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Diana Nguyen @diananguyen___ Toronto, Ontario

Comics + Illustration + design 📍 Toronto ✉️

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Sitting on a bench on my break and I hear two white men talking about filming for their "show" and the idea is to f… @offwhatever Thank yooou!! @nicole_rifkin ♥️♥️♥️ @christinaillos @christinaillos 🥰🥰🥰🥰You can literally feel when it’s time to move into your life’s next chapter.
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Trying some things on the tablet? 🔧 just realized that this is the last year of my 20s and all I've done is learned how to be domesticated. Damn the patriarchy is strongMan, sitting outside and humans really are the most disgusting species. Ya'll gonna spit on the sidewalk during a pandemic? Swallow betch!!
They also referenced something in the fam group chat and said, "she's a millennial, she wouldn't know". Just being… your teenage cousins forget how old you are, you tell them that you were still in hs when FB was just for coll…
Went on a short trip to escape into nature and this is the photo I have decided to share instead
@victor_cheng The life love design and I love working in design but it's abhor how white this industry is...PSA to unfollow those racist insta design inspo accounts pls
Retweeted by Diana Nguyen @Francavilla My day 1 👆🏼! @eaaronross Dang, I miss you. @iamNFrancis Awww, Nick!! 🖤 It's true...hire us both! I hope we get all our dream jobs, but for now getting better…'s 10:30pm, I'm laying in bed thinking about how much progress I've made as an artist, I think my work is dope an…
This NYT piece really gutted me. It's worth getting to the very end. // The Lynn Shelton That Marc Maron Knew an elder poc wearing a "not today colonizer" tshirt and my heart swelled 😭morning coffee, looking out the window
Retweeted by Diana NguyenI need you to miss me so much that you start leaving a cup of coffee in the microwave when I'm not around even thou…
this so far has been the most useful of all carrds so please take your time to read it and share it would really be…
Retweeted by Diana NguyenPetitions don’t work in the Middle East so instead here is a thread of donation links specifically to help those in…
Retweeted by Diana Nguyenhello! I'm a non-binary, Indian-Canadian illustrator available for freelance illustration work. #VisibleNonBinary
Retweeted by Diana NguyenIt’s very simple: if you don’t know for sure, you don’t have to tweet. Showing restraint with information is respon…
Retweeted by Diana NguyenI'm a dog person, but I think I would die for this cat 🥺❤️
This is Katie Ledecky swimming the length of a pool without spilling a single drop of the chocolate milk balanced o…
Retweeted by Diana Nguyen @eaaronross 💔 @christinaillos 🥰🥰🥰. I don't know why I've been so stubborn, but drawing digitally is so awesome. You can do so muc…
That time of year where I start medium hopping and I gotta say...might become a digital being soon. Drawing digital… so the second wave begins. See y'all in 2022! 🤙
@iamNFrancis Thank you so much, Nick!! 🙇🏻‍♀️I made a fully digital sketch on my social distance hang with a friend!! This might be the closest to how I draw tr…
I'm a Vietnamese Canadian illustrator and comic artist. I've been receiving alot of love lately and I'd like you al… #ArtistsofSEA I’m Joy, Pinoy ako, chaotic good and love illustrating people + food! 🇵🇭 💻…
Retweeted by Diana NguyenLess time on socials and consistently sleeping at 11:30 has given me a feeling of ease that I have not felt in mont… to my favourite aunt who is now a raging Trump supporter 💔. She was the first person who taught me about body p…
Hire me to draw all the moody stories 🌫️ is my favorite video of all time..."sheep teaches young bull how to headbutt"
Retweeted by Diana Nguyen @eaaronross I wish or I'd be trying to learn. I want the looooook Aaron!!! The closest thing we have to surfing her… @johnleedraws Sameeee!! Tanned and surrounded by things we've grown 🥺My only goal right now is to look like a super hot tanned surfer babe to make up for the years of hiding from the s… TORONTO: Frequent abduction attempts❗️RT to boost Ladies be on high alert in the Parkdale and Roncesvalles ar…
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When u're enjoying some yogurt outside then a shirtless homeless man walks through.U think harmless until u turn ur… here.
