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Diana Nguyen @diananguyen___ Toronto, Ontario

She/her + Comics + Illustration + Design 📍 Toronto ✉️

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@queersocialism So many of us are educated and still don't know how to read 😂Anyone who knows me, I've been obsessed with Altai and Mongolian throat singing for the past few months. Hope they… me to not want to file my taxes until the very last minute that's what freelance discourse just making me mad as hell because now I'm just thinking about tax season and I still fin…
I know everyone is annoyed by people telling you to vote and especially celebrities, but DAMN IT I love Mandy Patin… @sleepcaptain Lucy Lawless approves @chrissycurtin Agreed!! That was what I noticed too smh @Rebel_Loo Exactly. The action of spitting on someone is already so vile in normal circumstances, but during a pand… @sleepcaptain YES! What is wrong is he was spat on and secondly the audacity that you would even ask!! @sleepcaptain Oh wait, I'm blind. Not animal printed but she do be looking like snooki!! @sleepcaptain On a lighter note, she low key looks like snooki from jersey shore. Down to the animal printed dress!!! 😂 @sleepcaptain Seriously, I don't know what you would expect to happen after performing one of the highest forms of…'re telling me she didn't deserve the pavement? I don't care if you're man or woman or a horse. If you spit on m… automated comics AI thing is so plainly beyond contempt that i'm not sure it's worth commenting on, but if you…
Retweeted by Diana Nguyen @OPEN_SUNDAY I accept you! Don't give up, Mike!!! Something will come through ✨Along with losing Oke, his family lost everything they own. Their house was vandalized and set on fire. Please let’…
Retweeted by Diana NguyenDownloads duolingo immediately hope we do eradicate the moral hierarchy that comes with the category of “peaceful” protestors, no action on…
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@aknightadrift Your illustrations are awesome! Was an easy follow!we work to end harm, not crime
Retweeted by Diana NguyenHonestly, it fucking sucks seeing so many creative peers freaking out over a retweet button because they're afraid… @aknightadrift Right?! Thank you!!!! 🙏🏽😊 @kyla_aiko Thank you! ☺️A year of rest sounds very nice right now ✨
@ohmgee LOL my ig is very boring. I rarely use my ig story and when I do it's pretty lame 😅I made a trigonometry joke on my ig story and literally no one laughed except for all my ex-life science classmates… cannot stress this enough. I miss going to the movie theaters so much and I'm not even talking about going with m… @germanshible Pleaseee...I am on my last brain cell.Bolivians didn’t just vote they’ve been blocking roads, fighting cops and fighting the coup regime since it began.…
Retweeted by Diana NguyenToday was filled with so much good. So much!!!😭Backxwash Has Won The 2020 Polaris Music Prize For The Album ‘God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It’…
Retweeted by Diana Nguyen @backxwash CONGRATSS!!!Available now! The debut of a creepy four-part story written by @AlexPaknadel, lettered by @hassoe, and art by me f…
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Who else just leaving their homes in pajamas now? Really cannot be bothered!! @sleepcaptain 😂😂😂😂 @sleepcaptain I read this very wrong...I read this as romans wore these on their dicks...chimes on their @sleepcaptain Zoe...#wip @Yannie_Lo It really does help!! I hope your mood turns around ❤️ @christinaillos @Jarmburg These spots are so lovely!!!! 💖Spot illustrations for the October State of the Industry issue of Lawn & Landscape Magazine. Thanks again to my AD,…
Retweeted by Diana Nguyen @Yannie_Lo Write out how you're feeling then go for a walk then come back and put on your favorite song!Packing orders and writing thank you notes is now my favorite pandemic anxiety remedy 💘
UP NEXT | Japan-born, Toronto-based musician @jonahyano performs a new song from his debut album, ‘souvenir’ 📷 Set…
Retweeted by Diana NguyenSOUND UP 🐾💕
Retweeted by Diana Nguyensomebody said pandas endangered themselves and i’m lowkey starting to believe it bc wtf do they be doing???
