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Comics! I write ‘em, I read ‘em, I really love ‘em. Space Cabbie enthusiast. Sweet boy with a hint of salty. Chip Zdarsky’s chief executive son. #JewishPope2021

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@PaulAllor Good day for dog meetings. dog met a friend today. @MelissMeszaros cc: @LeishaRiddel @KatieSawatsky @LukasKetnerMaybe the best part of Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, that which isn't talked as much, is that it asks its readership,…
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @jibberjabbergem Thank you, Gemma!!! @TheNedBarnett This rules! @henryflintZ Excited to find out what it is! @inthewakeofdawn @adityab Saaaaaaame.going to start pronouncing “niche” like “Nietzsche”I‘ve been on a healthy break from social media lately but felt like sharing this short comic I did back in 2019. I…
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @letsgoayo this is the opening scene to a cyberpunk procedural😈Would this catch your eye? My variant cover for Home Sick Pilots issue 3!
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @PlinaGanucheau Gorgeous!!! @POP_MYTH @gregpak !!!.@lianakangas: how have Mini Mansions not won, like, a million awards ME: it’s all a scheme orchestrated by Big MansionMy phone when I say I want to buy something...
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @SimoneDiMeo_ Beautiful.My variant cover for Challenge of the Super Sons #1 Out this April! A lot of fun! Thanks @DCComics
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @DanSchkade Terrific. @RLopezOrtiz @JamesTheFourth @JorgeJimenezArt !!!!! Congratulations!What if turians were just big cats? #masseffect
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him)just told my mom that Mike Nichols’ 2004 movie CLOSER is based on Nine Inch Nails’ song of the same name @EscapePodComics depends if there’s anything in there that you’re giving me @RachaelAtWork rachael if i ever visit you can i redo your shelves @jezzacat probably by knowing that *I*, instead, will go sleepless @GirlsTalkComic1 I mean, if you don’t have any space, there’s no shame in that! I just enjoy looking at BOOKS. @weredawgz !!!!!!!!!!!! @GirlsTalkComic1 I enjoy shelf photos! But it’s this sort of subtle yet noticeable chaos that bothers me.earlier this week a prominent creator posted his comic shelves and pretty much all of the series that had more than… @kierongillen Unbelievably excited about seeing, the cropping algorithm really doesn’t want this joke to work properly, huhAVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (2018) Dir.: Joe and Anthony Russo DP: Trent Opaloch hey hey hey. Hold it right there. 👀👀 Kieron Gillen/Jamie McKelvie back together again for a hot second to mak…
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him)the fact that Judge Dredd doesn’t have a big anti-criminal tank called the Lawmower strikes me as a wasted opportunity @marissadraws Hopefully making more comics this year. @brian_level 👀🍃🍂🍁
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him)30-50 feral herzogs that run into my yard within 3-5 minutes
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @MattHTaylor I see @MattHTaylor @TheNedBarnett wowOh my god, I just realized that the first book I'm in this year comes out NEXT MONTH! COVID Chronicles, out Februa…
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @MattHTaylor @TheNedBarnett see my reply @TheNedBarnett @MattHTaylor that’s a lie, i do have time, i’m just lazy @TheNedBarnett @MattHTaylor i would never, do you KNOW how much i tweet, i don’t have time @MattHTaylor as you shouldi have submitted the short comic that was in the anthology and which probably will not win the Eisner. forgive m… @lizzystewart @MollyNaylor @AveryHillPubl (I... accidentally ended up deleting and reposting that tweet. Whoops.)27.) October, meanwhile, sees the release of METHODS OF DYING, the latest installment in the ISMYRE series. I reall… I don’t know much about September’s LIGHTS! PLANETS! PEOPLE!, but I do know that it’s an adaptation of a play,… @lianakangas DICKINSON slaps tbhI love her so much and cannot wait for you to meet her
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him)SAMUS
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him)My best babe @lisa_sterle and I did an art trade and drew each other’s D&D characters. Behold Lisa’s character Hild…
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @KayleePinecone @lisa_sterle Love this! @lizzystewart @MollyNaylor @AveryHillPubl Really excited to see this one!A warmup, made up #DavidBowie
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him)25.) While technically a reprint, June sees the release of the brilliant Tillie Walden’s ALONE IN SPACE, collecting…, dang, also a new ISMYRE book by @beemure!!! @bairfanx I think it’s just a collection of her preexisting Avery Hill books.I contain multitudes. of horses
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him)🎊🎉🚨new Tillie Walden collection in 2021🚨🎉🎊 AWAY FROM THE SOD HOUSE
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @steve_lieber Maaaaaaan, that MACHINE MAN. I want. I need. @chaoticute I love it.Pokemon Go(d)
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @AllisonMOToole POPPY
Hollow Heart #1 covers appreciation tweet! First issue of this queer horror comic drops Feb 17! MAIN COVER: art by…
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @lianakangas liana @ElectricDracula Yeah, I’ll do it tomorrow, when it’s not two A.M.I don't sling much ink lately but I couldn't resist drawing this Etrigan for @DialHForHagai . How many demons can b…
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @TheNedBarnett I WILL @QueenOCansNJars i will but only because you said sowhat if I… submitted my comic debut for the best short comic of the year @ToniFejzula @thetzechun @TKOpresents @SGirner Beautiful.the gamers love to play in “god mode,” but y’know what I say? you can always be in “god mode,” even if the game is… @rycady love you too @rycady @phillipsevy saul of tarsus, the original problematic fave @Waxenwings Ah @rycady @phillipsevy Paul the apostle actually @rycady @phillipsevy you know who else was an underrated gem.......................We can say precisely nothing about this. But after a year of hardship, isolation and struggle, the worst that can…
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him)Final colors #makingcomics
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @MarcoRoblin Terrific.I shrieked when Goran sent this to me. And it’s miiiiiiiiine! @PaulMHD Gorgeous.New drawing. Final illustration for the Next Door kickstarter.
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him)Maybe with colors by @the_nazavr we could beef up my poor lil' new account???
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @KelsiJoSilva Some months ago I wrote a script that has similar themes, which hopefully will turn into a comic befo… @GoranGligovic Ah, crud. Get well soon, both of you!every once in a while I get tempted to write the same story which I always refer to as “Franz Kafka’s SUPERMAN” and… @nathanfairbairn Announcement, you say...? @ten_bandits Mona Lipa, Da Vinci’s finest always I must remind: Letterers are the cornerstone of comics
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @GoFrankGo @MarkOStack (I also very rarely have to come to the point where I have to subtweet my online friends! An…! Okay! This is deeply stressful and embarrassing to do but remember about a month back when I said I needed goo…
Retweeted by Hagai Palevsky (he/him) @JacksonLanzing Hmm @GoFrankGo Between your reply and @MarkOStack’s I decided to delete it because it wasn’t about any single creator b… @olliegerlach No @Nonvieta it’s disheartening!