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Proud Never Trumper. MARRIED and proud mother of twins. Football fanatic. Geaux Tigers!! Go Saints!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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@MareLouThom Exactly.I could not agree more. I will sleep after he loses. #StrongerTogether Trump warns against dangers of social media use when she accepts Woman of Distinction Award jokes that he’ll stay in office for 26 more years — and all his media critics are ‘going to miss us’ | Raw St… repeatedly struggles to pronounce words during conspiracy-laden rally, before suggesting he'll pardon Roger S… @BlueVotr @Okami_Ito BuffoonBrian Williams Blames NBC, The Apprentice for Trump @Frank42976003 Yes. I don't think Trump will survive long then. @ResisterDude @talkietalkie Joe BidenAmerican paychecks just aren't getting much bigger -- unless you're rich - CNN'All traitors must die': Feds charge man for threatening whistleblower attorney breach hits agency overseeing White House communications - BBC News Homeland Security Democrat Calls Trump An Active National Security Threat @Frank42976003 I hope so. They seem pretty set in their ways. They must not know how dire our situation is. Donald Trump has got to go!!! @Frank42976003 I'm voting blue no matter who but a lot of people won't. Even some resisters have mentioned they won… Martin Sheen interrupts Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC show with Trump/Putin 2020 bumper sticker | Raw Story🐝 🐝 Wow! Just Wow! 🐝 🐝 Schiff sends signal that a Roger Stone pardon would be another impeachable offense | Raw Story Leans Forward When He Stands and an Expert Says It's Because He Wears Shoe Lifts to Be Taller😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 have to say that I am so grateful for the Resistance. I love reading your tweets. You keep me somewhat sane… @VictoriaWay14 LolThe NRA put Bernie Sanders in Congress, And Other Inconvenient Facts. A thread:
Retweeted by ❤Diana Logue❤Resister❤ @SusanSt14537973 That is where I am leaning. With Harris as VP. @stimsthekitty Exactly.I have not decided on a candidate. I change my mind daily. My state does note vote on Super Tuesday. All I know is… @bsgoodwin1 I agree. @CPMcGuire27 I think the relationship between Trump and Putin run deeper than we will know (right now). I am not a… @SteveScalise. is not worth 2 shits. @CPMcGuire27 I get it. But Putin also needs his "yes man" in office. I don't think Bernie would make that cut.Trump ‘to be removed by force’ if he refuses to leave after 2020 election loss @CPMcGuire27 Really?Trump's rallies are even fixed. Imagine that. to doughnuts Russia is behind trying to get Sanders as Dem. nominee. Our elections are under fire. What wil… is great! Obama gives Trump the what for. @B52Malmet Your Mom could write it for you. jkgTrump whines about losing the Time ‘Man of the Year’ award he lost to a teenage girl | Raw Story lashes out at Fox News coverage: 'I won every one of my debates' | TheHill @AdamCC75 @BroxtonSpring @DreamWorld222 @tranquileyes30 @stevethdemocrat @dstarwalt @drodvik52 @carwash7476😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 @happysnarkygal2 Popeyes chicken with Mac and cheese.Russia Backs Trump’s Re-election, and He Fears Democrats Will Exploit Its Support - The New York Times confirms he offered Trump pardon to Assange for proof Russia didn't hack DNC email
He's no Tom Selleck. American tribe says Pentagon failed to consult on border wall construction writer explains why Trump’s proposed federal budget would be an ‘economic calamity’ — possibly pushing th… Kushner takes charge of clemency process with speculation Roger Stone could be next update Roger Stone: 3.5 yrs (pending pardon) Gates: jail, 3 yrs probation Cohen: 3 yrs prison Manafort: 4 y…
Retweeted by ❤Diana Logue❤Resister❤All the President's Men. Nothing but the finest. treasonous scoundrel named Stone Helped Russia attack us at home. This political hack, With a Dick on his back…
Retweeted by ❤Diana Logue❤Resister❤Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months for lying to Congress, witness tampering amid turmoil between Justice Dept. and…
Retweeted by ❤Diana Logue❤Resister❤GOP’s Susan Collins faces tough re-election fight as support plummets following vote to acquit Trump | Raw Story .… @zeitgeist8888 I have the best polls. Big beautiful polls.Trump doesn't even know the meaning of the word eviscerated. You're Registered to Vote | USAGov coalition condemns Trump’s continued attacks on Army officer who testified against him've taken on the @NRA and beaten them — twice. And I'll do it again as president because everyone should need to p…
Retweeted by ❤Diana Logue❤Resister❤ @DianaLogue2 Woof woof Donnie.
Retweeted by ❤Diana Logue❤Resister❤It wasn't boring! That much is true. arrested for threatening to kill Schiff, Schumer over impeachment - ABC News point. #DemDebates's Democratic primary debate: the biggest winners and losers - Palmer Report @JJResists @GOP Good idea. I need to check the date on mine. Keep it up. @JJResists I'll put in a good word for you.Thanks Scott. I feel better now. to go call my brother in Canada. Maybe we can live with him till we find a house or box to live in. #DemDebateGuys Warren has your balls in her pocket. @dragonmadera I was thinking the same thing. @Eiggam5955 Rolling his eyes doesn't help him. @Ellasperson I hear my ex's grandfather. (Zaddi)#DemDebate Blood, sweat and SPIT everywhere!! is about who can win in November. Now isn’t the time to gamble on the nomination. We cannot afford another…
Retweeted by ❤Diana Logue❤Resister❤From your mouth to God's ears. @KatieO425 Lol. You sound ready.Ready Resisters??
I agree @funder Meeting with Julian Assange - Dana Rohrabacher's budget gives Greenland another try Has Now Shifted $1.9 Million From Campaign Donors To His Business, Trump, Trump! He'll come out saying he's the victim. " I don't know him", etc. Same dance different day. postpone emergency meeting to discuss Trump/Barr concerns - CNNPolitics Oversight accuses Border Patrol of blocking investigation into secret Facebook group | TheHill Harris favored for vice president: Poll slams feds over murky stance on McCabe Claims He Has Secret Polls Showing Him Beating All The Democrats Assange was offered US pardon if he cleared Russia Ousts Pentagon Policy Chief Linked to Ukraine-Aid Saga certainly hope Neal is right. I'm thinking handcuffs will look good on Trump right now. @michaellabell10 That's daily. @PoeticMess214 Gotta love Mardi Gras!!Buttigieg slams Trump: My marriage never involved sending 'hush money to a porn star' - CNNPolitics says he won't release full medical records | TheHill the nominee is from Super Tuesday should take Bloomberg's help and say thank you. @lageorges I ask myself that same question everyday. Apparently there is no bottom. @trueblueguru @HeatherHunny63 I think he knows too. @TheRealKainAbel @rmertel Bill said "It was the perfect drink"100%. Department Official Hits Trump With A Reality Check: The Law Is Coming For You @Gr3Te4rights Good morning Grete.He lies. He bullies. He gets away with it. Our kids are watching Donald Trump. Is this the lesson we want them to…
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