Retweeted by Diana Nguyenthe Mi’kmaq people are victims of terror nothing less. if a man with my father’s name and his friends brought such…
Retweeted by Diana NguyenSpooky still life for Saturday night 🍒👁️
@BigDTM I love her so much!!!! So happy that she's found a new place where she can show everyone her skills and be actually paid 😭Ways to support the Mi'kmaw #ModerateLivelihood fishery. A (new and improved) thread. [Note: I will try to put wa…
Retweeted by Diana Nguyen @Jewelanland @DiLaheurte It's especially cringy and harmful when you see depictions of them as these wholesome won'… @Jewelanland @DiLaheurte Every single one of the comments on this post 👏🏽because it's a question that continues to… posed this question earlier and deleted it because I got scared but I'm gonna ask again because what is the sole…👉🏽👈🏽
Retweeted by Diana Nguyen @lorettark Thaaank you for this!!! It is and I'm trying to remind myself that everyone who paints these beautiful g…'ve been learning how to use gouche and wanting to be good at it immediately is ruining my life. Channeling Sohla'…
@DeweySaunders I feel it too and I'm sober af @nicole_rifkin Ahhh! Wishing you a speedy recovery and sending you so much 💖I miss when art twitter was supportive of eachother, but I also can't blame anyone for bad art takes either because… going to create an environment that is so loving 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
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@ladon_alex I like the way you draw your characters and how they never look overdrawn.We report on what’s happening in the six neighborhoods we serve. What we have seen is no survival gear being given…
Retweeted by Diana NguyenWays to support the Mi'kmaw Treaty Fishery. Share wide and far!
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@ohmgee 🙃🙃🙃We must be in hell @kAy_V You're welcome!! 😊In case you still thought this was about conservation, last night non-Native fishers broke into a lobster pound, po…
Retweeted by Diana Nguyen @kAy_V Yayyy! It's not a perfect book, but there's good insight and interesting interviews. I believe a lot of peop… @sleepcaptain @jdo87 Me, a little terrified, also with so much respect in my heart for your candor, and Olenna who… @jessezhangart We're ascending close to the same time Jesse 🥺 @sleepcaptain @jdo87 IS THIS WHY I FEEL ANXIOUS AT THE SAME TIME?! Even at peak confidence, I can feel the edge of… @jdo87 But I mean this is what happens really at every age. @jdo87 LOOOOOL!!! I'm expecting exactly this, but gonna ride this feeling until I inevitably hit a crisis 😂 @iamNFrancis ‼️‼️We deserve rats at our tables for what we have done to this planet. @stillherestilllife
@tball Thank you, Tim!! 🙏🏽Guess I'm back to using my account for art 🤭. Here's a commissioned piece I made a month ago that I loved drawing.… October, life was kind of shit. I was super depressed about a lot of things and extremely lost. This is the…
@NateCosby Hey Nate! Here are a few samples and if you need more I'd be happy to send some over. Email: diana.nguye… @tball This makes me want to rewatch the series!!!! @ohmgee @sleepcaptain @SmithsonianMag Honestly, I'm convinced Zoe has powers. She's pure magic 🖤✨I haven't taking much editorial work the past two months because I've been working in the coal mines on NDA project…
Retweeted by Diana NguyenHappy Indigenous Peoples Day, y'all!
Retweeted by Diana Nguyen @GCACTAATTGAGAAC Seems like the most plausible! Thank you for the info!!happy indigenous people day !! please share and check out these donation links, petitions, websites and carrds that…
Retweeted by Diana Nguyen @GCACTAATTGAGAAC It was working fine for me a few days ago. I just tried it now but seems to be running really slow… for Mural Movement's mural fest where I got to paint along side 32 artists in Chicago. I feel honoured…
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@torihinn It's basically the new "in this economy?"For folks who think Indigenous people should just "get over it" and that "was all in the past" -- yesterday, Ontari…
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Found this old drawing I drew of Omar Little that was never inked so decided to finish it this morning. I still thi… you need something to listen to while you're working this is a really fantastic interview. you’re a black graphic designer based in toronto and looking for a full time role, hit my DMs expeditiously
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@meeshell_t Congrats, Michelle!!!!! 🎈🎉Yes, this means I'm renewing my passport. Don't know why since I'm only traveling to my kitchenThere is something really scary about taking a photo of your face straight on @iamNFrancis 🖤😭 @iamNFrancis Omg, Nick!! You're never annoying and I appreciate it every time you show me love :)I love this hashtag so much because I use references in my work as well and I don't know why people still fight abo… drawings from the time lapses✌🏼
@buttmcbutt @walrusmagazine Honestly, one of my favorite illustrations I've seen all month.