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If you thought a girl was playing around...she is absolutely not 🌱 back online from my internet break for a minute just to let you all know that I bought a raincoat called mou…
@nibinikwe Ahhh noted!! @nibinikwe Thank you for posting! Her album was worth checking out and I'm in love with her voice 😭✨ @Rebel_Loo Amazing news!!! Congratulations to you and your team !! 🎉this album is right behind tswift on the cdn pop charts BUT the best part is it’s a debut album by Angel Baribeau,…
Retweeted by Diana Nguyen @eaaronross I'm glad you're using Twitter now ❤️ @meeshell_t I have to retract Michelle...I have surrendered, in it, and I LOVE IT!!! 🤡Okay, so I know I've tweeted about Diplo before and you guys were not cool with it but Diplo on a ranch looking aft…
this story, written by @wendyluwrites and co-edited with @jilly_peppa, made me cry (happy tears). i don't think i'v…
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Retweeted by Diana NguyenThem and all animal friends are the only thing sustaining me right now. I love them so much 🥺 @meeshell_t Not gonna lie...I was hoping it was gonna sound alittle more like fearless and speak now 😔 @meeshell_t Me too!! But now I'm humming it 🤡
@dadboddeluxe Because you're a love bug, Alex! @yuckybangs Also, high-key hell yeah!!Haven't inked in months, but I found this one laying around while cleaning and it's sweet. Spooning a lover 🥰 followers following me thinking I'll only post art and have art takes but all I do is shit post. I have zero go…
When you thought your reply guy finally got the hint after months of peace and then he returns...fellas, why are you like this?? @milestsang An absolute pleasure to read 🤣🤣🤣Jokes aside. It's an actually great thing that they have a section about how to navigate sex during covid times! is the feast day of Mary Magdalene. This is said to be her skull, which is kept in a glass dome in a crypt ou…
Retweeted by Diana Nguyentoday’s graphic series, made by me
Retweeted by Diana NguyenMy favorite thing about John Lewis is that at ComicCon, he cosplayed as his younger self, wearing the same coat and…
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@schulze_art Thaaank yooou for saying that!! It was something I was trying to achieve 🙇🏻‍♀️Drawing to manifest where I'd like to be right now 🌅 illustration for ‘The Cheapest Nights’ by Yusuf Idris, published by @penguinclassics. Thanks to my AD, Colin…
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Looking for Black deaf graphic designers for an exciting paid project. If you are one, or know someone, say hi 👋🏽 a…
Retweeted by Diana NguyenI was listening to The Peanut Butter Falcon OST all weekend and I could use an escape into the wilderness right abo… need my future husband to be an RMT, so I can bamboozle him into massaging my carcass because this body is rapidly declining 😭.
Jillian Mercado has been compiling a list of black disabled creatives for the past few months and she finally launc… @Based_Madcap !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8:00 am, crying into my coffee because this was in 2020 and we're only half way through...wild.It's 7:30am, I'm thinking about that time we all thought Kim Jong Un died, the whole world was simping over his sis…
Saw a mom fix her young son's mask because it wasn't covering his nose and as an act of rebellion he pulled it down… think we all need this today
Retweeted by Diana NguyenIf you're trying to shoot your shot without a mask then it's already an absolute no. Also, you better back up bucko 🔫🤠 @anneeschwank Anneeeee 🥺❤️ @ashl_wong Thanks Ashley!!!! 🥰 I want to wear red more often, but it's so annoying to put on 😔My friend sent me this pre-covid photo of myself. Sad that I used to go places with friends and people watch with m…
Two crimes were committed on the train: 1. This man showed me his dare he! and 2. Socks and sandals is a… Over Bronte Creek Graphite and charcoal on paper, 6" x 8", 2020
Retweeted by Diana NguyenMy mom's 🌹✨, I wake up with this expression in 2020... @ZachACole Thaaank you!! I agree. The more I look at the two, the more I like the first one too 😊
@sleepcaptain @DrawGlennDraw YAS ZOE!! I've been telling this mans to do this and I don't know how he hasn't run aw… @solexposure This is also extremely true! It's hard to find a good middle and at the end of the day you have to fig… @carlydraws @litebox_info Exactly! I can only speak for myself, but it becomes extremely difficult to make art when…!!!!! You literally can't create when you're so stressed about how you're going to pay bills, sometimes you los… @christy_lundy Thank you, Christy!! It means so much coming from you. Your work inspires me and I'm always excited… @christy_lundy 😘 @elisenahvidad Elise!! 🥺❤️ @iamNFrancis Thank you so much! I really appreciate it 😭🙏🏼 @isaacstrati 😳😭🙏🏼