGHT ZONE then really takes off and finds a brand new identity which I love. @JoeWorpole COFFIN BOUND has become an all-time favorite and a major inspiration for me. ICE CREAM MAN is tremendou… @rebnalty @drew_moss @Becca_See This looks gorgeous.“A24 comics” from the last few years include (off the top of my head, in no particular order): TEST ZERO LONELY RE…’s interesting (to me) is that, while comics don’t have a publishing equivalent of A24 (not that one is inheren… @Trungles I can’t wait to read this, Trung. @Coelacanthkiss It’s my absolute pleasure. This book is incredible. @deuxdel @flowervolt LOTTIE @thejensington @Coelacanthkiss @ZacBeThompson @SimonBowland Jen, you just keep getting better. This book feels like… @JoeWorpole @Coelacanthkiss @ZacBeThompson @thejensington @SimonBowland Fair! @JoeWorpole @Coelacanthkiss @ZacBeThompson @thejensington @SimonBowland I highly recommend preordering it—FOC is next week. @JoeWorpole @Coelacanthkiss @ZacBeThompson @thejensington @SimonBowland It’s stunning. @AdlaiM @AlexJaySpencer love you papaToday I got to read the first three issues of LONELY RECEIVER, and… man. This book is stunning. Sexual and visceral… @AdlaiM @AlexJaySpencer papa, it’s bacon, not baking @AdlaiM @AlexJaySpencer [to the tune of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES] @AvivaMaiArtzy is “m’mom” one word @tatebrombal @naomifranq @JeffLemire @ghwalta I’ve loved @naomifranq’s art for so long, and this is incredible. @tatebrombal @naomifranq @JeffLemire @ghwalta This is breathtaking. @nicodelort crucifit @kevinpanetta loved his soundtrack for A FISTFUL OF DOLLARSlast night, half-asleep, I was trying to remember which Shakespeare play featured the line “Face the tyrant sun, sc… @andicomics I try. ;)every british movie is called 'merry christmas mister crumpet' and its about an 8 year old boy who watches his elderly neighbour die
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky | he/him @andicomics It looks like exactly the sort of thing I’d love!we just destroyed our latest batch of dinosaurs because they had fucked vibes
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky | he/him @andicomics I’m very excited about this book. @brit_mullen @westerbyafi why would you do this to himHey! If you like to draw SPOOKY HORROR, can you drop your portfolio below? 👇🏼☠️🎃✨
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky | he/him @TheNedBarnett Goodah, yeah, it’s been a long day, so now i’m just gonna sit back and relax with a tall, cool glass of buffalo wing @feysbian pretty sure @LucySullivanUK One can’t even begin to enumerate them. @feysbian no price is reasonable @TheNedBarnett not sure why you hate your husband but @MrRiktus Chris, you are too good. @feysbian yeah @Artbrister @so_engery Love this.yesterday I found out that there is such a thing as “buffalo wing soda,” and the thought of a person who willingly… @ahmarasmithart Party!!!!! @ahmarasmithart Congratulations! @ahmarasmithart you are talking to a guy whose favorite band is the Mountain Goats, I’m not even joking about that original tweetmay we all, in our lives, manage to be as sincerely happy as an alternative rock band comprised of two or three for…